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The iComfort IC1022 massage chair has some unique features like a handheld jade heater, mini tray, and headphone music system. But it’s lacking others like Zero Gravity and foot rollers. Overall, you can expect a quality roller back massage and powerful calf and foot air massage.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Handheld Jade stone heater
  • Tiny tray
  • Headphone music system
  • Automatic and manual massage programs


  • No Zero Gravity feature
  • No foot rollers
  • No shoulder air massage
iComfort IC1022 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone who's interested in unique features such as a handheld jade heater, mini tray, and headphone music system.

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Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. Check out iComfort’s new models IC6600 and IC3800.

Overview of the iComfort IC1022 Massage Chair Review

There’s no denying that there’s a lack of information about the iComfort IC1022 massage chair on the internet. With few reviews and even fewer retailers stocking it, you may feel limited in your quest for information.

But fear not.

In this iComfort massage chair IC1022 review, we’re taking out the guess work and walking you through each feature to help you see if it’s worth your time or money.

Let’s get started!

Features of the iComfort Massage Chair IC1022

Body Scan Technology

Before a massage program begins on the iComfort IC1022 massage chair, a body scan initiates. During the scan, the massage rollers move up and down your back to locate the position of your shoulders (height). When the scan is complete, the rollers automatically adjust their range to give you a custom massage.

So why is this important?

It’s important because without scan technology the roller range would be based on a fixed height or you’d have to manually position them each time you use the chair.

While the body scan on the iComfort IC1022 isn’t the most sophisticated technology, it will, at the very least, fit the rollers to your height.

30-inch S-Track with Quad Rollers

iComfort Massage Chair IC1022 Review S Track - Consumer Files

Once the body scan is complete, the roller massage begins.

The rollers are quad, which means there are four total — two on each side of the spine. The rollers move along a 30-inch S-Track that extends from the top of your neck to your tailbone.

You may be wondering… what exactly is an S-Track?

An S-Track describes the shape of the massage track, which is an “S.” The “S” shape is critical because it replicates the natural curvature of your spine, which produces a more custom-feeling massage and helps the rollers keep consistent contact and pressure in curvy areas like your neck.

The rollers are 2D, which means they move in two ways: up and down and side to side. It’s important to note that since the rollers are 2D, there’s no way to adjust the depth of the rollers or the intensity of your massage.

Air Massage Technology

In addition to rollers, the iComfort IC1022 massage chair features air massage. While the IC1022 doesn’t offer head-to-toe air massage coverage like a lot of other chairs, it does cover three key areas: forearms, buttock, calves and feet.

Let’s take a closer look at each area…

  • Forearms – Rather than having arm wells that cover the forearms and hands, the IC1022 features a circular massager that treats the forearms only. The airbags inflate and deflate to perform compression massage that squeezes the muscles to increase circulation and the removal of stagnant fluids from the area.
  • Buttock – Under the seat are three airbags that inflate to massage the buttock and thighs.
  • Calves and Feet – Inside of the ottoman are airbags that inflate to squeeze the calves and feet.
iComfort Massage Chair IC1022 Review Air Massage - Consumer Files

The three areas can be selected independently or altogether during a manual massage program. And there are three levels of air massage intensity: mild, medium, strong.


The iComfort massage chair IC1022 also features vibration massage in not one but two areas, including the lower back and seat.

Vibration massage uses high-frequency plates to vibrate the areas to stimulate the muscles and the movement of blood. Typically, massage chairs that feature vibration massage only offer one strength setting, the IC1022, however, offers three: mild, medium and strong. Or, you can turn it off altogether.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is a common massage chair feature, but how the iComfort IC1022 incorporates it is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Rather than having heating pads in the backrest or seat, the iComfort IC1022 features a hand-held heating device that uses five Xiu jade stones which serve as infrared emission sources.

According to, “Jade is the most efficient natural infrared heat absorber of all the semiprecious stones. Through jade, far infrared passes its heat smoothly to the body. It also creates negative ions, which is calming and soothing to the body.”

The device can be placed anywhere you need heat therapy and has seven different heat settings from 104 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, with 104 being the default temperature.

Mini Tray

iComfort Massage Chair IC1022 Review Mini Tray - Consumer Files

Next to the armrest extended off the side of the iComfort IC1022 massage chair is a mini tray. The tray serves as a surface to hold the handheld heating device as well as additional items like tea or your phone. This feature is unique to iComfort massage chairs.


Another massage-enhancing feature on the iComfort IC1022 is its music system.

But here’s the deal.

The music system on the iComfort IC1022 is different than what you find on other massage chairs.

First, it doesn’t have built-in speakers. Instead, it comes with a set of headphones. Second, it doesn’t have an MP3 port or Bluetooth. Instead, it has an SD card reader that lets you download music files onto the chair. Finally, there’s no easy access to the SD reader. Instead, you have to insert your SD card on the back, base of the chair.

So it’s not the most convenient music system. But if you don’t mind reaching around the chair to add or exchange your music, you’ll be rewarded with soothing sounds that will enhance your massage experience.

LCD Pedestal Remote

iComfort Massage Chair IC1022 Review Remote - Consumer Files

The iComfort massage chair IC1022 features a pedestal remote that stands on the side of the chair. It has a bright LCD screen that displays all of the active functions and remaining time of the massage. Under the screen are backlit buttons that make selecting each function easy.

The buttons are clearly labeled so you won’t have to spend too much time memorizing the iComfort IC1022 manual.

Massage Techniques and Programs on the iComfort IC1022 Massage Chair

The iComfort IC1022 features six massage techniques, including Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Kneading and Tapping, Rolling, and Shiatsu. These techniques cover the fundamental movements of Shiatsu-style massage.

When used in manual mode, each technique has five levels of speed adjustment except for Shiatsu which doesn’t have any. The width of the rollers can be adjusted by three levels: narrow, medium, and wide.

Automatic Massage Programs

Using a combination of roller and air massage, the iComfort IC1022 performs five automatic massages. These programs are fully automated, simply press a button and enjoy your massage. The default massage time is 15 minutes but you can adjust the timer up to 30 minutes. Let’s take a closer look at the programs…

iComfort Massage Chair IC1022 Review Techniques - Consumer Files
  • Relax – A full-body massage that uses a combination of roller massage, lower body air massage, and vibration to relax your mind and muscles.
  • Health Care – A full-body restorative massage that focuses on treating the shoulders, back, and waist to increase circulation.
  • Physical Therapy – A full-body massage that treats the upper body and lower body using a combination of roller and air massage.
  • Fatigue – A full-body massage intended to revitalize sore and tired muscles focusing on the shoulders, back, and waist.
  • Personal – Divides the upper body into 16 massage points for a personalized treatment of sore and stiff areas.

Manual Massage Programs

In addition to the automatic massage programs, the iComfort IC1022 features six manual programs. These programs are more specialized, focusing on specific areas. They include:

  • Whole Upper Body – Focuses on treating the upper body which includes the shoulders, upper back and lumbar area.
  • Neck and Shoulder – Focuses on treating the neck and shoulder with roller massage.
  • Back and Waist – Focuses on treating the back and waist using a combination of roller and air massage.
  • Whole Body – A full-body program that incorporates a variety of techniques to massage from the neck to the feet.
  • Partial – Focuses on a specific zone on the back.
  • Fixed – Focuses on a specific point on the back.

Manual Mode Options Highlights

iComfort Massage Chair IC1022 Review Arm - Consumer Files
  • Six massage techniques
  • Five roller speed settings
  • Three roller width settings
  • Three vibration speed settings (back and seat can be adjusted independently)
  • Seven heat strength settings
  • Three air massage location settings
  • Three air massage strength settings

What’s Missing on the iComfort Massage Chair IC1022

We can’t wrap up our iComfort IC1022 review without taking a look at what this chair is missing. While the iComfort IC1022 does offer quite a few popular features, for the price, it is missing some features you can find on other massage chairs, including:

Shoulder Air Massage

While other massage chairs feature airbags that press into the sides of the shoulders or even hold the upper body in place during a stretch program, the iComfort IC1022 lacks both shoulder airbags and a stretch program.

Zero Gravity

iComfort Massage Chair IC1022 Review Foot Rollers - Consumer Files

Zero Gravity puts the body into a neutral position that shifts weight to the backrest while elevating the feet. It’s a therapeutic position that takes pressure off the spine, allowing the muscles to fully relax, which is why it’s become a hugely popular massage chair feature. Plus, it holds the body on top of the rollers for a deeper massage.

While the iComfort IC1022 reclines up to 170 degrees and has a powered ottoman, it doesn’t offer true Zero Gravity. So there’s no “Zero Gravity” button on the remote.

Foot Rollers

Another popular feature you won’t find on the iComfort IC1022 massage chair is foot rollers. Foot rollers spin and knead under the feet to perform a reflexology-style massage.

Final Thoughts on IComfort Massage Chair IC1022 Review

The iComfort IC1022 incorporates some interesting features like a handheld Jade stone heater, tiny tray, headphone music system, and a robust set of automatic and manual massage programs. But there are a few features it’s missing that could also be deal breakers — zero-gravity, foot rollers, and shoulder air massage. Regardless of if it’s the right chair for you, we hope our iComfort massage chair IC1022 review shed some light on this model and helped make your research process a little easier.

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