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While the Fujita SMK8800 does have a few positive features going for it — sliding armrests, body scan technology, Thai-style stretch program, etc. — it’s simply not enough to justify the price.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • 3D body scan technology
  • 31-inch s-track with 3D quad rollers
  • Air massage technology
  • Acupressure nodes under feet
  • Sliding armrests
  • Handheld remote


  • No zero gravity
  • No foot rollers
  • No heat therapy

Unfortunately, the Fujita SMK8800 has been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Fujita DRS11 massage chair. 

If you’re interested in learning what the Fujita SMK8800 massage chair has to offer, you’re in the right place.

We dug deep to find out all there is to know about this massage chair. And we have to tell you… what we found didn’t impress us much.

In this Fujita SMK8800 massage chair review, we’re sharing all we’ve learned, including why we feel your money would be better spent elsewhere.

Let’s get started!

Features of the Fujita SMK8800 Massage Chair

Body Scan Technology

Before a roller massage begins on the Fujita SMK8800 the chair runs a body scan. The scan uses pressure and infrared sensors to measure the length of your spine and the shape of your body. It then uses that data to adjust the range of the rollers such that they match your height and shape for a custom-fit massage. Body scan technology should be expected on any mid- to high-end massage chair, so the fact that the Fujita SMK8800 has it isn’t a surprise.

31-Inch S-Track with 3D Quad Rollers

After the scan is complete, your roller massage begins.

On the Fujita SMK8800 massage chair, the rollers move along a 31-inch S-Track. Typically, S-Tracks range from 24 to 35 inches in length, which puts the 31-inch S-Track on the Fujita SMK8800 toward the longer side.

With an S-Track that curves with your body, the rollers are able to keep consistent contact and pressure across their entire range — from neck to tailbone.

Is your back perfectly straight?

No. So your massage track shouldn’t be either.

Think about it…

A massage track is the mechanism in the backrest of the chair that the rollers move along as they massage. An S-Track is an “S” shaped track that’s specifically designed to replicate the natural curve of your spine.

The rollers are 3D which means they move in three dimensions: up and down, side to side, and outward. The third dimension, outward, determines the depth of the rollers and therefore the intensity of your massage.

Fujita SMK8800 features quad roller that move along a 31-inch S-Track

3D massage chairs are popular with deep tissue and gentle massage enthusiasts alike because they give you full control over the intensity of the rollers.

But here’s the deal…

Although the Fujita SMK8800 is described as a “3D massage chair,” we see little evidence supporting this level of technology.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that while you can adjust the speed (which they refer to as intensity) and width of the rollers, there’s no way to adjust the actual level of protrusion of the rollers from the track. Bad news if you’re specifically researching 3D massage chairs.

Air Massage Technology

Additionally, the Fujita SMK8800 features air massage. There are 32 airbags that treat the lower back, hips, thighs, seat, arms, hands, calves, and feet.

For the most part, the airbags perform compression massage that squeezes and releases an area to increase circulation. However, some of the airbags are programmed to perform advanced techniques like twists and stretches. Let’s take a closer look…

  • Waist Swaying Air Massage – Two airbags wrap the waist and inflate and deflate to gently sway the hips from side to side.
  • Thigh Air Massage – Airbags next to the thighs inflate to compress the area to increase circulation and the removal of stagnant fluids.
  • Leg Air Massage – Airbags in the ottoman inflate to squeeze and knead the calves and ankles.
  • Foot Air Massage – Airbags surround the feet and inflate to press them down onto rubber acupressure nodes that protrude up into the bottoms of the feet.
  • Hand and Arm Massage – Four-section airbags inflate to treat the elbows, forearms, wrists, and hands.

Acupressure Nodes Under Feet

As we mentioned above, the Fujita SMK8800 features acupressure foot nodes. These nodes are stagnant, so there’s no spinning, kneading, or moving at all. They simply press into your feet to treat acupressure points.

Although the lack of true mechanical foot rollers will be a downside for many users, there is one upside of the Fujita SMK8800’s ottoman… it’s extendable.

The length of the ottoman is adjustable, which means users of different heights can find the right fit — quickly and easily.


Another “fitting” feature on the Fujita SMK8800 massage chair is sliding armrests.

Fujita SMK8800 armrest slides as it reclines
So why is this important?

On a massage chair that features arm massage but doesn’t have sliding armrests, when a user reclines in the chair their arms are pulled from the arm massage wells. As their arms are pulled from the wells, they’re left with either an ill-fitting arm massage or are shut out from it entirely until they’re back in the upright position.

On the Fujita SMK8800, however, the arm massage wells travel with you as you recline, so you can enjoy an arm massage in any position in the chair.

Additionally, the arm massage wells can be lifted and moved out of the way when not in use.

Handheld Remote

All of the chair’s functions are controlled using a handheld remote. The remote is as simple as it gets. There’s no display screen. There’s no stand. There are few back-lit buttons. It’s simply a push-button remote.

When a program is selected, a light next to the button illuminates. Different colored lights indicate different settings. For example, if you press the button to change the roller speed, a red light will show for fast, a purple light for medium, and a blue light for slow.

The problem with this is that unless you spend some time memorizing the Fujita SMK8800 manual, there’s a chance you’ll get confused as to what each light means. Plus, keeping track of all the active functions isn’t as quick and easy as it is on a remote with a screen that displays it all for you.

Now that we’ve covered all of the major components, it’s time to see how the Fujita SMK8800 combines them into its massage programs…

Massage Techniques and Programs on the Fujita SMK8800 Massage Chair

Massage Techniques

The Fujita SMK8800 performs four massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and rolling. And kneading has two versions: clockwise and counterclockwise. Let’s take a closer look at each…

  • Kneading – Performs small circular grasping movements to grip the skin and muscles.
  • Tapping – Performs quick tapping movements at alternating intervals to invigorate the skin and muscles.
  • Shiatsu – Performs downward pressure into the muscles and is the most powerful technique.
  • Rolling – Performs long sweeping strokes up and down the back.

Automatic Massage Programs

The roller techniques come together with air massage to create the Fujita SMK8800’s massage programs. There are six programs in total. These are the “set it and forget” programs that let you press a button and enjoy a massage. Each program lasts for 15 minutes, however, you can adjust the time up to 30 minutes. The automatic massages are Stretching, Shoulder, Back, Waist, Air, and Traction.

While six is an average number for massage programs, three of them — Shoulder, Back, and Waist — seem more like part automatic, part manual than fully automatic programs.

Perhaps the most notable automatic program is Stretching. This full-body Thai-inspired stretch program incorporates roller massage, airbags, and chair reclining to treat the entire body.

Fujita SMK8800 offers six automatic massage programs
Here’s how it works…

Airbags in the ottoman and around the hips inflate to hold the body in place while the chair reclines and inclines at varying intervals to pull and stretch the muscles, particularly those in the legs and back. At the same time, rollers move up and down the back to further the effectiveness of the stretch.

But since the Fujita SMK8800 lacks side shoulder airbags which are commonly used to hold the shoulders back, it’s uncertain how well the upper body stays in place during the stretch program.

Manual Massage

If you’d rather customize your own massage, the Fujita SMK8800 offers two manual massage options:

  • Whole Back – Focuses the massage to your entire back.
  • Partial – Focuses the massage to a part or zone on your back.

Once you select the area and adjust the rollers using the up and down arrows on your remote, you can select the massage technique (one of the six mentioned above), adjust the speed of the rollers (if it’s kneading or tapping), change the width of the rollers (narrow, medium, or wide), add air massage for the upper or lower body, and finally, adjust the intensity of the air massage by three levels.

That’s it!

That’s the full gamut of the manual mode options available on the Fujita SMK8800 massage chair.

Specifications & Dimensions Fujita SMK8800

Chair Dimensions (upright)56″L X 32.5″W X 47″H
Chair Dimensions (reclined)75″L X 32.5″W X 28″H
Recommended Maximum User Weight265 lbs
Recommended User Height5’1″ to 6’4″
Approved ByCE, UL, FDA, ETL, and ISO 9002.
Chair Weight190 lbs
Warranty3-Year Warranty with Full Parts Coverage

What’s Missing on the Fujita SMK8800 Massage Chair

We can’t wrap up our Fujita SMK8800 massage chair review without taking a look at some of the popular features you won’t find on the chair. These features are common on massage chairs in the same price range. They are:

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a hugely popular massage chair feature. So what is it?

Zero Gravity is a reclined neutral chair position that angles your body its weight is shifted to and held by the backrest while at the same time your legs are elevated at or above the heart. In this position, pressure is removed from your spine, allowing the vertebrae and muscles to completely relax, while circulation in your lower body is increased. Plus, thanks to your own weight holding you against the backrest, you’re pushed on top of the rollers for a deeper massage.

Foot rollers that spin, knead and scrape under feet


Another popular feature you won’t find is foot rollers. Many massage chairs today feature foot rollers that spin, knead and even scrape under the feet to perform a reflexology-style massage.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is a common massage chair feature because it effectively preps muscles for massage. Under heat, muscles relax which allows the rollers to penetrate deeper. Heat also increases circulation and reduces the perception of pain in the brain. However, you won’t find any heating pads on the Fujita SMK8800 massage chair.

Fujita SMK8800 Massage Chair Review Final Thoughts

For the price, we expect the Fujita SMK8800 to deliver, at the very least, the features you find on other chairs in the price range. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. And what it does offer, you’d expect to find.

Although it does have some positive aspects going for it — Thai-style stretch program, 31-inch S-Track, and sliding armrests — if you want to get the best bang for your buck, you’re better off spending your money elsewhere.

Regardless of what you choose, we hope our Fujita SMK8800 massage chair review helped make your decision a little easier.

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