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The Infinity Altera massage chair combines L-Track quad roller massage, a full body air massage system, Zero Gravity, and foot rollers in a design that’s intended to meet the unique needs of petite users. Just like other Infinity massage chairs, it’s incredibly easy to use, is built with high-quality components, and delivers a lot of value for the money.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

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  • 49-inch L-Track
  • Quad massage rollers
  • Full body air massage
  • Two Zero Gravity positions
  • Spinal correction with waist twisting
  • ​”Zero wall” recline track design


  • Expensive price
  • May not be suitable for all
Infinity Altera Massage Chair

Recommended For: Petite users. It’s incredibly easy to use, built with high-quality components, and delivers a lot of value for the money.

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Infinity is known for producing massage chairs that combine the most desirable features in attractive chair designs. This is especially true when it comes to the Infinity Altera massage chair.

Want to learn more?

In this Infinity Altera review, we’ll get you up to speed on the many features and programs of this high-quality massage chair. But first, let’s take a look at perhaps the most significant aspect of the Infinity Altera’s design…

Infinity Altera Designed Specifically for Petite Users

Finally… a massage chair designed specifically with petite users in mind!

After getting lots of feedback from users who are either shorter or smaller-framed than the average user, Infinity decided to create a massage chair that would offer petite users a more comfortable and better fitting massage experience.

Many times, petite users find that their feet don’t reach the bottom of the foot wells or they feel that they “sink” into the chair. The Altera solves these issues and more with a chair design that is slightly more compact and adjustable than standard massage chairs.

The Infinity Altera will comfortably fit users who are 4’9″ in height. Nonetheless, it does not mean that taller users can’t enjoy the chair, too. While it may feel a little cramped for some, the chair can accommodate users up to 6’2″.​

​Features of the Infinity Altera Massage Chair

49-Inch L-Track

Many of Infinity’s high-end massage chair models feature some of the longest massage tracks on the market. This is accomplished by using what’s known in the industry as an “L-Track.”

Side view of  Infinity Altera Massage Chair

The Infinity Altera features one of these extra-long L-Tracks and it measures a whopping 49 inches. The L-Track extends from the top of the backrest and down into the seat, providing roller massage not only for the muscles of the back but for the buttocks and thighs as well.

Enhancing the efficiency and therapeutic benefits of the chair’s roller system, the backrest of the Altera’s L-Track is “S”-shaped. Known also as an “S-Track,” this design allows the massage rollers to maintain contact with the body throughout the entire massage range. After all, your back isn’t a perfectly straight line, so why should your massage track be?

Quad Massage Rollers

Mounted on the chair’s L-Track, the Altera features a quad-head massage roller mechanism. With four heads, a wide area of the back is massaged at once. Plus, the intensity, speed, and width of the quad rollers can be adjusted to customize the massage. More on that later…​

Full Body Air Massage

These days, no massage chair is complete without an air massage system.

Air massage has become so popular because airbags offer massage actions and coverage that can’t be replicated by massage rollers. Instead of rolling over and rubbing the muscles like massage rollers do, airbags typically wrap around or press firmly against the body, providing compression massage and greatly increasing the comfort of the chair.

An image of scan position

As we’ve mentioned, the Infinity Altera is designed specifically for petite users. This is reflected in the position of the airbags throughout the chair. That is, they’re placed in optimal locations to reach the correct areas on smaller users.

Here’s a look at the range of air massage offered on the Infinity Altera:
  • Shoulders — Airbags on the upper portion of the backrest wrap around the shoulders, both massaging the muscles and holding the body firmly in place to enhance the other massage features of the chair.
  • Arms & Wrists — The armrests of the Altera are lined with thin but powerful airbags that wrap around the arms and wrists and perform compression massage. This powerful form of arm massage increases blood circulation and eases tension built up in the forearms, wrists, and hands that often comes from performing repetitive tasks or typing on a computer all day.
  • Lower Waist — Airbags in the lower back portion of the backrest apply gentle pressure to the lower waist.
  • Lumbar & Buttock — Along with the lower waist airbags, the Altera features a set of airbags that massage the lumbar area and the buttock.
  • Leg & Feet — The ottoman of the Altera is loaded with airbags that provide compression massage for the calves, ankles, and feet. These airbags inflate and deflate in specific patterns, squeezing and releasing the legs and feet to provide therapeutic compression massage that increases blood flow and reduces swelling.

​Two Zero Gravity Positions

Another incredibly popular feature found on the Infinity Altera is zero-gravity recline. Unlike many other chairs on the market, the Altera offers not one, but two zero gravity positions with the second being more deeply reclined.

The zero-gravity positions of the Altera place the body in the perfect position to get the most out of the chair’s many massage features. In zero-gravity, the backrest of the chair reclines while the leg rest rise to bring the legs even with or slightly higher than the heart. This position places most of the body weight on the backrest of the chair, allowing the entire body to completely relax and release tension.

An image of Zero Gravity

Also, with more weight on the backrest of the chair, more pressure from the massage rollers can be achieved, producing a deep-tissue-like effect. If the intensity of the massage rollers is too much in zero-gravity,  use the manual mode controls to decrease the massage roller pressure.

Spinal Correction with Waist Twisting

An important massage feature integrated into the core functions of the Altera is an Infinity-exclusive technology called “Spinal Correction“. You won’t find this option on the remote, but it’s an integral component of the chair’s automatic massage programs.

Here’s how it works:

To make minor adjustments to the alignment of the spinal vertebrae, the chair uses both the rollers and airbags simultaneously. The airbags are used to hold the body in place and twist the body gently. At the same time, the massage rollers move up and down the back to correct the alignment of the spine. The twisting action also helps increase flexibility in the lower spine by loosening up and stretching the muscles.

Reflexology Foot Rollers

In addition to air massage for the legs and feet, the Infinity Altera also features a pair of reflexology foot rollers in the footwells of the ottoman. Each foot is treated with two spinning massage rollers that knead and rub the soles of the feet.

An image of Reflexology Foot Rollers

In addition to providing relief for sore feet, the rollers contact the reflexology points on the feet, which are thought to have various therapeutic effects for the body’s systems.

Extendable Leg Rest

The leg rest of the Infinity Altera extends several inches to accommodate users of various heights. This is an important component that allows petite users to fit comfortably in the chair but also makes it possible for taller users to enjoy the chair as well.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

Built-in heating pads in the backrest of the Infinity Altera add heat therapy for the lower back during any automatic or manual mode massage program. Ideal for recovery after tough workouts or a long day sitting at a desk, activating heat therapy in conjunction with Altera’s other massage features increases circulation in the lower back and alleviates tension helping you relax faster and get the most out of your massage.

​”Zero Wall” Recline Track Design

Instead of reclining the backrest squarely like most massage chairs do, the Infinity Altera moves forward as it reclines. Thanks to a space-saving recline track design that Infinity calls “Zero Wall,” This allows you to place the massage chair only 3 inches near a wall, saving significant floor space in your room.

​LCD Push-Button Remote

In some of our other Infinity massage chair reviews, we’ve raved about the simplicity and ease of use of Infinity’s menu-based remote controls. The Infinity Altera, however, uses a more traditional button-based remote control that we feel isn’t quite as intuitive but still makes the chair easy to use.

The Altera’s remote features a color LCD screen that displays the active massage programs and settings and a body diagram that shows the location of the massage roller zones and airbags. There’s also a timer that counts down the duration of the massage session, as well as icons to show when zero-gravity, heating, and foot rollers are active.

The remote is long and slender, and the button layout is similar to what you’d find on the remote control of a television or stereo system.

Bluetooth Inter-Sound Music System

When enjoying a massage, there’s no better way to create a calming, peaceful environment than by listening to soothing music. With the Altera, playing your favorite music is incredibly easy. Thanks to Infinity’s signature Inter-Sound music system!

Simply put, Inter-Sound refers to the location of the speakers on the chair. Located inside the headrest, the speakers of the Altera are directed towards the user’s ears to create a surround-sound experience.

The best part about Altera’s Inter-Sound system is that it uses Bluetooth technology to connect your device to the chair. That way, you don’t have to fuss with tangled up cords. Simply connect your smartphone or Bluetooth compatible MP3 player and click play to listen to your music through the speakers of the chair.

​Automatic Programs of the Infinity Altera Massage Chair

Now that we’ve covered all the components of the Infinity Altera, let’s take a look at how the chair puts them to work in its massage programs.

For times when you want to just sit down, turn on the chair, and enjoy a comprehensive massage with as little user input as possible, the automatic programs of the Infinity Altera are what you need. Six automatic programs are available and each combines various roller massage techniques with air massage to thoroughly massage the body from head to toe.

What’s unique about the auto programs of the Altera is that each one is designed with a specific purpose. Whether you need an intense massage that focuses on the neck and shoulders or a soothing program to help you relax before sleep, one of its automatic programs is sure to do the trick.

A front view of Infinity Altera

Here’s an overview of each automatic program available:

  • Extension — A full body program using Thai massage movements along with powerful kneading to stretch the body and increase flexibility.
  • Working Relief — This program is designed for those who work at desks for long periods of time,. It helps to ease muscle tension in trouble areas such as the neck and lumbar spine.
  • Sports Refresh — Created to help athletes recover after intense exercise. Both air massage and roller massage techniques are used to knead the muscles and increase blood circulation to assist muscle recovery.
  • Rest & Sleep — A dynamic massage program that begins with powerful kneading techniques and gradually reduces the massage intensity, becoming lighter and lighter until it’s barely felt in order to ease the body into sleep.
  • Neck & Shoulder — A program that focuses 80 percent of the time on the neck and shoulders to reduce pain and tension on those areas.
  • Waist & Spine — This program treats pain and tension in the lumbar area for 80 percent of the total massage duration.

Accessing the automatic programs of the Altera is so easy. Just press the “Auto” button on the remote and make your selection. Choose to enjoy an automatic massage whether in the upright position or in one of its zero-gravity positions. Plus, you even have the option to add heat therapy and foot roller massage to any auto program.

​Manual Mode and Massage Customization Features of the Infinity Altera Massage Chair

The auto programs of the Altera are great for hands-off massage. However, for times when you want to customize your massage experience to target specific areas on your body, the manual mode controls are your ticket.

What follows is an overview of all the manual mode controls of the Infinity Altera to give you an idea of massage possibilities.

​Manual Roller Massage Options

As we’ve mentioned earlier, one of the most impressive features of the Infinity Altera is its 49-inch L-Track with quad rollers. And with the chair in manual mode, you have free reign over the action of this highly advanced roller system.

You can customize just about every aspect of the Altera’s roller system, and it all starts by choosing a massage technique…

​6 Massage Techniques

A rounded image og Massage Techniques

The Infinity Altera features six unique roller massage techniques. While this isn’t as many as what other high-end massage chairs have, the techniques available are varied enough to accommodate a wide range of massage needs.

They are:
  • Shiatsu
  • Rubbing
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Kneading
  • Sync
  • Rhythm

You can only operate one massage technique at a time, but you can change them as frequently as you’d like during manual mode massage.

​Massage Intensity, Speed, and Width Control

After selecting a massage technique, you can adjust the intensity, speed, and width of the massage rollers to create the exact massage action you need.

  • Intensity — There are six levels of intensity available.
  • Speed — There are six levels of speed adjustment available.
  • Width — There are three roller width options available: narrow, medium, and wide. Width is only adjustable during certain massage techniques.

As a manual mode massage progresses, you can continue to make adjustments to the intensity, speed, and width of the rollers as your needs change.

Roller Massage Zones

Unlike in automatic massage programs which are primarily full body, in manual mode, you have control over where on your body the massage rollers operate. By default, the massage rollers perform the selected technique across the full back and seat.  For a more focused massage action, there are two additional options available:

Side view of Infinity Altera
  • Portion — This option operates the massage rollers in a small zone on the back which is chosen using the arrow buttons on the remote.
  • Point — This option keeps the massage rollers at a fixed location that can be moved up and down the back via the arrow buttons on the remote.

Both the portion and point options offer more control over where the massage rollers operate. However, if you get tired of having to manually move the massage rollers around your back, you can simply revert back to the default full back massage option.

Manual Air Pressure Massage Options

Just as with the chair’s roller massage functions, in manual mode, you have a great degree of control over the chair’s air massage functions.

Airbag Zones

The first step in adding air massage to a manual mode massage is to select one or more airbag zones.

An image of Airbag Zones
There are four options:
  • Shoulders and Arms
  • Legs and Feet
  • Seat and Lumbar
  • Whole Body

If you choose Whole Body, all of the airbags will be activated. If you choose an individual zone, additional individual zones can be added to create a custom air massage.

Airbag Intensity

As soon as you selected an airbag zone, the airbags will begin performing massage actions. At this point, you can adjust the intensity of the airbags up to five different levels.

Airbag intensity can be adjusted at any time during a manual mode massage.

​Manual Foot Roller Massage

Another option you have in manual mode is adding foot roller massage to your session. Simply press the “Roller” button on the remote to activate the foot rollers. Then, press it a few more times to set the foot massage strength: low, medium, and high.

Other Manual Mode Options

With roller massage, air massage, and foot roller massage going, your manual mode massage should be well underway. Nonetheless, beyond these primary massage features, you can also add heat therapy, put the chair into the zero-gravity position, or turn on some music through its Bluetooth Inter-Sound system.

Dimensions and Specifications of the Infinity Altera Massage Chair

  • Chair dimensions (upright): 51″L x 31″W x 44″H
  • Chair dimensions (reclined): 71″L x 31″ x 32″H
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 285 lbs
  • Recommended user height: 4’9″ to 6’2″
  • Chair weight: 230 lbs

Final Thoughts on the Infinity Altera Massage Chair Review

Overall, the Infinity Altera massage chair is a well-rounded, high-quality massage chair with all the most desirable features. But the best part about the chair is that it’s designed for petite users who have difficulty fitting comfortably in standard sized massage chairs. So, if you feel like you sort of “sink” or “disappear” in most massage chairs, the Infinity Altera just might be the solution.

Hope you found our Infinity Altera massage chair review helpful!

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