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The Jura D6 Coffee Machine is a mid-range standard superautomatic that prioritizes functionality over fancy, with a user-friendly interface and a small array of core features. This is ideal for a busy household or a beginner espresso maker.

Brew Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • User-friendly operation
  • Jura D6 Smart Connect feature
  • PEP System for optimal extraction
  • CLEARYL Smart water filter for better taste
  • Hands-free cappuccino preparation


  • Expensive considering the moderate feature set
  • Non-removable brew head for cleaning
  • Possible bean clogging in the grinder
  • Lack of a bypass chute for using pre-ground coffee
Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Recommended For: Busy households or a beginner espresso maker.

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Upgrading from a classic one-pot machine to a superautomatic not only opens you up to more coffee possibilities, but it can be confusing to choose the best model for your needs.

Luckily, we can help.

Jura’s espresso makers are known for convenience, high performance, and innovation. Our Jura D6 review takes a close look at their entry-level model and whether it offers more bang for your buck.

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine Design Overview

The globally respected Swiss brand has done it again, with a coffee machine that makes good espresso and looks dang good while doing so.

“Ultra-quick and self-explanatory” is how Jura describes their entry-level D6. It’s a clean-cut, no-frills superautomatic built to seamlessly integrate quality coffee into your busy life.

We note here in our Jura D6 review that it certainly sounds good until you look at the price tag. For a hair under $1000, it’s a mid-range model with a modest feature offering. For example, you can only brew 7 different coffee drinks, and there are only 5 grind settings.

Every other core feature, while high performance, is nothing special. You do get Jura’s revered PEP (Pulse Extraction Process) technology and a cleaning system so easy that a baboon could master it.

Still, you can find other entry-level machines that deliver the same quality but at a lower price.

Front of Jura D6 Espresso Machine with a serving of cappuccino

There is the option to connect your smartphone to the machine via Bluetooth and control it from anywhere. This feature is found primarily in high-end models and might be one of the reasons for a more expensive price tag.

If you’re scratching your head wondering what a “PEP” is or whether a baboon was harmed in the process of writing this review, don’t worry. We’ll get more into the features later in this article (and no baboons were injured).

But for a moment, let’s just stand back and gaze at the beauty of the D6 Platinum design. You can choose the Jura D6 piano black, white, or silver, to coordinate with your kitchen decor. It’s a smooth, minimalist machine with one rotary knob and no protruding parts.

The D6 dimensions are 16.3 x 11 x 13.6 inches, and it weighs 19.2 pounds, making it compact for any sized kitchen- even ones with limited counter space.

It features easily accessible parts, double-spouts on the front (one for coffee and one for milk), and no overwhelming assortment of buttons to learn. This makes the D6 one of the more user-friendly models out there, perfect for novices- if only the price tag weren’t so hefty.

Nonetheless, this model will pay for itself in the long run due to its easy maintenance and durable build. Jura is one of the top runners when it comes to clever, functional core features, and in our opinion, that makes all the difference.

We’ll explain more as we get into the features in the next section of this Jura D6 review.

Jura D6 Platinum Coffee Machine Features

From an excellent brew system to a hands-free milk frothing process, the Jura D6 automatic coffee machine kicks the steep learning curve to the curb.

We’ll start from the top, so you get a detailed breakdown of each core feature.

D6 Jura 63.6-oz Water Tank

63.6-oz Water Tank

Water is life, and in the case of an espresso machine, you need pure water to get the best aromas and flavors out of your coffee.

Jura does a great job of this by including their Intelligent Water System (I.W.S). It’s a fancy way of saying water filtration, which is common for most superautomatics to include, but the D6 takes it a step further by adding RFID technology.

With this, the filter will automatically let you know if it needs to be changed, but most importantly- with the CLEARYL filter, you may never have to descale the machine.

Moving on to the water reservoir, it holds a moderate amount of water that may not be ideal for an office setting, but it certainly does the job for a household of coffee drinkers.

Located on the left side of the machine, you can remove the tank for easy cleaning and refills.

Top view of Jura D6 Coffee Machine with two servings of espresso

Bean Hopper

The Jura D6 Platinum bean hopper is slightly more on the crude side, which surprised us, given Jura’s reputation for functionality.

You’ll find the 7.1-oz capacity hopper on the right side of the machine. Once again, this size is best suited for home use and not the office, unless you enjoy procrastinating in the employee break room by refilling the beans.

This is a bean to cup, so as soon as you load up the hopper, the fresh beans go straight to the grinder, then on to brewing. It should be a straightforward process, but unfortunately, this may not be the case.

Some Jura D6 reviewers mentioned having trouble with the hopper’s shallow design. Usually, bean hoppers are deep with wide sides, so the beans slip down to the grinder without clogging.

With the D6, beans may get left behind in the hopper, and you’ll need to push them down manually. You shouldn’t have to mess with that given the price, so the D6 loses a point there.

There is no bypass chute– so decaf lovers, don’t pull apart the machine looking for it. Coffee aficionados will say this is fine because everyone should be using fresh, whole beans anyways.

But when it comes to the versatility touted by superautomatics, the bypass chute is a common feature that many like to use and may be disappointed to find missing with the D6.

Jura Coffee Maker D6 Aroma with Milk frothing system attached and a cup of cappuccino

Aroma G2 Grinder

The Jura D6 coffee machine includes a built-in stainless steel conical burr grinder, which will grind beans to a nice fineness- but not like a ceramic grinder.

Jura claims that the Aroma G2 improves grinding with a precise cutting angle that boosts the quality of the grind. Honestly, we feel that any burr grinder can achieve this.

What makes a grinding system stand out is when there are more than eight grind settings. This gives the user more freedom to manually adjust the fineness of their grind to suit their preferences.

The D6 only offers 5 grind settings. We’ve seen other models offer more choices for a lower price if you are picky about your grind or want a more budget-friendly option.

Jura Coffee Maker D6 Aroma with Milk frothing system attached and a cup of cappuccino

Milk Frothing System

Foam artists, you may want to look elsewhere if you’re all about drawing intricate designs in your coffee. While the D6 Jura coffee machine dazzles with its hands-free milk froth, it wasn’t built for manual foaming.

It does make life easier, though, and for those on the go who love cappuccino, the D6 is a solid choice. The coffee spout and milk spout are side-by-side, so you don’t have to move your cup. Once the coffee finishes dispensing, the milk will automatically follow.

This kind of froth tech isn’t common to see on the market, giving the D6’s milk system a bonus point if you’re after convenience. We hope you like dense foam, though, since there’s no way to adjust the froth volume.

Jura Coffee Maker D6 and a cup of frothed milk

Brewing Capabilities

The brewing system is where you want to pay attention because this is what determines:

a) How fast it takes to get your coffee

b) How hot and delicious your coffee is

Jura gets 5 gold stars for their brew system, and we feel this is where you get more bang for your buck.

The D6 piano black includes PEP technology, which ensures the most optimal extraction. It slows down the extraction by forcing streams of water through the freshly ground coffee.

This helps to release the full aromas and flavors of the coffee for a delicious cup that rivals the quality of your local cafe.

You can prepare two drinks simultaneously, using the single rotary dial to select your drink type and adjust the drink settings.

The drink menu is small but adequate if you want a reliable machine for everyday use and aren’t crazy about fancy coffee drinks.

Jura D6 Platinum Drink Options

You get 7 drink options to choose from:

  • Espresso
  • 2 x Espresso
  • Coffee
  • 2 x Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Milk foam
  • Hot Water

The single Thermoblock heats lightning fast in 32 seconds, so if you’re always on the go, you can count on the D6 to have a cup ready when you are.

One neat detail is that you can cancel your drink or adjust the settings mid-brew. A lot of models don’t do all this and make the user start over.

You can also customize your drinks using the following settings:

  • Coffee strength: 4 levels
  • Brew temperatures: 2 levels
  • Water temperatures: 2 levels
Jura D6 Espresso Machine controlled via Mobile App

Jura Smart Connect D6

If you like to operate your coffee machine while relaxing in the bathtub, or you want to pull the “my house is haunted” prank on your friends by secretly operating the Jura D6 espresso machine with your phone, then the Smart Connect function is for you.

Granted, we feel it’s more of a luxury convenience rather than an essential, and it may influence the price. Usually, you only see Bluetooth connectivity with high-range models.

All in all, this is preferential and will not take away from the performance or quality of the D6 machine platinum.

Jura D6 Accessories

You’ll have to purchase the accessories separately for the D6. Jura recommends their products, of course, including:

  • Milk container
  • Cleaning tablets
  • CLEARYL water filter

Jura D6 Coffee Machine Setup & Operation

The Jura coffee maker D6 couldn’t be easier to use. After all, it was designed for convenience.

Everything is controlled using the rotary knob. As you turn the knob, different options flash on the screen that accompanies it. Simply scroll until you find what you’re looking for and select your coffee settings.

Jura D6 Coffee Maker Operation System

This is a quick machine that warms up rapidly thanks to the Thermoblock boiler. It’s a basic process, too, as the machine does the majority of the work.

Begin by testing the water hardness with a test strip. This will reveal if there’s mineral build-up in your water.

Afterward, turn the rotary knob to set the water hardness level, then follow the user manual instructions to install the water filter.

Once the machine detects the filter, it will automatically flush all parts with the rinse cycle. Prompts are displayed on the interface throughout the setup process.

Now, you’re ready to brew. Fill the hopper with your favorite roasted beans and grind them up using the integrated grinder.

While the beans are grinding, place your mug on top of the cup warmer, so it’s the perfect temperature when it’s time for the coffee to dispense.

Select your coffee drink by hitting the “P” (programming) button located underneath the rotary knob. You can also adjust the temperature, coffee amount, and strength.

Hit the button, and seconds later, your delicious espresso topped with a thick, rich crema is ready to be enjoyed.

Jura D6 Cleaning Process

One of the highlights of the Jura D6 coffee maker is the almost effortless cleaning process. It’s the type of functionality that Jura is known for, and if you take care of the D6, it will take care of you for years to come.

The machine handles everything- even the thinking. It will let you know when it’s time to empty the drip and grounds trays, initiate the rinse cycle, and descale Jura D6.

As we mentioned before, if you use the water filter, you may not ever need to descale, saving a lot of time and hassle.

There is a maintenance chute located on top of the machine where you can insert a cleaning tablet. Unfortunately, the brew head is not removable like it is with many other models, but with the tablet and rinse cycle, it should administer a thorough cleaning.

The well-designed D6 includes a front-loading drip tray and grounds tray for easy access and minimal mess.

The rinse cycle automatically flushes the entire system 10 minutes after each use. You also can do it manually, which will require a fair amount of clicking on the interface to initiate the process.

Jura D6 Espresso Machine Pros vs. Cons


  • User friendly.
  • Jura D6 Smart Connect.
  • PEP System for optimal extraction.
  • CLEARYL Smart water filter.
  • Hands-free cappuccino.


  • Expensive for a moderate feature set.
  • The brew head is not removable.
  • Beans may clog the grinder.
  • No bypass chute.

The Jura D6 Platinum automatic coffee center is an entry-level automatic espresso machine that offers the basic setup for making fast, delicious coffee.

With that being said, we do find it to be slightly expensive compared to other models we’ve tried, so what you’re paying for here is the innovative technology that Jura is respected for.

This includes cutting-edge features such as the PEP system that ensures a perfect extraction every time. The CLEARYL water filter is another bonus, making the dream of never having to descale come true.

The addition of the Bluetooth Smart Connect is a surprise because you normally only see this feature on high-end models. But this is strictly for convenience, so if you’re the ultimate multi-tasker enduring busy mornings, this might come in handy.

Our biggest gripe with the Jura D6 is the bean hopper design. The shallow tray stops the beans from getting enough momentum to fall into the grinder, so users might have to push the beans down manually.

Some who have reviewed Jura D6 have also noted that the grinder sometimes gets clogged if a dark roast is used. This isn’t surprising, though, as oily beans are not recommended for superautomatics in general due to clogging.

Overall, this is a standard superautomatic that doesn’t offer much versatility, but it does make quality coffee.

We recommend the Jura D6 for…

  • Those who are learning how to make espresso for the first time. It’s an easy machine to learn thanks to the single rotary knob and meager drink menu.
  • Those who love cappuccinos. The automatic milk frother is hands-free, and that means you don’t have to move the cup either. The cappuccinos are brewed with finesses, with a thick layer of foam on top.
  • Those who live in a busy household. The D6 cleaning process is automatic and it allows you to connect and control the machine from your smartphone. It’s built for convenience and those rushed mornings when you need to get out the door.

Jura D6 Coffee Maker Warranty

A 2-Year limited warranty is granted from the time of purchase. You can read the fine print here.

Comparable Products

Still unsure about the Jura coffee machine D6 after reading our review? Check out these similar models:

Jura D4 vs D6

Pre-ground coffee lovers- we didn’t forget about you!

Indeed, it was surprising to learn that the D6 does not have a bypass chute for ground coffee. That’s where the Jura D4 steps in to save the day- it’s known for brewing quality tasting pre-ground coffee.

Both models are very similar, but there is one major trade-off. The D4 is designed for coffee purists, and it only brews espresso and black coffee. No milk frothing or cappuccinos!

Both fall into the same price range, but the D4 caters to a specific coffee demographic while still offering the convenience, and quality Jura is known for.

Jura E6 vs D6

If the Jura D6 is too small and compact for your household or office, but you love the features, then consider its larger cousin, the Jura E6.

It offers the same coffee tech, including the PEP extraction, automatic milk frothing, and a user-friendly interface, but operates on a larger capacity. While both models have a 64-oz tank, the E6 holds 10-oz beans and has seven grind settings.

Truth be told, the E6 is a bit more expensive, so if you’re on a budget, it might be worth it to go for the D6 since they offer an almost identical setup.

Gaggia Brera Superautomatic vs Jura D6

If you’re looking for a more affordable espresso maker that’s easy to use, look no further than the Gaggia Brera.

Compared to the D6, it is slightly smaller with a 40-oz reservoir, so constant refills might get annoying, but where the D6 receives complaints regarding its grinder and bean hopper, the Gaggia Brera boasts a cutting-edge design.

We’re talking ceramic burr grinder and their Smart System for automatically fine-tuning the grind settings according to your preferences.

Like the D6, it offers hands-free cleaning and a basic six-drink menu. The big difference is the price, as it’s much cheaper than the Jura D6.

Jura D6 Review Conclusion

The Jura D6 is without a doubt a world-class coffee machine, thanks to Jura’s reputation for innovation. They prioritize functionality to offer the busy household a reliable, hands-free way to save money on the cafe and still enjoy a delicious espresso.

To conclude this Jura D6 review, we feel that the price is too high compared to similar models on the market, such as the Gaggia Brera. Still, details like the PEP extraction, automatic milk frother, and seamless cleaning process make this ideal for beginner espresso makers and households who want convenience.

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