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The Ideal Luxury Massage Chair is a budget-friendly option that offers a full body massage experience, utilizing all of the latest features. We recommend this model for hobbyists wanting an affordable way to relax at home or for people with chronic back pain.

Overall Massage Quality
Therapeutic Value
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Budget-friendly
  • 3 Zero-G positions
  • Extensive S+L Track
  • Several customization options
  • Accommodates taller/larger body types
  • Good warranty plan


  • Loud mechanical transitions
  • Subpar foot/calf massage (no heat)
  • Uncomfortable armrest design
  • Basic functions

Are you still making your kids walk on your back after a long day at the office? Do you wish you could buy a luxury ergonomic recliner but you just don’t have the thousands to make it happen?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you’ll love our Ideal Luxury Massage Chair review. This model is perfect for hobbyists looking to indulge in supreme relaxation for less!

Ideal Massage Chair Design Overview

We all love a good deal, and it doesn’t get any sweeter than the Ideal Shiatsu Massage Chair.

This model is manufactured by Forever Rest, a fairly new brand on the luxury recliner scene that’s making waves with its budget-savvy products.

Ideal Massage Chair with black PU upholstery, black exterior, and silver highlights
Ideal Massage Chair with beige PU upholstery, beige exterior, and black base

The Ideal Luxury Massage Chair looks high-end, sporting the futuristic, pod-like design that you see with the newer models on the market. The exterior is finished with smooth synthetic leather.

Measuring 45” W x 32” D x 45” H and weighing 200 lbs, this is a massive chair that will require ample space. Keep that in mind if you live in a small apartment!

The company did consider space-saving technology, and the Ideal reclines with a 3” wall clearance..

One thing we love about the Ideal Luxury massage Chair is that it was built to serve all body types—even the taller/larger ones.

The ottoman extends up to 6” to accommodate a height of 6’4”, and it can hold a weight capacity of 300 lbs. Most high-end chairs aren’t as accommodating, so big ups for the Ideal!

Even though it looks swanky, this ergonomic recliner isn’t an innovation marvel with a bunch of fancy features that will make you swoon. Forever Rest LLC took the best luxury chairs, picked out the most popular features, and designed a low-budget option.

You’ll see what we mean as we get into the features next.

Ideal Massage Chair Recliner Features

We know what you’re thinking. Sure, the price is enticing, but what about the quality of the Ideal? Will this chair fall to pieces after a month? Does the massage feel good? You have questions, and we have answers.

An illustration of the Ideal Luxury Massage Chair's SL track that starts at the neck & ends under the thighs

S+L Roller Track

The roller track is the beating heart of the ergonomic recliner, so when we saw that the Ideal Massage Chair has the industry-standard S&L Hybrid track, it got our attention.

  • The S-track is what you’ll find with the most average chairs on the market. This track follows the natural curve of the spine from the neck to the lower back. It’s not industry standard, but if you suffer from chronic back pain, it will give you therapeutic benefits.
  • The L-track is an extension that runs from the neck, down the back, and under the seat to massage the glutes and thighs. This track (when combined with the S-track, like the Ideal) offers a true full-body roller massage.

Now, the company touts the track as being “one of the longest in the industry,” but where they fall short is the quad roller system.

The rollers are the real MVPs of the massage chair game, and the more human they feel, the better the experience.

The best chairs on the market offer 3D or 4D quad rollers, which move vertically along the track and can move in and out, like a deep tissue massage. It’s cutting-edge and offers incredible therapeutic value.

Unfortunately, the Ideal Massage Chair has basic quad rollers that only move vertically on the track. For the price, it still feels relaxing, and the rollers will loosen any tension, but it isn’t as life-like as it could be.

An illustration of the Ideal Zero Gravity Massage Chair's auto body scan and rollers massaging a man's neck & back

3D Body Scan

This is also a standard feature that you’ll find with most chairs nowadays. When you sit down and choose a massage program, the chair will automatically scan your body to “learn” your body type.

The rollers will then adjust according to your unique dimensions. This ensures that you get the best massage experience with the most accuracy.

The 3D scan does sound impressive on paper, but know that it’s not always accurate—and that goes for all chairs with this feature. You may need to adjust the rollers manually to get them perfect.

An illustration of a woman sitting on the Ideal Shiatsu Massage Chair in zero gravity recline

Zero Gravity Seating

The Ideal full-body massage chair hits the nail on the head with its Zero-G seating, and we can confidently say that this feature alone adds incredible value for the price.

Zero Gravity seating is a concept that was inspired by NASA, and it’s a highly sought-after feature in massage chairs.

When your body is elevated at a certain angle with your legs above your heart, it induces a blissful feeling of weightlessness. Gravity takes the weight off your joints, releasing all pressure and tension.

Zero Gravity seating is believed to improve blood circulation throughout the body and give users relief from chronic back pain

As we mentioned, most ergonomic recliners offer this function, but what you need to look at is how many Zero-G positions are offered. Low-budget chairs and even some high-end ones will only offer one position—boring.

The big players offer 2-3 positions to give users the most comfortable recline angle. The Ideal massage chair? It offers three Zero-G positions, so once again—a great value for the price.

Ideal Electric Massage Chair with brown PU upholstery and two red oval drawings indicating heat in the lumbar area

Lumbar Heat

After we were stunned by the Zero Gravity Seating on this chair, we were a bit disappointed to learn that it only offers heat in the lumbar region.

The fact that it offers heat at all is a blessing, but there are chairs on the market with full-body heat or at least heating in the leg wells.

Still, if you suffer from chronic back pain, then the roller massage combined with the lumbar heating element will melt away pain and loosen up tight muscles with ease.

Ideal Back Massage Chair Programs

For a modestly priced recliner, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of massage options offered with the Ideal electric massage chair.

An illustration of a woman getting a full-body massage from the Ideal Zero Gravity Massage Chair

There are 10 auto programs that let you jump into the seat and sink into oblivion with the push of a button.

The Auto Programs include:

  • Swing Sleep
  • Stretch
  • Upper Back
  • Lower Back
  • Buttocks
  • Full Back
  • Relaxation
  • Recovery
  • Swedish
  • Activate

The manual settings are where the Ideal massage chair shines. You can build a custom massage using 6 techniques: kneading, tapping, Shiatsu Massage, knocking, combo kneading/tapping, and spinal rolling.

Each program is 30 minutes long, but you can adjust the time anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes. This is great because you won’t have to disrupt your relaxation by fiddling with the remote when you want to stop or start a session.

You can also link multiple massage programs together, which is a rare treat that many chairs do not offer. Kudos to Forever Rest and their attention to detail here.

An illustration of the airbags on the Ideal Shiatsu Massage Chair located at the shoulders, arms, calves, & feet

Specialty Massage Programs

Back Stretch: This is a popular massage that gently stretches the muscles, as a Thai massage does. The Ideal’s stretch program is called “Spinal Rolling.” The quad rollers will squeeze together and then move up and down the spine to stretch and compress the muscles.

Air Compression Massage: This is another popular massage that uses strategically placed airbags to deliver a soothing full-body compression massage. The Ideal recliner has 48 multi-chamber airbags that massage the hands, arms, shoulders, feet, and calves.

Foot & Calf Massage: The foot massage is subpar at best. There are foot rollers and airbags, which render an average massage but not much else. We do not recommend this for people who are focused on treating chronic foot pain.

Arm Massage: There are dual-zone airbags located in the arms to render a deep compression massage, but the design of the armrests may not be a comfortable fit for certain users. Some user reviews have mentioned that the strength of the massage pushes their arms out of the armrests.

Pros vs. Cons of Ideal Zero Gravity Massage Chair


  • Budget-friendly
  • 3 Zero-G positions
  • S+L Track
  • Several customization options
  • Accommodates taller/larger body types


  • Loud mechanical transitions
  • Subpar foot/calf massage (no heat)
  • Uncomfortable armrest design

The Ideal Luxury massage Chair is as basic as it gets. You won’t find any fancy accessories, LED lights, or full-body heat. You won’t feel a single 3D quad roller on the entire track. And while the massages do feel heavenly and will help you relax, it’s not the industry standard.

With that being said, Forever Rest made sure to include all of the most popular features that you’ll find in most luxury chairs. The 3-position Zero Gravity seating is the best on the market, and 48 airbags ensure your entire body gets treated to a compression massage.

We also love that there is a plethora of customization options, which is rare for a low-range massage chair. Not only can you build a 5 to 30-minute massage using any of the programs but you can link multiple programs together.

Some Ideal Massage Chair reviews have complained that the mechanics get noisy, especially when transitioning between programs. As well, the armrests are designed in such a way that some users’ arms were forcibly pushed out during the air massage.

These are just minor gripes, though. For the price you’re paying, you get the same quality features that you’d find with more expensive chairs.

The fact that the Ideal can hold up to 300 lbs makes it a gem. You won’t find many chairs that accommodate taller/larger body types.

We Think That the Ideal is Best Suited for…

  • Hobbyists who want an affordable massage chair to help them relax after a long day.
  • People who suffer from chronic back pain andwho may benefit fromthe lumbar heating feature.

If you’re a person who spends long hours on your feet and suffers from chronic foot/leg pain, then, unfortunately, we don’t think this chair will offer a substantial foot massage since there’s no heat in the leg ports.

Instead, you might want to consider the Kahuna LM7000. This similar budget model boasts a strong foot/calf massage using mechanical rollers, airbags, and heated leg wells.

Ideal Massage Chair Warranty

Ideal massage Chair customers rave about Forever Rest’s customer service, which includes a stellar 5-year warranty plan on the steel framework and a 3-year warranty on all electronic parts.

You can also purchase an additional 2-Year Warranty.

Ideal Luxury Massage Chair Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly massage chair, the Ideal is a solid choice that does a good job of including several of the most popular luxury features in its design.

You get an extensive S&L trackand plenty of massage options to customize at your leisure. The inclusion of three Zero-G positions adds incredible value as well.

To conclude this Ideal Luxury Massage Chair review, if you are a hobbyist who wants a high-quality full body massage for less, then this will suffice. If you suffer from chronic back pain, the extensive track, vibration mode, and lumbar heat will offer therapeutic benefits you’ll enjoy.

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