Merax Massage Chair Review and Ratings

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Unfortunately, the Merax Massage Chair has been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Best Massage Chair Under 1000 Dollars Review.

Merax Massage Chair

  • Ease of Use
  • Overall Massage Quality
  • Customization Options
  • Value for the Money


The Merax massage chair has a few features going for it: full-body air massage, foot rollers, and Zero Gravity. However, users looking for a true roller massage will be disappointed with the eight fixed rollers on the Merax and the lack of customization options.


Merax Massage Chair

If you’re considering the Merax massage chair, chances are you want the most bang for your buck — and you should. But you should know the Merax isn’t your standard massage chair and is missing some essential features.

Before you shell out 500 dollars for it, take a second to read this Merax massage chair review to see exactly what this model has to offer and learn about another model that might be a better fit. Let’s get started!


Merax Massage Chair Review Brown - Consumer Files

Merax Massage Chair

​Air Massage Technology

​Chromotherapy Lighting

​Body Scan Technology

​Foot Rollers

More Specifications...

Human Touch

Merax Massage Chair Review iJoy Brown - Consumer Files

Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0

​Air Massage Technology

​Chromotherapy Lighting

​Body Scan Technology

​Foot Rollers

More Specifications...

Merax Massage Chair


Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0

Comparison Table

Merax Massage Chair

Merax Massage Chair Review Brown - Consumer Files

Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0

Merax Massage Chair Review iJoy Brown - Consumer Files

Air Massage Technology

Chromotherapy Lighting

Body Scan Technology

Foot Rollers

Calf & Foot Massage

Pedestal Remote

Handheld Remote

Heat Therapy

Manual Operation Mode

Massage Programs (total number)



Massage Techniques (total number)



Bluetooth Connectivity

Built-In Speakers

Roller Massage

 (8 Fixed Rollers)

✓ (With track)


Power Recline

Massage Track

(25-inch straight track)

Swivel Base

Vibration Massage

Zero Gravity

Merax Massage Chair

Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0

Merax Massage Chair Features

8 Fixed Position Back Massage Points

The most important detail you need to understand about the Merax massage chair is this:

Instead of having rollers that move along a massage track, the Merax has fixed roller heads — eight total — spread out across the backrest. These rollers don’t move up and down but simply knead in place, which means they’re limited in terms of massage range — where they touch is what you get.

Six of the fixed rollers are located in the lower and middle sections of the backrest, and are positioned evenly along the spine. The two remaining rollers are located at the top of the backrest.

Besides having a limited massage range, the main issue with fixed rollers is that they have restricted movement. That's why the eight rollers on the Merax can only perform one technique: kneading.

Although, the direction in which the rollers knead can be adjusted clockwise or counterclockwise. The strength (speed) of the massage is also adjustable by three levels. Other than those two customization options, there’s not much variety in terms of pressure, performance, or overall feel.

Another common issue with the fixed rollers on the Merax massage chair is that they don’t account for users of different heights.  So, let’s say you have a tall user and a short user who use the chair. While the rollers may “line up” nicely on the shorter user, they may awkwardly fit the taller one. And since there’s no way to adjust the position of the rollers, each is stuck with the fit.

If you were hoping the Merax massage chair was like other “standard” roller massage chairs, but just more affordable, we’re sorry to break the news. But better you find out now than after you get the chair into your home.

On the other hand, if you’re not phased by the fixed rollers and want to know more about what the Merax massage chair offers, let’s continue on to its other features!

Air Massage

For the price, this is where the Merax massage chair shines: air massage. Most massage chairs around the 500 dollar price point lack air massage or only offer air massage without rollers.  With air massage, the Merax is able to treat areas the rollers can’t such as the outer shoulders, arms, hands, hips, calves, and feet.

There are 25 airbags in the chair that inflate and deflate to squeeze the areas, called compression massage. The main health benefit of compression massage is that it increases local circulation which brings new oxygen and vital nutrients into the areas it’s performed.

Merax Massage Chair Review Air Massage - Consumer Files

The pressure of the airbags is adjustable by five levels, giving you a bit of customization for the compression. But perhaps the most compelling aspect of the air massage system is the arm coverage. The arm wells provide near 360-degree coverage of the forearms and hands.

Foot Roller Massage

Besides airbags in the ottoman, there are rollers with spin and knead under each foot. This combination of air and roller massage provide the legs and feet with comprehensive coverage, though not as advanced as other higher-end massage chairs.

Zero Gravity Recline

Another surprising feature on the Merax massage chair is Zero Gravity. In the Zero Gravity position, the body’s weight is shifted to and evenly distributed across the backrest while the legs are elevated at or above the heart, allowing the spine and muscles to decompress and the circulation in the lower body to increase.

The only downside of the Zero Gravity position on the Merax massage chair is that the backrest and ottoman are connected which means when you adjust one, you adjust both. So when you recline the ottoman raises, limiting how much you can adjust your position in the chair.

Pedestal Remote

All of the Merax massage chair’s functions are controlled using a pedestal remote located above the armrest. The remote is easy to use and features a display screen so you always know what’s active. The only downside of the remote is that it can be difficult to reach in the reclined position.

Merax Massage Chair vs Human Touch Active 2.0

So what if you want a true roller massage but don’t want to stretch your budget past the 500 dollar price point? Then it’s time to check out the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 to see how they compare... You can refer to the chart above for a quick comparison of the massage chairs' features. 

25-Inch Straight Track

The main difference between the Merax massage chair and the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 is the roller massage.  The iJoy Active 2.0 features true massage rollers that move up and down your back. The rollers move along a 25-inch straight track, which isn’t the most advanced track type available. Even so, it’s still a much greater range with more customizability than the fixed rollers on the Merax massage chair.

So let’s take a step back...

What’s a straight track?

A straight track means the track is linear from top to bottom and doesn’t contour or curve with the body. This detail is important because since your back is naturally curvy, there’s a concern that straight tracks may not keep consistent contact and pressure in curved areas like the lower back. However, most user reviews of the iJoy Active 2.0 seem to applaud the lower back coverage, specifically.

On the iJoy Active 2.0, the track extends from the neck to the lower back on most users, but 25 inches is on the shorter side, so if you’re tall (over 6 feet) the rollers may leave you wanting in the neck and upper shoulder areas.

FlexGlide Roller Technology

Although the Active 2.0 has a straight track, it’s rollers utilize some surprisingly advanced technology called FlexGlide. With FlexGlide, the rollers move in a gliding, orbital pattern that reduces friction to give the sense of a “warm oil massage,” as Human Touch explains it.

Manual Recline

Another major difference between the Merax massage chair and the iJoy Active 2.0 is the recline system. While the Merax features power recline, the iJoy Active 2.0 features manual recline. Using a strap on the side of the seat, you can manually lower the backrest (only the backrest since there’s no ottoman). The iJoy Active 2.0 reclines up to 45 degrees, so you can’t get fully horizontal in the chair.

Handheld Remote with Storage Pocket

To control the functions of the chair, the iJoy Active 2.0 features a simple handheld remote. There’s no display screen, there are simply eight buttons that control every aspect of the chair.

When you’re finished making your selections, there’s a pocket on the side of the chair to store the remote when not in use.

Massage Techniques and Auto Programs on iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

Here’s where the iJoy Active 2.0 shines: roller techniques and automatic programs. While the Merax massage chair performs one technique and doesn’t have any automatic programs, the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 ​has three of each.

The massage techniques are:

  • Stretch kneads both sides of your spine in small circular motions.
  • Orbit kneads both sides of your spine in figure-eight motions.
  • Glide rolls up and down both sides of your spine.

Orbit and Stretch are stationary massage techniques which means they stay in the same position until you move their location using the remote. Glide is a rolling massage technique which means it moves up and down your back. The techniques can be combined for a more custom massage.

Using a combination of the three techniques above, the iJoy Active 2.0 performs three automatic programs: Perform, Think, and Recharge. The automatic programs are fully automated, each focusing on a different area of the back.

Customizations on the iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

Another area in which the iJoy Active 2.0 outpaces the Merax massage chair is in customization options. On the iJoy Active 2.0, you can adjust:

  • Width - Focus or diffuse roller pressure by adjusting how close the rollers fit to your spine. 
  • Position - A set of arrows let you change the location of the rollers during the stationary massage techniques.

The iJoy Active 2.0 also features a removable pad that allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of your massage as well as a removable pillow that lets you increase the intensity of the neck massage when removed.


Not surprisingly considering the price and roller technology, the iJoy Active 2.0 is missing quite a few features you find on the Merax massage chair, including:

  • No ottoman.
  • No air massage.
  • No Zero Gravity.
  • No power recline.
  • No calf or foot massage.
  • No arm or hand massage.


In the case of Merax massage chair vs. iJoy Active 2.0, deciding which is better for you is answered with one simple question…

Do you want a true roller back massage or more massage coverage?

With the iJoy Active 2.0, you get a vigorous roller massage for your neck and back. With the Merax massage chair, you get fixed rollers for the back but lots of additional massage coverage with the airbags as well as foot rollers.

Specifications & Dimensions

iJoy Active 2.0

Merax Massage Chair

Chair dimensions (upright)

32"L X 27"W X 37"H

41 x 28 x 44 inches

Chair dimensions (reclined)

42"L X 27"W X 31"H


Recommended maximum user weight

200 lbs

300 lbs

Recommended user height

5'0" to 6'0"

5'0" to 6'0"


White & Tan, Brown & Tan

Black, Red, Beige

Chair weight

45 lbs

138.9 lbs

Merax Massage Chair Review Final Thoughts

If you’re after a massage chair that can perform basic back roller functions, has air massage, foot rollers, and an affordable price point, the Merax delivers on all accounts. However, if you want a little more massage power, and perhaps the therapeutic benefits that come with it, we recommend checking out the Human Touch Active 2.0.

Regardless of what you choose, we hope our Merax chair review helped make your decision process a little easier.

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