• Silenced grinder
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Consistent results
  • Compact design
  • Metal brew group


  • Not for everyone
  • Pricey

First, let’s be clear about what the Nuova Simonelli Microbar Super-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine is. It will set you back a few thousand dollars and is a commercial-grade espresso maker.

Specifically designed for shops with light to medium foot traffic, this machine will turn any employee in your business into a world-class barista.

If you’re buying it for home use, then of course, you’ll reap all the same benefits, and those benefits are many. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what the Microbar can do. When you purchase this machine, you’ll get a device that:

Steel/White,Side view,  Automatic washing programEffective grinding, Nuova Simonelli Microbar Super Automatic
  • Has not one, but two different coffee grinders built-in (so no more standing around to use the grinder at the store).
  • A Grounds Chute to make capturing your creation a snap.
  • Manual steam wand for fine-grained control.

The device was also made to be as easy to use as possible. You simply select the type of drink you want (cappuccino, espresso, latte, etc.) from a list of programmed drinks, stand back and let the machine do all the work. That’s really all there is to it, and it guarantees the perfect cup of your favorite drink, every time, and with a wonderfully consistent flavor.

The best part: It comes in several stylish colors, and only has a 13-inch footprint, meaning it will fit almost anywhere you care to put it.

The Microbar was designed with versatility in mind. So if you have a shop, or you’re really serious about coffee at home, you can actually tie the device into your home or business’ water supply direct so you never have to fetch water from the sink to pour into the machine like you do when you make a pot of coffee at your house. It simply pulls the water from your existing lines as needed.


If you don’t want to do that, you can also simply pour water into the machine as needed, just as you would with any other coffee pot.

Okay – How Much?

The Microbar is retailing north of $5,000. Now, I know what you’re thinking: that’s a lot of money for coffee. But consider, if you have a daily Starbuck’s habit, that’s costing you an average of $5.50 a day, which means that your coffee machine will pay for itself in less than two and a half years.

There aren’t many other investments you can say that about, so it’s well worth considering, especially if you would describe yourself as a coffee fanatic!

About Nuova Simonelli

Even some die-hard enthusiasts might not have heard the name Nuova Simonelli. If you fall into that category, and you’re serious about all things coffee, then you’ll be extremely interested in their latest lineup. The company is both well-known and well-respected in Europe, it’s little known to people living in the United States. The brand is based in Italy, and while coffee might not be the national drink, it’s pretty close! As a company, their name is synonymous with quality, so their “Microbar” is well worth taking a look at.

Who is the Microbar for?

​Again, it bears repeating that this machine was designed with light foot traffic businesses in mind. Full featured coffee bars use larger, more versatile and more robust equipment than this. So this is designed for use as more of an ad hoc, or impromptu coffee bar. Say, for example, an independent bookstore owner who wanted to compete with the big chains by adding a coffee bar in the store.

An image of Nuova Simonelli Microbar Super-automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

One could also easily visualize kiosk vendors making use of equipment like this, and at real estate offices or anywhere there’s likely to be business class foot traffic. Of course, if you know someone who just really loves coffee, then this would be literally the last coffee machine they would ever own.

Final Thoughts on Nuova Simonelli Microbar Super-automatic Commercial Espresso Machine Review

Make no mistake; the Nuova Simonelli Microbar super-automatic commercial espresso machine isn’t for everyone. It takes a coffee drinker of particular distinction to want to own one of these, but the results are as consistent as they are amazing, and the product comes highly recommended. If you’re a coffee lover, or if you know someone who really has the fever, whether for personal, home use, or in some professional capacity, this would make an ideal gift to get several friends to pull together on.

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