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The iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair has a great blend of therapeutic features including unique 3D rotating head massage rollers, full body air massage, vibration massage, and Zero Gravity recliner.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Zero gravity reclining
  • Full body air massage
  • 3D rotating head massage rollers
  • 3D body scan technology
  • Vibration massage


  • No heat therapy
  • Less massage techniques programs

Unfortunately, the iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair has been Discontinued. We recommend checking out the Osaki TW-Chiro Massage Chair.

The iComfort IC1124 is a great overall massage chair right at the $4,000. But as you might know, there are a lot of impressive chairs around that price point, so you might be wondering…

Why choose the iComfort IC1124 over all the others?

If you are curious about this chair, you’re in luck because in this iComfort IC1124 massage chair review, we fill you in on all its important features, massage techniques, and programs. Plus, we take a look at another popular chair with a similar price tag and feature set to see how the iComfort IC1124 compares to its competition, the Osaki TW-Chiro.

iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair Review Comparison - Consumer Files iComfort IC1124iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair Review Osaki Chiro Cream - Consumer Files Osaki TW-Chiro
Roller Track StyleS-TrackS-Track
Body Scan
Air Massage
Arm Air Massage
Seat Air Massage
Leg Air Massage
Foot Air Massage
Powered Recline
Zero Gravity
Heat Therapy
Number of Massage Techniques7N/A
Number of Massage Programs1116

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a good idea whether the iComfort IC1124 is right for you or if you need to keep shopping.

​Features of the iComfort IC1124 Therapeutic Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Reclining

If you’re spending any more than $2,000 on a massage chair, it’s a good idea to go with a model that offers true Zero Gravity. And the iComfort IC1124 definitely does…

Zero Gravity is a special type of reclining that allows your body to decompress and relax thoroughly and efficiently. By bringing your back horizontal and elevating your legs above your heart, your body enters what’s known as the “neutral posture position,” which helps stimulates blood flow throughout your entire body. Plus, the position allows your muscles, bones, and tissue to escape the gravity-induced stress of everyday life.

Also, with more weight placed over the backrest of the chair, the massage rollers can apply greater pressure to the back, making this a great chair for fans of deep-tissue massage.

Full Body Air Massage

The iComfort IC1124 has a whopping 43 airbags that offer head-to-toe air compression massage. The shoulders, arms, seat, thighs, calves, and feet are all covered by airbags that squeeze and knead the muscles as they inflate.

iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair Review Power Recline - Consumer Files

Air massage is an integral component of the chair’s auto massage programs and can be enjoyed separately using manual controls. For a customized experience, the intensity of the airbags can be adjusted allowing you to find the perfect amount of massage pressure.

3D Rotating Head Massage Rollers

The biggest highlight we found in our iComfort IC1124 review is the chair’s 3D massage roller system. These specialized rollers move in three directions — up and down, side to side, and in and out. By moving in and out, the rollers provide varying degrees of massage penetration, creating a more lifelike massage experience.

Unlike other massage chairs with 3D rollers, the iComfort IC1124 uses “rotating head” massage rollers that open up a wide range of massage motions not possible on other chairs. As a result, the iComfort IC1124 has a high number of distinct massage techniques and programs — more on those later.

3D Body Scan Technology

iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair Review Scan Tech - Consumer Files

When you begin a massage program in the iComfort IC1124, the chair first performs a body scan with the 3D rollers. The purpose of the body scan is to measure your unique shoulder height and body size in order to customize the massage actions specifically to you.

30-Inch S-Track

The chair’s 3D massage rollers operate from the back of your neck down to your tailbone moving along a 30-inch S-Track. The track is shaped to match the curves of the spine in order to apply consistent massage pressure throughout the entire range of the back.

Vibration Massage

iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair Review 3D Roller - Consumer Files

In addition to 3D roller massage and air compression massage, the iComfort IC1124 offers vibration massage for the back and seat. Most massage chairs with vibration massage often only have vibration motors in the seat or legs, so the fact that the iComfort IC1124 has it in the back as well could make a big difference for some users.

Another distinction regarding the chair’s vibration system is that there are three levels of vibration strength available. Simply choose the vibration zone, adjust the strength, and let the vibration ease any tension away.

MP3 Music Player

Adding to the overall experience of the chair, the iComfort IC1124 is complete with a built-in MP3 player. An SD card is included so you can upload music from your computer and then insert it into the chair. Music selections can then be made using the chair’s LCD remote control.

Unfortunately, the iComfort IC1124 doesn’t have speakers, so music from the MP3 player has to be listened to with headphones, which are included.

Music Synchronization

iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair Review Remote - Consumer Files

A cool feature that’s made possible by the chair’s MP3 player is a special music synchronization massage program. During “Music Sync,” the rhythm and speed of the massage rollers are synchronized to the beat of your music — a great way to relax your body and mind simultaneously.

LCD Remote

Every function of the iComfort IC1124 is controlled with a large control panel style LCD remote mounted to the armrest of the chair. The screen features a body diagram that shows the specific areas that are being massaged and individual icons show which programs and settings are activated.

Massage Techniques of the iComfort IC1124

Using the chair’s 3D roller system, the iComfort IC1124 offers seven unique massage techniques including:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Pressing
  • Knocking
iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair Review Auto - Consumer Files

Each massage technique can be enjoyed independently through the chair’s manual mode function and the speed, width, and depth of the rollers can be adjusted easily.

Auto Programs of the iComfort IC1124

The massage techniques listed above are also used extensively during the chair’s 11 automatic massage programs along with full body air massage functions. Each program utilizes a different combination of roller and air massage techniques to create a holistic massage experience targeted at different body areas and desired results.

The eleven auto programs are:

  • Relax
  • Health Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Fatigue Recovery
  • Prescription
  • Neck and Shoulder
  • Whole Upper Body
  • Back and Waist
  • ​Overall
  • Partial
  • Fixed

Dimensions of the iComfort IC1124

Chair Dimensions (upright)57″ L X 35″ W X 50″ H
Chair Dimensions (reclined)78″ L X 35″ W X 35″ H
Recommended Maximum User Weight300 lbs
Recommended User Height4’10” to 6’1″
Chair Weight291 lbs

How Does it Compare? iComfort IC1124 vs. Osaki TW-Chiro

As we mentioned earlier in this iComfort IC1124 therapeutic massage chair review, there are a ton of great massage chair options at the $4,000 price point. One of those chairs is the Osaki TW-Chiro​. If you’re seriously hunting for the best massage chair, there’s a high likelihood that your choice will come down to these two chairs.

Color Variants of Osaki TW-Chiro Massage Chair

A smaller image of Osaki TW-Chiro in Beige color
A smaller image of Osaki TW-Chiro in Black color
A smaller image of Osaki TW-Chiro in Brown color

Let’s see how they compare by first looking at what they have in common.


  • 3D rollers
  • 3D computer body scan
  • S-track
  • Full air body massage

You’ll notice that the core massage components of both the iComfort IC1124 ​and the Osaki TW Chiro are very similar. Now let’s see what’s different…

11 vs. 16 Auto Programs

iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair Review Osaki Chiro Scan - Consumer Files

We thought the iComfort IC1124 had a high number of auto massage programs, but then we found the Osaki TW Chiro with 16 total — a huge number for a mid-range massage chair.

To find a massage chair with more than 16 auto programs you’ll have to bump up several thousand dollars in price and go for a higher-end chair like the Osaki Japan Premium 4S which has 25 automatic programs and 85 massage techniques.

Zero Gravity vs. No Zero Gravity

A huge advantage the iComfort IC1124 has over the Osaki TW Chiro massage chair is Zero Gravity Recline. While the Osaki TW Chiro does recline a full 180 degrees, it doesn’t offer the same weightless feeling as true Zero Gravity.

Which Is Better: iComfort IC1124 or Osaki TW Chiro?

As you can see, other than aesthetics, there are only a few differences between these two chairs and they share many core message features. However, since the iComfort IC1124 has true Zero Gravity and the Osaki TW Chiro does not, so we feel that the better chair is the iComfort IC1124.

iComfort IC1124 Massage Chair Review Conclusion

So is the iComfort IC1124 a good fit for you and your household? If you enjoy 3D massage rollers, full body air massage, and true Zero Gravity reclining, then maybe it is. We hope our iComfort IC1124 massage chair review was helpful and brought you one step closer to the perfect massage chair.

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