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The Inner Balance Wellness Ji Massage Chair is a low-range model that comes equipped with advanced features, including Zero Gravity Seating, multiple heating elements, and an extensive S/L-track. It is ideal for people who suffer from chronic back, foot, and leg pain.

Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • 50” S/L-track
  • Heat in lumbar back & footwells
  • Three Zero-G positions
  • Affordable
  • Excellent foot/calf massage


  • Only one roller intensity setting
  • No Bluetooth or USB port
  • 2D rollers not industry standard
Inner Balance Wellness Ji Massage Chair

Recommended For: People who suffer from chronic back, foot, and leg pain.

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Is the massage therapist getting too expensive? When you need a therapeutic touch, massage chairs have the cutting-edge technology to provide the relief you seek.

The thing is, there are numerous recliners on the market, making it a challenge to find the best one for your personal needs.

In our Inner Balance Ji Massage Chair review, we take an in-depth look at a well-equipped recliner that won’t break the bank. Read on!

Ji Zero Wall Heated L Track Massage Chair Design Overview

One brand is making strides to produce affordable, high-quality massage chairs that open the world of relaxation to everyone. That brand is Inner Balance Wellness, and in our review, we look closely at their popular Ji Massage Chair.

This massage chair, priced at around $2,500, offers a standard feature set, but Inner Balance Wellness went further to give users a little bit more indulgence than the typical chair in this price range.

Inner Balance Wellness Ji black variant in a room with smooth concrete floor, white vertical blinds, plants, & wooden chairs

The design is futuristic and elegant, with smooth lines and quilted leather padding. The dimensions are 57 x 31.5 x 47 inches, and it weighs 200 pounds.

As you can see, it’s a heavy recliner, but that’s the average weight of most chairs on the market.

With that being said, get prepped with a spacious spot in your home for the installation. Small apartment owners will have to take care of and factor in the recline, even though space-saving technology has an astounding 0” wall clearance.

The footrest also extends manually, which requires more effort than an automatic footrest. Nonetheless, this allows users up to 6’2” tall to fit comfortably.

Unfortunately, the Ji massage chair only accommodates a max weight capacity of 285 pounds. 

Although this is also standard for most recliners across the market, it doesn’t allow larger body types the opportunity to reap the therapeutic benefits of massage.

Fortunately, the chair has excellent features on offer, including multiple heating pads, air massage, and more! Let’s dive into the features next.

Inner Balance Wellness Massage Chair Features

The Ji Zero Wall Heated L Track Massage Chair comes with the latest features on the market that provide users with innumerable health benefits, such as relieving sore muscles, loosening tension, and calming stress. 

Bear in mind that the chair’s functions are limited, and it lacks the fancy accessories you’ll see with top-tier chairs, but this is expected for the low price.

S/L-Track + Quad Roller System

Inner Balance Wellness Ji with dark brown PU upholstery and a thick seat cushion

The beating heart and soul of every massage chair is the track and roller system. This dictates the quality of the massage, the variety of techniques that can be administered, and how realistic it feels.

As of now, the S/L-track is the industry standard, and this is what the Inner Balance Ji sports

This type of track starts at the base of the neck and follows the curve of the spine down to the lumbar region like an S-track. It then continues underneath the seat to reach the glutes and thighs like an L-track.

The Inner Balance Wellness Massage Chair’s track is 50” long, which is above average for most models. The long track ensures that every inch of your body is massaged for complete relaxation.

Unfortunately, Inner Balance Wellness didn’t equip the Ji recliner with the most advanced roller setup. It features 2D rollers that can move up and down the track, but they can’t move away from the track like industry-standard 3D rollers to really knead into the muscle like a true deep tissue massage.

Auto Body Scan

Many massage chairs on the market come with an automatic body scan, and the Ji recliner is no exception.

It works by scanning the user’s body to locate the pressure points, then aligns the rollers to the user’s dimensions to improve the accuracy of the massage.

While this is convenient since you just have to lay there, it’s not always 100% on the dot (that goes for any model with this technology). You may end up manually adjusting the rollers from time to time.

Zero Gravity Seating

Zero Gravity Seating is one of the hottest features on the market because it delivers incredible therapeutic value for people who suffer from back pain.

This concept was inspired by NASA to release the pressure of gravity from the body for a feeling of weightlessness. 

The Inner Balance Ji Massage Chair accomplishes this by reclining the user to a specific angle that elevates the legs slightly above the heart. 

Inner Balance Wellness Ji black variant in zero gravity recline with the legports elevated slightly above the heart

This position decompresses the spine and joints, facilitating blood flow throughout the body for supreme relaxation.

The key here is having multiple positions to choose from so you can find your most comfortable fit, and thankfully, the Ji recliner offers three positions.

You would typically see three positions on high-end massage chairs, so you’re getting great bang for your buck here.

Combined with the back rollers and lower back heat, you’ve got a therapeutic powerhouse to help relieve excruciating back pain.

Lumbar + Calf Heat

Inner Balance Wellness Ji with black PU upholstery, black exterior, and a thick seat cushion

Every once in a while a massage chair comes along that surprises us. And with the Ji recliner, this is the feature that does it!

It is rare to find a massage chair that offers heating in multiple areas. Usually, only the expensive luxury chairs have full body heat, but other than that, the most common is lumbar heat.

Lumbar heat feels sublime on sore lower backs, relieving tension and stress, but we often wonder why heat in the footwells is excluded?

Like the back, the feet and calves are under tremendous stress every day, especially if you work in an industry that has you standing for hours.

Heat is highly therapeutic for the legs, which is why we were excited to see that the Ji Massage Chair has heating pads in the calf area of the footwells.

If you suffer from foot/leg pain or back pain, you can enjoy a relaxing roller massage while supplementing it with soothing heat.


This is one area where the Inner Balance Wellness Center massage chair is seriously lacking. There is no Bluetooth speaker or USB charging port. These are two popular functions found on the majority of ergonomic recliners on the market, even low-range models. 

It’s nice to set the mood by listening to your favorite playlist via Bluetooth while getting a massage, so this is a bummer not to have.

The only accessory is the slim LCD remote for controlling the chair. There is also an arm control panel for quickly adjusting the recline and position.

Inner Balance Ji Massage Chair Programs

Inner Balance Wellness Ji with brown PU upholstery, black base, brown exterior and silver highlights

While the massage selection isn’t robust on the Inner Balance Wellness Ji Zero wall heated L track massage chair, we do think it’s enough to keep you relaxed and satisfied.

Six auto programs allow users to hop in the seat, hit a button, and blast off to la-la land. The programs include Pro, Boost, Vigor, Therapy, Stretch, and Yoga.

Generally, you’ll see mid to high-range chairs sporting massive menus with over 10 auto programs. But for low range, it’s typical to see 6-8 programs, so you’re getting what you pay for here.

There is also a manual mode, which is a favorite for many users because it lets you build your own massages.

You can choose from four techniques that include tapping, kneading, dual action, and Shiatsu massage.

We love that you can set the timer from 5-30 minutes for the massage duration and even target a specific spot, different body areas, or get a full body massage.

You can adjust the roller width to get a better fit for your back and shoulders, with three roller speeds as well. 

But you can’t adjust the roller intensity, and that loses some major points! Many other chairs in the same price range allow users to adjust the intensity level, as everyone’s preferences differ.

Air Massage

Full body air massage is an invigorating, low-impact alternative to rollers that works by inflating airbags against the muscles.

Inner Balance Wellness Ji brown variant in a room with white vertical blinds, wooden benches, & plants in a black floor vase

It delivers a compression massage that stimulates the skin, improves blood circulation, and loosens tight muscles.

The Ji Massage Chair has 22 airbags located from top to bottom at the shoulders, arms, feet, the calf areas.

For the price, that’s a decent setup, especially since there are five intensity levels to adjust to your liking. You can also combine air massage with heat and rollers to amp up the relaxation.

Foot/Calf Massage

One of our favorite massage programs provided by this chair is the foot/calf massage. 

We’d say here in our Inner Balance Ji massage chair review that you’re getting a top-notch setup with acupressure rollers that soothe away pain underneath the feet while airbags compress the calves and feet. 

The added bonus is the heated footwells, which envelop sore calves in luscious warmth. This makes the Ji Massage Chair an ideal choice for those who suffer from chronic foot/leg pain.

Inner Balance Wellness Center Pros vs. Cons


  • 50” S/L-track
  • Heat in lumbar back & footwells
  • Three Zero-G positions
  • Affordable
  • Excellent foot/calf massage


  • Only one roller intensity setting
  • No Bluetooth or USB port
  • 2D rollers are not industry standard

We get it—massage chairs are expensive. And when browsing different models, you might think you need big bucks to get a fancy chair with lots of features to experience relief.

But that’s just not true!

There are a few affordable gems on the market that offer incredible therapeutic value, and the Ji Massage Chair is one of them.

It’s rare to see a recliner with multiple heating pads, giving people with back/leg/foot pain a boost of comfort in the areas that really need it.

Inner Balance Wellness Ji brown variant in zero gravity recline with the footrests elevated slightly above the heart

It also provides three Zero Gravity positions, so users have the flexibility to find a reclined angle that delivers the most benefits for their needs.

Add in the full-body air massage, plenty of customization options, and an extensive S/L-track, and you can count on plenty of relaxing moments at home without the need to go to the chiropractor as often.

There are a few downsides, especially with the rollers. Dual rollers just can’t offer the same realistic experience as 3D rollers, and you can’t adjust the intensity either. While they will certainly feel heavenly, it’s not the industry standard.

We also would’ve liked to at least see Bluetooth speakers in the headrest to enhance the ambiance during a massage, especially since nowadays it’s rare to see a recliner without it.

But overall, this is a functional, high-quality massage chair that comes with the perfect amount of features to deliver relief for back and leg pain. And at under $3,000, this is an incredible deal for the features you get.

We recommend the Inner Balance Wellness Ji Massage Chair for…

  • People who suffer from chronic back pain
  • People who suffer from chronic foot/leg pain
  • People on a budget who want a reliable, quality chair

Inner Balance Wellness Ji Zero Wall Heated L Track Massage Chair Warranty

Inner Balance Wellness offers a three-year limited warranty on the Ji Massage Chair. 

Comparable Products

Check out these similar massage chairs and see how they stack up against the Ji Massage Chair.

Ootori Nova N500 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyists looking for a deal or for those who stand up for long hours and experience chronic foot pain.

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If you love Zero Gravity, then you’ll be delighted to know that this model has more than 10 different recline angles to experiment with. It also comes with lower back heat, full-body air massage, and fixed rollers.

This budget-friendly recliner offers a similar feature set to the Ji recliner (except it only does lumbar heat). We like that it comes with a Yoga Stretch program, which is effective at loosening tension and improving range of motion. It also comes with Bluetooth speakers.

This ergonomic recliner comes with Zero Gravity positioning, air massage, and an L-track, but what we like most is that you get top-tier 3D rollers that feel like human hands.

Inner Balance Ji Massage Chair Review Conclusion

The Ji Massage Chair is an excellent deal for what you get, including three Zero Gravity positions, a heated foot/leg massage, and plenty of customization options.

This type of setup offers plenty of therapeutic value while allowing users to relax comfortably at home. 

To conclude this Inner Balance Ji Massage Chair review, this model is ideal for people who suffer from chronic back and leg/foot pain. It’s also a budget-friendly option for hobbyists wanting a minimal feature set that is easy to use.

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