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The Kahuna LM7000, an upgrade of the LM6800, offers refined features that put it on par with other top recliners but at a fraction of the price. It’s ideal for larger/taller body types and people who suffer from chronic back and leg pain.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Moderate price
  • Yoga Stretch feature for enhanced flexibility
  • Heating in footwells for added comfort
  • Bluetooth speaker and MP3 connection for entertainment
  • Suitable for large/tall body types
  • Space-saving technology for efficient use


  • Limited massage variety may be a drawback for some users
  • Inability to adjust the heat temperature to personal preference
  • Airbag massage might be too intense for certain individuals

Most of us can’t afford the most feature-rich massage chairs on the market, but boy would we love to come home to a heated, full-body massage every day.

Now, one chair is breaking the mold with quality features that rival the best on the market, all for a price that won’t make your bank account weep. Read our Kahuna LM 7000 review and discover what this ergonomic recliner has to offer!

Kahuna LM7000 Design Overview

If you briefly skim the specs of the LM7000, you might think that this impressive recliner is out of reach for you financially. That futuristic design? The bounty of features? No doubt, it’s a gem of a massage chair.

That is exactly where we’ll start with this Kahuna LM 7000 review today. For a high-end brand renowned for its exemplary massage technology, Kahuna’s LM7000 model is surprisingly affordable, giving everyone a chance to enjoy the therapeutic benefits they long for after a hard day’s work.

Kahuna sticks to its reputation for serving larger/taller body types with its signature big and comfy design that accommodates a height of 6’2” and a weight capacity of 240 lbs.

Note: Although this chair’s height/weight capacity is above average, the Kahuna SM series can accommodate a person up to 6’5” tall and weighing up to 320 lbs. We recommend checking out the Kahuna SM9000 if this is of interest to you.

Small apartment owners with limited space beware – the dimensions of this recliner are 46” x 31” x 51” and it weighs 258 pounds. That means you’ll need a spacious room to hold this big boy.

Kahuna does incorporate space-saving technology so you can expect 3” of clearance from the backrest to the wall at a fully reclined position.

It’s also worth noting that the FDA approves the Kahuna LM-7000 as a registered medical device. This is huge for those who suffer from chronic pain! It means you may be able to get part of the cost of this chair covered by your insurance.

Kahuna LM7000 vs. Kahuna LM6800

Before the Kahuna LM7000 was born, there was its beloved predecessor, the LM6800. Beloved… but with a few minor consumer complaints. We think it’s important to compare the two models because it shows two things:

  • The LM7000 offers the same amazing therapeutic benefits as the LM6800, except with major improvements based on consumer feedback.
  • Kahuna takes customer feedback seriously, and that says a lot about the integrity of this company.

Here are the biggest differences between the two models.

1. Foot Massage

One of the chief complaints concerning the LM-6800 is that the foot massage roller system is too intense. Everyone has their preference, so what could Kahuna possibly do?

Simple– they made foam inserts. They come with the LM-7000 and can be placed in the bottom of the footwells for extra cushioning if the rollers are too hardcore.

2. Adjustable Massage Time

Another upgraded feature is the duration of the massage programs. The LM6800 has a fixed 30-minute duration, which gives very little wiggle room to build your massage.

Now, the LM7000 lets you build your massage in 5-minute increments up to 30 minutes total, so customization is all yours.

3. Noise

If a noisy chair gets in the way of your relaxation, you’ll be happy to know that this was amended with the LM7000.

After reviewers said that LM6800 makes a loud ruckus, Kahuna streamlined the mechanics to bring you a more peaceful experience.

4. Arm Panel & Remote

A steep learning curve associated with a poorly designed remote and a confusing user manual is one complaint found with a few of Kahuna’s chairs.

They jumped right on it, and the simplified remote and manual for the LM7000 are much more user-friendly. They even revamped the controls on the armrest panel for ease of use.

Kahuna LM 7000 Features

As far as luxury massage recliners go, the Kahuna LM 7000 isn’t about the razzle-dazzle. You won’t find glowing LED lights and essential oil dispensers. But what you will find is a chair that does what it’s supposed to: deliver a sensational, life-like massage with therapeutic prowess.

We’ll break down its key features to show you exactly what you get with this chair.

Kahuna LM 7000 massage chair

S&L Track + Quad Rollers

The LM7000’s S-track follows the spine’s natural curve from the neck to the lower back, while the L-track extends beneath the seat to cover the buttocks and thighs.

This is industry standard, including the cutting edge quad (four-roller) design that mimics the feel of human hands.

Several luxury massage chairs offer the same track and roller system, but few can implement massages with precision. This is where Kahuna excels, and the technology they use is as meticulous as the design.

3D Body Scan

The 3D body scan is also a feature that you’ll find with other massage chairs, and it’s not that different from the LM7000.

As soon as you sit down and choose a program, the chair will automatically scan your body and adjust the rollers to correspond with your main pressure points.

Once the massage starts, if you feel that the rollers are a bit off, you can manually adjust it using the remote.

Kahuna Chair LM 7000 Zero Gravity Seating

Zero-Gravity Seating

Zero Gravity seating is touted as having a therapeutic impact on those who suffer from poor blood circulation, chronic back pain, and swelling. When reclined at an angle where the knees are elevated above the heart, a feeling of weightlessness releases all tension and pressure.

The Kahuna LM7000 implements this feature beautifully. While many chairs offer Zero-G seating, the LM-7000 offers three different incline positions, which is rare to see with even the most expensive chairs.

Heating Element

Heat in a massage chair is an added luxury that the Kahuna LM-7000 does superbly. With most chairs that offer this feature, heat is limited to the lumbar region, but the LM-7000 covers the mid to lower back, as well as the footwells.

A heated foot massage after a long day running errands? Sign us up!

The only gripe we have is that you can’t adjust the temperature on this chair like you can with the OHCO M8 series. But for the price of this chair, the option to have heat is a blessing in itself.

Kahuna Chair LM 7000 Massage Programs

At this point, we know what you’re thinking. How on earth is this ergonomic recliner so much cheaper than others? It offers the same cutting-edge technology and world-class massage track with heat and Zero-G seating…what gives?

Well, you’ll soon discover that the Kahuna LM 7000 massage chair doesn’t offer a vast array of massage options. Still, the massages it offers are all phenomenal, and the therapeutic benefits you get for the price of this chair are unparalleled.

Kahuna LM 7000 Massage Chair Massage Programs

You get the basic massage techniques and one advanced technique along with the flexibility to customize your massage with three different speeds and three different intensity levels.

  • Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Kneading
  • Combo: kneading & tapping
  • Shiatsu

Kahuna also implemented a new fixed spot feature with voice recognition. This is neat because you can pinpoint exactly where you need more roller attention by simply speaking, whether it’s your upper back, lower back, or the entire spine.

And that’s not all. When you’re in a hurry or want to sink into the chair and not think, there are 12 auto programs to choose from.

These include:

  • Yoga Stretch: A popular program that gently stretches tight muscles.
  • Renew: Combines knead, tap, and roll techniques to rejuvenate the body.
  • Relaxation: Combines a gentle rolling technique and a light air massage to soothe tired muscles.
  • Fatigue Recovery: A slow, gentle massage to help you cool down after a workout.
  • Anti-Stress: Targets the upper neck and shoulders with an air massage to melt away tension.
  • Deep tissue: A strong, full-body deep tissue massage loosens muscles and relaxes the body.
  • SV-Chiro: A chiropractic massage aimed at relaxing the body.
  • Sleep Aid: Targets the 12 main acupoints to balance the body and calm the mind.
  • Auto Upper: An air massage that relaxes the upper body.
  • Auto Lower: An air massage that relaxes the lower body.
  • Beauty: Stimulates the muscles in the buttocks and thighs for a more defined shape.
  • SV-Chiro Stretching: Chiropractic stretch to improve blood circulation and spine alignment.

Do the massage options seem bland to you? With the Kahuna LM 7000, what you need to remember is that it provides a top-quality massage that feels like the real deal– and they do achieve that with a handful of their massage programs. Let’s take a look.

Air Massage

The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000 offers a compression airbag massage that, for a terrific price, is above average as far as luxury recliners go.

There are 36 small air cells strategically placed throughout the chair that target specific points. One of the advantages is that you still have the option to choose between three different intensity levels for optimal relaxation.

We will say that some Kahuna LM7000 reviews have complained that the airbags squeeze too tightly and can even be painful. Some said that it takes time to get used to the intensity.

Calf & Foot Massage

An area where the LM-7000 excels is with its feature-rich footwells. If you are a person who suffers from chronic leg pain or you’re on your feet all day, then you’ll love this massage.

The leg ports have dual rollers underneath the feet, airbags encompassing the calves, and heated ports to loosen tension and soothe painful muscles.

It’s rare for an ergonomic recliner to offer heat in the footwells, so the Kahuna LM 7000 gets major brownie points for this clever design.

Body Stretch

If there is one massage you need to try with this chair, it’s the body stretch. The Kahuna brand is renowned for its impeccable stretching technology.

Their patented Yoga Stretch can be compared to getting an adjustment done at your chiropractor’s office. The airbags inflate to hold your body in place, and then the chair reclines, administering a divine stretch before setting you free.

You can turn up the heat to loosen stubborn back tension, and there’s also a twist program to stretch out the shoulders, lumbar region, and hips.

This is a therapeutic treat if you suffer from chronic back pain and are looking for a recliner that gives you relief whenever you want it, right at home.

Kahuna LM7000 Accessories

As far as accessories are concerned, the Kahuna LM 7000 is modest and would rather wow you with its massage capabilities than distract you with fancy trinkets.

Nonetheless, you get the extras you need to fully relax and have a good time.

LM-7000 Bluetooth Speakers

Premium Bluetooth speakers and an MP3 player let you plugin with your favorite playlist. They went a step further and installed speakers in the headrest so you can truly escape reality on your terms.

There is also a built-in holder for your cell phone and remote, putting an end to that awkward “what do I do with my hands” conundrum.

As mentioned before, Kahuna upgraded the remote controller and user manual for the LM 7000. In the past, this was a source of frustration for users, making the learning curve steep.

Well, those days are over. Kahuna listened to its faithful followers and redesigned the remote and manual to make the overall learning process more user-friendly.

Kahuna LM-7000 Pros & Cons


  • Moderate price
  • Yoga Stretch
  • Heating in footwells
  • Bluetooth speaker and MP3 connection
  • Made for large/tall body types
  • Space-saving technology
  • 3D quad rollers + S&L-track
  • Quiet operation


  • Lack of massage variety
  • Can’t adjust the heat temperature
  • Airbag massage may be too intense for some

There you have it- the pros outweigh the cons with the Kahuna LM-7000. We just can’t get over the price; this is a high-quality luxury massage chair, and the value is out of this world.

Sure, there aren’t as many features as the leading models, but Kahuna has never been about that. This brand focuses on delivering a therapeutic massage that brings relief to the masses, proving this with their FDA distinction.

The 3D quad roller S&L-track covers all of the main muscle groups with a human-like massage that can be adjusted according to your intensity needs. The addition of heating in the back, legs and feet further adds to the relaxation and overall indulgence.

The full-body air massage is robust, although reviewers have stated that the intensity may be too much to handle and even painful for some.

If you like a lot of variety, then you may not find it with the programs offered with this chair. Still, the price makes the LM7000 a winner, and we’ll go ahead and say that this is an ergonomic recliner that has a little something for everyone.

  • If you have a larger/taller body, then this chair was designed to accommodate a higher weight capacity than most chairs.
  • If you suffer from chronic pain, then this chair has a proven track record for offering therapeutic benefits with its cutting-edge massage technology.
  • If you are on a budget, then this chair will give you the same quality as other state-of-the-art luxury chairs at a fraction of the price.

LM-7000 Warranty Information

Another plus with this brand is that it offers a phenomenal 2-year full warranty. The company covers all parts and labor costs, and on-site repairs are available.

You must register the warranty within a month of purchasing the chair, or else the warranty will be voided.

Kahuna LM 7000 Review Conclusion

The Kahuna LM-7000 is a carefully designed, high-quality massage chair that caters to both the short and tall crowd. Its accommodating build, though large, features space-saving technology that makes it easier to maneuver in your living room.

This is an excellent recliner for people who have chronic back and leg pain from long hours spent on their feet. Although it doesn’t offer a vast array of massage options, you’ll find that the ones it does offer are implemented with finesse and feel incredibly life-like.

To conclude this Kahuna LM 7000 review, this is a budget-friendly luxury massage chair that gives you more bang for your buck. You’ll finally be able to enjoy a therapeutic, heated massage at home and relax just the way you desire.

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