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IDPA Targets for Sale Review

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Our Top Picks - Best IDPA Targets for Sale In 2023


IDPA Official Cardboard

If you're looking to take your pistol shooting to the next level and want to try your hand at competition shot, then finding the IDPA targets for sale isn't just a good idea, it's a necessity. There's a lot of variety out there when it comes to targets, and a lot that are mislabeled as IDPA when they're really NRA or USPSA.

So, we've put together a list of the four best IDPA targets available. Our top pick was the IDPA Official Cardboard Targets by Law Enforcement Targets, see if you can figure out why.

Winner - IDPA Official Cardboard Targets by Law Enforcement Targets

These are competition grade IDPA cardboard targets. This makes them better able to withstand windy days at an outdoor range as there is little to no chance of them tearing as can happen with paper targets. They measure 18.25 inches by 30.75 inches. The IDPA zones are marked with perforation on the cardboard, giving you a clear view of where the different zones are.

However, as they are cardboard targets, the zone could be better differentiated by going over the perforation with a marker, perhaps even using colored markers. Scoring is only marked on the outer zone, but this really isn't that big of a deal. These come in packs of 100. The heavier construction (i.e. cardboard vs paper) does make them a bit pricier, however, these provide a solid target to shoot at.

Law Enforcement Targets IDPA Official Paper Target

This is an IDPA paper target in flat white. It measures 23 inches by 35 inches, making it a great size for getting some practice in, especially if you're just learning. The full size is more apologetic to misses and helps you to confidently build your accuracy. These targets have the different scoring zones clearly outlined in black with the scoring marked as well. The black on white contrast allows you to easily see the different zones, and the included scoring helps you to keep track of how you're doing more easily -allowing you to fire off more shots while you're down at the shooting range. This comes in packs of 100 targets, easily making it one of the best priced IDPA targets.

Steel Shooting Targets Knockover IDPA Targets

These are new twist on the standard IDPA targets. These are made of A36 steel and are meant to knockover when hit. Each target measures 5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide and rest on a 1 inch by 2 inches pad. They are plasma cut for smooth, precise lines and water cooled throughout the process to maintain the integrity of the steel. These are ideal for air guns and most pistol calibers. However, these targets do require a slightly different approach that the typical paper or cardboard targets.

As they are considerably smaller, they really force you to develop accuracy at a quicker pace, as there is little room for error. These targets also do not have the zones marked, but they could be placed on the target with a permanent marker, if desired. But, these targets are smaller which makes the zones nearly irrelevant because if you shoot from any distance, just hitting the target is probably enough. A huge advantage that these targets have, though, is that they are reusable and this six piece set costs as much as 100 paper targets, so the price isn't that bad either.

Steel Shooting Targets IDPA Metal Targets

These IDPA targets are made of A36 steel to provide you with a durable and reusable target. They measure 12 inches by 7 inches and have a 5/8 of an inch diameter hole at the top to allow for hanging. The white painting to the front and back allow for maximum contrast between sights or crosshairs, as well as the background. This high contrast gives you the fastest and easiest target acquisition, making these targets a great choice for developing your fast/index shooting.

These IDPA steel targets are plasma cut for precise lines, and then water cooled during construction to maintain the integrity and strength of the steel. This provides you a rugged target that will outperform other IDPA targets simply because while you can only use a paper or cardboard target once, these you can use for years.

It is important to note that the IDPA zones are not marked on these targets, however, they can be added on with a permanent marker if desired. They function quite well, regardless. This is a three piece set coming in just over the price of 100 paper targets.

What are the Best IDPA Targets for Sale 2023?

There isn't a lot of complication when it comes to IDPA targets. They're pretty basic, which makes some of the confusion over mislabeling of the targets for sale a little bizarre. We tried to present you with some of the variety that is out there now with the IDPA targets for sale.

While each of these targets will provide you with a good target to practice your shot with, we chose the IDPA Official Cardboard Competition Target as our number one choice. It's a step of from paper targets, but it provides more durability, ensuring against damage in transport and that the target won't tear when you try to set it up or if the wind should pick up.

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