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The Nispira Luxury Balance Siphon Coffee Maker is a moderately priced, full-immersion model designed with aesthetics (more than functionality) in mind. It is ideal for hobbyists who have a passion for siphon brewing.

Brew Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Beautiful design adds aesthetics
  • Easy to use for a hassle-free experience
  • Reusable cloth filters for sustainability


  • Not practical for heavy coffee consumers
  • Many intricate parts may complicate use
  • Requires time for assembly and cleaning
Nispira Belgian Balance Syphon Coffee Maker

Recommended For: Hobbyists who have a passion for siphon brewing.

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One of the beautiful things about the coffee bean is how complex it is. The flavors and aromas within that small shell can be transformed in many different ways through various brewing techniques.

Siphon coffee is one method that is a pleasure to watch! In our Nispira Coffee Maker review, we look at a setup that not only delivers good java but will leave your family and friends enchanted with the process.

Nispira Belgian Balance Syphon Design Overview

Siphon coffee makers have been around since the 1800s as an efficient method to brew smooth, flavorful coffee without dilution or loose coffee grounds.

Delicate glass carafes, metal accents, and bubbling brews make this type of setup look like something out of a laboratory rather than a cafe.

At least, that’s what you’ll think when you first lay eyes upon the star of our review, the Nispira Belgian Balance Syphon coffee machine.

A stainless steel vacuum flask is accompanied by a tall, Borosilicate brewing flask, a steel siphon pipette, filter head, and an alcohol burner.

Nispira Syphon Coffee Maker in copper with a wood base, brewing flask, vacuum flask, siphon, and spirit lamp

The components are stabilized on a polished wood base, complete with a measuring spoon and espresso cup. It comes in three different metals: gold, bronze, and silver.

We’ll get into how this process works in greater detail later on, but to summarize quickly, the burner heats water in the vacuum flask while the coffee is scooped over a cloth filter in the brewing flask.

When heat is applied via the burner, it creates a vacuum suction that brews the coffee.

Sound complicated? Truthfully, the Belgian Balance is a breeze to use.

At just 15.7 x 12.2 x 5.1 inches and weighing 5.6 pounds, this model is a compact choice for any home, especially small apartments with limited counter space.

It’s moderately priced at around $140, but numerous Nispira coffee maker reviews express satisfaction with the performance and quality of the coffee.

Of course, it’s important to note that siphons aren’t for every coffee lover.

There are many small parts to put together, which can get old if you’re trying to brew a pot of coffee and rush out the door in the mornings.

There’s also the question of convenience. While siphon brewing is entertaining to watch, the components aren’t the easiest to clean (remember all of those small parts and fragile glass?).

This is the coffee maker you pull out when you’re having guests over, just like you’d do with your best chinaware. It’s strictly for aesthetics and can’t be compared to semiautomatic or superautomatic.

We take a closer look at how this clever system works in the features section!

Nispira Belgian Coffee Maker Features

You won’t find automatic functions, a steam wand, or customization settings on the Nispira Belgian Coffee Maker. Instead, it looks like it stepped out of a steampunk dream.

Here’s what it comes with and how it works:

Nispira Belgian Balance Syphon in bronze with a counterweight, siphon, and the covers of the brewing & vacuum flask

Reusable Cloth Filters

Instead of single-use paper filters that eat up money, the Belgian Balance is equipped with a pack of thin cloth filters that reduce paper waste and work more efficiently to keep loose coffee grounds from entering the coffee.

The circular filter is placed inside the glass brewing flask towards the bottom, and the coffee is scooped on top.

Note that you must use preground coffee. And although you can certainly buy it ground already, we always recommend grinding your coffee beans at home.

Sure, this means you’ll have to purchase a coffee grinder separately, but whole beans preserve the aromas and flavors much better than pre-ground, giving you the best quality experience.

Brewing Capabilities

Now for the fun part! The coffee maker is easy to use, although you might not think so by looking at it.

Let us explain:

Nispira Syphon Coffee Maker in bronze with a wood base, counterweight, and a transparent brewing flask

Start by pouring water into the metal vacuum flask. Add the cloth filter to the glass flask, and scoop in your coffee.

Next, you need to heat the water using the alcohol burner. Carefully place the small burner underneath the metal vacuum flask and monitor the flame.

As the water gets hotter, the vapor pressure builds steadily. This pressure causes the water to move up into the siphon pipette and into the glass flask, where it steeps the coffee.

Once the coffee has steeped long enough, a small mechanism caps the flame on the burner. Without heat, a vacuum-like suction occurs, pulling the coffee in the flask back through the pipette and into the metal flask.

The cool thing is that you can watch all of this happening behind the glass. As liquid leaves and enters between the two flasks, they move up and down in a balancing act, depending on the heavier component.

Once the coffee is done, place the included espresso cup under the tiny spigot on the metal flask, and you can dispense the coffee directly into the cup.

It’s a fairly straightforward process that produces three to five drinks per brewing session.

The coffee is clean, crisp, and provides an aromatic, full-bodied flavor.

Nispira Coffee Machine Pros vs. Cons


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to Use
  • Reusable cloth filters


  • Not practical for power drinkers
  • Many intricate parts
  • Need time to assemble and clean

The Nispira Siphon Coffee Maker is a “vintage meets chemistry professor” vibe that perfectly demonstrates the alchemy behind coffee with style.

For hobbyists, it’s the perfect device to add to your collection of coffee makers or to use for entertainment during a dinner party.

But as an everyday coffee machine? While it’s pretty to look at, we don’t think it’s cut out for the wear and tear of on-demand brewing.

Compared to other siphon machines, Nispira Belgian Balance is easy to use with an alcohol burner that gives users some flexibility with the strength of the coffee without the risk of burning it into a bitter mess.

It’s a fun way to enjoy coffee when you have the time to set it up and sit back to watch the show. But other than that, you’re paying over $100 for the aesthetic appeal.

We recommend the Nispira Belgian Balance Syphon Coffee Maker for…

  • Passionate hobbyists who enjoy the alchemy behind the coffee
  • Collectors who want a unique, striking coffee maker
  • People who are looking for vintage appliances to match their home decor

Nispira Belgian Balance Syphon Coffee Maker Warranty

It looks like Nispira does not offer a Warranty that is advertised. You must contact the support for more information. You can read the fine print here.

Comparable Products

Check out a few other popular siphon coffee machines that are similar to the Nispira Belgian Balance model!

Belgian Luxury Royal Balance Syphon Coffee Maker

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This model shares a similar design, except it’s made from wood instead of metal. The wood material gives it a rustic, minimalistic look. One of the things we like is that it comes with a reusable mesh filter instead of cloth filters.

Diguo Belgian Balance Siphon Coffee Maker

Recommended For: Users who want elegant gold and black Egyptian aesthetics.

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Beautiful in black and gold, this model looks like it stepped out of a Pharaoh’s palace in Ancient Egyptian times. It has the same setup as the Belgian Balance, except with a different aesthetic.

Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon Coffee Maker

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If the Nispira Belgian Balance Syphon is out of your budget, then this is an affordable choice under $100. It’s durable, easy to use, and brews five cups of coffee per session.

Nispira Coffee Maker Review Conclusion

The Belgian Balance Syphon Coffee Maker is stunning in gold, silver, or bronze, with intricate glass components and stainless steel accents.

To conclude this Nispira Coffee Maker review, this is a device designed to look good in your kitchen. It will put on a show for your dinner guests and add the perfect eclectic touch to your kitchen decor.

But, it is not a practical model if you live in a house of multiple coffee drinkers who need a fast cup of joe in the morning. It is also not recommended if you prioritize convenience with automated functions and self-cleaning. For the high price, this is a specialty product for hobbyists.

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