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The Kahuna Hubot HM-078 massage chair is a high-end model at a high price. It includes a wide variety of cutting-edge features, such as full-body heat and Yoga Stretch, making it ideal for chronic back/foot/leg pain.

Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Extensive HSL-Track and 3D roller system
  • Full-Body Heat Therapy
  • Three Zero Gravity positions
  • Exceptional foot/calf massage
  • 107 air cells that can be individually controlled
  • Accommodates taller/larger body types


  • Expensive
  • Non-intuitive remote controller
  • Non-adjustable roller protrusion
Kahuna Hubot HM-078 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Users with chronic back/foot/leg pain

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No two massage chairs are created equal. Once in a blue moon, one comes along that aims to dominate the market with a feature set that outshines them all. 

The thing is, along with the bells and whistles comes a hefty price tag.

Our Kahuna Hubot massage chair review looks at a luxury model with a lot to offer. But does it give users bang for their buck? Join us as we find out!

Kahuna Hubot HM-078 Design Overview

Kahuna is a well-known name in the massage chair industry, especially for the therapeutic value their high-tech models offer consumers who suffer from back, leg, and foot pain.

While they offer numerous chairs with varying features and low to high prices, their HM series introduces luxury and comfort with a dizzying array of functions and massage programs.

The Kahuna Hubot HM-078 recliner is the focus of our review today, and one thing is abundantly clear: this model is your all-in-one massage chair. At least, for costing over $5,000, you’d hope so.

Kahuna Hubot HM-078 with black PU upholstery, glossy black hard shell exterior, and silver highlights

From a design standpoint, it certainly looks rich and attractive. It’s a robust chair at 49 x 36 x 53 inches, weighing 305 pounds. 

Well padded and manufactured with smooth, rounded edges, you’ll need to find a spacious spot for it in your home. 

Small apartment owners might find it challenging, especially if you have to climb stairs, but Kahuna did incorporate space-saving technology to make it easier to accommodate the HM-078.

When fully reclined, you’ll have 5” of wall clearance, which is considered the industry standard. 

There is also another major perk to the size of this chair. It can comfortably accommodate a max weight capacity of 300 pounds

That’s exceptionally rare for most chairs on the market, so larger body types might want to give this consideration, as it can be difficult to find a comfortable luxury chair.

There is also an automatic leg extension, which is much more convenient than a spring-loaded setup. It extends a full 7” to give users up to 6’1” tall enough wiggle room.

The design is high quality, with durable materials that are long-lasting and easy to clean. If anything, the Hubot will instantly become your go-to conversation starter when guests stop by for a visit.

Kahuna Hubot HM-078 Features

Next, we get down to business by taking an in-depth look at the features of the Kahuna HM-078 and what this expensive chair can really do.

HSL-Track + 3D Massage System

Kahuna Hubot HM-078 Massage Chair black variant and an illustration of its HSL-track

Kahuna markets the HM-078 as having a fancy “KMS-08M-225L” massage system…but does anyone really know what this means?

We didn’t think so. But we discovered that what it has underneath the faux leather exterior is a 51.2” HSL-track and 3D roller system.

Focusing on the massage track first, the longer the track, the more body area it covers to guarantee a thorough full-body experience. 

Kahuna hits the mark here with an S-track that follows the upper curve of the spine and the lower curve. The track continues underneath the seat to ensure the rollers can massage the glutes and thighs.

They also added a head massage for added stress relief, which is a rare detail. We are beginning to see a few massage chairs targeting mental health with their features, so Kahuna is ahead of the curve with this.

The 3D roller system is top-tier and ensures the most realistic massage akin to human hands. The rollers move up and down the full length of the track while also protruding 3” away from the track.

The system is a game-changer because the rollers can work deep into muscle tissue to release tension and pain.

Overall, the massage system is excellent, and that’s the main area you want to look at when considering an ergonomic recliner. 

Do note that some users have mentioned that the roller protrusion is preset and not adjustable. This is surprising, as it’s a common function for most chairs with 3D rollers. For the price of the HM-078, we would’ve expected this to be a no-brainer.

Auto Body Scan

Kahuna Hubot HM-078 with dark brown PU upholstery, glossy dark brown hard shell exterior, and silver highlights

The Hubot comes with the standard auto body scan feature that utilizes sensors to target the user’s unique pressure points in the back and shoulders, then adjusts the rollers to match. 

The sensors aim to improve the accuracy of the massage. However, it’s not always 100% accurate, and that goes for all massage chairs with this feature. Expect to do some manual tweaking yourself to get it just right.

Zero Gravity Seating

Zero Gravity Seating is a popular feature that you’ll find with most chairs on the market. It is a special recline angle that elevates the user’s legs above the heart.

All gravitational pull is released in this position, and the user feels weightless. This position offers numerous therapeutic benefits, including improving blood circulation and taking pressure off the spine and joints.

People with chronic back pain can lay back and enjoy their massage pain-free, as the tension melts away without any stress. 

Furthermore, the HM-078 offers three different Zero-G positions to choose from, which gives you more flexibility in finding the best fit for your needs. 

Full Body Heat

Kahuna Hubot HM-078 Massage Chair champagne variant with heating in the back & legports highlighted in bright orange

One of the features of the HM-078 that we are excited about is the full-body heating function. Typically, you only get heat in the lumbar region of massage chairs⁠—even in some high-priced models.

Kahuna did well with full-body heat, which considerably enhances the therapeutic value by loosening tight, sore muscles and relaxing the user. 

Kahuna Hubot massage chair reviews report that you can’t adjust the heat levels, so you’ll have to be content with one set temperature.

Heat therapy is applied to the upper back, lower back, legs, and feet. It gives people with back, foot, and leg pain the relief they deserve without having to spend a ton of money on chiropractor appointments.


Kahuna included plenty of fun accessories to complete your at-home massage experience. 

The HM-078 comes with Bluetooth premium speakers that allow users to connect their smart devices for listening to music and setting the mood. 

There is also a standard remote controller, but reviews claim that it’s difficult to navigate, and the buttons don’t light up in the dark.

You don’t have to use the remote controller, though, because there is an app available for download that allows you to control the massage chair with your Android or Apple device.

Still, with all of the features and massage programs on offer, you can expect to go through a learning curve before mastering how it all works with the push of a button.

Kahuna HM-078 Massage Programs

The Kahuna HM078 provides a robust assortment of massage programs and customization options designed to satisfy any type of lifestyle

There are 11 auto programs, which is the easiest way to start your massage quickly. These programs include:

  • Renew
  • Kahuna Yoga-Stretch
  • Twist Yoga-Stretch
  • Active Yoga-Stretch
  • Kahuna SV-Chiro
  • Twist SV-Chiro
  • Rocking
  • Anti-Stress
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sleep Aid
  • All-Air Modes
  • Dynamic Sports
  • Golfer
  • Athletic
  • Fast Recovery
Kahuna Hubot HM-078 Massage Chair champagne variant in zero gravity recline & an illustration of its programs

Note that there are three different Yoga Stretch programs, which is one of the features that Kahuna is known for. They’ve created a highly therapeutic stretching technique that loosens the muscles, improves range of motion, and helps you de-stress.

It’s also rare to see this caliber of stretching offered with a massage chair, further setting the Hubot apart from the competition.

If custom massages are more your jive, then you’ll probably enjoy the toolbox of goodies Kahuna provides in manual mode.

There are six techniques to choose from: Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, Knocking, and Combination.

Honestly, it would’ve been nice to see a Thai or Swedish massage for more advanced techniques, especially for the price.

But one function that is a definite perk is the 60-minute massage duration. Not many massage chairs offer this, so you’re getting special value here.

You can also control individual massage areas with Full-Body, Partial, and Fixed Point. 

There are five intensity levels, three-foot roller speeds, and six 3D roller speeds to adjust your massage preferences according to your comfort level.

Having all of these customization options is fantastic, but what would make it better? How about a memory function? 

We are seeing more and more massage chairs allowing users to save their custom preferences with built-in profiles, so we are a bit surprised to see that the Hubot HM-078 doesn’t offer this convenience.

Air Massage 

Kahuna HM-078 champagne variant in a room with large windows, beige carpet, lime green accent chair, & yellow floor lamp

The HM-078 recliner has one of the most complex air massage systems we’ve seen on the market, with a whopping 107 airbags located at the head, shoulders, arms, lower back, legs, and feet.

Better yet, you can individually control 17 different sections to administer a soothing compression massage with greater precision.

Compression massage is a more low-key alternative to deep tissue rollers, invigorating the surface muscles and increasing oxygen levels to promote blood flow.

You can choose between five intensity levels for the utmost comfort.

Foot/Leg Massage

You won’t find a better foot/leg massage setup than what the Kahuna Hubot offers. It’s just so rare to find a massage chair with rollers underneath the feet and on the calf area.

And, we still can’t stop raving over the fact that there is heating in the feet and calves!

Three scraping rollers apply a specialized massage that stimulates the pressure points on the soles of the feet while the calves are kneaded by additional rollers and compressed by airbags.

If you spend long hours on your feet, this is a suitable massage chair for therapeutic relief.

Hubot Massage Chair Pros vs. Cons


  • Extensive HSL-Track and 3D roller system
  • Full-Body Heat Therapy
  • Three Zero Gravity positions
  • Exceptional foot/calf massage
  • 107 air cells that can be individually controlled
  • Accommodates taller/larger body types


  • Expensive
  • The remote controller is not user friendly
  • Can’t adjust roller protrusion 
Kahuna Hubot HM-078 black variant in a room with large windows, gray tiled floor, and overlooking trees and buildings

The Kahuna Hubot HM-078 massage chair is as high-end as it gets, with a feature-rich setup that promises therapeutic benefits and supreme relaxation. 

The massage technology is superb, with an extra-long HSL track that curves along the upper back and the lower back for a more natural, ergonomic fit.

The HM-078 also has full body heat, which is something special and indulgent that you don’t find with the majority of recliners.

You’ll also have fun with the variety of massage programs specialized for all aspects of daily life. The Yoga Stretch is also included, which is one of Kahuna’s crowning glories.

So is it worth the price? The HM-087 does have a few drawbacks, but they are minor, considering the integrity and quality of this brand. 

There is something for everyone, with cutting-edge functions that make this an ideal therapeutic tool to cut down on chiropractor visits.

We recommend the Kahuna Hubot HM-078 for…

  • People who can afford it
  • Taller/larger body types
  • People with chronic back/foot/leg pain

Hubot HM-078 Warranty

Kahuna offers a generous three-year warranty on their products, which covers all parts and labor costs for all three years. You can learn more here.

Comparable Products

We’ve compiled a shortlist of similar massage chairs so you can compare the Hubot HM-078 to help you make a more informed buying decision. 

There are two other massage chairs in Kahuna’s HM Series, with the HM-500 being the slender, inexpensive model of the three. 

It is ideal for smaller households and apartments, where the Hubot might be too large and heavy.

The HM-500 is less about automation and more about customization. The Zero Gravity function is customizable to find a position you prefer, with plenty of adjustable settings and massage techniques in manual mode. 

We were sad to see that the Yoga Stretch wasn’t included with this model. However, it costs substantially less than the Hubot, so a minimal feature set is expected.

One big perk is that it arrives at your doorstep fully assembled, so you can start relaxing almost immediately.

Remember that memory function that’s missing from the Hubot? Well, the HM-Kappa has got it and more, but at around $10,000.

This HM model is designed to be intelligent, giving the user less to lift a finger for. You get a wide variety of programs, manual settings, and the same 51.2” HSL-track as with the Hubot.

The only major difference we see between the two models is that the Hubot has a head massage while the Kappa does not.

Both share the same full-body heat, air massage, foot/calf massage, and 300 pounds max capacity

Honestly, we would recommend sticking with the Hubot since the feature-set is so similar but costs less than the Kappa. That is unless you’re gaga over the memory function and just need to have it.

Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Those who want to experience the Medical Breakthrough 8 at a lower cost.

Check Latest Price

For another recliner with high therapeutic value, the Medical Breakthrough 6v4 packs a punch for delivering relaxation and relieving pain.

The massage programs were designed after extensive research was done abroad, so you’ll see programs such as “Ancient Roman Therapy” and “Turkish Treatment” on the menu.

This brand is also unique because its design team is made up of over 25 medical specialists from numerous fields. They’ve implemented new technology and techniques to give users something unique.

Plus, you get heat in the back and footwells, Zero Gravity Seating, 3D rollers, and plenty of customization.

Kahuna Hubot Massage Chair Review Conclusion

The Kahuna Hubot HM-078 massage chair is an all-around ideal choice if you don’t have a budget in mind and want a full-fledged feature set that is both indulgent and therapeutic.

Features such as the HSL-track, 3D rollers, full-body heat, and Yoga Stretch programs make this model stand out from what’s on the market.

To conclude this Kahuna Hubot massage chair review, this is an expensive high-end recliner, but you get what you pay for. It is suitable for hobbyists, larger/taller body types, and people who want pain relief without having to visit a chiropractor.

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