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The Human Touch ZeroG Massage Chair is stylish and delivers high-quality massage performance — especially considering its low price. While easy to use, the Volito lacks in customization features which limit your ability to tune-in the chair to your liking. Overall, it’s a great option for a reliable roller back massage and paddle calf and foot massage and is well worth the money.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Rock-solid roller massage chair
  • Offer Zero Gravity
  • FlexGlide massage technology
  • Vertical massage range adjustment
  • Recline function of both the backrest and the footrest
  • Rotating foot and calf massager with figureeight cirqlation technology


  • No heat therapy
  • No swivel base
Human Touch ZeroG Volito Massage Chair

A great option for a reliable roller back massage and paddle calf and foot massage and is well worth the money.

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Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. For a similar product, check out the ​Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 and 5.1 models.

The Human Touch Volito massage chair tops the list of most stylish massage chairs on the market. But the question is, does it actually give a great massage or is it simply eye candy?

To paint the full picture and help you make the best buying decision, this Human Touch Volito massage chair review examines the features and components of this elegant and affordable chair. Plus, we compare the Volito to another popular Human Touch chair in the same price range, the WholeBody 5.1.

Comparison Table for Human Touch Zerog Volito Massage Chair

A smaller image of ZeroG Volito ZeroG VolitoA smaller image of WholeBody 5.1 WholeBody 5.1
Flexglide Massage Rollers
FigureEight CirQlation
Zero Gravity Recline
Track Length25″27″
Roller Height Adjustment
Power Recline
Power Footrest Adjustment
Foot and Calf Massage
Rotating Legrest
Swivel Base
Heat Therapy
Number of Massage Techniques34
Number of Auto-massage Programs33
Push Button Remote
Removable Backrest Padding
Adjustable Neck Pillow
SofHyde Upholstery
Chair Weight87 lbs92 lbs

Features and Components of the ZeroG Volito Massage Chair

Open Frame Design

It’s safe to say that the Human Touch Volito doesn’t look like many other massage chairs available today. Most robotic massage chairs are big, bulky, and while functional, aren’t the most fashionable pieces of furniture. But the Human Touch Volito completely breaks the mold. It looks like a high-end luxury recliner.

Much of the Volito’s elegant appearance is due to its open frame design. Four legs on the floor make up the base of the chair and leave ample free space underneath achieving a modern and minimalist look.

Zero Gravity Recline

Zero Gravity is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the massage chair industry. Many massage chairs offer Zero Gravity, but it’s such an integral part of the Volito that it’s included in its official name: the ZeroG Volito Massage Chair.

In fact, the term “Volito” means “hover” in Latin, hinting at the weightless sensation of relaxing in the Zero Gravity recline position. But what does Zero Gravity actually mean? Allow us to explain…

Instead of simply tilting back, the backrest of the Volito reclines all the way back until it’s just shy of horizontal. At the same time, the legrest raises up, elevating the legs and feet slightly higher than the heart.

In this position, your body weight is evenly distributed across a horizontal plane. This reduces points of pressure throughout the body, in particular on the spine and legs. You don’t actually become weightless in the Zero Gravity position — because that would be impossible. However, the reduction in pressure and tension induces a feeling of lightness and deep relaxation.

Side view image of Human Touch Zerog Volito

Since we spend so much of our lives standing upright on hard surfaces or sitting in uncomfortable chairs that condone bad posture, relaxing in the Zero Gravity position can have a tremendous therapeutic and restorative effect. Your muscles get a chance to unfurl and release tension while your blood can flow freely, delivering rich nutrients throughout the body.

There is, however, one slight drawback to how the Volito employs Zero Gravity…

While many massage chairs have a dedicated button on the remote that automatically reclines the chair into the Zero Gravity position, the Volito requires that you recline the backrest and footrest separately using arrow buttons.

Having a dedicated ZeroG button would be nice. But, manually reclining and raising the legrest isn’t that big of a deal, just a slight inconvenience. Luckily, the Volito offers both powered backrest recline and powered footrest controls.

Powered Backrest and Footrest Adjustment

The Volito massage chair features a dual motor system that powers the recline function of both the backrest and the footrest. Thus, it allows you to operate both functions simultaneously. A set of arrow buttons for the backrest and footrest gives you control over both for easy adjustments. You get more control over the exact position of the backrest and footrest. Best of all, you don’t have to fuss with any hydraulic levers.

FlexGlide Massage Technology


The massage rollers in the Human Touch Volito are no ordinary rollers. They’re FlexGlide Orbital massage rollers. The rollers have a certain amount of flexibility that reduces any points of excess pressure or pinching throughout the massage range. They move across the back in an orbital pattern, which creates a very fluid movement.

In the Human Touch Volito, the FlexGlide massage rollers are mounted to a 25-inch S-track. The shape of the S-track is designed to match the contours of the human spine. Which, therefore, further reduces any friction or pinch-points throughout the range of the massage.

Human Touch describes the action of FlexGlide massage rollers as “like a hot oil massage,” which may leave you asking, “Huh?” But to put it in more understandable terms, think of FlexGlide roller massage as being smooth and resistance-free.

Vertical Massage Range Adjustment

Going further with the Volito’s massage roller system…

The Volito features three levels of vertical massage range adjustment since massage rollers are only capable when in contact with the body. This function controls the maximum height the massage rollers travel up the back.

Vertical massage range adjustment allows both short and tall users to enjoy the massage chair without having the rollers come up too short or extend too far.

Massage Width Adjustment

An image of Vertical Massage Range Adjustment

In addition to changing the height the massage rollers travel, you can also modify the width of the rollers. With the massage rollers narrow, the massage pressure is more focused and intense. While with them wider, the massage pressure is more diffused and gentle, while also covering more area.

Rotating Foot and Calf Massager with FigureEight CirQlation Technology

An image of Calf Massager

One of the most defining features of the Human Touch Volito is its rotating leg rest. Rotating into three different positions, the leg rest provides foot massage, calf massage, and can also function as a non-massage ottoman. Unlike most massage chairs that offer foot and calf massage, the Volito uses paddle massage — not air massage. This is where the term FigureEight CirQlation comes into play.

In each leg slot, there are a series of paddle massagers made of flexible rubber material. The paddles rotate in a wave-like motion, moving continuously up the legs. Human Touch claims that this FigureEight movement pushes blood up the legs towards the heart without blocking circulation in the legs like airbag massagers often do.

You can choose between two different foot and calf massage speeds or select an auto program, which provides a wide leg or foot massage. It’s important to note that the foot and calf massage capabilities of the Human Touch Volito must be enjoyed independently. This is due to the open-toe design of the leg rest and why it rotates in the first place. In the primary position, it massages the calves; in the secondary position, it massages the feet.

If you ever want to skip leg or foot massage all together, the legrest of the Volito can be flipped over, revealing a smooth surface that serves as a conventional ottoman. This feature might come in handy if injuries limit your ability to use the calf and foot massager.

While the height adjustment of the legrest is fully powered and controlled with the remote, rotating it into different positions is a manual operation. A handle on the side deploys the legrest and allows it to be moved into the different positions.

An image of Adjustable Neck Pillow

Adjustable Neck Pillow

A unique pad at the top of the backrest provides extra cushion to keep your head and neck comfortable throughout the massage. The neck pillow can slide up and down to accommodate users of various heights, or can be removed entirely. When removed, your neck comes in closer contact with the massage rollers, providing more intense massage pressure.

Removable Back Pad

Like the neck pillow, the back pad can also be removed entirely for a deeper penetrating roller massage.

Push Button Remote

An image of Push Button Remote

In terms of massage techniques, programs, and customization options, the Human Touch Volito is relatively straightforward compared to more high-tech chairs on the market.

For that reason, a simple push button remote is all that’s needed to control the massage chair. In fact, the remote of the Volito is so simple, that you only need 14 buttons to control every function and feature of the chair.

With the remote, you can quickly select an auto massage program or massage technique and adjust the vertical massage range and width of the rollers.

You can also change the calf and foot roller speed, raise and lower the backrest and footrest, and move the massage rollers up and down the back.

SofHyde Upholstery

A round image of Sofhyde Upholstery

Part of the Volito’s luxurious look and feel is owed to its SofHyde upholstery. SofHyde is a leather-like polyurethane material exclusive to Human Touch. It’s easy to clean, durable, and doesn’t restrict the movement of the massage rollers.

You may be surprised to learn that the Volito massage chair is only available in one color: Caramel. And while the chair looks great in this gorgeous tan color, it might not complement your other furniture. In which case, a massage chair with more color options might be a better choice.

Lightweight, Easy to Move

At only 87 pounds, the Zero Gravity Volito massage chair is one of the lightest chairs on the market. If you live in an upstairs apartment or foresee yourself moving in the future, the low weight of the Volito makes it much easier to move than most of the bulky, heavy massage chairs available.

World Federation of Chiropractic Endorsed

Like all Human Touch massage chairs, the ZeroG Volito is fully supported by the World Federation of Chiropractic — a worldwide non-profit organization made up of over 100,000 chiropractic doctors and wellness professionals.

Massage Techniques of the Zero Gravity Volito Massage Chair

As mentioned, the Human Touch Volito is very simple in terms of massage techniques and programs offered. Since there are no airbags in the chair, all massage functions are provided by the FlexGlide massage rollers using three distinct techniques:

  1. Kneading – With the Kneading technique, the massage rollers move in small circles simultaneously along both sides of the spine. This action lifts and stretches the muscles, alleviating soreness, relieving tension, and improving circulation throughout the spine and back muscles.
  2. Percussion – With Percussion, the massage rollers move in quick, alternating tapping movements along the spine. The entire back is invigorated with an emphasis on flexing the spinal joints to relieve spinal pressure. This technique is modeled after a famous sports medicine massage technique used for deep tissue muscle therapy.
  3. Rolling – This technique moves the massage rollers up and down the back using smooth, gentle strokes. Ideal as a warm up technique, enjoying a few minutes of Rolling is a great way to start any massage session.
  4. Stationary Vs. Zone Vs. Fluid Techniques – The first two, Kneading and Percussion, are stationary techniques. They require you to use the “position” arrows on the remote control to move the rollers around your back. This gives you complete control over where and for how long the massage rollers perform the chosen technique.

    With the Percussion technique, you also have the option to focus the massage rollers within a particular six-inch “zone.” If you choose the zone option, the “position” arrows are used to move the zone around your back.

    The last technique, Rolling, is the only fluid massage technique on the massage chair. When selected, the massage rollers perform the technique continuously up and down the back for up to fifteen minutes at a time.

    While the roller massage techniques of the Volito are very therapeutic, they do require significant user involvement.

    Thankfully, the Volito also offers three auto-massage programs that are primarily hands-of

Auto Massage Programs of the Human Touch Volito

Again, the massage programs of the Volito are far more straightforward than most massage chairs on the market. There are only three programs to choose from, and the only customization options are vertical massage range adjustment and roller width. But, once you select a program, all you have to do is lay back and relax.

All three automatic massage programs cover the full back but emphasize the particular area given in their name. Each program lasts for fifteen minutes and uses a combination of the three roller massage techniques.

  • Upper back — Provides roller massage to the whole back with an emphasis on the upper back and neck.
  • Lower back — Provides roller massage to the entire back with an emphasis on the lumbar area.
  • Full back — Provides roller massage to the entire back.

Note: You can add calf or foot massage to any of the individual massage techniques or automatic massage programs.

How Does it Compare? Human Touch ZeroG Volito vs. Human Touch WholeBody 5.1

When searching for affordable Human Touch massage chairs, the two most popular models you’ll likely encounter are the ZeroG Volito and the WholeBody 5.1. Both chairs are part of Human Touch’s WholeBody collection, sharing similar modern design elements that set them apart from other low-priced massage chairs. At under $1,500, both the Volito and WholeBody 5.1 deliver exceptional value for the money.

So which should you choose? Let’s compare the similarities and differences of the Human Touch Volito and Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 to help you decide.

Similarities of ZeroG Volito and Wholebody 5.1

Core Features

Side view of Human Touch ZeroG Volito

The Volito and WholeBody 5.1 are similar in many ways. Both chairs feature Zero Gravity recline, a rotating multi-function calf and foot massager, and SofHyde upholstery. Other features like powered backrest and footrest, vertical massage range adjustment, and roller width adjustment are the same on both chairs.

Massage Components and Performance

In terms of fundamental massage performance, the two chairs have nearly identical components. These are the FlexGlide massage rollers, S-Tracks, and FigureEight CirQlation paddle foot and calf massagers. For the most part, the massage you experience in either chair will mostly feel the same.

Differences of ZeroG Volito vs Wholebody 5.1

Black Contoured and padded armrests, Human Touch Zerog Volito


The main difference between the two chairs — besides the slightly higher price of the WholeBody 5.1 — is in their appearance. While the Volito features a very modern open frame design, the WholeBody 5.1 is built on a swivel base that is unique in its own right, but slightly more traditional. The swivel base allows you to rotate the chair within a 55-degree range of motion, kind of like an office chair.

Meanwhile, the WholeBody 5.1 appears slightly bulkier than the Volito. More padding on the backrest and larger armrest panels contribute to the chair’s heft. Plus, the WholeBody 5.1 is only available in black SofHyde upholstery, which adds to its bold appearance.

Massage Track

Another fundamental difference between the two chairs is that the WholeBody 5.1 has a longer massage track — 27 inches versus the Volito’s 25-inch massage track. In this regard, the WholeBody 5.1 would be a better option for taller users who require more massage roller range.

Massage Techniques

While the massage rollers are the same between the two chairs, the WholeBody 5.1 has an entirely different set of massage techniques than the Volito. Plus, the WholeBody 5.1 has an extra massage technique for a total of four versus the Volito’s three.

While the Volito offers Kneading, Percussion, and Rolling massage techniques, the WholeBody 5.1 provides techniques called Stretch, Flex, Tone, and Glide. In terms of massage programs, there’s no difference between the two models — the WholeBody 5.1 offers Full, Upper, and Lower massage programs, just like the Volito.

The Winner Between ZeroG Volito vs Wholebody 5.1

Choosing between the Human Touch Volito and the WholeBody 5.1 comes down to appearance and whether you need the longer massage track of the WholeBody 5.1.

If you like the Caramel color and the chic, open frame design of the Volito, its slightly lower price makes it a very attractive option. But if you want a more professional-looking chair, the WholeBody 5.1 would look great in any office. Although the WholeBody 5.1 has a slightly higher list price, both chairs are often found for right around $1,100.

Final Thoughts on the Human Touch Volito Massage Chair

Through our close examination of the Human Touch Volito massage chair, it’s clear that this high-quality, low-priced chair delivers massage performance on par with its stylish appearance. While simple in design, massage functions, and customization options, the Volito is a great buy if you’re primarily seeking a chair with rock-solid roller massage. Also, it has a bonus of calf and foot massage.

If you aren’t crazy about the color of the Volito or want a chair that looks more professional, go with the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1. Either way, Human Touch is well-known for delivering quality chairs at wallet-friendly prices, and you won’t be sorry with either model.

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