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With features like a unibody massage roller track, CloudTouch air massage, foot rollers, and built-in Bluetooth speakers, the Human Touch Novo Massage chair delivers a highly therapeutic and overall enjoyable massage experience. One drawback though is its relatively high price considering it’s a Chinese-made massage chair, but it still comes highly recommended.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • One-piece design for easy setup
  • CloudTouch air massage for deep relaxation
  • Zero-Gravity recline for weightless feeling
  • Foot massage rollers with adjustable intensity
  • 32 Auto Massage Programs for specific focus
  • LCD remote control for intuitive use


  • Difficult maneuverability due to larger size
  • No mention of additional heating areas
Human Touch Novo Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone seeking a chair that performs as great as it looks and has the money for its relatively high price tag.

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If you’re shopping for a high-end massage chair, this Human Touch Novo massage chair review gives you an up-close look at one of the most impressive new chairs on the market.

Designed for Wellness and Therapeutic Use

Did you know that Human Touch makes the only massage chairs endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic? On top of that, all of Human Touch’s massage chairs are designed with input and guidance from their Wellness Council — a group of noted doctors and physicians in the fields of chiropractic and naturopathic medicine.

One of Human Touch’s latest releases, the HT-Novo, fully embodies the company’s approach to creating massage chairs that not only look great but offer therapeutic massage to the highest degree. And while the Human Touch Novo chair is intended for at-home use, it would fit right in at a chiropractic office or wellness clinic as well.

Is it Worth the Price?

While the Human Touch Massage Chair Novo is loaded with great features, its high price tag can be a deterrent for potential buyers — especially considering it’s a Chinese-made massage chair. For around the same price, you can buy a 100% Japanese-made massage chair, like the Osaki Japan Premium 4S, which is arguably a better chair in every way. But there must be a reason why the Human Touch Novo massage chair has been so well-received in the marketplace.

Let’s dig into the components and features to help you decide if the Novo is worth the price and whether it’s the right chair for you. Find out more here with our Human Touch Novo Chair review.

Components and Features of the Human Touch Novo Massage Chair

One-Piece Design

Unlike most massage chairs, the Human Touch Novo chair arrives at your door fully assembled thanks to its one-piece design. The backrest is attached to the bottom portion of the chair, as is the footrest ottoman. Just remove it from the box, plug it in, and it’s ready to go.


The Novo is one of the larger chairs on the market, and due to its one piece design, can be difficult to maneuver, especially up stairs and through narrow hallways. But the one piece design does offer significant benefits regarding overall massage quality, which brings us to our next feature.

Unibody Massage Track

The one piece design allows for the use of the Novo’s most critical component: the Unibody massage roller track.

The Unibody massage track extends from the neck, all the way down the back, past the hips and buttocks, and under the thighs. Quad-head massage rollers mounted to the track are used to administer advanced roller massage techniques and automatic programs, which we’ll cover later. With the Unibody track extending into the seat of the chair, approximately 60% more body area is covered by the massage rollers than standard track systems.

In function, the Unibody track is similar to the “L-Track” massage roller system used by other massage chair manufacturers like Osaki and Apex.

CloudTouch Air Massage Technology

Another essential component of the Human Touch Novo massage chair is CloudTouch — Human Touch’s marketing term for air massage technology. Using specialized airbags, which Human Touch calls “air cells” or “air pods,” the Novo delivers air compression massage to key body parts including the shoulders, mid-back, seat and hips, arms, calves, and feet.

The air cells are designed to rapidly inflate and deflate, compressing and releasing the muscles for deep relaxation and increased circulation. The CloudTouch air cells are also used in the Human Touch Novo Massage Chair’s “Stretch” programs. The stretching action is achieved by the air cells gripping the legs and shoulders while the chair performs precise movements to stretch targeted muscle groups gently.

Zero-Gravity Recline

More and more massage chair manufacturers are including Zero Gravity technology in their chairs, and Human Touch is no exception. In Zero Gravity mode, the backrest of the Novo reclines all the way back until the spine is nearly horizontal. At the same time, the leg ottoman raises, bringing the legs and feet slightly higher than the heart.


In this position, the weight of your body is fully supported and evenly distributed across a horizontal plane, creating a weightless feeling. This allows the muscles of your back to release tension while your spine decompresses. Deeper massage pressure is also experienced in Zero Gravity mode as more body weight is pressing down on the massage rollers.

Fun fact: The Zero Gravity position was initially developed by NASA to help astronauts cope with the intense gravitational forces experienced during take-off.

Automatic Leg Adjustment

Before you begin an automatic or manual massage program with the Novo, the leg ottoman automatically adjusts to fit your unique height. Controls on the remote allow you to change the length of the leg ottoman as needed manually. This allows users of various heights to enjoy a custom-fit massage with minimal chair adjustment.

​Lumbar Warm Air Heat Therapy

Like many high-end massage chairs, the HT-Novo features heat therapy for the lower back but with one key difference: Instead of using conventional heating pads, the Novo uses warm air heat therapy that delivers a constant stream of warm air to the lumbar area. This method transfers heat to the body more effectively, resulting in more relaxation and greater muscle restoration.


By default, heat therapy is turned off, but can be activated during any automatic or manual massage program.

Chair Rocking

The “Rocking” feature of the Novo provides a gentle rocking motion to the massage chair that is very soothing. Only a handful of the automatic massage programs incorporate the rocking feature, and it can be turned off at any time.

Removable Head Pillow

A head pillow at the top of the backrest can be removed to help you get comfortable. When used, you get more padding for your head, and when removed, you get more pressure from the massage rollers on your neck.

SofHyde Upholstery

The upholstered Novo massage chair has Human Touch’s signature SofHyde material. SofHyde is a leather-like material made of polyurethane. It’s durable, easy to clean, and soft to the touch without inhibiting the movement of the massage rollers in any way. The Human Touch Novo massage chair is available in five SofHyde colors: black, red, blue, brown, and cream.

LCD Remote Control


An elegant remote control with a bright LCD screen controls all the features, programs, and settings of the Human Touch Novo massage chair. When you power on the chair, the remote displays a status screen showing all of the settings and programs active on the chair. A quick glance at the screen shows you things like:

  • Current massage roller speed
  • CloudTouch air massage intensity
  • Massage roller width
  • Calf/Foot massage roller speed
  • Duration of massage with a countdown timer
  • Active features like heat, Zero Gravity, Bluetooth, and massage techniques currently in use

There’s also a body diagram on the screen that highlights the areas of the body currently being massaged. Below the screen, a series of buttons give you control over backrest recline, leg ottoman position, massage roller position, and Zero Gravity. Pressing the “Menu” button takes you to the massage program menu where automatic and manual massage programs can be selected.

Built-In Bluetooth Speaker System

High-quality speakers are located along both sides of the headrest. The Novo is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect any Bluetooth-enabled device — smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. — to the chair to listen to your favorite relaxing music as you enjoy your massage.


Connecting your device to the chair is as easy as selecting “SETTINGS” from the main menu of the remote, followed by “BLUETOOTH.” Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, and the chair connects well to your device.

Foot Massage Rollers

In addition to air cells throughout the leg ottoman, the Human Touch massage chair Novo features massage rollers that massage the soles of the feet. These massage rollers are optimized to target reflexology points on the feet and have adjustable levels of intensity to suit your preferences.

Massage Techniques and Auto Programs of the Human Touch Novo Massage Chair

32 Auto Massage Programs

The Human Touch Novo massage chair has a wealth of automatic massage programs. These programs allow you to climb into the chair, make your selection, and enjoy a massage with a particular focus.


Choosing an auto massage program is done through the main menu of the remote and only requires a few clicks. Selecting “AUTO” from the main menu takes you to the Auto Programs menu page where you find seven different options. The first six options are massage program categories, each of which has four different variations to choose from. The seventh choice, “DEMO,” is an auto program that runs through all of the massage techniques.

Here’s a quick overview of the six different massage program groups and what they offer:

  • Awake — Programs intended for use first thing in the morning to wake you up and get your day started right.
  • Energize — Programs that stretch and massage you from head to toe using air and roller massage.
  • Performance — Programs offering intense CloudTouch air massage with rocking.
  • Recovery — Programs focused on relieving tension in the shoulders and neck.
  • Upper Back — Programs that focus on the neck, shoulders, and upper back.
  • Lower Back — Programs that focus on the lumbar area.

After you’ve chosen one of the massage program categories, you are prompted to choose from four different massage variations:

  • Shiatsu — A varied roller massage that uses soft, medium, and aggressive intensities.
  • Swedish — A moderate massage that uses soft to medium intensities.
  • Sports — A massage technique that starts soft and gradually increases to an aggressive intensity.
  • Thai — A massage technique that begins aggressively and gradually decreases to a soft intensity.

Once you’ve selected a massage variation, the remote screen shifts to the “Shoulder Height” display. Here, you are prompted to set your shoulder height to the desired position based on your body size, choosing from a range of heights numbered 1 through 9.

Having chosen your shoulder height, the Novo will automatically customize the movements of the massage rollers to fit your specific height. If you feel you picked the wrong shoulder height initially, you can make changes at any time during the massage program to fine-tune the fit.

As soon as the auto program, massage variation, and shoulder height have been set, your massage session will begin.

A Few Notes About the Novo’s Auto Massage Programs

1. The Novo has 30 primary auto massage programs and one demo program. So where’s the 32nd auto program?

You’ll find it hidden within the “Energize” group of automatic massage programs. It’s an independent “stretch” program that focuses only on stretching the body without the use of roller massage.

2. Although the descriptions of the automatic massage programs highlight the roller massage techniques of the Novo, CloudTech air massage is included in every program. However, you can choose to turn off CloudTech air massage in the “SETTINGS” section of the remote which will deactivate air massage on all programs.

3. Foot roller massage is also included in every massage program. As with CloudTech air massage, you can turn off foot roller massage in the “SETTINGS” section of the chair which will deactivate foot roller massage from all programs.

Manual Massage Modes of the Human Touch Novo

The manual massage modes of the Human Touch Novo give you full control over the massage techniques used, the area of focus, roller width, kneading speed, foot rollers, and CloudTouch air massage. You can access the manual massage modes from the main menu of the remote by selecting the “MANUAL” option.


Manual Mode Massage Techniques

First, you get to choose the massage technique you’d like to experience during your manual mode massage. There are six options to choose from, each with a different action and therapeutic benefit:

  • Kneading — Uses massage rollers to knead your back in small circular motions on both sides of the spine simultaneously.
  • Tap Touch — A technique that features rolling and pulsing roller movements.
  • Percussion — Alternating rapid tapping strokes along the spine, the massage rollers stimulate spinal joint areas and muscles. This technique is similar to sports medicine massage techniques for deep tissue muscle therapy.
  • Shiatsu — Massage rollers roll up and down your back close to the spine using gentle movements.
  • Knead + Perc — Combines circular kneading with rapid tapping massage roller movements.
  • Audio Sync — A program that synchronizes the massage roller movements to the rhythm of your music. This program only works when you connect a Bluetooth device to the chair and music is selected.

Manual Mode Areas of Focus

Once you’ve selected the massage technique you’d like to experience, you are prompted to choose an area or zone of focus in which the massage rollers will operate. There are three focus options:

  • Full — Massages the entire length of the back, from the back of the neck to the thighs.
  • Zone —This option allows you to select a particular range of massage coverage with three options to choose from: Short (3″), Medium (6″), and Long (9″). Once the zone range is selected, the “POSITION” buttons can be used to place the massage roller zone on your desired body area.
  • Spot — This focuses the massage rollers on a single spot on the body. The “POSITION” buttons are used to move the spot of focus throughout the duration of the massage session.

Massage Roller Width Adjustment in Manual Mode

At any time during the Tap Touch, Percussion, or Shiatsu manual massage modes, the width of the massage rollers can be adjusted with three options: Wide (default), Medium, and Narrow.

Massage Roller Knead Speed in Manual Mode

During the Kneading and Tap Touch manual massage programs, the speed of the massage rollers can be adjusted using simple controls.

Foot Roller Massage and CloudTouch Air Massage in Manual Mode

By default, all of the manual mode massage programs include foot roller massage and CloudTouch air massage. The speed of the foot massage rollers can be adjusted at any time during a manual mode massage or turned off completely.

Selecting the “CLOUD TCH” item on the main menu of the remote gives you access to the air massage settings and customization options:

  • The “FOCUS” option lets you choose the air massage area of focus: full body, arms and shoulders, back and waist, legs and feet, or buttocks.
  • The “INTENSITY” option lets you choose your desired level of air massage intensity from weak to strong.

Of course, you can opt to turn off CloudTouch air massage entirely and enjoy the manual mode roller massage techniques on their own.

Customization Options for the Human Touch Novo Massage Chair

Several customization options allow you to further tailor your massage experience to your liking while enjoying the Novo. We’ll tackle more about it here in our Human Touch Novo review.

Massage Duration

Both the automatic and manual mode massage programs can be set to run for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. 10 minutes is the default massage duration of the Novo. Massage duration adjustments are made by selecting “TIME” from the main menu, then selecting the desired number of minutes.

Note: If used for more than 1 hour continuously, the Novo massage chair may overheat and shutdown. This is simply a safety feature and if it happens, don’t worry — it’s completely normal. Allow the chair to cool down for at least 30 minutes before powering it on and resuming use.


From the “SETTINGS” screen, the stretching function of the chair can be customized. You can choose whether the chair stretches the legs out or down, each of which stretches different muscle groups in the body. You can also choose to deactivate stretching altogether, in which case the Energize programs will not include stretching.

Foot Massage Roller Speed

Finally, you can adjust the speed of the foot massage rollers from the “SETTINGS” menu. Choose from slow, medium, or fast, or turn off the massage rollers completely.


Also from the “SETTINGS” screen, you can choose to turn off the rocking feature. By default, rocking is turned on, but if deactivated, will be excluded from the Performance programs.

Note: Both the stretching and rocking features are reset to “ON” when the Novo is powered off and on.

Dimensions and Specs of the Human Touch Massage Chair

Chair Dimensions (upright)

71″L X 31″W X 38″H

Chair Dimensions (reclined)

63″L X 31″W X 43″H

Chair Weight

273 lbs

Recommended User Height Range

5’0″ to 6’9″

Recommended User Maximum Weight

300 lbs

Final Thoughts on our Human Touch Novo Massage Chair Review

As you can see from this Human Touch Novo massage chair review, this chair is loaded with features and components that add up to a high-quality massage therapy and overall pleasant user experience. Although the Novo is a Chinese-made massage chair with a hefty price tag, it should still be a top contender for those seeking a chair that performs as great as it looks.

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