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The following HireWriters Review has been written by two people with months of Experience with the site. The writer’s perspective has been written by a HireWriters.com writer, who has an “Expert” level of expertise. The user’s perspective has been written by a client who has ordered dozens of articles and uses the website on a daily basis. They both give their honest opinions about the benefits and disadvantages of using this service.

HireWriters.com Review From the Writer’s Perspective

When looking for websites to get paying work as a writer, there are many options out there. However, too many advertise that they are looking for writers, yet once you get through the application process they tell you that they are not open to writers at this time.

Some have more stringent requirements than others, taking time to work through their application process, while others allow you to get started rather quickly, in just one or two days.

It can be frustrating trying to figure out which of these sites are worth the time, especially if you’re looking to make money quickly and consistently, rather than waiting weeks or months at a time for longer contracted work to finally pay out.

To help make the search for a legitimate writing site a little easier, this will be a hirewriters.com review, a site that I have used consistently for several months now.

Compared to Other Writing Sites

Writing for hirewriters.com - Consumer Files

HireWriters strikes a nice balance, with a relatively easy application process that lets you get started in just a few days. They have a higher base rate for articles than other writing sites, which makes writing for hirewriters.com less frustrating, since you get paid a more reasonable rate; ie. clients posting jobs are of higher “quality” as well.

One of the biggest frustrations I had with another writing site was that their rates and client level were so low that I would occasionally have work rejected for improper sentence structure and “bad use of language” by clients who obviously didn’t speak English fluently.

There were even times when I would have an article rejected but the client would say that it was great, they just didn’t need the article. This, in turn, affected my ranking on that site, influencing on my listed skill level and the number and quality of jobs I could take. However, this is not something I have encountered on HireWriters, thankfully.

Different Levels for Writers

Hirewriters Grammar Test

There are different levels for writers, with all writers starting at “beginner” and moving up in ranking as they write more articles and get good reviews for them. When clients post jobs, they can set the experience level so that only writers of that rank level or higher can take the job, ensuring that they get the quality of work they’re looking for.

This works well for the writers, as well, as jobs that are set at a higher experience level tend to pay more and the clients often have clearer instructions, are easy to communicate with, and approve the articles right away.

This is great because HireWriters does have a cap on how many articles you can take and be working on at a time, and articles that have been submitted but are pending approval do count against this amount. The only exception with this cap is for jobs that you have been invited to; of these I have yet to discover if there is a cap.

The Process of Finding Work

Process of finding work - Consumer Files

Writers are able to find work through HireWriters by searching through their listing. It’s easy to navigate and the jobs are clearly listed with the topic, the client, how much it pays, and how much time is allowed to complete.

There will also be instructions as to how the client wants the article structured and any relevant keywords. There is usually a good number of jobs listed, with many clients posting several jobs at a time. The jobs listed change quickly, with new jobs sometimes being posted for only a few seconds before a writer takes that job. If just starting out, it pays to check the listing very often and taking a job immediately if you think you can write it.

Most jobs don’t require much research, though many clients do prefer flexible writers or writers who have experience writing that type of article or within that industry. This is a good thing, as it allows a competent writer to eventually secure regular clients who send them invitations for jobs.

These invite jobs are often higher-paying, as well, which is extra incentive for beginning writers to try articles in industries or on topics they aren’t overly familiar with. In this way, they may find something that they’re good at and that rewards them with semi-consistent work. Even just one or two clients who regularly send you invitations for work can be enough to keep you busy and work out to a nice weekly paycheck.

Is HireWriters Legit? HireWriters.com Payment

HireWriters Pay - is hirewriters legit

In the end, it does all come down to money, and looking at how a writing website handles pay is really the only way to tell if they’re legitimate and serious about what they do.

The way that payments are handled with HireWriters is one of the reasons that I continue to write for them, despite occasional frustrations with the website. HireWriters pay is every Friday via PayPal. All work completed and approved that week will be transferred to your PayPal account that Friday -no waiting a week to get paid as with a 9-5 job.

This lets you plan your week and lets you know exactly how much you’ll get each pay period (especially nice for those who may be forgetful due to the stresses of life.) There is a $10 minimum payout, however, this is very easy to reach and a beginner can expect to reach that in one day, whereas an expert ranked writer will get that in one article with the hirewriters.com payment coming the very next Friday.

What time on Friday does vary, and I have actually gotten paid on a Thursday once, which really messed up my budgeting for that week, as I had several articles bumped to the next week’s pay. However, after months of writing for hirewriters.com this has only happened that one time.

HireWriters Fees

HireWriters.com Payment Hirewriters reviews

HireWriters fees seem to be small for the writer (there are no fees for the client). For each article, HireWriters does take a percentage (20%) of the amount the client pays for the job. I’m not sure exactly what the percentage is, but for an article that a client pays about $12 for, the writer receives at least $9 for payment.

There is an additional fee for writers when the money they’ve earned is transferred to their PayPal account (charged by PayPal). This, too, is a percentage, but it is very small and I’ve never had it be more than $2, even when making over $100 in a week. These fees are small, but in exchange writers get access to hundreds of jobs and the potential of landing regular paying clients, whereas clients have access to thousands of eager writers.

It is important to note, however, that there is a penalty fee for agreeing to take a job and then not completing the job on time. The amount of the penalty fee depends upon the amount of payment the writer would have gotten for that article, as it is a percentage. This amount is automatically subtracted from the writer’s account balance, showing as a negative number if the account is empty.

My Experience Writing for HireWriters

Review Hirewriters  - Consumer Files

Overall, my experience with HireWriters has been positive. It’s allowed me to have a regular income despite living in the middle of nowhere with the closest city two to four hours away (depending upon the weather and time of the year) and even while traveling, as I only need my computer and an internet connection.

It also provides consistent work around other freelance gigs and provides consistent pay around those jobs that usually take a while to receive payment for after completing. That the site has obvious daily maintenance times that aren’t announced and that make functionally using the site impossible is annoying, but just requires a little bit of planning once you figure out the times.

HireWriters Review – Writer’s conclusion

Writing for hirewriters.com review

Before this HireWriters Review, I have actually recommended the site to other writers, especially those I know have yet to find a way to monetize their craft or need that more predictable income alongside magazine article or eBook writing, or who just need to make some money quick to cover an unexpected expense.

The flexibility it affords freelance writers, who often juggle a lot around work, is one of its greatest features. While it doesn’t pay as much as say publishing books, eBooks, or print magazine articles, it is a great way to get money in your pocket fast. It is also a great vehicle for beginning writers to get their feet wet and build their confidence in their writing abilities -which is usually the greatest obstacle most writers have in actually making money at writing.

Plus, writing for HireWriters helps beginning freelancers get an idea of what to expect in the freelance world and if this is something they want to pursue further. There are quite a few benefits for writers in using this site, which I hope this HireWriters.com review conveyed, as well as pointing out the limitations that do exist. But, for a committed writer who has a good idea of what their time is worth and who can write fast, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

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HireWriters.com Review From the User’s Perspective

From an end user perspective, one who has worked with other writing services (most of the known ones in the industry), HireWriters has resulted to be a very productive choice. It’s not perfect, and I will certainly explain why, but it’s a solution that I’ve been using for several months now, and that I plan to stick with for the foreseeable future. Here’s my personal take on it:

Quality of the Writers

Hirewriters review user experience

Something that lured me into HireWriters.com was the fact that they only accept writers from English-speaking countries. For someone new at hiring writers, this might seem like a superfluous detail, after all, who cares where the writer is from, as long as they write well. Granted, BUT! Experience tells otherwise.

I’ve wasted spent quite a bit of money and time trying to find good writers from places like India, Pakistan, Philippines and some African countries. It is tempting, because usually their rates are lower than American, British and Aussie writers, but with temptation comes repentance. And, of course, I’m not saying that people from these first countries are incapable of writing in English, I’m just saying that the probability of finding great (online) writers from these places is extremely low, especially compared to finding good native English speaking writers.

Thus, the site has a pretty strict geo-filter for writers, not only manual but also technical. If you try to sign up as a writer from an IP that is not from one of the allowed countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States) you’ll be automatically denied access. Even if you try and use a VPN.

HireWriters Vs Fiverr

Some people I know personally, and plenty on the internet, will not pay more than $5 for a 700-1000-word article. To achieve this, they will resort to places like Fiverr.com. And although there are good writers on Fiverr, these rates are usually reserved to very low-quality sellers.

Here’s the common, and HUGE, problem (something extremely evident, but that Fiverr doesn’t seem to address, or care for that matter): Fiverr is full of plain scammer “writers” and “translators”. This is how they operate:

fiverr vs hirewriters review
  1. They hire some native speaker (from Fiverr), to record a video for them reading their script: something along the lines of: “I’m a native American English, and for five bucks I’ll write a 1000 word article on any topic…”
  2. They hire someone to write the description/copy for their gig.
  3. People hire them.
  4. A very poor article is delivered.
  5. If the client is a native English speaker, and can tell that the content is bad, he/she will require a modification, which will be as bad as the original. At that point, the client will either request a cancelation or rate the job poorly.
  6. If the client rated the job poorly, the “writer” will request a cancelation, so that the money is refunded and, most importantly, he gets rid of the bad review.

This process above described is repeated until they’re hired by a non-English speaking client victim. In this case, the client will accept the job (since most won’t have the knowledge, nor the means, to verify its quality) and they will usually rate 5 stars (most of the times following the scammer’s beg for a 5-star rating).

The result? Fiverr is full of 5-star “writers” and “translators” that are mere scammers preying on poor people who don’t speak English. They are very successful at it AND many are featured by Fiverr!

Needless to say, this type of fraud is completely impossible to achieve on HireWriters, with both its manual and technical supervision.

Hirewriters.com also counts with a built-in CopyScape checker. So every content you get has already been checked for plagiarism. Besides that, the amount of quality writers is huge compared to the 10 or 15 that you’ll find on Fiverr, who will take at least 5 to 7 days to hand in their work (as opposed to HW, where you can get your top notch article in a matter of 24 hours).

HireWriters Payment Options for Users: Adding Funds

Hirewriters.com payment bitcoin

HW offers the most common and easier ways to add funds. These include Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), PayPal and Bitcoin. Yes, Bitcoin! So anyone, no matter where or who you are, can hire a writer, with zero fees, instantly and without the need of an intermediary (i.e. banks and other financial third parties). This last one (the ability to fund the account with Bitcoin) is one of my favorite qualities of the site (granted, Fiverr and other sites also offer this option).

One important thing to mention is that funds are immediately available for use; with one click you sent the money, with the next one you place your order. As simple as that.

Types of Content you can order

HW offers you the ability to choose different types of content and categories within those options. So, for instance, you can order:

Hirewriters - Consumer Files
  • New Articles
  • Rewritten Articles
  • Facebook fan-page posts
  • Data Entry Work
  • eBooks
  • Poetry

So, say you choose to order an article, you can then select which category you want the content to be about (Health and Beauty, Hobbies, Food and Recipes, etc.). This allows you to target specific, specialized, writers.

Writers’ Skill Levels

One thing that needs to be added in this HireWriters Review, and that I liked quite a bit, is the way they divide writers by level of expertise. This turns to be very useful because it adds an extra (objective) layer of reputation to the ubiquitous customer reviews. So now, besides knowing that a writer has a 4-star rating, you can also know if he is a beginner or an advanced 4-star writer… something very different.

Writer levels in HireWriters.com are the following:

Beginner (Any writer )

45 %

General (minimum of 3 jobs with 4+ stars rating)

60 %

Skilled (minimum of 7 jobs with 4.1+ stars rating)

75 %

Expert (minimum of 12 jobs with 4.6+ stars rating)

95 %

HireWriters Prices

This one’s interesting, and different to other solutions out there. HireWriters started having a fixed minimum price according to the writer’s level. So, for, let’s say, a 500-word article the following would be the minimum prices you’d have to pay:

  • For Beginner writers: $2.95
  • For General writers: $4.45
  • For Skilled writers: $5.95
  • For Expert writers: $13.40
Hirewriters vs iWriter - Consumer Files

This is a similar concept to what I found on iWriter, but HireWriters went a step further (in the right direction) and removed the fixed minimum, and left these numbers as a suggestion; you just need to invite a specific writer/s to your project and you’re free to agree on any price that would be beneficial to both parties.

This is huge, for the writers, the users and for HireWriters.com, because now clients and writers can create their own agreements and keep working within the site.

A good example of this would be long-term agreements between writers and clients, where things really scale up (i.e. hundreds of articles).

Price per article in these cases could be lower than the suggested bid, and with a fixed minimum price these agreements would take place outside of HireWriters (with the loss of security and added benefits that the site offers to both parties, not to mention the loss of revenue for the site), or would not take place at all.

Finding writers

Hirewriters view review

The search system that HW has in place is so thorough that it will really be all you need to source your writers. Check out the amount of variables you have to sort out and filter writers to find specifically what you’re looking for:

  • Username
  • Keywords in Profile
  • Overall Rating (stars)
  • Experience level
  • English (American or British)
  • Rejection Rate (a percentage of jobs that were not accepted by the client; the lower the better, of course)
  • Rejected number of jobs (same as before, but expressed as an amount)
  • Completed number of jobs
  • Article specialty (niches/categories)
  • Industry Experience (writers who have previous experience in a certain industry)
  • Country (from which of the allowed countries is the writer from)

You can combine and play with all of these parameters to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you find the perfect match, you can contact the writer or directly invite him to your project/s. Or you can add him/her to your “Favorites” list (something that eventually will end up being a very valuable portfolio).

Here’s one of the many video tutorials you’ll find on the user’s side, that explains in detail the process of searching for writers:

Quick Tip

Great writers that are new on the site will have to start at beginner’s level as well, so making your projects public and opened to anyone can be a good affordable way to find those professionals.

If you’re not sure what type of writer you want, or you’re happy to accept any writer and want the job done as quickly as possible, you can make your project public. You will still be able to select the level of writers allowed to it but, besides that, it will be open to anyone browsing for open orders.

Cons / Problems

Not everything in the garden is rosy, and I did have some technical issues with the site. The major one was having a bunch of open orders disappear: I had several open orders assigned to 2 different writers (a bunch for one and bunch for the other). On your dashboard, you’ll have a visual of all of your orders (open, in progress, requiring approval, saved and completed).

Hirewriters review - dashboard hirewriters view

All of a sudden all the open orders went down to zero, and were nowhere to be found. Not even customer support could find them. Just recently I found them (by chance) on a fairly hidden part of the site where “canceled” orders were saved. I had no idea this section existed, nor did HW’s support apparently (which is weird). Long story short: this happened because apparently there’s an expiration time for open orders (which is not visible), and I say apparently because to date support hasn’t confirmed this. So if too much time (I estimate something like 10-15 days) passes without the orders being taken by the writer, they will be automatically canceled.

This experience made evident 2 things that HireWriters.com, in my humble opinion, should improve upon:

  • If open orders have an expiration date, they should at least show it or, better yet, they should have the option to disable such expiration. It’s hard to scale things up when you have this limitation.
  • There is room for improvement in the support department, mainly in time of response.

In addition, I’ve noticed a few times that the site can be inaccessible for several minutes, in what looks to be a busy server type of issue (not sure about this). On the user side of things, this has no major effect, although I can see how this can be an issue for a writer who needs to deliver his job on time.

HireWriters Review – User’s Conclusion


After having used several writing services during the past years, finding HireWriters was a productivity boost for me. It is a solution that almost feels tailored for my needs. To cut straight to the chase, if a friend would ask me about it, this is what I’d tell him right away:

  • Only native English writers (rigorously verified)
  • A huge amount of avid, diverse writers, and easy, thorough way to find them.
  • Poetry, eBooks, articles, Data entry, and all categories within those options are covered.
  • Built-in CopyScape checks.
  • Funds immediately available for use.
  • Accepts Bitcoin as payment! So even if you don’t have a card or bank account you’ll be able to conduct your business from anywhere without intermediaries (huge!).
  • Issues I had: open orders expiring, and slow response from support.

Would I recommend this to my friend? Absolutely!

Is it for everyone? I think so. Maybe the only issue may arise if you’re someone who’s trying to hire hundreds of articles; in such a case, this expiration of the open orders issue might hinder your efficiency. But I suppose HireWriters will solve that. I’ll update this article if/when they do.

Please share in the comment section below how was your experience with HireWriters.com. If you have any tips or suggestions, your own HireWriters Review, or if you’ve found another service of this quality, let us and other readers know. Thank you!

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