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The Kahuna SM9000 may not be the most impressive massage recliner on the market, but it does offer incredible therapeutic value, making the high price worth it. This chair is ideal for larger/taller body types and people who suffer from chronic back/leg pain.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Yoga body stretch
  • Full body heat
  • Exceptional roller system
  • Designed for big and tall body types


  • Steep learning curve due to difficult remote & manual
  • No ability to adjust the heat temperature
  • Only one Zero Gravity position
  • Expensive
Kahuna SM9000 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Larger/taller body types and people who suffer from chronic back/leg pain.

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Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Are your feet aching from running around nonstop all day? Sometimes, all you need in life is a therapeutic massage. Even better, one that doesn’t require running to the chiropractor.

One massage chair offers that indulgence. Read our Kahuna SM9000 review and get acquainted with the brand famous for their Yoga Stretch and superior roller technology. This just might be the ergonomic recliner for you!

Kahuna SM9000 Design Overview

Just go ahead and call this recliner the Big Kahuna…because with 51 × 29 × 49 inches dimensions and a weight of 246.92 pounds, it will take up loads of space in your living room. Tiny apartment owners- look away.

On the flip side, this chair is designed for big and tall people, which is a rarity in itself as far as massage recliners go. It can hold a weight capacity of up to 320 pounds and a height of 6’5” with the extendable ottoman. The seat width is 1-2 inches wider than other chairs as well, so no body type is excluded from getting the relaxation they deserve.

Kahuna SM 9000: Black Variants
Kahuna SM 9000: Brown Variants

Unlike the sleek, futuristic aesthetics of other luxury massage chairs such as the Human Touch Novo XT2, this big boy looks like, well…a massage chair, leaving us a bit meh regarding the overall design.

At least we can confidently say here in our Kahuna SM9000 review that looks aren’t everything. The SM9000 packs a punch below the surface of its black or brown exterior, with a treasure trove of world-class features that deliver the impeccable massages this California brand is loved for.

With that being said, the space-saving technology that comes with the SM9000 is admirable. A single push of a button lets you slide like a ninja into Zero-G seating, with only 3” of clearance between the back of the chair and the wall.

Another plus is that the cover has exchangeable zippers to make removal and cleaning a breeze. It’s a small detail, but anything to make cleaning easier is a huge plus, am I right?

Now for the good stuff…let’s dive into the features!

Kahuna SM-9000 Features

While there are certainly other ergonomic recliners on the market that go the extra mile with features and accessories, the Kahuna SM9000 massage chair offers “just enough” with more of a focus on providing a world-class massage.

Air Float 3D+ SL-Track Six-roller System

That world-class massage starts with the introduction of the six-roller system (two sets of three rollers in a triangle shape).

Kahuna Chair SM 9000 Air Float 3D+ SL-Track Six-Roller System

While 3D rollers are the industry standard, only a few elite chairs are sporting the six-roller track. With this cutting-edge setup, the SM9000 can achieve an incredibly human-like massage, which is something not many chairs can brag about.

This AirFloat 3D design is combined with an extensive S&L track, so no muscle is left untouched as the rollers travel along the natural curve of your back and underneath your glutes and thighs.

Infrared heated Six-roller System

Did we mention that the entire roller system applies heat as well? This is one of the features that also make the Kahuna SM-9000 stand out from the competition. You get a heated massage throughout your back, the seat, and footwells, whereas many chairs fail by only heating the lumbar region.

We see you, Big Kahuna.

The infrared heated rollers gently push heat deep into muscle tissue, improving blood circulation while soothing and detoxing. It’s as luxurious as it gets, especially if you suffer from foot and leg pain from being on your feet for long hours.

The only detail Kahuna seemed to miss was the ability to adjust the temperature. Customization is always key with chairs of this price range, and temperature is a big preference. The OHCO M8 Elite & LE allows for independent temperature control in all regions if this is important for you.

Smooth One-touch Zero Gravity

Zero gravity seating is a NASA-inspired concept that suggests if you are suspended with your legs slightly elevated above the heart, the weightless sensation may render therapeutic benefits, such as improved blood circulation and lower back pain relief.

Kahuna SM9000 Zero Gravity

The Kahuna SM 9000 massage chair has got it, but then again- so do many chairs. Unfortunately, only one Zero-G position is offered when you can find chairs that offer multiple. For the price of this chair, we think you’d expect at least 2-3 positions.

Acupoint Body Detection Scan

Like most high-end massage recliners, the SM-9000 chair will automatically perform a full-body scan before each session and then adjust the rollers to target your shoulders, neck, and spine more accurately. This is a convenient feature that saves you from having to adjust the rollers manually.

Kahuna SM 9000 Acupoint Body Detection Scan

Subliminal Yoga Stretch

One of the highlight features of the chair is its body stretch- we’ll say it’s one of the best out there. Many chairs have a body stretch function, but it isn’t easy to find one that administers a strong yet gentle stretch.

The Kahuna brand is well-known for its “Yoga Stretch,” which isn’t too aggressive but therapeutically effective for chronic back pain. It is likened to a chiropractic adjustment, one that you can get right at home.

3D Wrap-Around Squeeze Foot Massage

Another stand-out feature is the foot massage. Three different techniques (scraping, rolling, kneading) are simultaneously applied over the entirety of each foot by rollers. As well, the feet are wrapped in airbags!

You can control the intensity of the airbags using the remote and add the heating element to fully optimize the therapeutic benefits. If you’re after a massage chair that caters to sore feet or an ankle injury, this will give you the relief you’re looking for.

Full Body Air Bag Massage

For a lighter alternative to a deep tissue massage, the full-body air massage offered by the SM9000 will help you destress and relax after a long day at work. There are 3 different speeds, and you can adjust the roller width as well. It massages most of the body, including:

  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Calves
  • Legs

We like that additional airbags are located behind the hips and back to further address chronic pain and muscle tension.

Kahuna SM 9000 Massage Chair Programs

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news; the mighty Kahuna SM9000 does not offer a wide range of massage options to choose from. You still get above-average, but for the price and compared to other luxury recliners, it doesn’t make us dance with excitement.

Kahuna SM 9000 Massage Chair Programs

There are 4 basic techniques with 1 advanced technique:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Kneading & Tapping
  • Shiatsu

There are 8 signature preset programs, including:

  • Renew: A quick 8-minute refresher massage that mixes a bit of every technique to get you feeling energized.
  • Relief: This 20 minute gentle, deep tissue massage mixes various techniques with heat to target muscle pain.
  • Recovery: Quick but effective 10-minute long massage to help muscles cool down after sports or exercise.
  • Yoga Stretch: A 10-minute gentle massage with stretching to help release tension.
  • Yoga Active: Similar to the Yoga Stretch, except with increased intensity.
  • Music Sync: Choose your music, and this program will adjust the roller flow according to the song’s rhythm.
  • Calming: Gentle kneading combined with a rocking motion helps ease the body and mind before going to bed.

You can customize with 3 different intensity settings and 3 different speeds. One cool feature is the ability to adjust the rollers and zone in areas that need more attention than others.

Each massage session lasts up to 20 minutes, but unfortunately, you can’t link the routines together to create one long session or extend the time of a particular program. This is inconvenient because you’ll have to rouse yourself out of a deep state of relaxation every time one program ends, and you want to start another one.

Kahuna Chair SM 9000 Accessories

There isn’t a dazzling array of accessories offered with the Kahuna massage chair, but that’s ok because you get the ones that matter, and they are top quality.

Kahuna Chair SM 9000 Remote and Bluetooth speakers

Premium Bluetooth speakers let you sync up music with the flow of a massage for a divine sensory experience. The MP3 player lets you connect your favorite heavy metal playlist while getting a rubdown if that’s what helps you relax.

Remote Control System

The biggest drawback to this otherwise excellent ergonomic chair is the learning curve. This is a difficult chair to master, and you’ll need patience in the beginning as you figure out how to use it.

How did this happen? For starters, Kahuna SM 9000 reviews have complained that the user manual is not written with the greatest clarity, raising more questions rather than answering them.

But the biggest drawback is the remote controller.

The remote that comes with this chair is not well organized, making it a pain to navigate. Also, forget about adjusting the intensity levels in a manual program via remote- you’ll have to stick with the preset options.

After hitting some buttons, getting lost, and then referring to the manual, you quickly enter into a deep state of confusion instead of relaxation, and we’re guessing that’s not what you paid that whopper of a price for.

Kahuna SM9000 Pros and Cons


  • Yoga body stretch
  • Full body heat
  • Exceptional roller system
  • Designed for big and tall body types


  • Steep learning curve due to difficult remote & manual
  • No ability to adjust the heat temperature
  • Only one Zero Gravity position
  • Expensive

In our book, the SM-9000 has its fair share of pros and cons. We want to say that the pros outweigh the cons because the roller system in this chair is truly world-class. Any luxury recliner can boast a vast array of sparkly features, but the actual massage quality may be lacking.

With the Kahuna SM9000, that’s not the case. Its 3D dual rollers, lengthy S&L track, and the addition of the six-roller system are a rare setup to find. They even took it a step further with heated rollers that penetrate deep into the muscle tissue for added therapeutic benefits.

The Yoga Stretch is also a prime feature that made this brand legendary, so if you love getting a regular adjustment at the chiropractor, this chair feels like the real thing.

Sure, you’re going to have to go through trial and error, in the beginning, to learn how to use the chair, but in the end, you can get an exceptional, life-like massage and a quality chair made by a reputable company.

The price is high. If you’re after a feature-rich chair that offers the most convenience, check out the Human Touch Super Novo or the Luraco. If you’re on the bigger/taller side, though, you can’t go wrong with the Kahuna SM9000- it’s insanely comfortable and accommodating for all body types.

Kahuna Massage Chair SM9000 Warranty

You’ll love the warranty offer for this massage chair. You get a 5-year warranty that covers parts and labor costs. Kahuna also offers on-site repair services.

Here’s the kicker- you must register the warranty within one month of purchasing the SM9000, or else the warranty will be voided.

Kahuna SM9000 Review Conclusion

The Kahuna brand has a sterling reputation, and they always put out exceptional products. The Kahuna SM-9000 is no different, and you can expect top-quality luxury with cutting-edge massage technology.

Still, this standard massage chair offers the basics, which may not be enough for some for the high price. It does perform well, though, and people looking for therapeutic benefits, especially for back pain or tired feet, will enjoy this chair.

To conclude this Kahuna SM9000 review, though it doesn’t offer many fancy features, it excels in a few crucial areas that many other chairs don’t. For example, it offers extensive heating- even in the footwells. It’s also designed for body types over 6”/ 300 pounds, and this is rare to find.

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