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The Infinity IT 8100 massage chair offers a lot of bang for the buck. It has all the most popular features such as quad rollers, full body air massage, and zero gravity, plus several extras like foot rollers, arm massage, and custom memory function that set it apart from other chairs.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Quad massage rollers with S-Track
  • Full body air massage
  • Reflexology foot rollers
  • Zero Gravity
  • Lumbar heat therapy
  • Vibration massage


  • Expensive
  • Personal preference may vary
  • Lack of direct comparison
  • Limited availability with all desired features
Infinity 8100 Massage Chair

The Infinity IT 8100 massage chair offers a lot of bang for the buck. It has all the most popular features such as quad rollers, full-body air massage, and zero gravity, plus several extras like foot rollers, arm massage, and custom memory function that set it apart from other chairs.

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Unfortunately, the Infinity IT 8100 Massage Chair has been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Infinity IT 8500 Massage Chair Review.

If you feel bogged down by the overwhelming number of mediocre massage chairs on the market, the Infinity IT 8100 massage chair might seem too good to be true. But here’s the deal…

Although it’s a long shot from being the perfect massage chair (does that even exist?), we think the Infinity IT 8100 is far better than most chairs around the $3,000 mark. And in this review, we’ll show you exactly why.

First, we’ll go over the components and hardware that power the chair and provide its massage capabilities. Then, we’ll look at its massage programs and customization options to help you understand what to expect if you do decide that this is the chair for you. Let’s begin!

Components and Hardware of the Infinity IT 8100 Massage Chair

Quad Massage Rollers with S-Track

Perhaps the most important component of any massage chair is its roller system. Thankfully, the roller system of the Infinity IT 8100 is excellent all the way around.

First, it uses a quad roller massage mechanism. It means that instead of having two massage heads like most chairs, it has four. You essentially get double the massage coverage per stroke of the rollers.

The quad rollers move up and down the backrest of the chair performing six unique massage techniques — kneading, tapping, wavelet, pummel, and Shiatsu. We’ll go into more detail on each technique later when we cover the chair’s massage programs…

In addition to offering different massage techniques, the width and speed of the rollers can be adjusted. This allows you to fine-tune the feeling of the massage to suit your needs.

Another key aspect of the Infinity IT 8100’s quad roller system is the track on which the rollers are mounted. It’s called an S-Track because instead of being straight, it has an “S” shape that’s designed to match the curves of the human spine. This curved shape allows the massage rollers to glide close to the back for a more efficient massage.

The S-Track is 29 inches long offering adequate massage coverage for users ranging from 4’11” to 6’2″.

Body Scan System

Most massage chairs around $3,000 feature some sort of body scan system, typically using the massage rollers to measure the height of the user’s shoulders. But the Infinity IT 8100 uses a much more advanced body scan system involving optical sensors.

Infinity IT 8100 Massage Chair Scan - Consumer Files
Here are the basics of how it works:

When you activate a massage program, the chair begins by performing an optical body scan that measures your body size and locates key acupoints. Then, during the program, the chair automatically adapts the location of the massage rollers to contact the correct locations on your body. The result is an overall more personalized and comprehensive massage.

Other Infinity IT-8100 reviews state that it has a body scan system but often fail to mention the fact that it uses optical sensors — something we think is a big deal!

Full Body Air Massage

Along with roller massage, the Infinity IT 8100 features an extensive air massage system. Twenty-eight airbags throughout the chair provide compression massage literally from head to toe.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the specific areas of air massage offered:
  • Head and neck — At the top of the backrest, a special head pillow with two triple layer airbags massage the head and neck — very few other massage chairs offer head massage.
  • Arms and hands — Four airbags within each armrest provide complete massage coverage for the forearms, wrists, and hands. What’s unique about the design of the armrest is that even though they offer full arm massage, they have a very small profile compared to the bulky armrests of other massage chairs.
  • Hips and seat — Two airbags in the seat and two airbags next to the seat provide air massage for the thigh muscles, buttocks, and hips.
  • Calves and feet — The leg ottoman has a total of 14 airbags that massage the calf muscles, ankles, and feet.

Air massage is an integral component of the various automatic massage programs, and individual air massage zones can be enjoyed during manual mode. Like the massage rollers, the airbags of the Infinity IT 8100 are also adjustable with five levels of strength available.

Reflexology Foot Rollers

In addition to the airbags in the leg ottoman, the Infinity IT 8100 also features foot rollers — a very special feature that is often absent on massage chairs in this price range.

Infinity IT 8100 Massage Chair Zero G - Consumer Files

When the leg ottoman airbags inflate, the feet are pressed firmly against the foot rollers, providing a deep tissue massage for the feet while also stimulating the reflexology points.

If you have sensitive feet, you may find the foot massage of the Infinity IT 8100 to be a little too intense. Luckily, it can be turned on and off with the press of a button.

Extendable Leg Rest

To help users of different heights get as comfortable as possible, the Infinity IT 8100 features an extendable leg rest. Using a simple set of buttons on the remote, the leg rest can slide out or pull in automatically to make finding the proper fit easy.

Zero Gravity

One of the most popular massage chair features in recent times is Zero Gravity. Sure enough, the Infinity IT 8100 is equipped with this crowd-pleaser.

Infinity IT 8100 Massage Chair Side - Consumer Files
In case you don’t know what Zero Gravity is…

In the zero gravity position, your muscles have the chance to completely decompress and relax. Tension and stress accumulated throughout the day can dissipate allowing you to become thoroughly relaxed to get the most out of your massage.

An additional benefit of zero gravity is that with more body weight shifted to the backrest of the chair, the massage rollers can penetrate deeper into the muscles for a slightly stronger massage.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

In the backrest of the chair, a heating pad provides heat therapy for the lumbar back. Heat can be enjoyed during any massage program and is a great way to loosen up tight muscles to get more benefit from the roller and air massage functions.

Vibration Massage

In the seat of the chair, a vibration motor provides vibration massage for the buttocks and thighs. Although not as significant as roller or air massage, adding vibration to your massage can soothe your nerves and help you get relaxed more quickly.

Built-In USB Music System

A major bonus feature of the Infinity IT 8100 is a built-in music system. You can play your favorite tunes through the built-in speakers in the headrest, or you can use headphones thanks to a headphone jack.

​The only potential drawback to the Infinity IT 8100’s music system is that it requires an external USB drive. You have to manually transfer songs to a USB drive using your computer, then plug it into the chair to access your songs. This system is much more cumbersome than the music systems of other chairs that allow you to simply plug in your smartphone or MP3 player and control the music directly.

Once the USB drive is plugged into the chair, you can change tracks using the small wireless remote control. More on that next…

Control Panel Style Remote + Mini Remote

When you see that the Infinity IT 8100 requires two separate remote controls to operate, it might seem like the chair is overly complicated. But that’s not the case…​

Infinity IT 8100 Massage Chair Controller - Consumer Files

The main remote is a control panel-style remote with a large screen and individual buttons for practically every feature. It may take a little while to learn the remote and get used to where all the buttons are, but it’s clearly labeled and with the assistance of the user manual shouldn’t be too difficult.

The mini remote is primarily used to control the chair’s built-in music system. You can play, pause, stop, and skip tracks as well as turn up and down the volume. Unfortunately, there is no graphic display for the music so you have to manually skip through your tracks to find a song you want to listen to.

Also on the mini remote are buttons that control the angle of the backrest and leg ottoman. These controls offer a convenient way to adjust the position of the chair while reclined.

Castor Wheels

With the Infinity IT 8100 weighing approximately 178 pounds, moving it around the house can be difficult. But thanks to a pair of castor wheels installed on the bottom, maneuvering the chair is slightly less of a chore.

Massage Programs and Techniques of the Infinity 8100 Massage Chair

One of the most attractive aspects of the Infinity IT 8100 is its excellent variety of automatic and manual massage programs. Plus, it also has a memory function that allows you to store up to four custom massage sessions that you create for future use — definitely something all massage chairs should have but surprisingly few do!

Let’s take a look at each of the massage programs of the Infinity IT 8100 to see what your options are.

4 Auto Programs

For a very hands-off massage where you simply sit down, press a button and get a great massage, the auto programs of the Infinity IT 8100 are the best option.

All four auto programs use a combination of roller massage and air massage. Each program offers a unique blend of the two massage styles to create different therapeutic effects.​ They are:

  • Recovery
  • Extend
  • Relax
  • Refresh

The buttons for the auto programs are conveniently located on the front panel of the main remote. When you choose a program, the chair will first perform a body scan then go immediately into the program. When the program is complete, the rollers return to their starting position where they’ll be ready for next time.

Semi-Auto Programs

Midway between full auto programs and the chair’s manual mode controls, the Infinity IT 8100 offers a selection of “semi-auto” massage programs. These give you an automatic massage but are more specific and focus on different body areas.

Infinity IT 8100 Massage Chair Front - Consumer Files
Here’s a quick look at each semi-auto program:
  • Upper Back Auto — Performs automatic roller and air massage for the upper back.
  • Lower Back Auto — Performs automatic roller and air massage for the lower back and hips.
  • Airbag Auto — Runs a full body air-only massage, activating all of the chair’s airbags simultaneously.
  • Foot Roller Program — Performs automatic foot roller massage.
  • Foot Trolley Program — A special foot roller massage program that allows you to choose from a few different roller actions: rolling with interval, continuous rolling, and rolling with stops.

Note: Some Infinity IT-8100 massage chair reviews leave out the semi-automatic programs, but if you ask us, they’re one of the chair’s selling points!

Manual Mode Controls

Now, if you want to unlock the full potential of the Infinity IT 8100, the manual mode controls give you the key. In manual mode, you essentially have free reign over the chair’s functions and settings giving you the ability to create a completely customized massage to suit your needs. Here’s what’s available:

Roller Massage Techniques

The Infinity IT 8100 offers six unique roller massage techniques.

  • Kneading — An all-purpose technique in which the rollers perform a firm rubbing action.
  • Tapping — A technique that uses alternate tapping strokes to work out tension in the muscles.
  • Wavelet — A synchronized combination of kneading and tapping.
  • Pummel — A unique massage technique designed to mimic the fist pounding methods used by massage therapists.
  • Shiatsu — A technique in which the massage rollers mimic the finger pressure methods used by massage therapists.
  • Rhythm — This program combines the chair’s roller massage system with its music system. Tapping massage is synchronized with the high-frequency signals of a song while the seat vibration function is synchronized with the low-frequency signals.

Back Massage Modes

When you select a massage technique in manual mode, the massage roller will perform the technique across the whole back by default. But, if you’d like more control over the location of the massage rollers, there are two additional back massage modes available: partial and point.

In partial mode, the massage rollers move within a small zone on the back. The zone can be moved up and down the back using up and down arrows on the remote.

In point mode, the massage rollers stay at a single point indefinitely. You can move the point up and down the back using the same controls as for the partial mode. This gives you the ability to isolate tight muscles and work out any knots with the chosen massage technique.

Back Massage Speed and Width Adjustment

At any point during a manual mode massage, both the speed and width of the massage rollers can be adjusted. There are five speed settings and three width settings available and adjustments can be made quickly with convenient controls on the remote.

Air Massage Zone Selection

Since you have total control over your massage in manual mode, you get to decide whether or not you want to enjoy air massage along with the roller massage.

If you do want to add air massage to your massage, there are three air massage zones available:

  • Arms and Neck
  • Seat and Hips
  • Legs and Feet

For a full body air massage, you can activate all zones simultaneously, or you can pick and choose which ones you want active.

Custom Memory Massage Programs

One of the features that really sets the Infinity IT 8100 apart from its competition is the ability to create and store custom massage programs. With this feature, you can essentially create four additional automatic programs, increasing the chair’s total number of auto programs from four to eight!

Using the custom memory function is very easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Start by creating a manual mode massage. Take your time to get all the settings how you like them.
  • Enjoy your massage and wait for the massage duration to complete.
  • When the timer reads “0,” the chair will reset, moving the rollers to the starting position, and the “MEMORY SETTING” will automatically activate.
  • To store your custom massage for future use, simply press one of the “MEMORY SETTING” buttons labeled “A/B/C/D” on the face of the remote. The settings last used on the chair will be stored to the button.
  • When you want to enjoy your custom massage in the future, simply turn on the chair and press the button you used to store the massage and the program will begin!

Infinity It 8100 Dimensions & Specifications

  • Chair dimensions (upright): 55″L X 33″W X 49″H
  • Chair dimensions (reclined): 70″L X 33″W X 25″H
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 265 lbs
  • Chair weight: 178 lbs

Why We Think the Infinity IT 8100 Massage Chair is Better than Most

It really comes down to three features: foot rollers, arm massage, and custom memory massage programs. Although there are a few other massage chairs around the $3,000 mark that do have some of these premium features, it’s rare to find all three in a single chair.

That’s why we feel the Infinity IT 8100 massage chair is so special and better than its competition — you get the high-quality massage you’d expect from a $3,000 chair, plus the extra features that make it a great value for the money.​

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