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The Kyota Yosei M868 massage chair is an expensive luxury model packed with the latest features and 4D roller technology. It’s ideal for people who suffer from chronic back, foot, and leg pain.

Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Advanced 4D roller system
  • Decompression Stretch
  • Waist Twist Therapy
  • Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology
  • Plenty of luxury accessories
  • Memory profiles


  • Expensive
  • Only one Zero Gravity position
  • No full-body heat or footwell heat
Kyota Yosei M868 Massage Chair

Recommended For: People who suffer from chronic back, foot, and leg pain.

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Massage chairs allow people who suffer from chronic pain to relax at home and enjoy therapeutic benefits without having to visit the chiropractor regularly.

However, it takes time to find the right model since there are so many recliners on the market with varying features.

In our Kyota Yosei M868 review, we look at a luxury model with all of the bells and whistles! But is it worth the splurge? Let’s dive in.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair Design Overview

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair with black PU upholstery, glossy black hard shell exterior, and dark gray base

Kyota is one of the newer brands on the block and is making a name for itself with its versatile collection of massage chairs that boasts the latest features on the market.

In this review, we are setting our sights on their high-range luxury model—the Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair.

With a futuristic design, it looks like a recliner straight out of a spaceship, with a sleek, hard exterior and plush upholstery that ushers you into a state of complete relaxation.

The Yosei M868 comes with everything you could want in a massage chair—from state-of-the-art 4D rollers to chromotherapy lights. It also offers a creative assortment of massage programs, including a few that we haven’t seen on the market.

But, we’ll get more into the massage technology of this model later in our Kyota Yosei M868 review. 

Circling back to the design, the Yosei M868 weighs 285 lbs, with dimensions of  60” x 33” x 45”. It’s a large, heavy chair, but this is standard across the market. 

You’ll want to measure out a spacious area to install it. Thankfully, Kyota incorporated their Zero Wall Fit space-saving technology that allows the user to recline fully with only 2” clearance from the wall.

Anything 5” or less is considered top of the line, so you’re getting a good bang for your buck here.

We really love that this is one of the rare models on the market that caters to tall and large body types. It can comfortably accommodate a height of 6’6” and a max weight of 300 lbs.

We also dig the automatic footrest extension, as many chairs require the user to manually extend the footrest and hold it in place, which, if you ask us, defeats the purpose of fully relaxing your body.

Another high point of this chair is its innovative assortment of accessories, including Bluetooth, an air ionizer, and a USB port. If you’re looking for subliminal luxury, the Yosei delivers in spades.

But does it have what it takes to deliver therapeutic value? We find out next as we analyze the features!

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair Features

The Yosei M868 is an expensive chair, and its robust feature set reflects that. Let’s see what it can do.

49” L-Track + 4D Roller System

The main focus of any massage chair should be the track and roller system since this is the technology that delivers the most therapeutic benefits.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair black variant and an illustration of its massage rollers with a red arrow pointing down

The track is typically found in the backrest and houses the rollers that move up and down the user’s back.

The S-track is the most basic design that starts at the neck and follows the curve of the spine in an “S” shape, stopping at the lumbar region.

The L-track and S+L-track are the other two most popular track systems that are considered industry-standard. Both cover the neck and back fully but also extend underneath the seat to reach the thighs and glutes.

The Yosei M868 is equipped with a long 49” L-track. It’s not the longest we’ve seen on the market, and truth be told, it doesn’t follow the contours of the spine as well as an S+L-track, but it still delivers a phenomenal full-body massage.

The 4D rollers are the pinnacle of the roller game, though closely mimicking the feel of human hands by moving vertically, horizontally, and in/out along the track while automatically adjusting the speed according to the techniques performed.

The key thing is that you want to feel like a professional masseuse is massaging you, and with this type of track and roller setup, you’ll get as close to an authentic experience as you possibly can.

TrueFit Body Scan

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair black variant with red grid lines on the seatback

The TrueFit Body Scan is another popular feature that utilizes sensors to map out vital acupressure points along the spine. Then the rollers automatically adjust to fit the user’s dimensions.

This gives the user the utmost convenience, so they don’t have to waste time manually adjusting the rollers themselves and can get right to relaxing.

Zero Gravity Recline

Zero Gravity seating is a favorite feature of massage chair enthusiasts that boosts the therapeutic value for those who suffer from chronic back pain.

In this position, the user’s legs are slightly elevated above the heart, releasing pressure off the spine and joints while facilitating blood flow.

The user feels weightless in this decompressed state, maximizing pain relief and relaxation.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair black variant in zero gravity recline with the footrests elevated slightly above the heart

While the Yosei M868 does have a Zero Gravity function, we were disappointed to see that it only offers one position, especially for the price you pay. High-range chairs typically provide at least 2-3 positions to give the user more customization options.

Lumbar Heat

This is another area where we feel Kyota could’ve done better. Heating elements placed in the lower backrest further boost therapeutic value by loosening tense muscles, especially when combined with the rollers.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair black variant with its lumbar heating system highlighted in red

The thing is, it’s not uncommon to see high-range chairs offering full body heat, or at least heating in the footwells. It’s not a huge dealbreaker, but for the cost of this chair, it would’ve been nice to see a more advanced heating function.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair Accessories

If you’re all about reducing stress, then the Yosei M868 comes with all of the accessories that enable you to create your own little space of tranquility.

This is where you get luxury functions that you don’t commonly see with other massage chairs on the market.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair's remote with a small colored screen and buttons

The headrest is equipped with Bluetooth speakers, so the user can easily connect to a smart device and play their favorite music.

There’s also a built-in USB port, which makes it convenient to keep your devices juiced up without any disturbances.

A unique air ionizer is integrated into the chair. Its purpose is to facilitate clean oxygen for the user to breathe while getting a massage. 

The final luxurious touches are the chromotherapy mood lights located on the sides of the chair. These colorful lights are said to help balance mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair Massage Programs

We bet you’re ready to see the massage offerings of the Yosei M868, and here, we can confidently say that you’ll probably like what’s on the menu.

Nine auto programs are ready to go, so you can start your session immediately without any tinkering. This includes:

  • Sports Refresh
  • Extension
  • Rest & Sleep
  • Working Relief
  • Neck & Shoulder
  • Waist & Spine

There are also three additional 4D programs:

  • Deep Shiatsu
  • Healthy Breath
  • Massage Extend

Admittedly, nine programs are minimal compared to other mid to high-range chairs on the market boasting over 20 programs. However, the Yosei M868 offers a couple of programs that are rare and highly therapeutic.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair with black PU upholstery and glossy black hard shell exterior

The first one is a Decompression Stretch that utilizes various chair components to pull the spine, releasing tension and pain. This is ideal for those who suffer from back pain, whether your job requires you to sit for long hours or you’ve just finished an intense workout.

The second standout program is the Waist Twist Therapy, which gently twists the waist, stretching tight muscles and improving range of motion.

There’s also a manual mode for those who like to build custom massages and rest assured, there are plenty of options to adjust the massage to your liking.

There are six massage techniques to mix, including kneading, tapping, knocking, Shiatsu, sync, and rhythm.

Choose between 10, 20, or 30-minute increments for the massage duration. Adjust the massage rollers to focus on your whole body, one area, or a specific muscle group. There are also six speeds and three roller widths to finetune your preferences.

Once your massage is done, there are two memory profiles that allow the user to save their custom creation as an auto program, so you always have immediate access to your favorites.

Air Massage

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair with dark brown PU upholstery and glossy dark brown hard shell exterior

Air massage is another popular feature that uses air cells to compress various areas of the body. This is a less intense massage than deep-tissue rollers, as the air cells inflate automatically, creating a compression effect that soothes sore muscles and rejuvenates the mind and body.

The Yosei M868 has a whopping 50 air cells located throughout the chair. You can opt for a full-body compression massage or target specific areas, including the arms and shoulders, legs and feet, or buttocks.

Combined with rollers, Zero-G, and heat, people with back pain can benefit immensely from the therapeutic benefits this feature provides.

Foot/Calf Massage

One of our favorite programs performed by the Yosei M868 is the calf/foot massage. The footwells are equipped with a sophisticated system consisting of rollers, oscillation, and air cells, resulting in an enclosed foot massage called Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair black variant's footwells and an illustration of the foot rollers

Rollers knead the calves, melting away pain and fatigue caused by long hours of standing. The air cells gently compress the legs and feet simultaneously to rejuvenate the muscles.

This combination is what transforms a foot/calf massage from good to great, especially since it’s uncommon to see calf rollers with other massage chairs.

The only thing that would’ve made the Yosei M868 even better is if the footwells had heat, but the precision of the oscillating movements feels incredibly lifelike, giving users with pain a highly therapeutic experience.

Variants of Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair Pros vs. Cons


  • Advanced 4D roller system
  • Decompression Stretch
  • Waist Twist Therapy
  • Triple Roller, Total Sole Reflexology
  • Plenty of luxury accessories
  • Memory profiles to save custom massages


  • Expensive
  • Only one Zero Gravity position
  • No full-body heat or heat in the footwells

The Kyota Yosei M868 is a luxury massage chair that is expensive, but that means the quality and precision of the massage technology are of a high standard.

The 49” L-track and 4D rollers exemplify this, promising a full body massage with advanced movements that feel like real human hands.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair with black PU upholstery, glossy black hard shell exterior, & silver highlights

The Yosei M868 comes with the usual feature set found on most mid to high-range chairs. You get the therapeutic benefits of Zero Gravity seating, lumbar heat, and a bevy of innovative massage programs that include rare pleasures, such as the Waist Twist Therapy and Decompression Stretch.

The design of the chair is also attractive. It looks futuristic and sturdy—a sure conversation starter when you have guests over. 

It exudes luxury, and with extras such as chromotherapy lights, an air ionizer, and Bluetooth, you can create your own VIP massage parlor right at home for when you need a relaxing escape.

However, we must admit that we were less than satisfied with the therapeutic value of this expensive massage chair. While the 4D rollers are top of the line, it would’ve been nice to see full body heat and more than one Zero-G position. 

The massage techniques and manual options are above average, but we’re used to seeing chairs of this caliber with 10+ auto programs. 

The foot/calf massage does win brownie points, though, since it incorporates both rollers and airbags to relieve tension and pain.

Overall, we recommend the Kyota Yosei M868 for people who suffer from chronic back pain and foot/leg pain. Not everyone can afford it, but rest assured, plenty of cost-effective models on the market offer many of the same or even more features than this recliner.

Kyota M868 Yosei 4D Massage Chair Warranty

The Kyota M868 massage chair comes with a four-year warranty on the structural framework, no-cost replacement on covered parts for two years, and covered labor for one year.

You can read the warranty fine print here.

Comparable Products to Consider

If you’re still on the fence after reading our Kyota Yosei review, we’ve compiled a list of similar models for comparison.

Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Large/tall individuals, and anyone looking for a quality therapeutic massage chair.

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective luxury option, the Human Touch Novo XT is reputed for its quality and therapeutic mastery. It comes with 3D rollers, which lack the speed adjustment of 4D, but you still get a realistic massage, plus air cells that are strategically placed to target acupressure points.

Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Users who need a massage chair that can accommodate a max weight capacity of 400 lbs.

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With an SL-track, Bluetooth, Zero Gravity Seating, and a touchscreen tablet controller, it’s incredible how affordable this recliner is! It can even accommodate a max weight capacity of 400 lbs.

Infinity IT 8500 Massage Chair

If you want a mix of IT 8800 and 8500 X3 — technology upgrades and affordability — the Infinity IT 8500, which is the most popular model, won’t disappoint

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This is a mid-range chair that’s highly rated for therapeutic value. It comes with Zero Gravity Seating, lumbar heat, and an Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage that targets tension in the upper body.

Kyota Yosei M868 Review Conclusion

There are plenty of expensive massage chairs on the market, but what you want to decide is whether you want the luxury features or real therapeutic value. 

When it comes to the Yosei M868, it’s all about the finer things in life, with some therapeutic value coming from the 4D rollers and exceptional foot/calf massage.

To conclude our Kyota Yosei M868 review, this is an ideal choice for people with back, foot, and calf pain. It’s also suitable for those who want to relax at home and de-stress after a long day.

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