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The Human Touch HT 3300 is a stylish massage chair that offers roller back massage along with foot and calf massage for a modest price. Although limited in its variety of massage techniques, quantity of auto-massage programs, and customization options, the HT 3300 is built with high-quality components, is easy to use, and is overall a great value for the money.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Full-length roller massage
  • Vertical massage range alignment
  • Figure eight paddle foot and calf massage
  • Oak accented armrests
  • Push-button remote control


  • Lacks advanced features like air massage and built-in speakers
  • Show limitations in features and massage techniques
  • No heat therapy
Human Touch HT 3300 Massage Chair

The Human Touch HT 3300 is a stylish massage chair that offers roller back massage along with foot and calf massage for a modest price. 

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Unfortunately, this product has been DISCONTINUED. For a similar product, check out the Wholebody 7.1 model

As you’ll see in this HT-3300 massage chair review, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a high-quality chair that looks great, too. To help you decide if it’s the right chair for you, we poured over every feature and component of the Human Touch HT 3300 Massage Chair.

And to illustrate the level of value delivered by this affordable chair, we compared it to another similar chair made by Human Touch — the HT 5040. Let’s get into the Human Touch HT 3300 review…

HT 3300 vs HT 5040
A smaller image of HT 3300
HT 3300
A smaller image of HT 5040
HT 5040
Track Length27”25”
Roller Height Adjustment
Roller Width Adjustment
Power Recline
Recline Angle Range120 – 170 degrees120 – 170 degrees
Foot and Calf Massage
Rotating Leg Rest
Legrest AdjustmentManualPower
Heat Therapy
Number of Massage Techniques45
Number of Massage Techniques33
Stretch Mode
Push Button Remote
Session Timer
Chair Weight140 lbs132 lbs

Features and Components of the Human Touch HT 3300 Massage Chair

Full-Length Roller Massage

At the core of the HT 3300 wholebody massage chair is a 27-inch massage roller track. Since this chair does not feature air massage, the massage rollers perform all of the massage techniques offered by the HT 3300.

Extending from the neck to the tailbone, the massage roller heads roll and pulsate, kneading the muscles along the back using four different massage techniques which we’ll cover later.

The S-shaped massage roller track allows the rollers to stay in close contact with the body for consistent pressure throughout the entire massage range.

Although the massage track and rollers are made of the same high-quality components Human Touch is known for, the system is relatively limited in function compared to higher-end massage chairs with similar massage track technology.

For example, the massage rollers of the Human Touch HT 3300 massage chair only move up and down, and you can’t adjust their width, depth, or speed like you can with other chairs.

Vertical Massage Range Alignment

Since roller massage is most effective when the roller heads contact the right areas of the body, the HT 3300 features vertical massage range alignment. Three levels of height adjustment are available, and when selected, the massage rollers will only extend to a certain height on the back. This allows users of various heights to experience accurate roller massage across the entire back without having the rollers come up too short or too high.

Full Power Recline

An image of Human Touch HT 3300 from back side

Reclining the backrest of the HT 3300 is performed with simple arrow buttons on the remote. The recline function is fully powered, allowing you to find the perfect backrest position with ease — no levers or hydraulics to deal with.

While the HT 3300 does recline a full 170 degrees, the chair does not feature Zero Gravity, which is a popular therapeutic recline position found on many massage chairs.

Rotating Multi-Speed Foot and Calf Massager

Unlike the leg ottomans of most massage chairs, the foot and calf massager of the HT 3300 can rotate into three different positions. This is one of the most defining features of the HT 3300 whole body massage chair. In the primary position, it massages the calves. Rotating the leg rest down allows for it to massage the feet. The leg rest also flips over creating a flat surface used as a standard leg rest — the kind you might find on a non-massage recliner.

The height of the foot and calf massager is manually adjusted using a hydraulic lever on the side of the chair. The position of the foot and calf massager is also changed with a manual lever, and while not as convenient as the fully powered backrest, is very simple to operate.

Figure Eight Paddle Foot and Calf Massage

While most massage chairs use airbags to massage the legs and feet, the HT 3300 uses a series of paddle massagers to deliver what Human Touch calls “FigureEight Massage.” Instead of just compressing and releasing the feet and legs, the FigureEight massage rotates the paddles around and up the legs, pushing blood towards the heart. This action provides a firm but soothing massage that’s very therapeutic, promoting proper circulation throughout the legs.

Of course, when the leg rest is in the foot massage position, the paddles perform FigureEight massage on the feet. While you can’t control the speed of the massage rollers in the backrest, the paddle massagers in the foot and calf massager operate at three levels of speed which are changed easily using the remote.

Massage Softening Pad

Unfortunately, there aren’t many customization options on the HT 3300, but the chair is equipped with a massage softening pad. This removable pad in the backrest of the chair provides a way to adjust the intensity of the roller massage.

With the massage softening pad removed, your body is in close contact with the massage rollers, providing more intense massage pressure. With the pad in place, an extra cushion is added between the massage rollers and your back, reducing the intensity of the massage.

An image of Oak Accented Armrests

Oak Accented Armrests

As one of the more visually appealing massage chairs on the market, the Human Touch HT-3300 Massage Chair could easily pass as a luxury recliner or executive office chair. Part of the chair’s good looks come from the oak accented armrests. If you’re searching for a massage chair with a bit of warmth and style, the HT 3300 wholebody massage chair will make an excellent choice. It has the potential to complement a broad range of interior designs.

Leather-Like Upholstery

The chair is upholstered in a soft, leather-like material that’s durable and easy to maintain. A quick vacuuming or wipe down with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to keep the chair looking great.

Push-Button Remote Control

An image of Push-button Remote Control

You can control the functions and massage programs of the HT 3300 with a simple push-button remote control. It’s not as elaborate as the remotes of higher-end massage chairs, but it’s very easy to use and covers everything you need. Each massage technique and program has an individual button. Since there’s no screen on the remote, active techniques and programs are indicated by small lights.

A foot and calf button on the remote allows you to choose between the three levels of paddle massage speed. A “Range” button controls the vertical massage roller adjustment.

Left and right arrows control the position of the backrest, and up and down arrows control the position of the massage rollers when using one of the stationary techniques or the “Zone” massage mode.

Massage Techniques of the HT-3300 Wholebody Massage Chair

Using the full-length massage roller system, the HT 3300 provides four unique roller massage techniques. The massage techniques are distinct from the automatic programs in that they require more participation from you, the user. This gives you a decent degree of control over your massage, especially regarding the location of the massage rollers.

Stationary Massage Techniques

The first three massage techniques are stationary techniques. They require you to move the massage rollers around your back using the position buttons on the remote. You can move the position of the rollers as often as you’d like during a massage session to focus on the parts of your back that need a massage the most.

An image of Human Touch Ht 3300 from side view

With the stationary techniques, you can also use the “Zone” function on the remote which operates the rollers within a six-inch range on your back. The position arrows are used to select the particular area which you can change at any point during the massage.

  • Kneading — This technique uses small, circular motions to knead the muscles of the back on both sides of the spine simultaneously. The kneading action lifts and stretches the muscles, relieving soreness and tension while improving circulation to the spinal area.
  • Percussion — This technique uses alternating rapid-tapping strokes along the spine to stimulate the spinal joint areas and surrounding muscles. This action is similar to a percussive massage technique used in sports medicine to relieve pressure on the spinal column and provide overall deep muscle therapy throughout the back.
  • Compression — With this technique, the massage rollers apply pressure to the muscles along the spine with a gentle rocking motion and alternating strokes. The pressure of the massage rollers penetrates and spreads deep muscle tissues, and the rocking motion loosens the spinal joints. This technique can aid in the restoration and repair of muscle tissue and can improve posture and overall mobility.

Non-Stationary Technique

  • Rolling — This procedure moves the massage rollers up and down your back continuously as opposed to staying stationary. The gentle rolling action loosens and relaxes the muscles, relieving tension and improving circulation. Rolling is a great warm-up massage technique to use before moving onto deeper, more invigorating techniques or programs.

Automatic Massage Programs of the Human Touch Wholebody Massage Chair (HT 3300)

In addition to the four individual massage techniques, the HT 3300 features three automatic massage programs that require no additional user input once activated. The automatic programs use combinations of the four massage roller techniques to produce comprehensive whole-body massage treatments.

An image shows Zero Gravity
  • Sore Muscle Relief — This program gently massages the entire back with soothing strokes to relieve aching muscles.
  • Stress Therapy — A more vigorous program designed to work out the kinks and knots in your back.
  • Back Wellness — A program that targets the lower back, massaging away soreness and fatigue in the lumbar muscles.

Dimensions of the HT-3300 Massage Chair

Chair Dimensions (upright)44”L X 28”W X 45”H
Chair Dimensions (reclined)68”L X 28”W X 28”H
Chair Weight140 lbs
Recommended User Height Range5’0” to 6’2”
Recommended User Maximum Weight285 lbs

A Few Thoughts on the HT 3300 Massage Chair Review

It’s true that the Human Touch HT 3300 isn’t decked out with bells and whistles like many other chairs on the market. But when you look at its high-quality components and therapeutic massage techniques, it’s clear that its strength is in its simplicity.

By sticking to the essentials — roller massage and calf and foot massage — the HT 3300 achieves a more elegant and refined look than if it were bogged down with features like air massage and built-in speakers. And without all the extra features, the HT 3300 maintains a high quality-to-cost ratio that potential buyers may find very attractive. But although the simplicity of the HT 3300 is a strong point, could it be too simple?

To help you get a feel of what this chair offers, and what you might be missing out on, let’s take a look at how it compares to another Human Touch massage chair that’s the next level up from the HT 3300.

After we round out our HT-3300 massage chair review, let’s take a look at how it compares to the Human Touch HT 5040 — the next step up in Human Touch’s lineup.

How Does It Compare? Human Touch HT 3300 vs. HT 5040

Both models are part of Human Touch’s WholeBody collection. The chairs within this collection feature some of the most visually appealing designs of any massage chairs on the market and are often compared to upscale recliners.

The HT 3300 is the lowest priced massage chair in the WholeBody collection, and it also has the leanest set of features. The HT 5040 is the next step up in price and features. But what does higher-priced, more feature-rich Human Touch WholeBody massage chair offer that the HT 3300 doesn’t? Is it worth the extra expense? Let’s see…

HT 3300 vs. HT 5040

The Human Touch HT 5040 looks very similar to the HT 3300. It has the same luxury recliner aesthetic, rotating foot and calf massager, and massage roller technology. On average, the HT 5040 costs $500 more than the HT 3300. But how does the increase in price translate regarding features and massage quality?

An image of Human Touch HT 5040 from side view

Shorter Massage Track

While the HT 5040 uses the same roller massage technology as the HT 3300, it actually has a massage track that’s two inches shorter, measuring 25 inches. This is surprising considering the HT 5040 costs more than the HT 3300, and higher prices typically mean longer massage tracks.

While this may not make a difference for users of average and shorter-than-average heights, tall users may find that the massage track doesn’t offer complete coverage for the upper back.

Roller Width Adjustment

The HT 5040 offers the same vertical range (height) roller adjustment as the HT 3300 but also offers roller width adjustment. This is a significant upgrade as the width adjustment provides an increase in massage coverage and more ability to customize the massage techniques to your liking.

Power Leg Rest Height Adjustment

Unlike the HT 3300 that uses a manual hydraulic lever to raise and lower the leg rest, the HT 5040 offers fully powered leg rest adjustment. Just press the up and down arrows on the remote to bring the leg rest to the desired height.

While this feature does add an extra level of convenience, the manual leg rest adjustment of the HT 3300 is not difficult to use, and the upgrade may not be worth the higher price.

5 Massage Techniques

An image of leg massage

The HT 5040 features the same four massage techniques as the HT 3300 — kneading, percussion, compression, and rolling — plus one more: a combination kneading-and-percussion technique.

The kneading-and-percussion technique combines the circular motions of the kneading technique with the rapid-tapping strokes of the percussion technique. The result is a thorough massage that eases muscle tension, reduces spinal pressure, and improves circulation throughout the muscles of the back.

Having these additional massage techniques is always a welcome benefit giving the HT 5040 a slight advantage over the HT 3300.

Different Automatic Massage Programs

Although the HT 5040 has the same number of auto-massage programs as the HT 3300 — 3 — they’re different. Instead of Sore Muscle Relief, Stress Therapy, and Back Wellness, the programs on the HT 5040 are labeled Lower, Full, and Upper, describing the areas of the body targeted by the programs.

An image of Human Touch HT 5040 side view

Stretch Mode

In addition to the massage techniques and automatic massage programs, the HT 5040 features an additional massage function called “Stretch” that isn’t found on the HT 3300. When activated, your legs are gripped and held in place by the paddle rollers of the foot and calf massager. Then, the backrest and footrest move in sync to perform a full body stretch.

This extra feature is subtle and doesn’t add any bulk to the chair, giving the HT 5040 another slight advantage over the HT 3300.

Session Timer

The remote control of the HT 5040 is very similar to that of the HT 3300 with one small difference — a built-in countdown session timer. This lets you know how many minutes are left in your massage session.

No Oak Accents

Instead of the stylish oak-accented armrests like on the HT 3300, the HT 5040 has plain black armrests. They still look good but don’t get as many style points as those of the HT 3300.

Which Human Touch WholeBody Massage Chair is Best?

As seen in our HT-3300 wholebody massage chair reviews, when it comes to fundamental massage ability, both the HT 3300 and the HT 5040 are very similar. Taller users will benefit from the extra two inches of massage track length on the HT 3300. But the addition of roller width adjustment gives the HT 5040 a significant advantage over the HT 3300 in terms of massage coverage for users of average size.

Are the upgrades on the HT 5040 worth the extra $500? Overall, we think yes. But still, the HT 3300 is not far behind in terms of massage quality and would make a great massage chair, especially if you don’t have extra room in your budget for a few additional features. Get the HT 3300 if you want to save money yet still get a great massage. Get the HT 5040 if you have a little extra to spend and want a few extra features.

Thanks for checking out our Human Touch HT 3300 massage chair review. We hope that now you have all the information you need to decide whether or not the HT 3300 is right for you, or if you should upgrade to the HT 5040. You won’t be sorry either way.

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