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The Kyota M673 Kenko Massage Chair is a moderately priced model with an advanced 3D/4D roller system, air massage, and Zero Gravity seating. It’s an ideal choice if you desire a quality chair with the latest features or for those with chronic back pain.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • 3D/4D roller system for advanced massage
  • 49” L-track for comprehensive coverage
  • Lumbar heat feature for back pain relief
  • Three Zero Gravity positions for comfort
  • 10 auto programs for diverse massage options
  • Bluetooth connectivity for added convenience


  • No heat in footwells for complete relaxation
  • Lack of accessories included
  • Learning curve with the remote controller
Kyota M673 Kenko Massage Chair

Recommended For: Those who desire a quality chair with the latest features or for those with chronic back pain.

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Do you suffer from back pain? Do long hours of standing at work have you limping on sore feet every day? This is where a massage chair can change your life, supplying therapeutic relief while saving you money on the chiropractor.

The tough part is finding your perfect recliner in a sea of models touting the latest features. We’re here to help with our detailed Kyota M673 Kenko massage chair review. Let’s get started!

Kyota M673 Kenko Design Overview

Kyota is a fairly new massage chair brand on the scene, but they’re making waves with affordable, luxury models that boast all of the latest features enthusiasts love.

In particular, we’re talking about the Kyota M673. It’s a mid-range model that’s more about functionality than plush extras.

For example, you won’t find a tablet remote controller or voice recognition with this chair. Instead, you get 3D/4D rollers, an extensive L-track for a full body massage, and a generous 10 auto programs to keep you entertained for a long time.

It sounds nice, but is it worth the almost $6,000 price tag? That’s what we aim to find out in this Kyota M673 Kenko massage chair review.

Starting with the design, Kyota followed the futuristic trend of shaping the chair to look like a space pod. You sink deep into the core, pressing your lower legs into the plush footwells.

This chair uses a combination of rollers, airbags, and heat to deliver a full body massage that rejuvenates and relaxes. However, this is the same therapeutic formula you find with most chairs on the market—low to high range.

The Kyota M673 is a large chair with dimensions of 62″ L x 30″ W x 48″H and a weight of 292 lbs.

It’s a big boy for sure, and you’ll first have to measure the area of your home where you wish to install it. For people living in a small apartment with stairs, adequate space might be a challenge.

Luckily, Kyota incorporated what they call the Zero Wall Fit, which is their version of space-saving technology. This means that even though the chair is large, it saves space by requiring only 4” of clearance from the wall even while fully reclined.

Woman sitting on the Kyota Kenko M673 3D Massage Chair brown variant and the chair's dimensions when upright & reclined

For reference, any chair with 5” of clearance is considered the industry standard, so you’re getting the best on the market here.

What we like is that this chair is very accommodating when it comes to body types. Typically, shorter people and larger body weights are left out with many chairs, but the Kyota can comfortably support a height between 4’10” and 6’4” and a max weight of 300 lbs.

This is rare to see and is one major way this recliner stands out from its competitors.

The only drawback, in our opinion, is the mechanical foot extension. You have to push it out yourself and hold the extension in place with your legs. For a product designed to fully let the user relax, we would’ve preferred an automatic extension that requires no extra effort.

Overall, the design is standard, but you’re paying for the massage quality, right? That’s why in our next section, we get into the features to gauge performance and therapeutic value.

Kyota M673 Kenko Massage Chair Features

Ready to see what the Kenko massage chair can do? It comes with a practical feature set that promises variety and relief from everyday aches and pains. Let’s dive in!

L-Track + 3D/4D Roller System

The inner workings of the Kyota M673 Kenko's massage rollers with red arrows pointing to the directions they travel

The only logical place to start when examining the prowess of a massage chair is with the track and roller system. This is the heart of massage technology and the primary indicator of the quality you can expect from your chair.

The Kyota M673 sports a 49” L-track, which is characterized by an axis that starts at the base of the neck and travels down the entire length of the spine before curving underneath the glutes and thighs in an “L” shape.

For reference, there are three main types of tracks on the market. The S-track follows the natural curve of the spine but doesn’t massage the glutes or thighs, making this the most basic track.

The L-track is considered above average since it covers more of the body, but it’s not as adept as the S+L-track, which combines both track designs. This results in a more authentic feel.

Plus, the 3D/4D rollers are the best on the market, simulating the feel of real human hands by mimicking deep tissue massage.

These rollers move horizontally, vertically, and in/out, which can’t be accomplished with fixed or 2D rollers. The speed of the movements also changes according to the area being massaged, increasing the accuracy and precision.

Truefit Body Scanning

Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair brown variant and blue-green grid lines on the seatback

The majority of chairs on the market come with some form of auto scan, so this feature isn’t anything unique, but it is convenient.

Auto body scan utilizes sensors to map out the acupoints in the user’s body, then automatically adjusts the rollers to match the user’s dimensions.

Not only is this easier on the user since they don’t have to manually adjust themselves, but it renders a more accurate massage based on where you need it most.

Admittedly, this technology is not always reliableand this goes for all massage chairs. Don’t be surprised if you need to manually tweak the rollers yourself after the scan.

Weightless Zero Gravity Recline

Woman sitting on the Kyota Kenko M673 brown variant in zero gravity recline with the legports elevated above the heart

One of the more popular features on the market is Zero Gravity seating. This specialized position reclines the user until their legs are elevated above the heart.

In this position, pressure is released from the joints and spine, making the user feel weightless. Blood circulation improves throughout the body, and muscle pain, especially in the back, dissolves in this decompressing state.

Zero-G seating is a phenomenal therapeutic tool, especially when combined with the rollers pressing deep into back tissue and lumbar heat loosening the muscles.

The majority of recliners have it, but not all Zero Gravity functions are created equal. The key here is to look at how many positions are offered for customization.

Generally, massage chairs have one position, which is below average for therapeutic value. Mid to high-range chairs offer 2-3 positions, which give users more options to find what’s comfortable for their needs.

We are happy to report that the Kyota M673 exceeds the market here, with three positions to give people with chronic back pain the most therapeutic benefits during a massage.

Lumbar Heat

Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair brown variant and the lumbar area highlighted in red

The Kyota Kenko M673 3D massage chair comes with a standard heating mechanism located in the lower back portion of the chair.

Heat enhances therapeutic value, loosening tight muscles and melting away pain in the user’s lumbar region.

However, lumbar heat is the bare minimum and is typically found in low-range chairs. For what you pay for the Kyota Kenko, we at least expected to see heat in the lumbar region and footwells.

Kyota Kenko M673 3D Massage Chair by Infinity Accessories

Kyota Kenko M673 brown variant and its remote control with a small LCD screen and buttons

Every massage chair comes with a variety of accessories meant to increase relaxation and convenience.

Some chairs come packed with fancy extras, such as voice command or aromatherapy, while others only come with a remote controller.

The Kyota M673 offers the bare minimum, which is unfortunate for the price you pay. It does have Bluetooth speakers, so you can connect your favorite music to help you focus during your massage.

And that’s it! It would’ve been nice to see at least a USB port or LED lights, but accessories are not this chair’s strong point, focusing more on practicality and functionality.

Users can operate the Kyota M673 through the LCD color screen remote controller, featuring a button menu. Some Kyota Kenko M673 3d massage chair by Infinity reviews mention that the learning curve is steep, and the wired remote is cumbersome to master with all of the buttons.

Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair Programs

Moving right along in our Kyota Kenko M673 review, it’s time to examine the various massage programs the Kyota Kenko massage chair can perform.

It’s a standard menu that is typical across the market. There are 10 auto programs that enable the user to hop in the chair, push a button, and immediately be swept away into la-la land.

Kyota Kenko M673 3D Massage Chair brown variant with the airbags highlighted in blue-green

The 10 auto programs include:

  • Rest and sleep
  • Working relief
  • Extension
  • Neck and shoulder
  • Waist and spine
  • Sports refresh
  • All air
  • Deep Shiatsu
  • Healthy breathing
  • Massage extend

The programs are diverse, as most low to mid-range chairs offer around six programs total. Shiatsu is the only advanced technique. And it would’ve been nice to see another option, such as Swedish massage.

We also would’ve liked to see a stretching program on the menu, which is one of the popular techniques that users rave about.

There is a manual mode to give users the freedom to create their own programs. You can mix and match your favorite techniques, including kneading, tapping, knocking, Shiatsu, and sync.

Adjust the rollers with three choices: wide, medium, or narrow. There are six speed and five intensity levels, with the option to focus on the entire body, one area, or a specific muscle group.

It’s an OK manual setup, but honestly, you can find a similar system on most chairs, with high-range chairs offering the most variety and innovation.

Air Massage

Kyota M673 Kenko Massage Chair brown variant and red arrows pointing from the airbags on the upper arms

Air massage is a popular program that you’ll see across the market. This technology utilizes airbags that are strategically placed throughout the chair to apply compression to muscles.

The airbags inflate and deflate automatically, loosening tired muscles and helping the user feel relaxed. This is a less intense massage that boosts therapeutic value when combined with the roller action.

The Kyota Kenko is equipped with 40 air cells that are located at the arms, shoulders, hands, legs, and feet. You can also choose a full-body air massage. There are five intensity levels, giving users plenty of flexibility to customize the compression.

Foot/Calf Massage

Kyota Kenko Massage Chair black variant's legports with airbags for the calves and feet

Another popular program is the foot/calf massage, which utilizes rollers and air compression to soothe sore, tired legs.

One of the Kenko M673 massage chair’s highlight features is the extra-long calf massage. The company claims that it is the longest calf massage on the market, with air compression applied from the knees down to the feet.

However, we are disappointed that the airbags aren’t combined with calf rollers for a deep tissue massage that boosts the therapeutic benefits considerably.

There are three Shiatsu rollers that target the main pressure points on the feet, but we find the calf massage subpar without its own rollers.

Many mid to high-range chairs also come with heat in the footwells, which is especially effective for relieving pain, but unfortunately, the Kyota M673 misses the mark here, too.

Kyota Kenko M673 Pros vs. Cons


  • 3D/4D roller system
  • 49” L- track
  • Lumbar heat
  • Three Zero Gravity positions
  • 10 auto programs
  • Bluetooth
  • Accommodates smaller/larger body types


  • No heat in footwells
  • Lack of accessories
  • Learning curve with remote controller

The Kyota M673 Kenko massage chair is a moderately priced model boasting the latest track and roller technology and a fair selection of luxury features.

The highlights of this recliner include the industry-standard 3D/4D rollers, which can move up, down, side to side, and in/out at different speeds. This treats the user to a variety of techniques that closely mirrors the movements of a professional masseuse.

We also find the 10 auto programs on offer to be above average compared to other chairs in this price range, with a manual mode that gives users the freedom to customize their experience according to their physical needs.

The Kyota Kenko also comes with popular features you’ll see across the market, such as Zero Gravity seating and air massage. Three Zero Gravity positions are available, which is rare to see with most massage chairs.

Overall, we find this model to be standard for what it offers. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll enjoy a high-quality massage with plenty of therapeutic benefits for those with back, leg, and foot pain, but for the price, there are other affordable models with similar feature sets.

We think more options for heating could’ve been incorporated, such as heat in the footwells and calf rollers. It also would’ve been nice to see a few more accessories, such as a USB port and a user-friendly remote controller.

Therefore, we recommend the Kyota M673 for people who suffer from chronic back pain. The advanced roller system combined with lumbar heat, air compression, and Zero-G seating is a therapeutic powerhouse to relieve tension and stress.

This is also a suitable all-around chair if you want a comfortable, quality model to help you relax after a long day at the office.

Kyota Kenko M673 3D Massage Chair Warranty

Kyota offers a four-year warranty on structural framework, with a no-cost replacement on covered parts for two years and covered labor for one year.

You can read the warranty fine print here.

Comparable Products to Consider

Still unsure about whether the Kyota M673 Kenko massage chair is the model for you? We’ve compiled a shortlist of similar recliners for comparison!

iRest A306 Massage Chair

Recommended For: People with back pain or for hobbyists who want a good deal on a quality ergonomic recliner.

This is a budget-friendly option with special features, such as voice activation and 12 auto programs. We especially love the Yoga Stretch, which is a therapeutically blissful technique not found on many chairs for this price.

Kahuna Arete Massage Chair

Recommended For: Value seekers who want everything the Kyota Kenko doesn’t have for around the same price.

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This model gives you everything the Kyota Kenko doesn’t for around the same price. It comes with a touchscreen tablet remote for easy operation and a whopping 24 auto programs. One stand-out feature is the rotating triangular calf massage with rollers that target the legs along with air compression.

Osaki Titan Ador 3D Allure Massage Chair

Recommended For: People who suffer from back/foot/leg pain and for those who want an all-around chair for relaxation.

This stylish massage chair is another moderately priced option, with a robust feature set that includes 21 auto programs and three Zero-G positions. It’s equipped with an S+L-Track and six massage techniques. There are plenty of adjustable settings to make this a prime choice for those who prefer to customize their massages.

Kyota M673 Kenko Massage Chair Review Conclusion

The Kyota M673 is a mid-range model with a standard feature set that focuses more on functionality and less on luxury. You won’t find a ton of fancy accessories, but the 3D/4D technology promises a high-quality, realistic massage.

It’s lacking essentials, such as calf rollers and heat in the footwells, but you can still enjoy an all-around relaxing experience, thanks to air massage and 10 auto programs.

To conclude our Kyota M673 Kenko massage chair review, we recommend this for people who suffer from chronic back pain, thanks to three Zero-G positions, lumbar heat, and advanced rollers.

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