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The Fujita SMK92 is outfitted with some of the latest massage technologies today, including 4D rollers. Factor in its full-body air massage and advanced body scan system and this model is a clear winner. The only downside is its high price.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

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  • Advanced optical body scan technology
  • 4D quad rollers
  • Pulse air massage system
  • Shiatsu node plates
  • Heat therapy


  • No foot rollers
  • No Zero Gravity
  • No music system
  • No Chromotherapy lights
Fujita SMK92 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for a massage chair outfitted with some of the latest massage technologies today and who can afford its high price.

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The SMK92 is one of Fujita’s high-end models. But does it live up to its price tag?

We set out to find the answer.

Now, we’re sharing all we’ve learned with you — the features, technology, and techniques — taking you where no other Fujita SMK92 massage chair reviews have gone before.

By the end of this Fujita SMK92 massage chair review, you’ll know if this is or isn’t the model for you.

Let’s get started!

Features of the Fujita SMK92 Massage Chair

Advanced Optical Body Scan Technology

Before any massage programs begin on the Fujita SMK92, a body scan initiates. The scan uses optical sensors to detect the shape of your back, your spinal curve, and your height. The scan takes about 30 seconds, then the massage rollers automatically adjust to reflect the scan information.

Let’s illustrate that a bit more…

Let’s say you’re 5’5” but the chair’s roller track reaches to a height of around 6’3”. Rather than having the rollers massage way above your shoulders as they would if you were using the full track, the scan detects where your shoulders are located on the backrest and then customizes the range to fit them — not hitting too high or too low.

Another way the Fujita SMK92 body scan customizes your massage is by directing the rollers around your shoulder blades and other bones such that they apply the right amount of pressure to the correct areas of your back.

4D Quad Rollers

When describing the different dimensions of massage, Takeshi Kozai, Director at the JHT Osaka Research and Development Center, explains it like this:

Chairs with 2D rollers massage in two dimensions: vertically (up and down) and horizontally (side to side). Chairs that feature 3D massage add the third dimension of depth, which is how deep the rollers penetrate into the back. On the Fujita SMK92, the rollers protrude up to 9 cm into the neck and back, delivering a true deep tissue massage.

The numbers in 2D, 3D, and 4D each represent the number of dimensional movements available. So, 2D has two, 3D has three, and 4D has four.

Let’s start with the basics…

So how does a 4D massage work?

Incorporating some of the latest roller technologies  available, the Fujita SMK92 doesn’t feature 2D rollers or even 3D, it features 4D. That’s right, 4D rollers. ​And it’s the roller technology on the Fujita SMK92 that really makes this model stand out.

A therapist working in 2D massages the surface of the body; a therapist working in 3D massages the surface of the body and applies pressure.”

But the Fujita SMK92 takes it one step further with 4D…

Fujita SMK92 massage chair features 4D roller that replicate the dynamic rhythms of a therapist

A therapist uses the sensitivity of their hands to the guide the rhythm — allowing intensity and speed to constantly fluctuate during the massage,” says Kozai.

To create a more realistic massage, the Fujita SMK92 incorporates the fourth dimensional movement of rhythm. With rhythm, the rollers on the Fujita SMK92 alternate speeds and intensities — sometimes moving slow to fast, other times fast to slow, to replicate the dynamic rhythms of a massage therapist.

Pulse Air Massage System

Fujita SMK92 offers full body air massage featuring 42 airbags

In addition to roller massage, the Fujita SMK92 features full-body air massage. The system is called the pulse air massage system and it performs high-speed repetitions of pressure, holding, and releasing to promote blood circulation.

Imagine you’re squeezing your wrist for a second…

When you release your hand you should see lighter marks showing where your fingers were pressing. The lighter marks are the places where blood has been pushed out. But after a few seconds, the marks disappear and your skin is again its normal color.

This quick squeeze and release action is similar to the pulse air massage system that pushes old blood and stagnant fluids from an area when it’s pressurized and then introduces new blood and nutrients when it’s released.

In total, the Fujita SMK82 has 42 airbags that treat the shoulders, arms, hands, seat, hips, calves, and feet.

Shiatsu Node Plates

In the foot portion of the ottoman on the Fujita SMK92 are three shiatsu nodes. These nodes are made from durable rubber and penetrate into the bottoms of your feet — on the ball, arch, and heel. Additionally, there are shiatsu nodes located behind the calves that press onto the muscles when the airbags in the ottoman inflate.

The nodes are stagnant, so they won’t spin or knead. If you want a more comprehensive foot massage with mechanical foot rollers, the SMK92 may not be your best option. However, it’s common (although it seems counter-intuitive) for high-end massage chairs to lack mechanical rollers. These chairs include the renowned Inada DreamWave, the Panasonic EP-MA73, and other Japanese-made massage chairs.

Fujita SMK92 has three shiatsu nodes

Heat Therapy

Although lacking mechanical foot rollers, the Fujita SMK92 makes up for it with an additional feature… heat therapy for the feet!

There are two heating pads — one under each foot — that warm and soothe tired and achy muscles. The heat has two strength settings so you can dial in the right level of warmth. Think of it like having the option to soak your feet in a warm bath without getting wet.

Massage Techniques and Programs on the Fujita Smk92 Massage Chair

The Fujita SMK92 massage chair performs six techniques. Although not as robust as other high-end massage chairs, the techniques cover the fundamental movements of shiatsu-style massage. They include:

Fujita SMK92 massage chair performs six techniques
  • Knead – Performs small circular grasping motions to stretch the muscles.
  • Tap – Performs rhythmic tapping strokes that gradually change speeds.
  • Knead and Tap – Combines circular motions of Kneading and rhythmic motions of Tapping.
  • Rub – Performs up and down pressured motions.
  • Shiatsu – Performs penetrating downward pressing motions.
  • Roll – Performs long sweeping strokes up and down the back.

Additionally, the Fujita SMK92 (thanks to its advanced roller technology) is able to perform technical movements, including:

  • Sideways Kneading – Sideways kneading allows the rollers to massage around the shoulder blades.
  • Neck and Shoulder Pressure – The rollers squeeze and grab the neck and apply a pressing massage to the trapezius.

Automatic Massage Programs

Featuring nine preset programs, the Fujita SMK92 offers a wide variety of massage styles to choose from. The preset programs come standard on the chair and use a combination of air and roller massage to deliver a full-body treatment. The sessions run from 5 to 30 minutes and each focuses on a specific therapeutic benefit, for example, Relax.

The nine programs are Relax, Refresh, Shiatsu, Air, Yoga, Quick, Night, Neck and Shoulder, and Lower Back.

Of the bunch, the Yoga preset program is perhaps the most popular. It’s a full-body stretch programs that uses the airbags in the shoulders and ottoman to hold the body in place while the chair reclines and inclines and the rollers move down the back.

Manual Massage Programs

But if you’d rather have full control over your massage, the Fujita SMK92 has quite a few manual options. These options give you control over settings like massage location, roller speed, roller strength, roller width, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s available…

  • Massage Location – Choose from six focus areas, including Full, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Lower Back, and Point. Each location tells the rollers where to focus and point parks them on a specific spot which is beneficial for working out deep knots.
  • Massage Technique – Select from one of the six massage techniques mentioned.
  • Massage strength – There are five levels of massage strength.
  • Roller Width – Select from three widths to focus or diffuse the rollers.
  • Air massage location – Select which areas you want the airbags to massage, including shoulders, arms and hands, lower back, and calves and feet.
  • Air Massage Intensity – Select from three air massage strengths.
  • Fine-tuned adjustments – A set of up and down arrows allow you to make fine-tuned adjustments to the position of the rollers.
Fujita SMK92 manual options give you full control over massage settings

Memory Settings

A feature you’ll often hear users say they wish every massage chair had is memory settings.

So how do they work?

With memory settings, once you get all of your manual massage preferences selected you can save them to memory. The benefit of this is that each time you use the chair you don’t have re-select all of your settings and you essentially get extra preset programs.

The Fujita SMK92 has two memory settings, which means you get two 100-percent custom massages (two additional present programs) that you can access again and again with the touch of a button.

Extendable Ottoman

Fujita SMK92 ottoman can fit to any unique leg length

Another customizable feature on the Fujita SMK92 is the ottoman. In addition to being able to raise and lower it, you can also extend and retract it, which means you can fit it to your unique leg length. All of the ottoman’s positions are easily controlled using the remote.

Handheld Remote

For such a high-tech massage chair, the remote on the Fujita SMK92 seems a little behind the times. It doesn’t have a big display screen and it doesn’t look like a tablet. But it’s simplicity isn’t a total negative. All of the functions are at your fingertips and the buttons are clearly labeled, so you won’t have to spend too much time reviewing the Fujita SMK92 manual. However, the remote does have a body map that shows which parts of the body are being massaged. Plus, it has a countdown timer so you always know how much time is left.

What’s Missing on the Fujita Smk92 Massage Chair

Foot Rollers

The good news is… if your massage chair budget is in the upwards of $5,000 dollars, you have your pick of loads of models with foot rollers.

Like we mentioned above, the Fujita SMK92 lacks foot rollers. The problem with this is that many users love foot rollers because they’re able to treat the feet in a way stagnant nodes simply can’t.

Zero Gravity

Another popular feature you won’t find on the Fujita SMK92 massage chair is Zero Gravity.

Zero Gravity is a reclined chair position. Sounds simple enough, right? Not really. A lot of science went into the creation of the position. In fact, it was originally developed by NASA to help astronaut’s body cope with the intense gravitational forces of taking off in a rocket.

So why is it on a massage chair?
Fujita SMK92 doesn't offer zero gravity feature

Because the Zero Gravity position has the unique ability to shift your body’s weight to the backrest. With the backrest bearing the burden of the weight, your spine and muscles are freed up to release tension and relax. In Zero Gravity, your legs are also elevated at or above your heart, which increases circulation in the lower body. Plus, with your weight against the backrest, you held on top of the rollers for a deeper massage.

Music System

Fujita SMK92 doesn't offer any kind of music system

Some might argue that since it doesn’t directly affect the massage, it’s a “bonus” feature. And while that might be true for some users, if you like the idea of plugging in your iPhone or iPod and drifting into a deep state of massage bliss while listening to your favorite music, on the Fujita SMK92, your only option is to get a nice set of headphones.

A feature that won’t technically change the quality of your massage, but could possibly enhance the experience is a music system. The Fujita SMK92 doesn’t have one of those either.

Chromotherapy Lights

Another spa-like feature you won’t find on the Fujita SMK92 is chromotherapy lighting.

Chromotherapy is a form of color therapy that uses specific hues to stimulate healing in the mind and body. You’ll see many massage chairs incorporating this feature for its therapeutic benefits as well as its ability to create a spa-like atmosphere around the massage chair.

Fujita SMK92 Massage Chair Specifications

Chair dimensions (upright)52″L X 31″W X 49″H
Chair dimensions (reclined)76″L X 31″W X 31″H
Recommended maximum user weight240 lbs
ColorsBlack and tan
Power Consumption150W
Chair weight260 lbs

Final Thoughts on Fujita SMK92 Massage Chair Review

This high-end model has a lot to offer the discerning roller massage enthusiast thanks to its 4D technology. However, its retail price is $8,999 which is comparable to some of the best massage chairs on the market, including the Inada DreamWave and Panasonic EP-MA73. In our opinion, it’s not quite on the same level as the world’s best. But if you can find it on sale, it’s a quality massage chair that has some surprisingly advanced technology and massage programs. Regardless of what you choose, we hope our Fujita SMK92 massage chair review helped back your buying decision easier.

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