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Kahuna LM8800 vs LM8800s Massage Chair Review

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Unfortunately, the Kahuna LM8800 & LM8800S have been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair review

The Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S massage chair are the most advanced models in the LM series from Kahuna. In this review, we’re explaining each feature, uncovering what separates these models, and learning which is a better value for the money. Let’s get started!

Massage Chair Variants
and Features

Kahuna LM8800

A small image of Kahuna LM8800

Kahuna LM8800S

A small image of Kahuna LM8800S

3D Rollers

Air Massage Technology

(redesigned, quieter and more powerful)

Air Intensity Control

Air Massage: Arms

Air Massage: Foot and Calf

Air Massage: Lumbar and Hip

Air Massage: Shoulders

Automatic Leg Scan

Automatic-Off Timer

Chromotherapy Lighting

Computer Body Scan

Dual Foot Rollers

Full-Sized Remote

Handheld Remote

Heat Therapy

Manual Operation Mode

Massage Programs (total number)



Massage Techniques (total number)



Bluetooth Connectivity

Built-In Speakers

Roller Speed Control

Roller Direction Control

Spring-Loaded Ottoman

Track System: L-Track

Track System: S-Track

Wireless Remote

Zero Gravity Recline

(eight positions)

Common Features of the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S Massage Chair

S-Track Massage Track

An image of S-track Massage Track

A massage track is a mechanism the roller heads move along as they massage. Massage tracks come in a variety of lengths. There are two main types: S-Tracks and L-Tracks.

S-Tracks are “S” shaped tracks that typically extend from the neck to the tailbone and are designed to mimic the natural shape of the spine.

S-Tracks curve along key areas like the neck and lower back to keep consistent pressure and contact with the body. S-Tracks are the most common type of track which you should expect in any mid- to high-end massage chair.

L-Tracks, on the other hand, are not as common, but they are popular. L-Tracks are “L” shaped tracks that pick up where S-Tracks leave off — at the tailbone. It extends an additional 20 or more inches into the seat of the chair. 

The L-Tracks allow the massage rollers to treat the glutes and thighs — areas S-Track’s can’t. Both the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S have 27-inch S-Tracks. In body terms (and depending on how tall you are), that means the massage range is from the neck to the tailbone.

3D Dual Roller Heads

The roller massage on the Kahuna LM8800 and LM8800S is based on shiatsu therapy, a traditional Japanese massage method used to balance the body’s energy (called “Chi” or “Qi” in China and “Ki” in Japanese). This is to encourage mental and physical healing and wellbeing.

“In Japanese, Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure,’ and techniques include massages with palms, fingers, and thumbs to facilitate joint manipulation, mobilization, and stretching,” explains Kahuna.

On the Kahuna LM8800S and LM8800, dual rollers (two sets of two) move along the SL-Track. These rollers are designed to mimic the feeling of two thumbs and two hands — a fundamental component of Shiatsu-style massage. The rollers are “3D,” which means they move in three ways: up and down, side and side, and inward (penetrating).

An imaage of Kahuna LM8800 3d Dual Roller Heads

The third movement, inward, lets you control how deep the massage rollers protrude into your back. If you’re a fan of deep tissue massage, this is an essential feature since it gives you a lot more control over your massage intensity.

Smart Body Scan

An image of Smart Body Scan

Before any massage begins on the Kahuna LM8800 and LM8800S, a computer body scan initiates. Computer body scan determines your shoulder position and height in the chair before automatically adjusting the rollers to give you a custom-fit massage.

Without body scan, massage rollers have a fixed range based on a “standard” height. And since no standard height exists, the rollers inevitably end up hitting too low or too high for many users.

That said, the computer body scan system on the Kahuna LM8800 and LM8800S isn’t the most advanced technology — no pressure point or shoulder bone detection. But it will locate your shoulders and customize your massage to your height.

On the chance that it doesn’t find the perfect fit or you don’t want to mess with it, you can bypass the computer body scan and manually select your shoulder height. You can use the shoulder position feature on the remote. Select from one of nine different heights, one of which is guaranteed to be a good fit.

Air Massage

Besides roller massage, the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S massage chair offer shoulder-to-toe air massage.

Rollers and airbags are very different. Since airbags are dependent on air, they can only move in two ways: inflate and deflate, squeeze and release. So while rollers provide kneading and penetrating massage, airbags provide compression massage (squeezing). But the benefit of airbags is that they can go where rollers can’t — on the arms, hands, and sides of the body. This is why they’re the go-to component for most massage chair manufacturers for arm and foot massage.

The airbags on the Kahuna LM8800 and LM8800S have been reengineered to reduce the overall number of airbags while increasing their surface area. Fewer airbags mean less noise, components, and an overall more efficient massage chair. The Kahuna LM8800S, however, takes it one step further and has an even stronger and quieter air system, which we’ll cover in more detail later in the article.

For now, let’s take a look at the air massage areas on the Kahuna LM8800 massage chair and Kahuna LM8800S massage chair...

  • Shoulder airbags inflate and deflate to squeeze the sides of the shoulders. They also hold the body against the backrest during stretch programs.
  • Arm and hand airbags squeeze the top and bottoms of the forearms and hands.
  • Lumbar and Hip airbags located in the lower back and side of the seat inflate and deflate to twist and stretch the pelvic area.
  • Calf and Feet airbags in the ottoman compress and squeeze the legs and feet. They also hold the lower body in place for stretch programs and push the feet down on the foot rollers.
Air Massage

Calf and Foot Massage

An image of Calf and Foot Massage

Like we mentioned above, the ottoman on the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S massage chairs are lined with airbags. They also have mechanical foot rollers.

Foot rollers are a popular feature that massage chair companies have quickly been updating their chairs to include. Without them, the bottoms of the feet simply don’t get the attention they deserve. To compensate, you’ll see massage chairs with nodes or some sort of protruding feature that applies pressure to the bottoms of the feet. But these don’t quite compare to the real thing: mechanical rollers.

On the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S massage chairs, dual mechanical rollers scrape and knead the bottoms of the feet stimulating acupoints. These are the points commonly treated in healing methods like acupuncture. The massage can be intense, so a thick pair of socks or thin padding is recommended to lessen the pressure.

The calf and foot massage also come with removable and machine-washable covers. To clean the covers, unzip them and toss them in the washing machine — a simple and quick way to keep the ottoman clean.

Heat Therapy

In the lower back and calf portion of the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S massage chairs are heating pads. Heat is a common massage chair feature because it has a distinctly massage-favoring benefit. The heat relaxes the muscles which allow the rollers to provide and deeper and more effective massage.

Heat also dilates blood vessels which increases the flow of blood and therefore oxygen and nutrients. As more oxygen and nutrients reach the area, they quickly help to repair damaged tissues. Plus, heat is comforting and helps to soothe the body and relieve stress.

Zero Gravity

Another therapeutic and popular feature found on the Kahuna LM8800 and LM8800S massage chairs is Zero Gravity. There’s a lot of misconception about Zero Gravity. So what is it?
Zero Gravity is a chair position originally used by NASA to help astronaut’s bodies cope with the stress of taking off. In Zero Gravity, the body reclines so that its weight is evenly distributed across the backrest and the legs are elevated above the heart to increase circulation.

Think about it… When you stand, sit, and even lay down, gravity is always pressing down on you. There’s constant vertical pressure on your spine and body — you can’t escape it. But thanks to the Zero Gravity position, you can shift some of that weight and pressure to the chair so that your spine and body can decompress and relax.

Zero Gravity also has a massage-friendly benefit. By positioning your body so its weight is pressing on the backrest, it uses gravity to its advantage to push you onto the rollers for a deeper, more intense massage.

An image of Zero Gravity in Kahuna LM8800

Built-In Speakers with Bluetooth Connectivity

Not technically therapeutic, but definitely massage-enhancing, the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S both feature built-in speakers and Bluetooth. The speakers are located next to the shoulders on either side of the chair.

With Bluetooth, you can quickly and easily connect any compatible device — iPhone, iPad, etc. — to the speakers. From your device, you can select your favorite massage music and control the volume.

Space Saving Design

A round image of Kahuna LM8800 showing Space Saving Design

Many massage chairs require 12 to 18 inches of space to fully recline. The Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S, however, only need 5 to 6 inches of space behind them to recline thanks to space-saving technology. With this technology, the massage chairs slide forward as they recline, cutting the amount of space needed to recline fully by more than half.

If you worried about having enough space in your home, the space saving feature allows you to have a large massage chair, without the large footprint.

LCD Remote with Pedal Stand

An image of Lcd Remote With Pedal Stand

All of the chair’s functions are controlled using the remote. The remote is different than what you find on other Kahuna models. Instead, it is full-sized with an LCD screen and has its own pedal stand that sits next to the side of the chair.

There are only a few buttons — eight buttons for the massage programs, a circular dial with arrows and an “OK” button, and backrest and footrest adjustment buttons. All other functions are accessed through the display screen using the arrow buttons for navigation.

The main display screen shows four sections: “Full body massage,” “local massage,” “manual regulation,” and “set.” We covered all of the sections except for “Set” which is where you can adjust settings like shoulder position, strength, language, and Bluetooth.

Even though some of the language and terms used on the remote indicate some translation issues, for example, “Please find a suitable for your language,” the remote is overall simple and easy to use.

Massage Techniques and Programs

The massage techniques on the Kahuna LM8800 and LM8800S aren’t as abundant as what you find on some other similarly-priced massage chairs. However, what they do have covers the fundamental movements you expect from a chair, including:

  • Kneading. Uses small circular motions to compress soft tissue against itself or underlying bone.
  • Tapping. Uses quick and rhythmic tapping strokes.
  • Kneading and Tapping. Combines the small circular motions of kneading and the quick strokes of tapping.
  • Rolling. Moves the rollers up and down on either side of the spine.
  • Shiatsu. Uses pointed “finger pressure” to stretch and press the muscles.

The massage programs on the Kahuna LM8800 and LM8800S use a combination of the above techniques and are divided into three categories: full-body, local (location-specific), and manual.

The full-body massage programs are fully automated. If you like the idea of pressing a button and letting the massage chair take care of the rest, automatic programs are what you’re looking for.

An image of Kahuna LM8800 in cream color

Each program is designed around a certain theme or benefit, for example, relaxing. There are eight total — which is already a robust set of massage programs for a Kahuna massage chair which typically features three or less.

The full-body programs are:

1. Relaxing. A program intended to remove “annoyance” and ease the mind and body into a state of relaxation.

2. Dynamic. A program designed to alleviate fatigue and increase vitality.

3. Stretch. A stretch program that pulls and twists the body to increase circulation and restore tired and achy muscles.

4. Anti-Stress. A program intended to release pressure on the mind and body and help to proactively maintain health.

5. Refreshing. A program designed to refresh the body and mind and to help with concentration.

6. Aid-Sleep. A pre-sleep program intended to help the mind and body relax to get a good night’s sleep.

7. Deep-Massage. A deep-tissue massage program intended to vigorously work out knots and tightness in the muscles and joints.

8. Vitality. A program intended to relieve pressure on the nerves and restore energy.

An image of Auto Programs in Kahuna LM8800

If you don’t quite want a full-body massage or want to focus on a particular area, the local massage programs let you choose which part of the body you want your massage to focus. You can choose from seven different areas, including:

  • Head and neck
  • Back
  • Waist
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Full airbag
  • Foot

If you’d rather skip the auto massage programs and the local massages, you can create an entirely custom massage using the manual mode options, which bring us to our next section...

Customization and Manual Mode Options

An image of Customization and Manual Mode Options

One of the standout aspects of the Kahuna LM800 and Kahuna LM880S massage chairs is the customization options. Not that they are the most robust compared to other similarly-priced chairs, but that they are more robust than many other Kahuna chairs.

Most massage chairs in the Kahuna LM series have limited customization features. Usually, air massage intensity, roller speed, massage width, massage position is about all you get. On the LM8800 and LM800S, however, you get a lot more thanks to its 3D functionality.

If you enjoy customizing your massage or have multiple massage chair users in one home, the manual mode options are necessary to pay attention to.

Without them, you’re limited in how you can dial-in the most effective treatment for your needs. And for the price of the LM8800 and LM8800S — $5,899 and $7,999, respectively — you should absolutely be able to do that.

Let’s take a look at what’s available on the Kahuna LM8800 and LM8800S massage chairs:

  • Massage Manipulation. Select from kneading, tapping, or kneading and tapping massage techniques.
  • Kneading Direction. Select which direction you want the rollers to move: clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Massage Speed. Choose from fast and slow speeds for the tapping and kneading massage techniques.
  • Massage Width. Select from three roller widths: narrow, middle, or wide. The width moves the rollers closer or farther from your spine.
  • Massage Range. Select where you want your massage to focus: back, shoulder, middle, or waist.
  • Foot Roller Direction. Select which direction you want the foot rollers to move: clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Foot Airbag. Turn the foot airbag off, on, or add it to any massage program.
  • Air Massage Location. Select shoulder, arm, or hips air massage independently or combine them and add them to any manual massage technique.
  • Roller Massage Strength. You can adjust the strength of roller massage from weak to strong for your shoulder and waist areas. You can adjust massage strength for both the auto programs and the manual programs.
  • Air Massage Strength. You can adjust the strength of air massage from weak to strong for the shoulder, arm, hip, and leg airbags.
  • Adjustable Timer. You can quickly add time to any massage in intervals of 5 minutes.
  • Extendable Ottoman. The calf and foot massager ottoman is extended up to an additional 6 inches to accommodate users with longer legs.
  • Removable Padding. There is removable padding located by the head and on the backrest. Simply remove the padding to increase the intensity of your massage even more.
An image of Kahuna LM8800 in Black color

Differences Between the Kahuna LM8800 vs LM8800S Massage Chairs

Now that we’ve covered what the Kahuna LM8800 massage chair and Kahuna LM8800S massage chair have in common, it’s time to see what sets them apart. Besides price — the LM8800S is about $2,000 more — there’s not much difference between the two models.

  • The Kahuna LM8800S massage chair has a redesigned airbag system that’s much quieter and stronger. It also has another language option: Korean. There’s a newly designed stretch program, and each auto massage program has its own Zero Gravity position — eight total. So on the Kahuna 8800S massage chair, when you select an auto program, the chair automatically moves you into the corresponding Zero Gravity position. No need to manually adjust.
  • Another difference between the LM8800 and LM8800S are the color options. The Kahuna LM8800 massage chair has a fleet of brightly-colored models, including peacock blue, lilac, orange, ivory, and brown. The Kahuna LM8800S massage chair, however, takes a sophisticated turn and features attractive colors like black, brown, and red. In general, the LM8800S looks more expensive, but the overall design is still similar to the LM8800.

What’s Missing on the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S Massage Chairs

These chairs have a lot to offer, but there are some features they’re missing. Here’s what you won’t find on the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S:

No L-Track

Like we explained above, L-Tracks extend the massage range an additional 20 or so inches. Since the rollers move into the seat and under the buttock and thighs, they’re very popular for those who sit all day or have sciatic nerve pain. If that type of treatment is on your must-have list, the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S massage chairs might not be the best options.

No Calf Rollers

To be fair, calf rollers aren’t a common feature. There are only two massage chairs that have them: the Apex Ultra and the Human Touch Navitas. But even between these two chairs, the calf rollers are very different.

On the Apex Ultra massage chair, they’re more like spinning nodes than true rollers. On the Human Touch Navitas massage chair, they’re real rollers that move up and down the calves like back rollers. They even have their own intensity settings, which means they’re 3D calf rollers.

Even though they’re uncommon, massage chairs in the same price range (or less) as the Kahuna LM8800 and LM8800S have them. So if you’re on your feet a lot and want an ultra-comprehensive calf and foot massage, you might want to check out the chairs we mentioned above.

Limited Number of Techniques and Massage Programs

If you’re spending upwards of $6,000 (or more) on a massage chair, you really have the pick of the litter. So you should know other massage chairs offer more regarding massage techniques and programs. The Apex Regal and Human Touch Navitas, for example, are both equipped with 4D massage rollers and a robust set of massage techniques and programs.

That said, one of the major draws of Kahuna massage chairs is their full-body stretch programs, which many other massage chair companies can’t beat.

Additional Considerations

10 Year Limited Warranty

Both the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S come with a 10-year limited warranty. Limited is the keyword here. At first glance, it appears they come with an incredible 10-year warranty, but alas, they don’t.

In reality, they come with a one-year warranty that includes all parts and labor and covers all springs, frames, mechanisms, reclining, inclining, and motors. The remaining nine years, the warranty covers the internal framework that, if damaged under normal use, is replaced at no cost. Of course, you can always upgrade your warranty coverage.

Kahuna LM8800 Massage Chair Specifications and Dimensions

Chair dimensions

49"L X 31W X 45"H

Recommended maximum user weight

290 lbs

Recommended user height

290 lbs

Required Recline Clearance


Power Consumption


Chair weight

234 lbs

Kahuna LM8800S Massage Chair Specifications and Dimensions

Chair dimensions

49"L X 31W X 45"H

Recommended maximum user weight

290 lbs

Recommended user height

290 lbs

Required Recline Clearance


Power Consumption


Chair weight

254 lbs

Final Thoughts on Kahuna LM8800 Vs LM8800S Massage Chair Review

The most compelling features on the Kahuna LM8800 and Kahuna LM8800S massage chairs are the 3D rollers, foot rollers, Zero Gravity, and built-in speakers. And since both massage chairs have these features, to us, it seems the less expensive Kahuna LM8800 is the better choice. However, the quieter and more powerful air massage system on the Kahuna LM8800 may be worth it — especially if you can find it on sale. We hope our Kahuna LM800S and Kahuna LM8800 review made your decision process a little easier.

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