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At $13,000, the Infinity Imperial Massage Chair is one of the most expensive chairs on the market, but its high price is perhaps its only downside. In terms of high-quality features, the Imperial simply can’t be beat — 3D L-Track roller massage, calf and foot rollers, full body air massage, and two-stage zero gravity all work in harmony to create a supreme spa-like experience.

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  • Calf kneading massage
  • Built-in air ionizer
  • Zero wall space saving technology
  • Chromotherapy lights
  • Built-in bluetooth inter-sound speaker system


  • 2 zero gravity positions
  • 6 standard auto programs
Infinity Imperial Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone who has the money for one of the most expensive chairs on the market and a supreme spa-like experience.

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The Infinity Imperial massage chair is Infinity’s top-of-the-line model, giving all other ultra-high-end massage chairs a run for their money. You might be shocked by its price tag of nearly $13,000, but when you see the advanced technology powering this chair, it starts to make sense.

Hold up…

$13,000 for a massage chair? I could buy a new car for that… A pretty nice one!

It’s true. You could say it’s the Rolls Royce of massage chairs. And in this Infinity Imperial review, we’re taking a close-up look at every feature and detail that makes this chair the top-of-the-line offering that it is.

Let’s start with the chair’s special features — the one’s you won’t find on many other massage chairs…

Special Features of the Infinity Imperial Massage Chair

Calf Kneading Massage

Before we get into the specifics on the Imperial’s standard massage features like its roller and air massage system, let’s look at perhaps the most defining feature of the Imperial:


While the Infinity Imperial does offer air massage for the calves like most massage chairs do, each leg slot features a pair of mechanical massage rollers. These rollers, similar to the main massage rollers in the chair’s backrest, roll up and down the legs, massaging the calf muscles with vigor. The action of the calf rollers is designed to mimic the motion of human hands for one of the most realistic leg massages available on any massage chair.

When enjoying a leg massage in the Infinity Imperial, the airbags hold the leg firmly in place while the rollers rub and knead any tension or pain out of the legs. So, if you often find yourself with achy legs after a long day of work, the Imperial is made for you.

Foot Massage Rollers

Along with the calf rollers, the Infinity Imperial also offers roller massage for the feet. Both footwells feature a reflexology roller that spins and kneads the soles of the feet, simultaneously stimulating the acupoints on the feet.

With calf rollers, air massage, and foot rollers, the Infinity Imperial offers a foot massage like no other.

Built-In Air Ionizer

The Infinity Imperial is only one of two massage chairs to offer a built-in air ionizer, the other being the Apex AP Lotus.

So what is an air ionizer?

In short, an air ionizer is a special air purifier that projects ions into the air to remove dust and other particles. Additionally, air ionizers help remove static electricity from your surrounding environment. Electronic devices — your television, computer, smartphone, etc. — all produce static electricity, exposure to which is known to cause symptoms of fatigue, drowsiness, and hypertension among others.

The air ionizer in the Infinity Imperial is located in the headrest. When turned on, it emits a continuous breeze of fresh, invigorating air while removing static electricity. Basically, it helps create the perfect atmospheric environment to restore your body and mind as you relax and enjoy your massage.

New Footrest Design

The footrest of the Infinity Imperial is updated from previous incarnations of the chair. It features a brand new design that’s intended to help tall users achieve greater comfort, accommodating users up to 6’3″. This makes the Infinity Imperial a great massage chair for tall users or anyone who needs a little extra leg room.

A graphical image of Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Extendable Leg

Massage Memory Function

As you’ll learn when we discuss the manual massage features of the Infinity Imperial, you can customize practically every aspect of the massage. Offering an additional level of convenience and personalization, the Imperial features a memory function that allows you to save your favorite manual massage settings for quick access in the future.

To use the memory function, you simply adjust all the manual massage settings according to your preferences, then select either “Memory A” or “Memory B” to store the massage. Then, the next time you want to enjoy those exact massage settings, select the correct memory function and your massage will begin. It’s like adding two extra auto massage programs to the chair.

Built-In USB Charging Port

Another convenient feature of the Infinity Imperial is a built-in USB charging port. It allows you to plug in the charging cable of any compatible device including your cell phone, MP3 player, or tablet.

Intuitive Wireless Remote

An image of Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Controller

As you’ll see, the Imperial massage chair offers a long list of massage options. The good news is that controlling and keeping track of everything is easy thanks to its intuitive wireless remote.

The remote features a bright color LCD screen that displays all the chair’s active functions and settings along with a body diagram that shows the massage locations on the body. Selecting auto and manual massage programs is performed through the remote’s easy-to-navigate menu system.

Adjustments to the position of the chair’s backrest and footrest are made using push buttons on the face of the remote. Overall, everything is clearly labeled so it’s likely you won’t even need the manual to figure out how to operate the chair.

iPhone and Android App for Imperial Massage Chair

Although all the functions of the chair can be controlled with the included wireless remote, you also have the option to download the Infinity Imperial app available for Apple and Android devices.

The app allows you to control every function of the Infinity Imperial massage chair from your smartphone. It has all the same menus and controls as the included remote but is even easier to use thanks to your device’s touchscreen. After you download and install the app, your phone is connected to the chair with Bluetooth.

Infinity Imperial Massage Chair

Chromotherapy Lights

Just as the built-in air ionizer helps create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing massage, built-in LED lights in the headrest of the chair add a colorful dimension to your surroundings.

Chromotherapy is the practice of using colored lights for therapeutic purposes. Different colors have different effects, and the Infinity Imperial features a range of soft blues and greens to create a very calming ambiance.

Of course, if you prefer to enjoy your massage with no light, the chromotherapy lights can be turned off at any time.

Built-In Bluetooth Inter-Sound Speaker System

Further enhancing the ambiance while enjoying your massage, the Imperial features Infinity’s signature Inter-Sound speaker system. The speakers are built into the headrest of the chair creating a surround-sound effect with the music of your choice.

Unlike lower-end chairs that use USB stick drives to play music, the Imperial utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player to the chair. Your music selections are controlled directly from your device making for easy song selection that you’re already used to.

Zero Wall Space Saving Technology

A feature that really comes in handy for those who live in small apartments or have small living rooms is the Imperial’s “Zero Wall” technology. Using a special recline track, the chair moves forward as it reclines, greatly reducing the amount of space needed behind it to fully recline. This allows the chair to be positioned just inches away from the wall, saving you significant floor space in your room.

A graphical image of Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Extendable Leg

Massage Features of the Infinity Imperial Massage Chair

Now that we’ve covered the several features that make the Infinity Imperial really stand out, let’s dig into its core massage features.

3D Massage Rollers

Like other Infinity massage chairs, the Imperial features an advanced 3D massage roller system. The roller mechanism features four massage heads, spreading the massage pressure across a wider range on the back for more coverage.

An image of Infinity Imperial Massage Chair 3D Rollers

With 3D functionality, the massage rollers move in and out in addition to the standard up and down and side to side movements. When the rollers move out away from the chair, they press deeply into the muscles of the back, creating a lifelike deep tissue massage effect. The inward/outward movement also allows you to adjust the intensity and pressure of the massage rollers with five levels of strength adjustment.

In addition to the standard automatic massage programs found on most Infinity massage chairs, the Imperial offers several special 3D auto programs. During the 3D massage programs, the chair takes full advantage of the deep-tissue action of the massage rollers resulting in some of the most invigorating massage programs of the chair.

49″ L-Track

Offering some of the most extensive massage coverage of any chair, the Infinity Imperial uses a 49-inch “L” shaped massage track. This extra long track extends from the top of the neck, down the back, and into the seat. This is much longer than the typical S-Tracks found on most massage chairs that only extend through the length of the backrest.

While many L-Tracks on the market, particularly those found in lower-end chairs, feature a straight upper portion, the L-Track of the Infinity features an “S-shaped” upper portion to match the curves of the human spine. This ergonomic shape keeps the massage rollers in direct contact throughout the entire range of the back, resulting in more efficient and therapeutic massage action.

Auto-Extend Neck and Shoulder

In addition to the Imperial’s already long L-Track, it features an extra length of massage track that allows the massage rollers to reach high on the shoulders and neck. This feature is utilized in many of the chair’s automatic massage program, providing some of the most comprehensive neck and shoulder massage on the market.

Full Body Air Massage

Going beyond the roller massage functions of the chair, the Infinity Imperial features a full-body air massage system. The chair is loaded with airbags that massage practically every part of the body from the head to the feet.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the zones in which air massage is offered:

Shoulder Air Massage

When you relax back into the Imperial, you are completely surrounded by plush, comfortable upholstery with airbags beneath. One of these areas that help create the “cradled” feeling is at the shoulders where special airbags extend from the upper portion of the backrest to wrap around the upper arms and shoulders.

The airbags inside the shoulder pads inflate and press against the backs and sides of the shoulders. This action soothes aching shoulders while also pinning the upper body against the chair to enhance and increase the therapeutic effects of the massage rollers gliding across the back.

Arms & Wrist Air Massage

Inside the armrests of the Imperial, many small airbags wrap around the arms, wrists, and hands. These airbags inflate and deflate in a wave-like motion, providing dynamic compression massage from the elbow to the fingertips.

Arm air massage is an important component of the chair’s auto massage programs and can be enjoyed on its own using the chair’s manual massage controls.

Lower Waist Air Massage

Airbags in the lower portion of the backrest inflate and deflate to massage the waist and hip area. These airbags add significant comfort to the chair and serve an important role in the chair’s spinal correction and waist twisting features, which we’ll explain more about later.

Buttock & Thigh Air Massage

Accordion-style airbags located on either side of the seat inflate and press firmly against the thighs and buttocks. These airbags also play a role in the spinal correction feature, holding the lower body in place as the massage rollers press into the back.

Leg & Feet Air Massage

The leg ottoman is completely loaded with airbags that accompany the calf rollers described earlier. Both the calves and feet receive compression massage as the airbags inflate and squeeze, and deflate and release. Compression massage in this manner is known to greatly increase circulation in the legs and feet while reducing blood pressure and swelling.

Spinal Correction and Waist Twist Feature

An image of Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Brown Side

While it isn’t a program you can control or a function you can adjust, the spinal correction system is integrated into the chair’s automatic massage programs to add an extra level of therapy. When the spinal correction function is active, the shoulder, waist, and thigh airbags are used to both hold the body in place at certain times and swing the body from side to side at other times.

While the airbags are either holding or swinging the body, the chair’s massage rollers move up and down the back to correct any misalignment in the spine’s vertebrae. This feature shouldn’t be relied on for serious chiropractic adjustment, but it’s a great way to improve your posture and make small adjustments to your spinal alignment.

2 Zero Gravity Positions

These days it’s hard to find a high-end massage chair without Zero Gravity — the Infinity Imperial is no exception. And why wouldn’t you want Zero Gravity? It’s simply the most comfortable and therapeutic position for your body to be in while getting a massage.

In the Zero Gravity position, the chair is completely reclined and the legrest is elevated to bring the feet in line with or slightly higher than the heart. This position evenly distributes your body’s weight, greatly reducing pressure on your spine and muscles. Plus, with more body weight over the backrest of the chair, the massage rollers can penetrate even deeper for true deep-tissue massage therapy.

An image of Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Brown Recline

What’s unique about the Zero Gravity system of the Imperial is that instead of having only one position it has two, with the second being more aggressively reclined.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

Adding another dimension to Infinity Imperial’s already awesome massage therapy, a pair of heating pads in the backrest radiate warmth into the muscles. Heat therapy can be used as a standalone feature or added to any of the chair’s automatic or manual massage programs.

Auto Massage Programs of the Infinity Imperial Massage Chair

Utilizing the chair’s many high-end components and massage features, the Imperial offers an excellent range of automatic programs for true hands-off massage. Simply select one of the programs and the chair takes care of the rest.

The automatic massage programs of the Infinity Imperial are divided into two categories: Standard Auto Programs and 3D Auto Programs.

6 Standard Auto Programs

The Infinity Imperial offers six standard auto programs that combine the chair’s roller massage and air massage functions in ways that cater to specific groups of users.

Take a look:
  • Sports Refresh — This program is designed specifically for use after intense physical activity such as sports and exercise. Based on Thai massage methods, the program combines strong kneading roller massage with stretching functions afforded by the air massage system. Throughout the program, the legs, waist, and other parts of the body are stretched and massaged using vigorous techniques. The intense action is intended to promote proper circulation and help speed up the process of muscle recovery.
  • Rest & Sleep — A program designed for use before sleep or as a way to find quick relaxation during the day like on a lunch break. Mild but dynamic massage strokes are used to relieve the body and gradually wind down to ease the user into a state of complete relaxation.
  • Working Relief — Designed for users who work at a desk all day or spend long hours traveling by car or plane. Strong, intense massage actions are used to ease pain and tension in the upper body, shoulders, and neck. A great program to refresh the body after a stressful day at the office.
  • Neck & Shoulder — A full body massage program that offers extra attention for the neck and shoulders. The chair’s auto-extend shoulder and neck roller feature is utilized to its fullest extent, using the 3D massage rollers to relieve any tension and soreness.
  • Spine & Waist — This program spends about 80 percent of the duration focused on massaging the lumbar muscles and vertebrae. Roller and air massage work together to target the lower back while the rest of the body gets a mild massage.

3D Auto Programs

While most massage chairs only offer regular auto programs, the Imperial takes it one step further with three unique 3D massage programs. These programs, while shorter than the standard auto programs, are designed to serve a specific purpose. Additionally, when a 3D auto program is selected, you can adjust the strength of the 3D rollers according to your preference.

  • Deep Shiatsu 3D — This 10-minute long program uses the 3D rollers to press firmly into the muscles, in true deep-tissue style.
  • Healthy Breath — This unique five-minute program moves the 3D rollers in and out in specific rhythms to help improve your breathing. If you ever catch yourself holding your breath or feeling lightheaded, this program is for you.
  • Massage Extend — This five-minute program is all about stretching. The 3D rollers are used in conjunction with the chair’s airbags to perform stretching actions all throughout the body.

Manual Massage Programs

In case the automatic massage programs of the Infinity Imperial aren’t enough, the chair features an extensive set of manual massage controls. In manual mode, you have complete control over the action of all the chair’s functions to create your own custom massage.

During a manual massage, you can change settings and make adjustments as frequently as you like as your massage needs change. This allows you to focus in on tight spots or trouble areas to find relief.

When you find a specific combination of manual control settings that you really like, you can use the chair’s memory function to save the settings for convenient use in the future.

Let’s see what’s available in manual mode…

Manual Massage Roller Options

The first step in creating a manual massage is to dial in the massage rollers to suit your needs. You start by selecting a massage technique.

Massage Techniques

Using the 3D massage rollers and the full length of the L-Track, the Infinity Imperial features six unique roller techniques.

They are:

  • Kneading — An all-purpose technique in which the massage rollers grip and rub the muscles with powerful strokes.Tapping — A technique in which the rollers perform light percussive tapping.
  • Knocking — A more vigorous technique in which the rollers perform more pronounced percussive movements.
  • Shiatsu — A technique based on Japanese finger massage in which the massage rollers press into the muscles in small, focused movements.
  • Sync — When using this technique, the movements of the massage rollers are synchronized with the pulse of your music. To use the Sync technique, a music device must be connected to the chair with music playing.
  • Rhythm — This technique uses powerful rhythmic massage strokes.

Roller Massage Area

After you select a massage technique, you can choose how and where you’d like massage rollers to operate.

There are three options:

  • Whole — By default, the massage rollers perform the selected massage technique across the entire range of the massage track.
  • Partial — This mode isolates the actions of the massage rollers to a small area on the back which is moved using the up and down arrows on the remote.
  • Point — In this mode, the massage rollers perform the chosen technique at a fixed point on the back, allowing you to focus the massage action on a single spot. The massage point can be moved up and down the back and seat using the up and down arrows on the remote.

Roller Width

During a manual massage, you have control over the width of the massage rollers with three options:

  • Wide
  • Medium
  • Narrow
An image of Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Black Side

Roller Speed

You also have control over how fast the massage rollers perform the chosen technique with six levels of speed available.

Manual Air Massage Options

After you get the manual roller massage functions of the Imperial squared away, the next step is to activate air massage. You start by choosing where you want the airbags to operate.

Air Massage Zones

On the Imperial, there are five air massage zones available. Using the remote, you can select a single zone or combine as many as you’d like to create the perfect custom air massage for you.

The five air massage zones are:
  • Full — This mode activates all of the chair’s airbags simultaneously for a full-body air massage.
  • Arm & Shoulder — When selected, this mode activates the airbags in the armrests and shoulder areas.
  • Back & Waist — This mode activates the airbags in the upper and lower sections of the backrest.
  • Buttock — In this mode, the accordion-style airbags alongside the seat are activated, massaging the buttocks and thighs.
  • Leg & Foot — This mode activates all airbags located in the leg ottoman, performing compression massage on the muscles of the calves, ankles, and feet.
Air Massage Force

With the air massage zones of your choice selected, you can adjust the force or pressure of the airbags. There are five levels of pressure available, and the setting is applied to all airbags simultaneously.

Manual Calf and Foot Roller Massage

Along with air massage for the legs and feet, the rollers in the leg slots and footwells can be activated during a manual mode massage.

Other Manual Massage Options

To put the final touches on your manual mode massage in the Infinity Imperial, several additional features can be activated including Zero Gravity, air ionizer, heat therapy, chromotherapy lights, and music.

The last step when programming a manual mode massage to set the massage duration. The Imperial features a built-in auto-off massage timer that can be set for up to 30 minutes in five-minute intervals. When the time is up, the chair automatically ceases massage functions, returns to the upright position, and enters standby mode.

Dimensions and Specifications of the Infinity Imperial

Chair dimensions (upright)60″L x 33″W x 45″H
Chair dimensions (reclined)72″L x 33″W x 34″H
Recommended maximum user weight285 lbs
Recommended user heightUp to 6’3″
Chair weight350 lbs
ColorsClassic Black & Chocolate Brown

Final Thoughts on Infinity Imperial Review

We hope this Infinity Imperial massage chair review gave you a good idea of what this ultra-high-end chair is all about. It’s true that its price is astronomical, which could likely be a serious deal-breaker for most massage chair shoppers, but if you’re in the market for the best of the best, the Infinity Imperial should definitely make your shortlist.

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