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The Infinity Riage is outfitted with some of the most sought after features like foot rollers, Zero Gravity, rocking technology, heat therapy and an L-Track (one of the longest in the market). The combination of features and the quality of the massage make the Infinity Riage chair a compelling buy, the only downside is it can be hard to come by.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Quad rollers with 49-inch L-track
  • Body scan technology
  • Foot roller massage
  • Advanced recline technology
  • Heat therapy
  • Handheld LCD remote


  • No memory settings
  • Not a sitting chair
  • “Weak” neck massage
  • Can’t control your recline angle automatic upright position
Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair

The combination of features and the quality of the massage make the Infinity Riage chair a compelling buy; the only downside is it can be hard to come by.

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Infinity Massage Chair Riage Comparison - Consumer Files
Infinity Riage
Infinity Massage Chair Riage X3 Comparison - Consumer Files
Infinity Riage X3
Infinity Massage Chair Riage IT 8500 - Consumer Files
Infinity IT 8500
3D Massage Technology
Air Massage
Arm Air Massage
Bluetooth Connectivity
Body Scan Technology
Built-in Speakers
Calf and Foot Air Massage
Chromotherapy Lights
Dual Rollers
Foot Rollers
Handheld LCD Remote
Heat Therapy
Hip Air Massage
LCD Pedestal Remote
Localized Manual Program
L-Track49 inches49 inches
Manual Massage Controls
Massage Programs696
Massage Techniques666
Neck Air Massage
Seat Air Massage
Seat Swivel Technology
S-Track 30 inches
Stretch Programs
USB Port
Zero Gravity

The Infinity massage chair Riage is a popular L-Track chair that combines some of the most desirable features like foot rollers, Zero Gravity, and many others. But is it the best option for you?

In this review, we’re walking you through each and every feature, plus explaining the differences between the Riage and the Riage X3 and the Infinity IT 8500 to help you find out. Let’s get started!

About Infinity

In 2009, Infinite Therapeutics introduced the Infinity massage chair line. Ever since, they’ve been growing in popularity for their quality as well as unique combinations of features (ones you wish you could find altogether, but often don’t).

Today, we’re reviewing the Infinity Riage massage chair, which retails for $6,496. While some Infinity massage chairs are manufactured in Taiwan, the Infinity Riage is manufactured in China.

Now that we’ve covered the company, let’s get into the features of the Infinity Riage…

​Features of the Infinity Riage Massage Chair

Taupe, Infinity Massage Chair Riage, Right View
Infinity Massage Chair Riage

Quad Rollers with 49-inch L-Track

Perhaps the most compelling feature on the Infinity Riage is its 49-inch L-Track.

So what makes this such a compelling feature?

To understand, we must first examine the types of tracks you usually find on a massage chair: Straight Tracks, S-Tracks, and L-Tracks.

Straight tracks are linear from top to bottom. There are no curves or bends, which is why they are typically found on ultra affordable, low-end massage chairs. Think about it… is your back straight? No. Your spine is curved, which means your massage track should be too.

Enter S-Tracks…

S-Tracks are “S” shaped tracks that typically extend from the neck to the lower back. These tracks are designed to replicate the natural shape of the spine and curve in key areas like your neck and lower back to ensure consistent contact and pressure across the entire range. Most quality massage chairs will have — at the very least — an S-Track.

Since most S-Tracks end at the tailbone, areas like the buttock and thighs are often undertreated. That’s where L-Tracks come in.


L-Tracks pick up where S-Tracks end and continue into the seat of the chair. With an L-Track, massage rollers are able to move into the seat to treat the buttock and — depending on the length — the thighs. However, the L-Track on the Infinity Riage massage chair is one of the longest on the market at 49 inches!

Infinity Massage Chair Riage Body Scan - Consumer Files

The rollers on the Infinity Riage chair are quad, which means there are four (two on each side of the spine). The rollers are 2D, so they move up and down and side to side, but not in and out. In other words, there’s no way to adjust the depth (intensity) of the rollers.

The rollers also have a specialized function only available on a few Infinity chairs: Accu-Roller Shoulder technology. With this technology, the rollers are able to better navigate your shoulders, massaging between the blades, on the outsides of them, and across the tops of the shoulders.

Body Scan Technology

Further customizing your massage, the Infinity Riage chair features body scan technology.

Using sensors and the rollers, the technology scans your back to determine your height. Once the Infinity Riage chair “knows” your unique profile, it automatically adjusts the rollers to fit your height, which means the rollers won’t hit too high or too low relative to your shoulders.

If at any point the body scan doesn’t determine to correct location of your shoulders, you can manually adjust the position of the rollers using the remote.

Foot Roller Massage

Another compelling feature on the Infinity Riage massage chair is mechanical foot rollers.

Infinity Massage Chair Riage Foot Rollers - Consumer Files

These are not your run-of-the-mill rollers. They aren’t static protruding nodes that stick up into the bottoms of your feet. And they aren’t a spinning wheel that scrapes the bottoms of the feet. They’re more like miniature back rollers.

So what makes these foot rollers so special?

On the Riage, there are three rollers under each foot — six total — that spin and knead to treat your reflexology points. The roller massage can be added to any manual massage. Plus, there are three different speed options. However, there’s no way to adjust the intensity of the foot massage. So if it feels like too much, thick socks or a cloth is an easy way to dull the strength.

Advanced Recline Technology

The features that really separate the Infinity Riage massage chair from others on the market are its recline options. Rather than just reclining, the Riage has specialized recline options each with their own therapeutic benefits. The options are:

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity seems to be everywhere. No doubt it’s a bit of a buzzword in the massage chair industry.

Infinity Massage Chair Riage Zero G - Consumer Files
So what is it?

Zero Gravity is a reclined neutral chair position that shifts your body’s weight so that it’s held by the backrest. At the same time, your legs are elevated at the level of your heart to increase circulation. With your body’s weight held by the backrest, vertical pressure is removed from your spine and lower body, allowing your muscles to decompress.

Zero Gravity also uses your own body’s weight (and gravity!) to hold you on top of the rollers for a deeper, more effective massage.

Rocking Technology

Additionally, the Infinity Riage massage chair features rocking technology — it’s like having your own robotic rocking chair. The Infinity Riage gently rocks back and forth lulling you into a state of deep relaxation while also helping to increase the effectiveness of your massage. You add rocking to any manual massage program.

Air Massage

In addition to the rollers, the Infinity Riage chair features air massage. Airbags are a popular feature in massage chairs for one simple reason: they can go where rollers can’t. In the Riage, the airbags are strategically placed to treat the arms, hands, calves, feet, shoulders, hips, and buttocks.

Infinity Massage Chair Riage AirBag- Consumer Files

Most of the airbags perform compression massage, which means they inflate and deflate to squeeze and release the muscles. The benefit of which is increased circulation and the removal stagnant fluids. However, the Infinity Riage chair also features specialized airbags that perform advanced techniques like seat swinging as well as play a key role in the full-body stretch program. But, before we explain the advanced techniques, let’s take a closer look at the air massage areas…

Air Massage Areas​

  • Shoulders – Airbags inflate to press and squeeze the sides of the shoulders. They also pin the shoulders back to hold the body in place during the stretch program.
  • Arms and Hands – Next to the seat of the chair are slots for your arms which are lined with airbags. The airbags inflate in a wave-like pattern to move blood toward your heart.
  • Buttock – Inside the seat of the chair are airbags that lift the body as well as swivel it. Behind the lower back and on the side of the seat are hip airbags that inflate to squeeze and stretch the area.
  • Calves and Feet – Inside the ottoman are airbags that inflate to squeeze the calves while also pushing the feet down onto the rollers.

Seat Swivel

During the seat swivel function on the Infinity Riage, airbags in the seat inflate to first push the body upward and then they shift from side to side to provide lower back mobilization and gentle stretching. A few Infinity models — IT 8800, 8500, etc. — include this feature. However, the only other brand (that we know of) that offers this type of functionality is Inada on the DreamWave. Although, on the DreamWave, the seat massage technology is more detailed and refined.

The seat swivel technology is also what makes the next feature possible…

Spinal Correction

Using the seat swivel technology, the Infinity Riage performs what they call “spinal correction.” Here’s how it works…

Infinity Massage Chair Riage Rocking Technology - Consumer Files

As the seat swivels to move your lower back and spine from side to side. rollers move up and down massaging around the spine. The side to side swivel combined with the roller massage creates a spinal correction that helps the muscles in the area to relax.

Heat Therapy

In the lower portion of the backrest on the Infinity Riage massage chair are heating pads that radiate warmth to the lumbar area. Heat therapy has two benefits: it dilates the blood vessels which increases circulation and the flow of oxygen and nutrients; and it relaxes the muscles allowing the massage rollers to penetrate deeper.

Heat therapy can be added to any manual massage program.

Intersound Technology

Another popular feature, although it doesn’t directly affect your massage, is the built-in music system. Compared to other more affordable Infinity models, the music system on the Riage is upgraded.

Infinity Massage Chair Riage Speakers - Consumer Files

Rather than using a USB to import music into the chair, the Riage is Bluetooth compatible. Simply turn on the Bluetooth on the music device and the chair and you’re ready to listen to your favorite sounds.

Another upgraded aspect is the speakers. On earlier models, the speakers were located on the outside of the chair, pointed away from the user. On the Infinity Riage, they’re located above the shoulders on the inside of the chair, pointed toward the user. The Riage also comes with a headphone jack — so you can listen to your music without making any noise.

Handheld LCD Remote

The Infinity Riage comes with a handheld remote. The remote has a bright LCD screen that displays all of the active functions as well as the massage timer. The massage programs are accessed through an interface on the screen — much like a smartphone — by pressing the “Auto” and “Manual” buttons. However, settings like the backrest and footrest recline as well as the manual mode options like roller speed and width have their own buttons located under the screen on the remote.

All of the functions are clearly labeled, which makes the remote easy to use, so you won’t have to spend time memorizing the Infinity Riage massage chair manual. The only drawback is there’s no storage pocket or stand for the remote. So, you’ll have to put it on your lap or get creative to keep it within reach but out of the way.

Now that we’ve covered the massage components, it’s time to look at the programs…

​Massage Techniques and Auto Programs on the Infinity Massage Chair Riage

The Infinity Riage massage chair performs six techniques. These techniques cover the fundamental movements of shiatsu-style massage. Let’s take a closer look at each…

  • Shiatsu, which means “finger pressure” in Japanese, applies downward pressure into the muscles and is perhaps the most powerful technique.
  • Rubbing performs pressured strokes up and down the back.
  • Tapping performs light tapping stroke on both sides of the spine at the same time.
  • Knocking is similar to tapping but moves in alternating patterns along the spine.
  • Kneading performs circular strokes that mimic the feeling of two thumbs and two sets of fingers opening and closing across the back to grip and stretch the muscles.
  • Music Sync allows you to synchronize the rhythm of your massage to the rhythm of your music.

All of the techniques can be used to create your own manual massage or you can enjoy a combination of them in one of the automatic programs.

Auto Massage Programs

If you want a massage that requires little to no work on your part, the automatic programs are what you want. The Infinity Riage chair features six automatic massage programs.

Infinity Massage Chair Riage Taupe Side - Consumer Files

Each program has a specific benefit, for example, “Working Relief.” So although there are only six programs, you get a good variety of massage types. These programs use a combination of air and roller massage and run for 10, 20 or 30-minute sessions.

Pre-Programmed massage options…

  • Extension. A Thai-style full body stretch program that uses the airbags in unison with the rollers to provide one of the most comprehensive and effective stretches of any massage chair. During the program, airbags in the shoulders and ottoman inflate to grab the body. Then, the chair reclines and inclines to pull and stretch the body. At the same time, the chair cycles through a series of roller massages that further increase the effectiveness of the stretch.*
  • Working Relief is designed with people who work at a desk in mind, this program specifically treats the areas that are often worked or stressed while sitting at a desk — especially the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.
  • Sports Refresh is designed with active users in mind, this program helps the body to recover after workouts, specifically aiding muscle relaxation and recovery.
  • Rest and Sleep is designed to help users sleep, this program performs a relaxing massage that starts off strong and slowing becomes more gentle to gradually soothe the body and prepare it for sleep.
  • Neck and Shoulder is a location-specific massage that focuses on the neck and shoulders, with 80 percent of the program treating those areas.
  • Waist and Spine is a location-specific massage that focuses on the waist and spine, with 80 percent of the program treating those areas.

*In other Infinity Riage massage chair reviews, you often hear about Tru-Grip stretch, “V” stretch, and spine correction functions. While the Riage does have these features (which are a fancy way to describe the stretch technology as well as the seat swivel roller massage combination we mentioned earlier), they’re only accessible through the auto programs. There’s no way to manually turn them on because they’re simply the technology you experience during the auto massage, most notably, “Extension.”

Customizations and Manual Mode Options on the Infinity Riage Massage Chair

On top of the automatic programs, the Infinity Riage has three location-specific manual programs on which you can build your own custom massage. They are:

  • Back for a full back manual massage.
  • Zone for a massage on a particular area, for example, lower back.
  • Point for a pinpoint massage — great for working on knots.

Once you’ve selected the location of your manual massage, it’s time to customize your settings. Here’s what you can customize on the Infinity Riage massage chair…

Infinity Massage Chair Riage Brown Front - Consumer Files
  • Roller speed – There are six levels of speed.
  • Roller width – There are three roller widths: narrow, medium, and wide.
  • Air intensity – There are five levels of air massage intensity.
  • Airbag zone – There are four air massage areas to choose from: shoulder, leg, seat, or whole body.
  • Foot roller speed – There are three levels of speed: high, medium, or low.
  • Swivel speed – Choose from three levels of swivel speed.

What’s Missing on the Infinity Riage Massage Chair

The Infinity Riage massage chair has a lot to offer… there aren’t many models that have foot rollers, Zero Gravity, rocking, a stretch program and a powerful roller massage — all together. Even so, there are a few features that many users value that you won’t find on the Riage, including:

  • Memory Settings – On the Infinity Riage, there’s no way to save your manual massages so have to reselect your settings each time you use the chair in manual mode.
  • Not a sitting chair – Today, many massage chairs are designed to double as a recliner when not in use, allowing users to enjoy sitting in it even when they’re not getting a massage as well as helping the chair to “blend in” with modern decor. The Infinity Riage, however, is unmistakably a massage chair and not the most ideal for sitting when not getting a massage.
  • The L-Track limits how much you can customize your recline – Since the track on the Infinity Riage chair extends from the neck into the seat and forms a single piece of track, the backrest and the seat recline together, which means you can’t control your recline angle as much as you can on some other chairs.
  • Automatic Upright – Rather than staying reclined when a massage program ends, the Infinity Riage chair automatically returns to the upright position which some users see as disruptive and would rather stay reclined to continuing relaxing after their program ends.
  • Difficult to buy – The Infinity Riage massage chair is exclusively sold by Brookstone, which means it can be tough to come by.
  • “Weak” Neck Massage – Many users have reported that during the automatic programs, the neck massage can feel a little weak. But that during the manual programs, the neck massage is able to treat and reach the neck with vigor.

Infinity Riage vs. Infinity Riage X3: What’s the Difference?

While this isn’t an Infinity Riage X3 review, we want to explain the differences between the Riage and its successor, the Infinity Riage X3. That way, you’ll have a well-rounded assessment of the Riage series of massage chairs.

So what is the difference?

Mainly, the roller technology.

3D Massage Rollers

Infinity Massage Chair Riage X3 Brown - Consumer Files

On the Infinity Riage X3, the massage rollers not only move up and down and side to side but also inward, which means they’re 3D. The third movement, inward, controls how deep the rollers penetrate into the muscles, giving you more control over the intensity of your massage.

The Infinity Riage X3 also has three additional 3D-specific automatic massages, including Deep Shiatsu, Massage Extend, and Healthy Breath (designed to promote deep breathing). The three 3D massages plus the six it has in common with the Riage means there are nine automatic programs total on the Infinity IT Riage X3. The intensity on the 3D massages can be adjusted by six levels.

Other than the roller technology and the remote (which is also a handheld LCD remote, but slightly different), there’s not much difference between these two massage chairs.

Infinity Riage Chair vs. Infinity IT 8500

Infinity Massage Chair Riage IT 8500 Taupe Front - Consumer Files

The Riage and the IT 8500 are both mid-level massage chairs from Infinity. The main difference between the two is that the Infinity IT 8500 doesn’t have an L-Track. So, its track extends from the neck to the tailbone but doesn’t enter the seat.

Other differences include remote types (the IT 8500 has a pedestal remote) and chair design. The Infinity Riage has more of an angular design with straight lines, while the IT 8500 has a more rounded shape.

The Infinity IT 8500 also doesn’t have rocking technology, but it does offer a mild version of inversion therapy. For an in-depth look at the Infinity IT 8500, check out our full review.

Although these two chairs are so similar, how you’re able to acquire them is very different. The Infinity Riage massage chair is only available through Brookstone. While that might be great for some users, it may be limiting to others (it’s “out of stock” on their website at the writing of this review). The Infinity IT 8500, however, is available through many major retailers which means testing it, acquiring it, and finding the best price might be a little easier.

Infinity Riage Dimensions

Chair dimensions (upright)74L x 33W x 34H
Chair dimensions (reclined)72L x 33W x 34H
Recommended maximum user weight285 lbs
Recommended user height5’1″ to 6’4″
Power Consumption240W
Chair weight275 lbs

​Infinity Riage Review Final Thoughts

The Infinity Riage has a great selection of features and is a solid option for anyone who wants an L-Track massage chair with additional features like foot rollers, zero-gravity, rocking, and stretching.

But if you’re not set on an L-Track chair, we recommend checking out the Infinity IT 8500 (or its 3D successor the 8500 X3). No matter what you choose, we hope our Infinity massage chair Riage review helped inform your buying decision.

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