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Fujimi Massage Chair Reviews

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Fujimi is a relatively unknown brand in the world of massage chairs. Finding reliable information about the company and where to buy their chairs is challenging, and the information that is available suffers from an obvious language barrier. But does that mean you should forego buying a Fujimi massage chair altogether? Maybe, maybe not.

To help you decide for yourself, this article introduces you to Fujimi and their three high-end massage chair models — the EP 7000, EP 8800, and EP 9000. But before we highlight what each model offers, let's go over some information and insight about Fujimi as a brand that might otherwise get lost in translation.



Fujimi EP ​9000


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Fujimi EP 8800

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Fujimi EP 7000

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Fujimi EP 7000
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Fujimi EP 7000


Fujimi EP 8800


Fujimi EP 9000


Intelligent Massage Roller Technology



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Zero Gravity recline

Air massage system

Arm air massage

Leg and foot air massage

Foot roller massage

Guasha foot massage

Thai scraping foot massage

Magnetic therapy

Adjustable upper arm air massagers

Sliding armrests

Adjustable length leg ottoman

Adjustable head cushion

Acupoint auto induction system

Negative ion therapy

3D digital sound system

Infrared heating system

Space saving design

Fujimi EP 7000

Fujimi EP 8800

Fujimi EP 9000

About Fujimi

Fujimi is a designer and manufacturer of high-end robotic massage chairs. Although their corporate distribution center is located in California, all of their massage chairs are made in China.

While Fujimi massage chairs have some of the highest retail prices in the industry, the brand doesn't have nearly the amount of recognition as other brands such as Osaki or Human Touch. Furthermore, it's difficult to find Fujimi massage chairs for sale online, and it's even harder to find them at discounted prices. But why is this?

A careful read-through of customer-submitted Fujimi massage chair reviews reveals that the majority of Fujimi massage chairs are sold through consumer home shows and expos. Many customers report that they "could not pass up on the deal" offered by the sales rep — prices which were often half the retail price. Good news if you happen to be at a home show shopping for a massage chair; bad news if you're trying to get a good deal on a Fujimi massage chair online.

Little else is known about Fujimi. The limited information available about their massage chairs is difficult to understand as it's apparent a non-native English speaker wrote the product information. But if you can persist in tracking down a Fujimi massage chair for a fair price, you'll be pleasantly surprised by a chair that is loaded with therapeutic massage features.

Let's take a quick look at what each of Fujimi's massage chair models has to offer.

Winner - Fujimi EP 9000 Massage Chair

And like the EP 8800, the EP 9000 features a robust leg and foot massage system with air massage and magnetic therapy. However, it uses a more advanced foot roller equipped with 88 stereoscopic ball massagers that invigorate the soles of the feet.

Other features only found on the EP 9000 include a negative ion system that freshens the air, and a 3D digital sound system that allows you to listen to your favorite music played over the high-quality surround sound speakers while you enjoy your massage. And since there are more features on the chair, the EP 9000 features a more elaborate remote control that comes with a separate handheld remote for easy use in the reclined position.

If you're searching for a Fujimi massage chair that has it all, the EP 9000 is your best bet. But as can be expected, the EP 9000 is extremely expensive compared to other massage chairs on the market with similar features.

Highlights of the Fujimi EP 9000

  • Intelligent massage roller technology
  • 37-inch S-Track
  • Full body air massage
  • Sliding armrests
  • Powered backrest and footrest
  • ​Space saving design
  • Foot massage roller
  • Magnetic therapy for calves
  • Infrared heating system
  • Adjustable head cushion
  • Adjustable shoulder massagers
  • Acupoint auto induction system
  • ​Negative ion therapy
  • 3D digital surround sound system

Fujimi EP 7000 Massage Chair

The Fujimi EP 7000 massage chair is the company's lowest priced offering. But in no way does that mean it's cheap — with a retail price of nearly $8,000, the EP 7000 is among the most expensive massage chairs on the market by any measure.

As a full-body robotic massage chair, the Fujimi EP 7000 features everything you'd expect to find on a high-end model. Fujimi's signature Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands roller system that features 3D massage rollers, provides the fundamental massage therapy of the chair. The massage rollers are mounted to the longest massage track of any Fujimi massage chair — a 53-inch L-track that extends from the neck, down the back, past the hips, and under the thighs.

In addition to rollers massage, the EP 7000 features an air massage system that offers compression massage for the shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. While air massage is a shared feature among Fujimi's other models, the EP 7000 has the fewest number of airbags and air massage locations.

While all of the Fujimi massage chair models feature fully powered backrests and footrests, the EP 7000 is the only one to offer real Zero Gravity recline. When activated, the backrest reclines, the seat tilts back, and the footrest elevates, evenly distributing the body weight to promote decompression and deep relaxation.

The footrest of the EP 7000 features a massage roller under the soles that performs a special treatment called "Gua Sha" foot massage. Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese massage technique that stimulates blood flow and healing and is very popular for treating plantar fasciitis. When the airbags in the footrest inflate, the feet are firmly pressed onto the massage roller, which makes smooth strokes along the soles of the feet, relieving foot pain and tension.

Other features of the Fujimi EP 7000 include an infrared heating system, an adjustable leg ottoman, and a space saving design that allows the chair to fully recline with only 5 centimeters of space between the chair and the wall.

Overall, the Fujimi EP 7000 delivers the features you'd expect to find on a high-priced massage chair. It costs considerably more than other massage chairs with similar features, but if you can find it for a discounted price, it may be worth the purchase.

Highlights of the Fujimi EP 7000 Massage Chair

  • Intelligent massage roller technology
  • 53-inch L-track
  • ​Shoulder, arm, leg, and feet air massage
  • Powered backrest and footrest
  • Zero Gravity recline
  • Gua Sha foot massage
  • Infrared heating system
  • Adjustable length leg ottoman

Fujimi EP 8800 Massage Chair

The Fujimi EP 8800 is the company's middle-of-the-road option, with a retail price approximately $500 more than the EP 7000. It also appears to be the company's most popular model, receiving the highest number of positive customer reviews.

The EP 8800 is similar to the EP 7000 in many ways, featuring the same Intelligent Mechanical Hands rollers and air massage system, but differs in the exact specifications of these components. For example, the EP 8800 uses a shorter 27-inch S-Track to move the massage rollers across the back. Its air massage system, however, is more robust, featuring a total of 53 airbags throughout the backrest, seat, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet.

Another key distinction of the EP 8800 is that while it does have a powered backrest and footrest, it doesn't offer real Zero Gravity recline. Still, the chair reclines all the way back, taking significant pressure off the spine. It also features a unique sliding armrest design that moves with the chair, keeping the arms positioned correctly in the armrests as the chair reclines.

The Fujimi EP 8800 offers a more advanced foot massage system than the EP 7000, featuring a three-row massage roller under the feet. The foot roller performs a foot massage technique called "Thai Sole Scraping Therapy" which is similar to the Gua Sha technique offered by the EP 7000.

In addition to the air massage and roller massage of the footrest, the EP 8800 also provides magnetic therapy for the calves. Eight 300CC magnets are strategically placed in the leg portion of the footrest to stimulate reflexology points of the calves.

The EP 8800 features eight automatic full-body massage programs. Each program is designed with a particular type of person with individual massage needs, combining roller massage and air massage.

Unlike the EP 7000, the EP 8800 is not built with a space saving recline track, so the chair must be positioned a few feet away from the wall to fully recline.

Highlights of the Fujimi EP 8800 Massage Chair

  • Intelligent massage roller technology
  • 27-inch S-Track
  • Full body air massage with 53 airbags
  • Three-row foot massage roller
  • Magnetic therapy for calves
  • Powered backrest and footrest
  • Sliding armrest design
  • Adjustable position upper arm air massagers
  • Adjustable head cushion
  • Adjustable length leg ottoman

Final Thoughts on Fujimi Massage Chair Reviews

Even though Fujimi is a relatively obscure company, their massage chairs have a respectable set of features that warrant further examination. If you want to learn more about the exact specifications and features of the Fujimi massage chair models covered here, check out the individual product reviews for the EP 7000, EP 8800, and EP 9000. And, of course, with any “unknown” business, always pay attention to the warranty options and customer service.

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