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The Infinity IT 7800 therapeutic massage chair is a quality product made by a reputable company but has a limited selection of massage features and programs. While it might leave much to be desired for most users compared to similar chairs on the market, at under $2,000, it’s a good chair for the money.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Six roller head massage mechanism
  • Lower body air massage
  • Powered backrest and leg ottoman
  • Handheld push-button remote
  • Caster wheels for easy moving


  • No true Zero Gravity
  • No upper body air massage
  • No foot rollers
  • No heat therapy
  • No vibration massage
Infinite IT-7800 Massage Chair

While it might leave much to be desired for most users compared to similar chairs on the market, at under $2,000, it’s a good chair for the money.

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Unfortunately, the Infinity IT 7800 has been discontinued. For alternatives, check out the Cozzia 16028.

First, let’s go over the core features of the Infinity IT 7800 and the Cozzia 16028 massage chairs…

Infinity IT 7800VS Cozzia 16028


Infinity IT 7800
Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair Black Comparison - Consumer Files
Cozzia 16028
Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair 16028 Black Comparison - Consumer Files
Six roller head massage mechanism
Four roller head massage mechanism
Body scan
Air massage
Arm air massage v
Neck air massage
Lumbar air massage
Seat air massage
Leg and foot air massage
Powered recline
Zero Gravity
Heat therapy
Number of massage techniques 35
Number of massage programs 45
Localized auto program
Manual massage controls

In many ways, the Infinity IT 7800 therapeutic massage chair is as simple and bare-bones as it gets. But that doesn’t mean you should disregard it altogether.

Why not?

Even though the Infinity IT 7800 only offers basic roller massage and air massage, it delivers an overall high-quality massage experience and has a few special features not typically found on massage chairs in this price range.

If you’re curious and want to learn more, this Infinity IT-7800 review will fill you in on everything you need to know about this chair. Plus, to further help you in your massage chair search, we offer a side-by-side comparison of the IT 7800 with another popular model worthy of your consideration and that’s at the same price point.

Features of the Infinity IT 7800 Therapeutic Massage Chair

Six Roller Head Massage Mechanism

Here is one of the most unique and noteworthy features of the Infinity IT 7800… It has six massage roller heads.

Why is this significant?

Most massage chairs in the sub-$2,000 price range have two massage roller heads. Even high-end chairs that cost upwards of $5,000 typically only have four massage roller heads. So, the fact that the Infinity IT 7800 has six roller heads is definitely out of the ordinary.

The massage rollers provide the main massage methods of the chair. With six roller heads, a large area of your back gets massaged all at once.

Now, it’s easy to assume that more roller heads are better. That’s not exactly true, but it isn’t false either. When you break it down, having more massage roller heads is different, not better.

Here’s why:

With six massage roller heads, the pressure of the massage mechanism is spread out over a large area. So while more of your back gets massaged at the same time, the massage pressure will feel slightly weaker than if there were only two massage roller heads. Make sense?

Some users find this broader, more diffused massage pressure very appealing, while others prefer the increased and more focused pressure of fewer rollers. It really comes down to personal preference.

We’ll show you how the Infinity IT 7800 uses its massage rollers to deliver therapeutic massage along with the customization options available later on…

Lower Body Air Massage

The Infinity IT 7800 massage chair is equipped with a relatively sparse air massage system when compared to most other chairs on the market. There are airbags in the seat and leg ottoman, but none in the upper body portion of the chair.

The airbags in the seat massage the buttocks and thighs and contribute to the overall comfort of the chair. The leg ottoman airbags, however, have much more tangible massage benefits, providing compression massage for the calves and feet.

Air massage is incorporated into all of the chair’s auto massage programs and can be enjoyed during a manual mode massage.

Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair Taupe Recline - Consumer Files

Powered Backrest and Leg Ottoman

Getting comfortable in the Infinity IT 7800 is easy. Thanks to a fully powered backrest and leg ottoman. A simple set of buttons on the remote allow you to quickly recline the backrest and elevate the leg ottoman to find a comfortable position during a massage program.

Handheld Push-Button Remote

Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair Controller - Consumer Files

As you’ll see, the Infinity IT 7800 massage chair offers very few auto programs and manual massage controls. As such, the chair’s remote is very basic.

It’s a simple push-button remote, connected to the chair with a cord. It doesn’t have a screen and all of the controls are signified by small LED lights. When not in use, the remote is stored on a pedestal stand that extends up from the armrest of the chair.

Even though the Infinity IT 7800’s remote isn’t very exciting or technologically advanced, it is very straightforward and easy to use.

Caster Wheels for Easy Moving

A pair of caster wheels come installed on the bottom of the IT 7800. These wheels are a welcome convenience as they make moving the chair around the house much easier.

Auto Massage Programs of the Infinity IT 7800

As mentioned, the Infinity IT 7800 therapeutic massage chair offers a limited selection of auto massage programs. This is likely due to its small number of massage components and features, primarily, its lack of upper body air massage.

Still, four auto programs offer a convenient way to enjoy a comprehensive massage program with the single press of a button. They are:

  • Recovery — A moderate strength roller massage across the full back with added seat and leg air massage.
  • Refresh — A moderate strength roller massage across the full back, similar to “Recovery” but using different massage techniques.
  • Relax — A localized auto massage focusing on the lower back and waist.
  • Extend — A localized auto massage focusing on the neck and waist.
Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair Front - Consumer Files

Manual Massage Controls of the Infinity IT 7800

To have the most control over your massage, the manual massage controls of the Infinity IT 7800 should be used. In manual mode, you can independently activate as many of the chair’s massage features as you’d like to create a customized massage that suit your massage needs.

3 Roller Massage Techniques

Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair Body Scan - Consumer Files

Surprisingly, the Infinity IT 7800 offers only three roller massage techniques. This could be due to the chair’s six roller head massage mechanism which might only be able to move in so many ways.

The three massage techniques available are:

To activate a specific massage technique, the “METHOD” button on the remote is pressed once to put the chair in manual mode. Then, the same button is used to cycle through the massage techniques which can be changed at any time during the massage.

3 Massage Modes

Once a massage technique is selected, you can choose to operate the massage technique in whole back, spot, or partial mode.

By default, the massage rollers operate in whole back mode during which the massage rollers perform the selected technique across the entire back.

Spot mode operates the massage rollers in a single location on the back. The “Shoulder Height Adjustment” buttons on the remote allows you to move the location of the rollers up and down your back to isolate and work out sore and tight spots on your back.

Partial mode is similar to spot mode, but instead of a single location, the rollers operate within a small zone on the back. The zone can be moved up and down the back using the “Shoulder Height Adjustment” buttons.

Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair Side - Consumer Files

Massage Roller Speed Control

While the rollers are performing the selected technique according to the massage mode chosen, you can adjust the speed of the rollers.

There are three speeds available: low, medium, and high. Roller speed is adjusted using the “SPEED” button on the remote and can be changed at any time during the massage.

Massage Roller Width Control

Similar to speed control, you can also adjust the width of the rollers to customize the feeling of the massage. Roller width adjustments are made using the “WIDTH” button on the remote and there are three widths available: narrow, medium, and wide.

Air Pressure Control

Air massage can be added to a manual mode massage using the “AIR PRESSURE” button on the remote. Pressing the button once turns on the airbags in the seat and leg ottoman. Pressing it a second, third, and fourth time allows you to select your desired air pressure strength: weak, medium, or strong.

Unfortunately, all of the airbags must be operated simultaneously. For example, you can’t choose to run only the calf and foot airbags.

Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair Black Recline - Consumer Files

Memory Mode

One of the other special features that we’re surprised to find on the Infinity IT 7800 is a massage memory mode. This allows you to save your favorite manual mode massage settings for convenient use in the future. It’s like adding an additional automatic massage program to the chair!

Using the memory mode is very easy. Simply operate the chair in manual mode like we described and when you have everything set the way you like it, press and hold the “FAVORITE” button for three seconds. Your settings will be stored and the chair will enter standby mode.

Then, next time you want to enjoy your custom massage program, press the “FAVORITE” button and the massage will begin.

What You Won’t Find on the Infinity IT 7800

We’ve shown what the Infinity IT 7800 does offer, and you might agree that it has surprisingly few features compared to many other massage chairs on the market. In case you’re wondering what exactly it’s missing, here are all the most popular massage chair features you won’t find on the on the IT 7800.

Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair Top - Consumer Files

True Zero Gravity

This is a big one. Zero Gravity recline has become exceedingly popular in the world of massage chairs for its highly therapeutic qualities.

While the Infinity IT 7800 does offer a relatively deep recline, it doesn’t allow you to obtain the same body position as a chair with true Zero Gravity. So if you’re searching and come across the term “infinity it-7800 zero gravity massage chair,” steer clear because the Infinity IT 7800 does NOT have Zero Gravity.

Upper Body Air Massage

Full body air massage is incredibly common even in low-priced chairs, so it’s surprising that the Infinity IT 7800 is void of any upper body airbag massagers. If neck, shoulder, lumbar, and arm massage are important to you, find a different chair.

Foot Rollers

The air massage system in the leg ottoman of the Infinity IT 7800 does a great job at compressing and squeezing the legs. However, without foot rollers, it can’t deliver the same degree of invigorating foot massage.

But to be fair, foot rollers are typically only found on high-end massage chairs costing two or three times the price of the IT 7800.

Heat Therapy

Another common feature that’s missing on the IT 7800. Of course, you can use your own external heating pad while enjoying a massage in the IT 7800, but it’s not as convenient as built-in heat therapy.

Vibration Massage

Similar to heat therapy, vibration massage is a very common feature in even low-priced massage chairs and is missing on the Infinity IT 7800. Not having vibration massage might not be missed too badly as its only a minor enhancement to the massage experience, and many users might not find it enjoyable.

How Does it Compare?

We’ve covered everything you will and will not find on the Infinity IT 7800. Now, let’s take a look at a massage chair that, for about $100 more, gives you many more features and might be more inline with what you’re looking for — the Cozzia 16028.

But before we get into the nitty gritty, a few words about the Cozzia 16028…

About the Cozzia 16028 Massage Chair

We recently reviewed the Cozzia 16028 and found it to be one of the all-around best massage chairs under $2,000. The manufacturer, Cozzia, is known for producing massage chairs using the latest technology and high-quality components combined with thoughtful and intuitive designs.

The Cozzia 16028 is one of the company’s most affordable options with most of their chairs far surpassing the $2,000 mark. And although the Cozzia 16028 is around $100 more expensive than the Infinity IT 7800, we think you’ll agree that the small increase in price is well worth it considering all the extra features you get.

Let’s see how the Cozzia 16028 compares to the Infinity IT 7800. We’ll let you decide which is the better buy…

Features of the Cozzia 16028 Massage Chair

Automatic Height Scan

The Cozzia 16028 features a four-roller-head massage mechanism, which pales in comparison to the six-roller-head mechanism of the Infinity IT 7800. But, the feature that really sets the Cozzia 16028  apart is its automatic height scan.

Instead of simply operating the massage rollers, the scanning system of the Cozzia 16028 measures the height of the user’s back along with other important measurements in order to customize the position of the massage rollers throughout the massage. This greatly enhances the efficiency of the massage resulting in a more therapeutic experience.

More Airbags

Featuring the same lower body airbags as the Infinity IT 7800, the Cozzia 16028 also has airbags in the backrest and neck pillow.

Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair 16028 Front - Consumer Files
Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair 16028 Zero G - Consumer Files

True One-Touch Zero Gravity Recline

Here’s where the Cozzia 16028 really takes the lead: one-touch Zero Gravity.

Unlike the Infinity IT 7800, with the Cozzia 16028, you simply press a button and the chair automatically reclines into the Zero Gravity position, cradling and supporting your body to allow for total relaxation.

Seat Vibration and Heat Therapy

Another two features found on the Cozzia 16028 but not the Infinity IT 7800 are seat vibration and heat therapy. Add these to any program and the overall massage experience is heightened.

More Auto Massage Programs

While the Infinity IT 7800 has four auto programs, the Cozzia 16028 comes in with five which incorporate roller massage techniques with full body air massage.

In addition to the auto programs of the Cozzia 16028, the chair also features three localized auto programs which offer automatic massage for specific body areas.

One thing the Infinity IT 7800 has that the Cozzia 16028 doesn’t have is a custom massage memory program. This is somewhat redeeming, but is it enough to fully justify the Infinity IT 7800 over the Cozzia 16028?

More Massage Techniques

Along with more massage programs, the Cozzia 16028 also features five massage techniques versus the three techniques of the Infinity IT 7800.

LCD Remote Control

And with more massage programs and techniques, the Cozzia 16028 requires a more elaborate remote. But beyond the fact that more buttons are required, the Cozzia’s remote is overall more enjoyable to use than the simple push-button remote of the Infinity IT 7800.

An LCD screen on the Cozzia’s remote gives you an active display of the current massage settings and programs. It also has more dedicated buttons so you don’t have to cycle through with a single button to make adjustments to settings.

Infinity IT 7800 Massage Chair 16028 Controller - Consumer Files

Which Chair is Better?

As you can probably guess, we think that the Cozzia 16028 is an all-around better massage chair for the money than the Infinity IT 7800. For only $100 more, you get everything on the IT 7800 (minus the six-roller-head massage and memory program) plus several of the most popular massage features such as Zero Gravity and full body air massage.

But that said, some may find that the simplicity of the Infinity IT 7800 better suits them. Either way, both chairs are made with high-quality components and will make a welcome addition to your home.

Concluding Thoughts on the Infinity IT 7800 Therapeutic Massage Chair

We hope our Infinity IT-7800 massage chair review was helpful and brought you one step closer to the perfect massage chair for you. If you appreciate simplicity and want a reliable chair, the Infinity IT 7800 therapeutic massage chair could make a great option. But if you feel that you need a little more out of your chair and don’t want to spend a lot more, we highly recommend checking out the Cozzia 16028.

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