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Lightweight Hunting Tripods for Spotting Scopes Review

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Our Top Picks - Best Lightweight Hunting Tripods for Spotting Scopes 2023

A smaller image of Leupold Compact Tripod 56446

Leupold 56446

A smaller image of Bushnell Tripod Window Mount 784406C

Bushnell 784406C

A smaller image of Vortex Ridgeview Tripod RDGVW

Vortex RDGVW

A smaller image of Konus 1955

Konus 1955

There is a piece of equipment that is often overlooked when selecting the right gear for your next hunting trip. It isn't as obvious as one might think; this necessary piece of equipment is the tripod for your spotting scope.

This may seem like a small thing until the time comes when you need it. Trying to count the tines on that next big buck would be a lot easier with a stable picture of it rather than a shaky view of it. So lets take a look at some of the best lightweight hunting tripods that are out there right now.

Winner - Leupold Compact Tripod 56446

While coming in at under 2.8 pounds, this may seem heavier; however, quality and design along with its ability to collapse down to 15 inches while extending to 31.5 inches will give you the ability to set this up while lying on the ground, helping you to keep your profile low.

You can also set it up at the range on a table while you are sighting in your rifle or set it up in the stand and adjust it around those branches that always seem to be just a little bit in the way.

Its light weight and four section legs give you a lot options to adjust this best lightweight hunting tripod which will be a great addition to your gear for the next big hunting trip you have planned this year.

Adjustable ball head, Leupold Compact Tripod 56446

Leupold Compact Tripod 56446

Bushnell Model 784406C Lightweight Hunting Tripods

Coming in at only 8 ounces and made by Bushnell, this is an all day friend for those wandering hunts where you have to set up and take down your scope a lot. It also conveniently has a window mount for your truck or car which could be useful if you're just scanning fields in your pre-season scouting.

This compact and convertible tripod will extend to 8 inches while it is free standing then of course you have to add on the height of your spotting scope. This tripod also comes with a Bushnell limited lifetime warranty making it a great lightweight hunting tripod for your next hunting trip.

Compact convertible tripod, Window Mount, Bushnell Tripod Window Mount 784406C

Bushnell Model 784406C 

Vortex Model RDGVW Lightweight Hunting Tripod

The Vortex Model RDGVW comes in at 2.01 pounds and has a full extension height of 60.9 inches (that is just over five feet) while collapsing all the way down to a convenient travel size of 23 inches, which has some advantages out in the field. Its minimum height for use is 35.5 inches, giving you room to make adjustments over or under tree branches, which makes this tripod work well in the stand. Its light weight and small collapsing size makes this a great lightweight hunting tripod for the hunter out on those all day or even week long hunting trips.

Ball head with quick release plate, Vortex Ridgeview Tripod RDGVW

Vortex Model RDGVW 

Konus Model 1955 Lightweight Hunting Tripod

At 13.7 ounces, the Konus Model 1955 is one of the lightest tripods available and its compact design makes it great for hunting. It extends to a height of 15.3 inches and is designed for use with a 100mm spotting scope in mind. It has all metal construction which can be a big advantage over others made of plastic, making this a durable hunting tripod while still keeping it lightweight.

This is a great hunting option for your spotting scope because you will be able to set it up and take it down with little trouble and it should hold your scope steady. This tripod's small size, light weight, and all metal construction is why it gets on this list of lightweight hunting tripods.

Table model, Micrometric Regulation, Konus 1955

Konus Model 1955 

What is the Best Lightweight Hunting Tripod?

There are numerous styles, weight, and sizes of tripods. Depending on the maker of your spotting scope, you may have to purchase a universal mount adapter for your new tripod. However, making sure that you have a lightweight tripod to take care of that great spotting scope that you purchased just for this upcoming big hunt or the yearly traditional hunt will help you to have a good base to provide you a steady view, just to be sure that that is indeed a shooter.

Your tripod doesn't have to be heavy and cumbersome, but what it does have to do is not let your scope fall over just because of a light breeze that doesn't even move the tree leaves. Our pick for the winner of these lightweight hunting tripod reviews is the Leupold Model 56446, a one of  the mighty tripod that strikes a good balance between a full size tripod and a compact tripod. It is one of the best Lightweight Hunting Tripods a little heavier but its durability, construction, and price point make it a good long term choice for those expensive optics.

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