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Equipped with all of the latest features including inversion therapy, Zero Gravity, 3D rollers, full-body air massage, and foot rollers, the Fujita SMK82 has everything you need to enjoy a quality massage at home. However, the lack of brand recognition might be a downside for some users.

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  • Packed with features
  • 3D capabilities
  • Full-body air massage
  • Inversion therapy
  • Zero Gravity
  • Foot rollers


  • From a lesser-known brand
  • Limited number of automatic programs (5 total)
Fujita SMK82 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for a full-featured massage chair for home.

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If you’re wondering what the Fujita SMK82 massage chair has to offer, you’re in the right place. This little-known model has a surprising variety of features. And we’ve taken an in-depth look at each of them.

Now, we’re sharing all we’ve learned — the features, the programs, the techniques — with you. By the end of this Fujita SMK82 review, you’ll easily know whether this is or isn’t the right massage chair for you. Let’s get started!

Features of the Fujita SMK82 Massage Chair

Body Scan Acupoints Technology

Before a massage begins on the Fujita SMK82, the chair initiates a body scan.The scan uses pressure sensors to digitally “map” up to 200 square inches of your back and is quite sophisticated. Rather than only detecting your shoulder position (height) like many other chairs in the same price range, the Fujita SMK82 also detects the shape of your spine and acupoints.


According to traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine, acupoints are the points on the body through which life force flows. The points form networks called “meridians”.

Fujita SMK82 also detects the shape of your spine and acupoints

It’s believed that if an acupoint or meridian becomes blocked or weak an imbalance in the body’s energy system occurs which can result in illness. Therapies like Shiatsu-style massage and acupressure work to clear these blocks to prevent illness and bring balance back to the body.

According to Fujita, nearly one-third of the acupoints in your body are in your back and neck. The roller massage on the Fujita SMK82 is specifically designed to treat these points, which brings us to our next feature…

3D Quad Rollers with 31-Inch S-Track

The Fujita SMK82 massage chair features 3D rollers which means they move in three ways: up and down, side to side, and in and out. The third movement, in and out, controls the depth of the rollers and therefore the intensity of your massage. The rollers extend outward up to 8 mm for a true deep-tissue massage. And there are eight levels of intensity adjustment from mild to very strong.

The roller are quad, so there are four total — two of each side of your spine. The rollers are designed to mimic the feeling of two thumbs and two hands and replicate the advanced wrist techniques of a massage therapist, including upper shoulder pressing along the trapezius muscle, rolling around the shoulder blade line, and neck grasping.

The rollers move along a 31-inch S-Track that extends from the neck to the tailbone.

Fujita SMK82 features 3D quad rollers

What’s an S-Track?

S-Tracks are “S” shaped massage tracks that are designed to replicate the natural curve of your spine. So rather than being straight from top to bottom, S-Tracks work with your body’s natural shape, which produces a more custom-feeling massage and ensures the rollers keep consistent contact and pressure in curved areas like your lower back.

Air Massage Technology

Additionally, the Fujita SMK82 offers full body air massage. Let’s take a closer look at the air massage areas…

  • Shoulder- Airbags on the outside of the shoulders inflate to squeeze and compress them. They also pull the shoulders back and hold the upper body in place during the stretch program.
  • ​Forearm and Hands – Airbags line the arm wells and treat the forearms and hands with compression massage.
  • ​Hip and Seat – Airbags in the seat inflate to lift and gently twist the lumbar area. And airbags next to the thighs inflate to compress the area.
  • Calves and Feet – Airbags line the ottoman and perform compression massage on the calves and feet as well as hold the feet on top of the rollers.

The air massage can be enjoyed during one of the automatic programs or independently with a manual massage. And the intensity of the airbags can be controlled any time using the remote.

Fujita SMK82 offers full body air massage

Foot Rollers

Like we mentioned above, the Fujita SMK82 has foot rollers. The rollers spin and knead performing a reflexology-style massage that treats the acupoints on the feet. There are two speed levels of foot roller massage or you can turn them off altogether.

Heat Therapy

Heat has a long therapeutic history. It dilates blood vessels which increases circulation, speeds tissue repair, and lessens the perception of pain in the area where it’s applied.

On the Fujita SMK82 massage chair, there are heating pads that radiate warmth to the lumbar area. The heat can be turned off or on at any time.

Two Stages of Zero Gravity

Fujita SMK82 features two stage of zero gravity

Another therapeutic (and very popular) feature on the Fujita SMK82 massage chair is Zero Gravity.

So what is it?

Zero Gravity is a reclined neutral chair position. It was originally designed by NASA to help astronauts cope with the gravitational stress of taking off in a rocket. In Zero Gravity, your weight is shifted to the backrest and your legs are elevated at or above your heart. Here, vertical pressure is removed from your spine and circulation in your lower body is increased. And since your weight is shifted to the backrest, it serves to hold you on top of the rollers for a deeper massage.

Inversion Therapy

Additionally, the Fujita SMK82 massage chair features inversion therapy. During inversion therapy, the chair reclines past horizontal — 216 degrees — which positions your feet higher than your head.

The benefits of inversion therapy are that it produces a gentle tractioning of the spine that helps to release pinched nerves and pain as well as increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the head.

The Fujita SMK82 is one of two massage chairs that feature inversion therapy, the other being the Infinity IT 9800.

LCD Pedestal Remote

Fujita SMK82 remote gives you full control

On the side of the Fujita SMK82 massage chair stands a pedestal remote. The remote has a bright, colored LCD screen that displays a body figure and all of the active functions on the chair. The buttons are clearly labeled so you don’t have to worry about memorizing the Fujita SMK82 manual.

In addition to controlling all of the chairs programs from the remote, you can also control the backrest recline, footrest position, and ottoman length.

Now that we’ve covered all of the components of the Fujita SMK82, it’s time to look at how they come together in the massage techniques and programs.

Massage Techniques and Programs on the Fujita SMK82

The Fujita SMK82 features five massage techniques, including Knead, Tap, Knead and Tap, Flap, and Shiatsu. Let’s take a closer look at each…

  • Knead – Performs grasping, circular movements to pull and stretch the muscles.
  • Tap – Performs rhythmic movements that gradually change speeds.
  • Knead and Tap – Combines the circular movements of Kneading and the rhythmic movements of Tapping.
  • Flap – Performs rhythmic, pressured movements.

Automatic Massage Programs

Fujita SMK82 features five automatic and three semi-automatic programs

The SMK82 features five automatic massage programs. These are pre-programmed, fully-automated massages that come with the chair. Simply press a button and the chair takes care of the rest.

Each program has an intended benefit, for example, “Relax.” And the default massage program time is 15 minutes but it can be extended up to 30 minutes.

The five programs are: Energy, Relax, Comfort, Stretch, and Quick.

Perhaps the most notable automatic program is Stretch. This program is a full-body Thai-style stretch program that uses a combination of air massage and roller massage to stretch the muscles, particularly in your back and legs.

Semi-Auto Programs

In addition to its fully-automatic programs, the Fujita SMK82 also features three semi-automatic programs. These programs combine the ease of auto programs with the focused treatment of manual massage.

The three semi-auto programs are Shoulder, Back, and Waist. Each program uses a combination of roller and air massage to focus on a specific area.

Manual Massage Programs

For those times when you want to build a custom massage from scratch, the Fujita SMK82 features quite a few manual mode options. These options give you control over settings like roller speed, roller width, massage location, and more. Let’s take a closer look at what’s available…

  • Region – Select where on your body you want your manual massage to focus.
  • Massage Technique – Select from one of the six techniques mentioned above.
  • Roller Width – Select from three widths to diffuse or focus the rollers to your spine.
  • Roller Speed – Select from six roller speeds.
  • Air Massage Location – Select from four air massage areas, including arm, shoulder, thigh, and foot, or use them all together.
  • Air Massage Intensity – Select from three air massage intensities.
  • Foot Roller Speed – Select from three foot roller speeds.
Fujita SMK82 features quite a few manual mode options

Fujita SMK82 Massage Chair Specifications

Chair Dimensions (upright)55″L X 41″W X 47″H
Chair Dimensions (reclined)77″L X 41″W X 47″H
Power Consumption150W
Chair Weight236 lbs

Fujita SMK82 Review Final Thoughts

Although little is known about the Fujita SMK82 massage chair, one thing’s for sure: it packs a lot of features. But for the price, you’d expect it to.

The only downsides we see are that it’s from a lesser-known brand and has a limited number of automatic programs — five total. Other than that, thanks to its 3D capabilities, full-body air massage, inversion therapy, Zero Gravity, and foot rollers, the Fujita SMK82 has all the latest massage features.

We hope our Fujita SMK82 review helped you see if it’s the right massage chair for you.

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