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The iComfort IC1121 has several popular massage features including a 29-inch S-Track and seat vibration massage, but lacks many others such as full body air massage, body scan technology, and Zero Gravity. At over $3,000, we feel that the iComfort IC1121 isn’t worth the price considering its lack of features.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • 29-inch S-track with Quad-style massage rollers
  • Seat and leg air compression massage
  • Head and arm massagers
  • Seat vibration massage
  • MP3 player and built-in speakers
  • Push button remote control


  • No body scan technology
  • No foot air massage
  • No heat therapy
  • No zero gravity seating position
iComfort IC1121 Massage Chair

The iComfort IC1121 has several popular massage features including a 29-inch S-Track and seat vibration massage but lacks many others such as full-body air massage, body scan technology, and Zero Gravity.

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Unfortunately, the iComfort IC1121 has been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Titan TP-Pro 8400 massage chair.


iComfort IC1121 lacks a lot of features iComfort IC1121Titan TP-Pro 8400 incorporates the most advanced massage technology in the Titan Chair series Titan TP-Pro 8400
S-Track Roller MassageS-Track (29”)L-Track (50”)
Body Scan
Air Massage
Arm Air Massage
Seat Air Massage
Leg Air Massage
Foot Air Massage
Powered Recline
Zero Gravity
Heat Therapy
Number of Massage Techniques56
Number of Massage Programs45

They say you get what you pay for, but when it comes to massage chairs that’s not always true.

If you’re interested in buying the iComfort IC1121 massage chair, it’s a good idea to fully understand whether or not this chair is worth the high asking price.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Because in this iComfort IC1121 massage chair review, we take an in-depth look at this chair which we feel is overpriced in many ways. After we assess the chair’s features, we’ll show you what we mean by comparing the iComfort IC1121 with a chair that offers a lot more for a lower price — the Titan TP-Pro 8400.

Features of the iComfort IC1121 Massage Chair

29-Inch S-Track

The iComfort IC1121 has what’s widely held as the industry standard massage track — a 29-inch S-Track. Many massage chairs ranging from $1,000 to over $8,000 in price all have S-Tracks, so it’s good to see that the iComfort IC1121 keeps pace with the pack — no complaints here.

The main benefit of an S-Track over a more basic linear or straight track is that an S-Track is ergonomically-shaped to match the curves of the human spine. This allows the massage rollers to maintain even massage pressure throughout the entire range of the back.

Quad-Style Massage Rollers

Mounted to the chair’s S-Track is a pair of quad-style massage rollers consisting of four individual massage heads that operate in unison. Again, a very standard massage mechanism found on many massage chair across a wide range of price points — good, but nothing special.

Seat and Leg Air Compression Massage

Here’s where we feel the iComfort IC1121 really falls short — a severe lack of air massage functionality.

While most massage chairs over $3,000 have full body air massage, the iComfort IC1121 only offers air massage for the seat and legs. 15 airbags perform squeeze and release massage actions to gently massage the seat and legs, and although the chair does a great job at this, airbags throughout the rest of the chair would be a welcome addition.

Head and Arm Massagers

iComfort IC1121 features separate movable air massagers for the head and arms

There is an exception to the lack of air massage found on the iComfort IC1121 — separate movable air massagers for the head and arms. These unique additions aren’t often seen on massage chairs, and while they are a novel concept, it’s unclear how well they’ll perform in terms of long-term massage therapy.

The head massager is a small contraption that contains air bags. It’s placed on top of the head and is secured with a velcro strap. When activated, the airbags inflate and deflate to compress and release the muscles of the head.

The arm massagers function similarly to the head massager. With one on each side of the chair, the arm massagers function like cuffs that wrap around the forearms similar to a blood pressure tester. When activated, airbags inside the arm cuffs inflate and deflate performing compression massage for the arms.

The major problem with the head and arm massagers is that they must be manually connected to the chair with a set of air hoses that extend from the side of the chair. And only one device can be used at a time — either head or arm massage, not both.

Overall, it seems like iComfort added the extra head and arm massagers as an afterthought to the chair’s design in an effort to make up for the chair’s lack of air massage. Nice try, but not ideal.

Seat Vibration Massage

Vibration motors in the seat of the chair deliver vibration massage for the buttocks and thigh muscles. This is one of those standard features found on many massage chairs across all price points. Again, nice to see the iComfort IC1121 keeping up with other massage chairs, but vibration massage doesn’t do much to make the chair stand out.

Automatic Recline

As should be expected on any massage chair over $1,000, the iComfort IC1121 offers fully automatic reclining up to 170 degrees. In the fully reclined position, your body will be almost completely horizontal which is one of the best positions for your body to relax to get the most out of a massage session.

MP3 Player and Built-In Speakers

Here’s another one of those features that seems like a great idea on paper, but in practice is a bit awkward and not ideal from a user experience standpoint. It’s an MP3 player that requires an external SD card to be loaded with music from a computer and then inserted into the chair. Songs on the SD card can be played through the chair’s built-in speakers.

Compared to how most people listen to music these days — on their smartphones either with headphones or connected wirelessly to a Bluetooth speaker — the music system of the iComfort IC1121 is very clunky. It’s so much easier to simply bring your phone with you into the chair and stream tunes through Pandora, Spotify, or iTunes than it is to blindly navigate through a list of songs using the chair’s push button remote.

However, if you only like listening to a handful of relaxing spa-like songs during a massage, loading them onto the chair’s SD card might be a good option. You’ll have to decide whether or not it’s worth the effort.

Push Button Remote Control

Every feature of the iComfort IC1121 is controlled with a fairly basic push button remote. Nothing fancy here.

Using the remote, you can select a massage program, make adjustments to the massage rollers, recline the chair and adjust the foot ottoman, and navigate through songs on the chair’s built-in MP3 player.

Massage Techniques and Programs on the iComfort IC1121

Automatic Massage Programs of the iComfort IC1121

Now that we’ve covered the features and components of the iComfort IC1121, let’s talk about the massage programs that are available.

iComfort IC1121 offers only four automatic programs

When compared to other massage chairs (as you’ll see later) the iComfort IC1121 as an underwhelming number of automatic massage programs — four — and they aren’t based on offering any specific therapeutic benefits. Instead, the automatic programs simply operate the chair’s massage functions for different areas of the body.

The four automatic massage programs of the iComfort IC1121 are:

  • ​Upper Body and Full Back
  • Upper Back, Neck, and Shoulders
  • ​Lower Back
  • Stretching

Simply select an automatic program and the massage begins right away. No body scan, no customization, just back roller massage and seat and leg air massage in different combinations.

Manual Massage Techniques of the iComfort IC 1121

iComfort IC1121 offers five massage techniques that utilize the chair's quad rollers and S-Track

As an alternative to the automatic massage programs of the iComfort IC1121, the chair’s features can be used with a greater range of customization using the manual massage techniques.

The iComfort IC1121 offers five massage techniques that utilize the chair’s quad rollers and S-Track. They are as follows:

  • ​Kneading
  • ​Reverse Kneading
  • Knocking
  • Tapping
  • Vibration

When you select a massage technique, you have two options for operation: whole body and partial.

In whole body mode, the massage rollers move up and down the entire back performing the selected technique. In partial, the massage rollers stay in a stationary position which can be moved up and down the back manually using a set of up and down arrows. This gives you the ability to target small areas and muscles on your back to work out sore spots.

Another degree of customization you have is massage roller width control. There are three width settings available, and each one moves the massage roller farther away from the center to offer more coverage of your back.

While using the manual massage techniques of the iComfort IC1121, you can also choose to add seat vibration and seat and leg air massage.

How Does it Compare? iComfort IC1121 vs. Titan TP-Pro 8400

There are some decent features on the iComfort IC1121, but overall, we feel there are better options on the market that will give you much more bang for your buck.

One of those better options is the Titan TP-Pro 8400, and as you’ll see, it’s around $300 less expensive than the iComfort IC1121 but a whole lot more capable. Let’s see how the two chairs compare…

S-Track vs. L-Track

Titan TP-Pro 8400 has a 50-inch L-Track

The biggest distinction between the iComfort IC1121 and the Titan TP-Pro 8400 is the massage track style — the iComfort IC1121 has a 29-inch S-Track while the Titan TP-Pro 8400 has a 50-inch L-Track.

In basic terms, an L-Track is simply an S-Track that extends into the seat of the chair offering roller massage for the buttocks and thighs in addition to the upper body. L-Track are generally found on higher-end massage chairs, but the Titan TP-Pro 8400 bucks the trend.

The bottom line is, if you want a significantly extended massage range, the L-Track of the Titan TP-Pro 8400 is what you need.

No Body Scan vs. Body Scan Technology

From a therapeutic perspective, massage customization and personalization has an enormous influence on the effectiveness of a massage session. Since every person is shaped differently, a one-size-fits-all approach to massage chair programs is very limiting. And since the iComfort IC1121 lacks a body scan system, you’re stuck with a one-size-fits-all massage.

The Titan TP-Pro 8400, however, does feature a body scan system that measures the shoulder height and body shape of the user before every massage session. After the scan completes, the massage rollers are adapted to the user’s unique shape and height, resulting in a custom-fit massage that is ultimately more therapeutic.

Seat and Leg vs. Full Body Air Massage

Another major difference between these two chairs is the amount of air massage coverage. As we discussed, the iComfort IC1121 only offers air massage for the seat and legs, which is rather limited by modern standards.

The Titan TP-Pro 8400 on the other hand, has the full body air massage coverage you’d expect to find on a massage chair costing nearly $3,000. The seat, legs, feet, lumbar back, hips, shoulders, arms, and hands all receive rejuvenating air compression massage from dedicated airbags.

170 Degree Recline vs. Zero Gravity Recline

Titan TP-Pro 8400 offers true zero gravity

Zero Gravity is an extremely popular massage chair feature that’s offered on all the best massage chairs. And while the iComfort IC1121 does have automatic recline that lowers the chair a full 170 degrees, it isn’t true Zero Gravity which requires that the legs be elevated above the upper body to achieve a neutral posture position.

But the Titan TP-Pro 8400, in all its glory, does offer true Zero Gravity. This fact alone makes the chair the clear winner in terms of overall therapeutic benefit. In the Zero Gravity position, the user’s body weight is evenly distributed across the horizontal plane, allowing the body to thoroughly relax and decompress. Zero Gravity takes any massage program to the next level.

MP3 Player vs. No Music System

Something that the iComfort IC1121 does have that the Titan TP-Pro 8400 doesn’t is a built-in music system. But since the MP3 player of the iComfort IC1121 is arguably outdated and cumbersome to use, the fact that the Titan TP-Pro 8400 doesn’t have a music system really isn’t anything to worry about.

While you don’t get a music system with the Titan TP-Pro 8400, the chair offers so much more compared to the iComfort IC1121 that this one small shortcoming can be easily forgiven.

Push Button vs. LCD Remote

A small but important difference between the two chairs are the remotes each uses. The iComfort IC 1121 uses a very basic push button remote whereas the Titan TP-Pro 8400 uses a more advanced LCD screen remote.

The remote of the Titan TP-Pro 8400 is still technically a push button remote, but with the LCD screen, it offers a visual representation of the massage programs and techniques that make the selection process easier. You can see exactly which programs and settings are activated to help you make tweaks and adjustments to your massage without any guesswork.

Which is Better: iComfort IC1121 or Titan TP-8400?

It’s clear that we are huge fans of the Titan TP-Pro 8400 and think it’s a far superior chair to the iComfort IC1121. When you compare the two feature for feature, it’s almost unbelievable that the iComfort IC1121 is the more expensive chair.

If you want to put your massage chair budget to the best use, pass on the iComfort IC1121 and go with the Titan TP-8400.

iComfort IC1121 Massage Chair Reviews Conclusion

If the iComfort IC1121 cost half the price, it would be a worthy contender as a quality massage chair. But at over $3,000, there’s just no excuse for its lack of features.

 So if you want a massage chair that’s truly worth the money, take our advice in this iComfort IC1121 massage chair review — go with a more feature rich chair such as the Titan TP-Pro 8400.

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