The Takeaway:

1. Overall Pick: Red Rock Gear ACU Camouflage Ghillie Suit

2. For Woodlands: Arcturus Warrior Ghillie Suit

3. For Dry Grasslands: Arcturus Camo Ghost Ghillie Suit

4. For Winter: VooDoo Tactical Winter Camo Ghillie Suit

5. For Sniper: Arcturus Ghost Sniper Ghillie Suit

Regarding the best camouflage for hunting, you can’t go wrong with a ghillie suit. Coming in various colors and styles designed for specific environments, ghillie suits provide better camouflage by providing full body concealment and serving to blur your outline. This makes you practically disappear while hunting and betters your chances of bringing home that monster buck you’ve been tracking.

In searching for the best ghillie suit for sale to add to your hunting gear, remember some of the points we mention below and the variety of features available.

Of all the hunting equipment for sale, the Ghillie suit is one of the coolest and most effective additions to your hunting gear. Forget about those hunting blinds or expensive camo suits for sale; nothing affords you the absolute concealment you achieve with a ghillie suit. 

While other camouflage gear covers you up and makes you harder to see, with a ghillie suit, you become a living part of the forest, as if the ground rose in the shape of a man and declared open season on those trophy bucks. Nothing else allows you to go completely unnoticed while out in the open, to blend in seamlessly with your surroundings.

There are a few different types of ghillie suits for sale, and we’ll take a look at each to show just how versatile they are and how they can help you take your hunting to the next level.

As you can see, ghillie suits are available in a wide selection of styles, which makes finding the best ghillie suit for hunting in your favorite location a breeze. 

Each style of the ghillie suit is thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly with that specific environment to ensure you are perfectly camouflaged. However, the ghillie suit’s shaggy threads are the key to its effective camouflage. 

The hanging threads blur your outline, changing your shape and appearance. This can make you invisible to your prey or make you appear so different and “not human.” Animals like turkey and deer have been known to approach hunters in ghillie suits, coming in closer as if to try to figure out just what that thing is they’re seeing.

Whether you’re seen or not, ghillie suits allow you to get closer to your prey and increase your chances of bringing home your next trophy.

Our Pick: ACU Camouflage Ghillie Suit by Red Rock Gear

There are a few varieties of ghillie suits available for military applications. Some suits designed for urban use make you look like a pile of bricks, but we like the more practical design of something like the ACU Camouflage Ghillie Suit by Red Rock Gear. This ghillie suit for sale is available in medium/large and x-large/xx-large to fit most adults. This ghillie suit also comes as part of a five-piece kit, with the following included:

The camouflage coloring consists of greens and greys that provide excellent camouflage in various situations, including bare earth, scrub-brush desert (like in the South West and much of Texas,) and waste areas. This ghillie suit is made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex and is machine wash safe.

  • Combination drawstring and elastic pants that also feature snaps at the ankles to fit over boots
  • Snap closure front jacket with an elastic bottom
  • Full head and neck coverage hood with a drawstring chin strap
  • Drawstring and elastic gun wrap
  • Stuff sack to hold your gear or store your ghillie suit when unused.

Color Variants of Camouflage Ghillie Suit

A smaller image of Red Rock 70915 in ACU color
A smaller image of Red Rock 70915 in Desert color
A smaller image of Red Rock 70915 in Snow color
A smaller image of Red Rock 70915 in Woodland color

For Woodlands:

Arcturus Warrior Ghillie Suit

The primary use for ghillie suits is for hunting. When you look for hunting ghillie suits for sale, you’re sure to find a lot of different styles and variations. The most common is the woodlands style, such as the  Arcturus Camo’s Warrior Ghillie Suit.

Lightweight, Adjustable Drawstrings, Arcturus Camo Warrior
Arcturus Camo’s Warrior 

As if the name wasn’t great enough, this ghillie suit for hunting comes with drawstring pants, a snap front jacket with elastic bottom and cuffs, a Boonie hat with face veil, rifle wrap, and camouflage-carrying bag. It’s also available in a medium/large, x-large/xx-large, and even in a kid’s size if you want to show your kid what hunting is all about. With four pounds of thread, this ghillie suit will make you disappear in the woods.

Mossy Ghillie Suit Poncho by Ghillie Suit Shop

Synthetic thread, Mossy Ponch
Mossy Poncho

As there are different types of forests, some ghillie suits feature more of a mossy appearance, such as the Mossy Poncho by Ghillie Suit Shop. This is a one-piece, full-coverage poncho for a no-nonsense suit that slips on easily over your regular hunting clothes. It’s odorless and machine washable. Each poncho features over 3000 hand-tied knots for a total of 2.5 pounds of thread.

For Dry Grasslands: Arcturus Camo Ghost Ghillie Suit

There are also dry grass ghillie suits like the Ghost Ghillie Suit by Arcturus Camo. This ghillie suit features advanced 3D camo comprising a greenish-tan base with light olive thread.

Breathable Mesh Backing, Adjustable Hood, Arcturus Ghost
Ghost Ghillie Suit 

Unlike other dry grass ghillie suits, this one does not include blacks and browns. This allows it to mimic real grassland, providing you with exceptional camouflage perfectly. It comes with pants, a jacket with a face hood, and rifle wrap, all featuring drawstrings for a perfect fit. This ghillie suit also offers the widest selection of sizes, with a kid’s size, young adult, regular, and extra-large. This ghillie suit also features four pounds of thread to provide ultimate concealment when you’re hunting.

A smaller image of Arcturus Ghost in Dry grass color
Dry Grass
A smaller image of Arcturus Ghost in Dry Grass color

For Winter: VooDoo Tactical Winter Camo Ghillie Suit

Winter Camo Ghillie Suit by VooDoo Tactical

Our favorites of all the ghillie suits are the winter styles. While they bring images of abominable snowmen to mind, they offer effective camouflage for those winter hunting seasons. Check out the Winter Camo Ghillie Suit by VooDoo Tactical.

This is a four-piece suit that comes with pants, jacket, hood with face cover,  and rifle wrap; it also comes with a carrying bag. The camouflage consists of white and gray thread that allows you to blend in effortlessly with your surroundings. It comes in medium/large and x-large/xx-large. This lightweight suit can be comfortably worn over your winter hunting gear; remember the bulk of your winter clothing when choosing a size.

For Sniper: Arcturus Ghost Sniper Ghillie Suit

With their effective camouflage that allows you to virtually disappear into the background, ghillie suits are great for snipers. If you’re looking for a sniper ghillie suit for sale cheap, try one that includes a gun wrap and offers a full face veil to provide you with ultimate coverage, such as the Ghost Sniper Ghillie Suit. But you can always supplement a standard ghillie suit by purchasing a gun wrap and a good pair of camouflage gloves separately.

A smaller image of Arcturus Ghost in Dry Grass color
A smaller image of Arcturus Ghost in Dry grass color
Dry Grass

Ghillie Suit Accessories

Ghillie suits usually come in three or four parts, a combination of the following pieces: pants, jacket (sometimes with an attached hood/head cover,) head cover with face veil (not included if the jacket has a hood,) and gun wrap. The suit consists of a lightweight material with different colored hanging threads across its entirety. The color of the threads depends upon the type of ghillie suit it is, but there will be two or more colors to provide the variation that contributes to the excellent camouflage afforded by a ghillie suit.

Additional ghillie accessories are available to further accent your gear, such as a 5′ by 9′ ghillie blanket that can be used to cover tree stands and blinds and even a backpack ground blind with a ghillie cover that can hold three people. Each offers the most natural appearing camouflage available that allows it to go completely unnoticed.

Backpack Tent

Polypropylene thread,Water repellent,  Backpack Tent
Backpack Tent
A smaller image of Backpack Tent in Desert Color
A smaller image of Backpack Tent  in Leafy green color
Leafy Green
A smaller image of Backpack Tent in Winter white color
Winter White

Ghillie Rifle Wrap

We especially like this Jackal Rifle Wrap by Arcturus Camo. It’s available in five different camo patterns: woodland, timber with Real Tree max-4, killer kamo, snow, and desert. It’s one foot wide by seven feet long to fit around any rifle.

Camouflage Gloves

While there aren’t any ghillie suit style gloves on the market yet, we really like these Mossy Oak camouflage gloves by Primos. They have a black sure-grip palm and fingers to provide a confident grip on anything you touch, with a full Mossy Oak camouflaging on the backs of the gloves. They also feature an extra-long cuff to offer full coverage for your wrists. These are ultra-thin, lightweight gloves that won’t interfere with shooting and will blend in perfectly with any but the snow ghillie suits.

Ghillie Thread to Make Your Own Ghillie Suit

Ghillie Thread by Ghillie Suits

Lightweight Synthetic , Ghillie Suit Thread
Ghillie Thread by Ghillie Suits

If you’ve got the time, the skill, and the gumption, you can also make your own ghillie suit. With burlap and the help of ghillie thread, you can create your own ghillie suit to your own preferences in thread length and number. This Ghillie Thread by Ghillie Suits comes in a mossy blend of colors that’s perfect for dry grass and woodlands. 

Ghillie Suit Thread by Arcturus Camo

There’s also this Ghillie Suit Thread by Arcturus Camo, which comes in half-pound bundles of 18-inch long threads in the following colors: black, brown, olive, jade, forest, mossy, and tan to allow you to make the perfect, custom ghillie suit for your favorite hunting spot.

Finding the Best Ghillie Suit for Sale

Quite a few manufacturers are now offering Ghillie suits for kids. This can be a great gift for that first-time hunter or can be used to provide better camouflage for that jumpy kid you’re teaching the rules of the forest to.

Plus, there is something inherently fun about ghillie suits and the idea of it allowing you to disappear in the forest that almost guarantees your young hunter will love one as an addition to their budding collection of hunting gear.

Just as the variety of styles ranges heavily, so do prices. Finding where to buy a ghillie suit for sale can be hard, but not if you look in the right places. Most of the ghillie suits we mentioned above can be purchased for less than a hundred dollars, with bottom-end prices averaging between $50 and $60.

While many large chain-hunting supply stores offer one or two styles of ghillie suits, they also often have a high markup on the price. To get the best pricing, you really can’t go wrong buying online, where you can compare styles and read customer reviews. Moreover, in-depth review articles such as this will provide with first-hand experience written by people familiar with hunting and the product.

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