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In almost every regard, the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair is an exceptional chair loaded with advanced features including one of the longest L-Tracks on the market, heated 3D massage rollers, and a full body air massage system. The only thing holding it back is its extremely high price and we feel there are better chairs available that cost the same or less.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Long L-Tracks for extended massage
  • 3D heated rollers
  • Automatic massage programs
  • Manual mode control allows customization of massage
  • Stylish design adds to the overall appeal of the chair


  • High price
  • Other chairs offer advanced features at a similar or lower price point

Unfortunately, the Infinity Presidential has been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Infinity Altera Massage Chair Review

The Infinity Presidential massage chair is one of the most expensive and exclusive models offered by Infinity. And when you see all the top-shelf features on this chair, you’ll understand why it costs so much.

But here’s the deal:

Although the Infinity Presidential ranks high among the elite massage chairs of the world, we aren’t fully convinced that it’s worth the exorbitant price. But to help you decide for yourself, this review covers all the features and details of this high-class chair.

Without further ado, let’s dig in…

Where to Buy the Infinity Presidential Chair

Most of the time, you can simply hop onto Amazon and get the bottom-line best deal on a massage chair. But unfortunately, that’s not the case with the Infinity Presidential.

In fact, there’s only a single retailer that sells the Presidential massage chair — Furniture Firm, which is part of Mattress Firm. This company has an exclusive partnership with Infinity, so the only way to get your hands on this chair is through their website.

Now, does this one-store-availability affect you, the customer? Probably. And not just for the inconvenience of it. Since the chair is sold at a single retailer, they can essentially charge whatever they want without any competition, which is likely why the Infinity Presidential appears to be so extremely overpriced.

But let’s not let this sticky little detail get in the way of discovering what this chair has to offer. On to the features!

Features and Components of the Infinity Massage Chair Presidential

Long L-Track 

Perhaps the Infinity Presidential’s greatest claim to fame is that it has one of the longest L-Track of any massage chair available. At 49 inches long, the massage track extends from the top of the neck, down the back, past the hips, and through to the very front of the seat.

That’s a whole lot of massage coverage if you ask us.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term L-Track, let’s do a quick overview of the different types of massage tracks found on modern massage chairs.

In high-end massage chairs, the two primary massage track styles you’ll encounter are S-Tracks and L-Tracks. Both do the job of carrying the massage roller heads vertically up and down the back as they perform various massage techniques — more on those later.

An image of Infinity Presidential  in Zero gravity state

S-Track vs L-Track

S-Tracks are by far the most common type of massage track. They are found only in the backrest of the chair providing massage for the back only. The “S” in the term “S-Track” represents the shape of the track, which is “S” shaped to mimic the natural curved shape of the spine for a more efficient and therapeutic massage.

L-Tracks, on the other hand, not only provide massage for the back but extend into the seat of the chair to massage the glutes and thighs as well. And although there are some L-Tracks on the market that are straight, the L-Track of the Infinity Presidential is curved just like an S-Track in its upper body section. So with an L-Track, you get the best of both worlds — therapeutic back massage that traces the curves of your spine plus roller massage for the back of your legs.

3D Heated Massage Rollers

While the incredibly long L-Track of the Infinity Presidential is quite impressive, things really start to heat up when it comes to the chair’s massage rollers — and that’s not just a figure of speech.

An image of Infinity Presidential  S-Track Vs L-Track

That’s right, the massage rollers of the Infinity Presidential are heated. When they roll across your muscles, it feels like the warm hands of a massage therapist rubbing hot oil on your back. The heated rollers are designed to help relax tense muscles faster as well as increase blood flow to the areas they massage.

Of course, if the rollers get too warm, the heat function can be turned off at any time.

In addition to being heated, the massage rollers of the Infinity Presidential are 3D. That means that instead of only moving up and down and side to side, they also move in and out, pressing into the muscles. This in and out motion creates a more realistic massage sensation and offers adjustable massage intensity.

So if you’re especially sore, like after a hard workout, and need a little extra massage pressure, simply turn up the intensity of the rollers and they’ll press deeper into your muscles.

Auto Back Scan System

Another roller-related feature of the Infinity Presidential massage chair is called auto back scanning. Many massage chairs these days feature a scanning system, so it’s no surprise that the Presidential has this feature.

The main benefit of the Presidential’s auto back scan system is that it customizes the massage to each individual user, regardless of body size or weight.

When a user sits down and begins an automatic massage program, the massage rollers first move up and down the back to measure the height of the shoulders while also mapping out the shiatsu points on the back. Then, during the massage program, the massage rollers won’t travel beyond the height of the shoulders and will contact the specific shiatsu points determined by the scan.

Infinity Presidential  - Auto Back Scan System

This allows anybody to climb into the chair and receive a more personalized and therapeutic massage.

Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage

Taking full advantage of the extended massage track range afforded by the L-Track as well as the adaptability of the auto back scan system, the Infinity Presidential offers a special shoulder massage feature called “Accu-Roll“.

While this isn’t a freestanding program or setting you can adjust, Accu-Roll is utilized in the chair’s various automatic massage programs, providing extra massage attention for the neck and shoulders.

An image of Infinity Presidential - Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage
It works like this:

Using the data and measurements gathered in the auto back scan, the Presidential incorporates various shoulder-specific massage actions into the auto programs. The scan measurements offer additional accuracy when targeting the shoulders and neck, areas which are otherwise difficult to reach and massage.

Foot Rollers

As should be expected for a chair at this high price point, the Infinity Presidential features spinning massage rollers in each footwell. These rollers target acupoints on the soles of the feet which are thought to have a positive therapeutic effect on various systems and organs throughout the body.

Foot roller massage can be enjoyed as an add-on to any automatic or manual massage program with quick and soft options available.

Lumbar and Foot Heat Therapy

As we mentioned, the 3D massage rollers of the Presidential are heated. But for even more heat therapy coverage, there are additional heating pads found in the lower backrest and foot wells.

These built-in heating pads function just like the heating pads found on other massage chairs. Simply turn them on during any automatic or manual massage program and enjoy a soothing warmth that softens and relaxes the muscles.

Head to Toe Air Massage System

Beyond the advanced roller massage system of the Presidential, the chair features an extensive air massage system with coverage from head to toe. Airbags throughout the chair offer compression massage for the head, shoulders, arms, lower back, seat, hips, calves, and feet. Air massage is an important element of the chair’s automatic programs and can be enjoyed with a greater degree of control in the chair’s manual mode.

Let’s take a closer look at the specific areas where air massage is offered.
  • Head Pillow Air Massage – The headrest pillow of the Presidential contains a special airbag that offers light air massage for the head and neck and adds additional comfort to the chair.
  • Shoulder Air Massage – Alongside the upper portion of the backrest, shoulder airbags extend out from the chair in order to massage the backs and sides of the shoulders and upper arms. These airbags are also used in the chair’s spinal correction system and stretch programs which we’ll cover later.
  • Arm and Hand Air Massage – A series of small but powerful airbags line the armrests of the Infinity Presidential. Inflating in a rhythmic sequence, these airbags provide compression massage for the forearms, wrists, and hands.
  • Seat and Hip Air Massage – A pair of three-layer airbags is found alongside the seat of the Infinity Presidential. These airbags inflate and press firmly against the thighs and hips both as a form of compression massage therapy and to hold the body in place during the stretch programs.
  • Calf and Foot Air Massage – The leg ottoman is fully lined with small airbags that wrap around the calves and feet. These airbags squeeze and compress the leg muscles, promoting proper circulation while reducing swelling, tension, and soreness.
  • 2 Position Zero Gravity – Like all the top massage chairs, the Infinity Presidential offers true Zero Gravity reclining. Zero Gravity is a special body position in which the body’s weight is evenly distributed along a horizontal plane to allow the body to completely decompress and unwind. Originally developed by NASA to help astronauts cope with the extreme G-forces generated during takeoff, Zero Gravity is the most efficient body position to help the body relax and is ideal for use in a massage chair.Zero Gravity has become hugely popular in massage chair design and is offered on many massage chairs across all price ranges. But while most massage chairs offer only a single Zero Gravity position, the Infinity Presidential offers two — one at a more moderate recline angle and another more deeply reclined. 

Spinal Correction Technology

The Infinity Presidential features a spinal correction system that is only found on a few select Infinity models and nowhere else. While you won’t find any controls or settings for the spinal correction system on the remote, it is utilized in the chair’s many automatic massage programs.

Here’s how it works:

During a massage program, the seat, backrest, and shoulder airbags are used to hold the body firmly in place. Then, the massage rollers move up and down the back, applying pressure to the muscles surrounding the spine. The idea is that with the combined actions of the gripping airbags and the massage rollers, the vertebrae of the spine can be more effectively aligned.

Image showing Spinal Correction Technology

While this won’t adjust your back as well as your chiropractor can, it can help make minor adjustments to the alignment of your spine.

Extendable Leg Ottoman

Finding a comfortable position in which to relax is key to getting the most out of any massage chair. And with the extendable leg ottoman of the Infinity Presidential, this is remarkably easy no matter your height.

Using a simple set of controls on the remote, the leg ottoman of the Presidential can be extended up to 8 inches. Just like the auto back scan feature, the extendable leg ottoman makes it possible for users of various heights to experience a custom fit massage back to back with minimal adjustments.

Space Saving Design

An image showing Space Saving Design

There’s no way around it — the Infinity Presidential isn’t the smallest massage chair available. But thanks to a special space-saving recline track, the chair can be positioned very close to the wall and still fully recline.

Instead of reclining straight back like most chair’s do, the space saving design of the Presidential actually moves the chair forward as it reclines. If you plan on placing the chair in a small room, you’ll save a precious few feet of floor space that could make all the difference.

LED Chromotherapy Lights

On the outside panel of the Presidential near the shoulder massagers, there are small LED lights that project calming hues on the surrounding walls. Using colored lights for therapeutic purposes is known as chromotherapy and it’s thought to have a positive effect in enhancing your mood and helping you achieve deep states of relaxation.

Ergonomic LCD Remote Control

One of the most underrated components of the Infinity Presidential is its remote control. While it doesn’t necessarily look like anything special compared to the fancy touchscreen remotes of other high-end massage chairs, it is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

Instead of using a button-based system to control features and programs like most chairs, the remote of the Presidential uses a menu-based system to make selections presented on a beautiful color LCD screen. All the programs and settings are elegantly laid out before you and a simple set of navigation arrows and an OK button are used to adjust settings.

When we get into the chair’s automatic and manual massage programs, you’ll have a better idea of why having an easy-to-use remote is so critical… There are just so many options to choose from!

image showing Infinity Presidential Massage Chair remote

Built-in Music System with Bluetooth Connectivity

Taking the massage experience to the next level, the Infinity Presidential features a top-of-the-line built-in music system. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to easily connect your compatible device to the chair and pump your favorite music through the chair’s built-in high-quality speakers.

The speakers are located in the headrest of the chair as part of what Infinity calls “Intersound Technology.” Basically, the speakers create a surround sound effect that makes you feel like you’re completely engulfed in the music. It certainly makes for an enjoyable massage.

Auto Massage Programs of the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

The components and features of the Infinity Presidential are certainly impressive, but it’s how the chair uses them in its various massage programs that really sets the chair apart.

With a total of 13 automatic massage programs, the Infinity Presidential doesn’t have quite as many programs as other ultra-high-end massage chairs like Osaki’s Japan Premium models or the Cozzia Qi. However, 13 is still a high number of auto programs compared to other Infinity massage chair models.

One noteworthy distinction about the Presidential’s auto programs is that they are divided into three sections on the remote. At first glance, it might seem that the chair has only 6 auto programs, but from the auto program menu, a sub-menu labeled “special programs” gives you access to an additional 6 auto programs.


The main auto programs of the Infinity Presidential are similar to the massage programs found on many of Infinity’s other models with one distinction — they take full advantage of the chair’s extra long L-Track extending the massage to the lower body.

Image showing Infinity Presidential Massage Chair full body massage functionality

Combined with the chair’s air massage functions, the auto programs provide comprehensive full body massage conveniently without needing to make significant selections or adjustments to the chair’s settings. They are:

  • Recover 
  • Relief
  • Stretch
  • Music Sync
  • Renew 
  • Calming

Activating an auto program is performed by selecting “Auto” from the main menu of the remote, then selecting the program of your choice. Before the program begins, the chair will perform a body scan to customize the action of the rollers to your unique body dimensions.

While you can enjoy an auto program without making any additional adjustments, you do have the option to adjust the position of the chair, the intensity of the airbags, and the duration of the massage. You can also add foot roller massage and heat therapy to any auto program.

6 Special Auto Programs

The 6 special auto programs of the Infinity Presidential are just like the primary auto programs but offer different combinations of roller and air massage. It appears that Infinity’s massage chair designers chose to distinguish the special programs from the primary programs simply as a means to keep the chair’s on-screen menu clean and organized.

The special programs are activated exactly like the primary programs and the same adjustments and customizations as mentioned above are offered. The special programs are:

  • Refresh
  • Energy 
  • Revive 
  • Active 
  • Relax
  • Healing

Hot Rocks Quick Auto Program

We mentioned that the Infinity Presidential has 13 automatic massage programs, and you might have noticed that 6 primary programs and 6 special programs only adds up to a total of 12 programs.


It’s called “Hot Rocks” and you won’t find it listed on the auto massage menu of the remote. Instead, it’s featured as a “quick program,” activated with a single button on the face of the remote. This gives you the option to enjoy a quick, full body automatic massage without having to go through the chair’s on-screen menu to make a selection.

Image showing the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

The Hot Rocks program is unique among the chair’s auto programs in that it uses the heated rollers on high heat. By default, the program lasts for five minutes, but by pressing the “Hot Rocks” button, additional time can be added to the program in five-minute intervals up to 30 minutes.

Hot Rocks is the perfect program for those times when you have limited time and want to sneak in a quick massage.

Manual Massage Controls of the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

While the auto massage programs of the Infinity Presidential give you plenty of options for hands-off massage, the chair features an extensive array of manual control for a more hands-on massage experience.

With the manual massage controls, you can control and adjust practically every feature of the chair, creating a custom massage tailored to your preferences. The on-screen menu system makes it easy to select and adjust settings, which can be changed at any time during your massage session. Here’s what’s available:

Manual Roller Massage Controls

Thanks to the Presidential’s advanced roller L-Track roller system, the manual roller massage controls are extensive. And the first step in setting up a manual roller massage is choosing a massage technique.

8 Massage Techniques

The Presidential features 8 unique roller massage techniques. These techniques are used in the chair’s auto program in various combinations, but in manual mode, you get to choose which technique you want to enjoy. They are:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Knead & Tap
  • Pulse Shiatsu
  • Shiatsu 
  • Back Rubbing 
  • Finger Knead

Massage Roller Position Mode

After you’ve selected a massage technique, you get to choose where the massage rollers perform the technique on your back. There are 3 roller position modes available:

  • Whole — This is the default mode in which the massage rollers perform the chosen massage technique across the entire range of the L-Track, from the neck, down the back, and through the seat. 
  • Partial — This mode gives a you more focused massage, operating the massage rollers within a small zone on the back or seat. The zone can be moved up and down the massage track using the arrow buttons on the remote and can be moved as often as you’d like to target specific areas. 
  • Point — This mode is like Partial mode, but operates the rollers on a fixed point on the back or seat. The arrow buttons on the remote are used to move the point up and down the massage track. Point mode is ideal for working out specific knots or sore spots on the back.

Roller Width Adjustment

While the massage rollers are performing the chosen technique with the chosen position mode, the width of massage rollers can be adjusted. This adjustment allows you to target muscle groups across the entire width of the back, from right next to the spine, to edges of the back and the seat. The three roller width options are:

  • Narrow
  • Middle 
  • Wide

Roller Speed Adjustment

The Infinity Presidential offers five massage rollers speeds. This adjustment controls the rate at which the massage rollers operate from slow and gentle to fast and vigorous.

3D Roller Strength Adjustment

As we mentioned earlier, one of the defining features of the Infinity Presidential’s roller system is the fact that the rollers are 3D. This gives you great flexibility over the massage pressure generated by the rollers, making deep-tissue massage actions possible.

Controlling the massage roller strength is easy: select “3D” from the manual mode menu of the remote, then use the left and right arrow buttons to increase or decrease the massage strength.

Manual Air Massage Controls

With the chair’s roller massage settings squared away, you can add air massage to your manual mode massage session.

Air Massage Position

The first step when setting up air massage in manual mode is selecting the area or position on the body you want to experience air massage. There are four air massage positions available:

Image showing the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair
  • Full Body — Activates all airbags simultaneously.
  • Upper Body — Activates airbags only in the upper body portion of the chair including head, shoulders, and arms.
  • Waist & Seat — Activates airbags in the lumbar portion of the backrest along with the 3-layer airbags next to the seat. 
  • Legs & Feet — Activates airbags in the leg ottoman performing compression massage for the legs and feet.

With manual mode air massage, unless you’re using the Full Body option, you can select any combination of air massage positions. For example, you can select “Legs & Feet” and “Upper Body” if you want air massage for your legs, shoulders, and arms, without air massage for your waist and seat.


With any of the air massage positions active, you get to choose how firm or soft the air bags operate with five level of intensity adjustment.

Other Manual Massage Options

Manual Foot Roller Massage

Foot roller massage can be added to a manual mode massage by selecting “Roller” from the main menu of the remote. There are two foot roller modes available — “Quick” and “Soft.”

Heat Therapy

From the main menu, selecting “Heating” will take you to a sub-menu that gives you control over the chair’s heat functions. They are:

  • Back ON — This turns on the heat function of the 3D massage rollers.
  • Waist ON — This turns on the built-in heating pads in the lower portion of the backrest..
  • Foot ON — This turns on the heating pads located under the soles of the feet.
  • TEMP+ — This increases the temperature of the chair’s heating elements.
  • TEMP- — This decreases the temperature of the chair’s heating elements.

Manual Massage Timer

The last step in setting up a manual mode massage is setting the massage timer. There are four timing options available:

  • 10 minutes 
  • 20 minutes 
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes

When the selected time is completed, the Presidential will automatically conclude the massage functions, restore the chair to its upright position, and go into standby mode.

Final Thoughts on the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

There’s no question that the Infinity Presidential massage chair offers a ton of high-quality features. It has one of the longest L-Tracks of any massage chair and 3D heated rollers that are rarely found on even the highest end massage chairs. What’s more, its automatic massage programs give you a wide range of hands-off massage options and its manual mode control allow you to customize the chair’s many features to suit your exact preferences.

So by all accounts, choosing the Infinity Presidential as your new massage chair should be a no-brainer — except for one major detail: the high price.

No matter how you look at it, $8,500 is a heck of a lot of money to spend on a massage chair. And for that price, we aren’t completely convinced that the Infinity Presidential is worth it. Yeah, it’s loaded with advanced features, and yeah it’s pretty stylish, but for that kind of money, you could have yourself an even more advanced Osaki Japan Premium massage chair, or the all-time favorite Inada Dreamwave.

However, you might disagree and feel that the Infinity Presidential massage chair is the best option for you, regardless of its high price. Either way, we hope our review of the Infinity Presidential helped you get a few steps closer to the perfect massage chair.

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