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The iComfort IC1114 is an affordable massage chair but it lacks many of the popular features that you’d hope to find on a modern massage chair.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Four-head massage roller mechanism for effective massage
  • 170-degree recline for comfortable positioning
  • 12 massage techniques offer variety in massage experience


  • No arm air massage
  • No foot air massage
  • No Zero Gravity
  • No heat therapy
iComfort IC1114 Massage Chair

An affordable massage chair but it lacks many of the popular features that you’d hope to find on a modern massage chair.

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iComfort IC1114 VS Osaki OS 1000 VS Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

iComfort IC1114

iComfort IC1114 Review Comparison - Consumer Files
Osaki OS1000

iComfort IC1114 Review OS 1000 Comparison - Consumer Files
Human Touch WholeBody 7.1
iComfort IC1114 Review HT 7.1 Comparison - Consumer Files
Roller Track StyleStraightS-TrackS-Track
Body Scan
Air Massage
Arm Air Massage
Seat Air Massage
Leg Air Massage
Foot Air Massage
Paddle Leg and Foot Massage
Powered Recline
Zero Gravity
Heat Therapy
Number of Massage Techniques1244
Number of Massage Programs055

The iComfort IC1114 is a very straightforward massage chair without any particularly interesting features. Still, if you’re shopping for a massage chair in the sub-$2,000 range, it’s worth your time to take a closer look on our iComfort IC1114 review.

You won’t find much information online about the iComfort IC1114 and you won’t find many user reviews, which makes the task of researching this chair difficult. But to help you in your search, this article covers all the known details of the iComfort IC1114, analyzing the chair to see if it’s a worthy purchase.

Let’s get started!

Features of the iComfort Massage Chair Model IC1114

Four Head Roller Massage Mechanism

Roller massage is the primary massage function offered on the IC1114. A four-head roller mechanism is mounted to a massage track in the backrest of the chair. The mechanism travels up and down the track and the massage heads are used to apply pressure to the muscles of the back.

iComfort IC1114 Review Roller - Consumer Files

The massage mechanism is used to perform a variety of different massage techniques — we’ll cover those later.

Retractable Legrest

When sitting in the IC1114, your legs are placed inside cushioned slots on the legrest of the chair. Each slot features a series of airbags used to apply air compression massage to the calf muscles.

iComfort IC1114 Review Side - Consumer Files

In addition to massaging the legs, the retractable legrest is used to elevate the legs and feet while in the reclined position. The legrest is articulated allowing for leg position adjustments to be made independent of the backrest or recline of the chair.

Air Massage for Seat a​nd Legs

As mentioned, the iComfort IC1114 offers air compression for the legs, but it also has airbags in the seat portion of the chair. These seat airbags gently massage the hips and thighs and add to the comfort of the chair.

iComfort IC1114 Review recline - Consumer Files

170-Degree Power Recline / Incline

Finding a comfortable position in which to relax during a massage is easy with the iComfort IC1114 thanks to a powered backrest. The backrest reclines a full 170 degrees, allowing your body to become almost completely horizontal. When you raise the legs and feet with the legrest, your body weight is spread out evenly allowing for decompression of the muscles to occur inducing deep relaxation.

Using buttons on the remote control, the angle of recline can be easily adjusted to help you find the most comfortable body position and make quick changes on the fly.

LCD Screen Remote Control

Every function and setting of the iComfort IC1114 can be selected and adjusted using the chair’s push-button remote. With an LCD screen, a visual representation of the chair’s function can be seen so you know exactly what’s happening with the chair.

Massage Function and Programs of the iComfort IC1114

Now that we’ve covered the components and features of the iComfort IC1114, let’s see how the chair uses them to deliver massage and the options available.

12 Massage Techniques

While you won’t find any automatic massage programs on the IC1114, you will find a surprisingly high number of massage techniques. Each technique uses the chair’s four-head roller mechanism to perform unique massage actions on the muscles of the back.

iComfort IC1114 Review Front View- Consumer Files

The 12 massage techniques of the iComfort IC1114 are:

  • Full Course (Rolling)
  • Kneading
  • Kneading and Rolling
  • Pressing
  • Pressing and Rolling
  • Knocking
  • Knocking and Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Tapping and Rolling
  • Kneading and Tapping
  • Knocking and Tapping
  • Rolling and Air Compression

The massage techniques are activated using the remote control and are essentially operated manually instead of as part of an automatic massage program. While you’re enjoying any of the massage techniques, you can recline the chair and add seat or leg air massage to complete the massage experience.

3 Speed Settings

With the iComfort IC1114, your customization options are relatively limited compared to other massage chairs. However, you can control the speed of the massage rollers with three speed settings available. Changing the speed affects the rate at which the massage rollers operate when performing the chosen technique to produce a different massage sensation.

​iComfort IC1114 vs Osaki OS 1000 vs Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

Let’s say you don’t see yourself falling in love with the iComfort IC1114, but you really like its price and want to keep your massage chair purchase in the neighborhood of $1,500… Well, you’re in luck because within that price range there are several massage chairs you should consider that offer considerably more than the iComfort IC1114.​

To show you what we mean, let’s take a look two of the best budget-friendly massage chairs on the market — the Osaki OS 1000 and the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 — and how they compare to the iComfort IC1114.

iComfort IC114 vs Osaki OS 1000

Straight Track vs. S-Track

A major difference between these two chairs is that the Osaki OS 1000 has an ergonomically-shaped S-Track while the iComfort IC1114 has a straight track.

iComfort IC1114 Review OS 1000 Side - Consumer Files
Why does this matter?

With a straight track, the massage rollers move up and down the backrest without accounting for the curves of the human spine. Since your lower back curves in and your upper back curves out, with a straight track, the massage rollers will place more pressure on the upper back and less on the lower back.​

But with an S-Track, the massage rollers are able to stay in contact with the back throughout the entire range. That means you’ll receive the same massage pressure from your neck all the way down to your tailbone.

Leg Massage vs. Leg and Foot Massage

iComfort IC1114 Review OS 1000 Recline - Consumer Files

While the iComfort IC1114 does offer leg massage, it has an open-toed legrest that doesn’t allow for the feet to be massaged as well. The Osaki OS 1000, however, has a legrest design that includes the feet, which is what’s found on the vast majority of massage chairs. Airbags inside the Osaki OS 1000’s leg and footrest provide air compression massage which can be added to any of the chairs automatic or manual massage programs.​

No Vibration vs. Vibration Massage

Although not a major massage feature, the Osaki OS 1000 has vibration plates in the seat of the chair that provides a soothing vibration massage. This feature isn’t offered on the iComfort IC1114.

iComfort IC1114 Review OS 1000 AirBags - Consumer Files

No Neck Massage vs. Neck Massage Points

While the neck massage system of the Osaki OS 1000 isn’t very impressive as those found on higher-end chairs like the Inada Dreamwave, it’s better than nothing. Neck massage points inside the headrest of the chair target “tsubo” points to help relax the muscles of the neck. No neck massage is offered on the iComfort IC1114.

Roller Speed vs. Roller Width Adjustment

Both chairs have relatively basic massage rollers systems with limited customization options, but each offers a roller adjustment that isn’t found on the other. The iComfort IC1114 allows you to adjust the speed of the rollers while the Osaki OS 1000 allows you to adjust the width of the rollers.​

No Auto Programs vs. 5 Auto Programs

As we mentioned, the iComfort IC1114 has a high number of massage techniques but doesn’t have any automatic massage programs. The Osaki OS 1000, however, offers five auto programs that allow you to make a selection then lay back and relax as the chair runs through the program.

So, Which is Best? iComfort IC1114 or Osaki OS 1000

Considering that the Osaki OS 1000 is around $100 cheaper than the iComfort IC1114 and offers several key advantages such as an S-Track, we feel that your money will be better spent on the Osaki OS 1000.

iComfort IC114 vs Human Touch WholeBody 7.1


Keep in mind that the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 is around $150 more expensive than the iComfort IC1114. However, with that small price increase comes several substantial upgrades in terms of both quality and features, of which the most notable is 3D massage rollers.

IiComfort IC1114 Review HumanTouch FlexGlide - Consumer Files

Using Human Touch’s signature FlexGlide Orbital massage rollers, the WholeBody 7.1 offers true 3D massage, which means that the massage rollers extend out from the chair to offer deeper massage pressure. These massage rollers are made of a firm rubber material and move in a way that greatly reduces any friction between the roller and your muscles. It’s just pure, smooth massage action.

Compared to the run-of-the-mill 2D roller system of the iComfort IC1114, the roller system of the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 is well worth the extra money.

Leg Massage vs. Leg or Foot Massage

Both these massage chairs have similar legrest designs with a few differences. The main difference is that on the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 the legrest is rotatable which makes both leg and foot massage possible. On the iComfort IC1114, the legrest doesn’t rotate and only leg massage can be enjoyed.

iComfort IC1114 Review HumanTouch CirQlation 2 - Consumer Files

Another key difference is that the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 uses paddle massagers in the legrest whereas the iComfort IC1114 uses airbags. The paddle massagers in the WholeBody 7.1 are what Human Touch calls CirQlation Figure-8 Technology — named because the paddles move in a figure-eight motion up and down the legs which helps increase circulation.

No Swivel Base vs. Swivel Base

While the iComfort IC1114 is a stationary chair, the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 has a swivel base that lets the chair rotate from side to side.

No Heat vs. Warm Air Technology

Heat therapy is a popular feature on massage chairs. While you won’t find it on the iComfort IC1114, the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 offers a unique variety of heat therapy. Instead of using heating pads like most massage chairs, the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 uses warm air technology that actually blows warm air through perforations in the backrests upholstery. Yet another win for the WholeBody 7.1…


With the powered backrest of the iComfort IC1114, you can recline all the way back until you’re almost parallel with the floor. This is a very relaxing position, but not nearly as therapeutic as the true Zero Gravity recline offered on the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1.

iComfort IC1114 Review HumanTouch ZeroG - Consumer Files

The main difference between regular recline and Zero Gravity recline has to do with the position of the legs in relation to the upper body. When you activate Zero Gravity mode on the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1, the backrest reclines while the legrest simultaneously elevates to bring the legs and feet slightly higher than the upper body. In this position, your body weight is very evenly distributed, greatly reducing pressure on your muscles and spine — you feel as if you’ve escaped the constant pressure of gravity.

iComfort IC1114 vs Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Conclusion

It’s pretty clear that although the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 is slightly more expensive than the iComfort IC1114, it’s the better chair. With an S-Track, 3D rollers, warm air heat therapy, and true Zero Gravity, the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 comes highly recommended for anyone shopping for a massage chair for less than $2,000.

iComfort IC1114 Review Conclusion​

The iComfort IC1114 massage chairs a few good things going for it — a four-head massage roller mechanism, 170-degree recline, and 12 massage techniques — but we feel it’s lacking in overall features to be considered worth the money.

So if you’re in the market for a high-quality massage chair with a similar price, take the advice we’re offering in this iComfort IC1114 review and go with a more feature-rich chair such as the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1.​

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