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If you’re looking for the absolute best massage chair on the market, the Cozzia Qi Massage Chair is it. With exclusive technologies such as 4D Vario Motion Robot massage rollers, Chair Doctor scanning technology, and its own dedicated Apple iPad app, the Cozzia Qi gives you everything you could ever want in a massage chair plus features you didn’t even know existed. The chair’s only drawback is its extremely high price — but hey, you get what you pay for, right?

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

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  • 4D vario motion massage roller system
  • Full body air massage
  • Foot massage rollers
  • Quick access armrest controls
  • Built-in bluetooth speaker system
  • Chromotherapy lighting


  • High price-tag
  • Lack of message techniques
Cozzia Qi Zero Gravity Massage Chair

With exclusive technologies such as 4D Vario Motion Robot massage rollers, Chair Doctor scanning technology, and its own dedicated Apple iPad app, the Cozzia Qi gives you everything you could ever want in a massage chair.

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Unfortunately, the Cozzia Qi Massage Chair has been discontinued. We recommend checking out the Inada Dreamwave Review – Massage Chair Report.

The Cozzia Qi massage chair is hands down the most technologically advanced massage chair in the world. And with a price tag of over $13,000, it’s also the most expensive.

Wait, wait, wait… $13,000 for a massage chair? How good can it really be?

Don’t worry, we had our doubts too. But when you see the kind of components and technology on this chair, you’ll understand why it commands such a high price. In this CozziaQi review, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know to help you decide if you’re ready to buy a massage chair that is literally the best of the best.

Components and Hardware of the Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

4D Vario Motion Massage Roller System

As you’ll soon discover, practically all the components of the Cozzia Qi are not only one of the best; they are the very best in production. And this includes the chair’s roller system.

Cozzia refers to the Qi’s roller system as the 4D Vario Motion Robot — a fitting name that hints at its complex array of possible massage movements. Thinking of it as roller system like what you’d find on a lower priced, more conventional massage chair simply won’t do. It’s like a personal robotic massage therapist capable of adapting to your needs.

So what does it actually do? Well, a lot in fact. To start, it’s by far the most advanced 4D massage roller on the market.

What is 4D?

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Reviews 4D Vario-motion - Consumer Files

4D refers to the number of dimensions in which the massage rollers move on the back. This includes the three primary movements — vertical (up and down), horizontal (side to side), and depth (in and out). And a fourth dimension — the one that sets the Cozzia Qi apart from the crowd — roller speed.

Instead of the rollers moving at a fixed rate, with 4D, the speed of the rollers can be increased or decreased. This creates a more life like massage and a huge range of massage techniques and possible actions.

Later in the article, you’ll get to see how the Cozzia Qi takes full advantage of its 4D Vario Motion Robot in the chair’s many advanced massage programs.

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Reviews 4D Vario-Motion Massage System - Consumer Files

But for now, let’s take a look at another aspect of the Cozzia Qi’s roller system you won’t find on many other massage chairs — heat.

That’s right, the massage roller heads of the Cozzia are heated. This gives you pinpoint accurate heating anywhere on your back. Heat can be activated while enjoying any massage technique or program. Also, it provides a similar sensation to the warmth of a massage therapist’s hands.

Now, the Cozzia Qi features another special technology that makes the 4D massage rollers even more effective, adaptable, and intuitive, but it’s so elaborate and groundbreaking that we have to save it for later.

Full Body Air Massage

If the Cozzia Qi only offered the advanced 4D roller massage that it does, it could easily provide all the massage therapy a person could need or want. But the addition of full body air massage indeed takes the massage experience to the next level.

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Review Full-body Massage - Consumer Files

The air massage system of the Cozzia Qi covers practically every area of the body including:

  • Shoulders — Airbags within special massagers alongside the upper portion of the backrest apply pressure to both the backs and sides of the shoulders and upper arms.
  • Neck — A dedicated set of airbags provide compression massage for the often tense muscles of the neck.
  • Arms and hands — Airbags inside the armrest completely envelope the arms and hands, providing compression massage.
  • Lumbar — Two large airbags running along both sides of the spine in the lower portion of the backrest provide gentle air massage for the lumbar muscles and contribute to the overall comfort of the chair.
  • Hips — Special airbags located next to the hips provide soothing compression massage. These airbags also play an important role in the chair’s stretching functions as they grip and hold the body in place.
  • Seat — Airbags in the seat of the chair gently knead the thighs and buttocks while also contributing to the comfort of the chair.
  • Calves and feet — The leg ottoman is fully lined with airbags that provide compression massage for the calves and feet.

The Cozzia Qi offers five levels of airbag massage intensity ranging from soft and gentle to firm and vigorous. The intensity level can be adjusted anytime an air massage program is active.

Air massage is a critical component of the Cozzia Qi’s many automatic massage programs. You may also enjoy it when using the custom massage programs, which give you complete control over the specific air massage zones being used — much more on those later.

Foot Massage Rollers

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Reviews Foot Roller - Consumer Files

In addition to air massage for the calves and feet, the Cozzia Qi also features an advanced foot roller system for the soles of the feet.

The foot rollers spin and pulsate and are strategically positioned to target the reflexology points on your feet. And when used in conjunction with the calf and foot air massage, the feet are pressed firmly onto the foot rollers for a more intense and direct massage.

A common complaint among massage chair users is that the foot massage functions can be too intense. This often comes from users who have sensitive feet, and might not be an issue for those who like a firm foot massage. Either way, the Cozzia Qi chair features special sensors in the foot airbags to ensure that it doesn’t apply excess pressure to the feet.

Seat Vibration

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Reviews Armrest Controls - Consumer Files

Inside the seat of the Cozzia Qi, a vibration motor adds a soothing buzz to the thighs and buttock. The main benefit of vibration massage is increased relaxation which is achieved by stimulating blood flow and calming the nerves.

Although seat vibration is a minor attribute on the chair’s impressive spec sheet, it adds yet another layer of massage therapy to the user experience — a welcome addition for sure.

Quick Access Armrest Controls

As you can see by now, the Cozzia Qi offers a ton of flexibility in terms of personalized massage. Accordingly, the chair has a lot of controls — so many that Cozzia designed an exclusive Apple application to control the chair! More on that later.

To make operating the chair as smooth as possible, there’s a small control panel on the armrest that gives you immediate access to the chair’s most frequently used features.

On top of the right armrest is where you’ll find a unique dial control that is used to adjust the strength of the 4D massage rollers. The chair’s power button is located on top of the dial, and when the chair is turned on, the dial rises out of the chair — a cool, futuristic detail.

Along with the dial, there are buttons to run two automatic programs called Relax and Stretch quickly. There’s also a button to turn on the heated rollers.

On the inside panel of the armrest, you’ll find buttons to adjust the backrest and footrest of the chair. You can recline and incline the backrest, and raise, lower and extend the footrest.

Built-In Bluetooth Speaker System

As the highest priced massage chair on the market, no experience was spared in creating the Cozzia Qi. All of its features add up to what many consider to be the ultimate massage chair experience — that includes the sounds your hear while enjoying your massage.

Inside the headrest of the chair, a high-quality speaker allows you to listen to music of your choice to help you relax and get the most out of your massage session. The speaker is equipped with Bluetooth technology so you can connect your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to the chair — no wires or cords to fuss!

Chromotherapy Lighting

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Reviews Unique Features - Consumer Files

Also in the headrest of the chair is another feature that helps create the ideal atmosphere to enjoy your massage — chromotherapy lights. These special LED lights illuminate your surroundings with a soothing color. Using the chair’s app, you can change the colors of the lights with several options to choose from to match and enhance your mood.

Now onto the coolest, most tech-savvy aspects of the Cozzia Qi.

Cozzia Qi Advanced Technology

Cozzia Qi App for Apple iPad

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Reviews iPad App - Consumer Files

As the highest-end massage chair currently available, a standard push-button remote wouldn’t do. Instead, Cozzia designed a dedicated application for Apple iPads to give you complete control over the chair’s many, many features.

The Cozzia Qi app is incredibly intuitive, making the chair the easiest to use in existence. Each screen and menu of the app is designed with simple, elegant icons that make choosing massage options and settings a breeze.

As we get into the chair’s massage programs and settings, you’ll get a better idea what the app is all about. But in addition to the controls that make the chair run, the app also features helpful additions such as the digital version of the chair’s user manual, troubleshooting held, and customer support contact information.

To keep your iPad for easy access while enjoying a massage, an adjustable tablet holder mounts to the armrest of the chair. You can adjust the holder in several ways to help you find the perfect position to view and use the iPad.

Some websites and reviews state that the application is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, but this isn’t true — you can only download through the Apple App store. Furthermore, the Cozzia Qi user manual states that you must use an iPad 4th gen, iPad Mini 2nd gen, or iPad Air running IOS 7 or higher.

Chair Doctor Technology

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Reviews Chair Doctor Feature - Consumer Files

Topping the list of the Cozzia Qi’s most impressive features is something you won’t find on any other massage chair — Chair Doctor Technology.

What exactly is Chair Doctor Technology? Allow us to explain… Using a highly advanced biometric scanning system, the Cozzia Qi diagnosis your body’s tension and prescribes a customized massage program to alleviate the tension. Pretty crazy, right?!

Up until the release of the Cozzia Qi, the most advanced body scan systems were those found on high-end Japanese-made massage chairs such as the Inada Dreamwave. Those systems rely on the chair’s massage rollers to conduct the scan and are limited to measuring the body’s size and shape. The Cozzia Qi, however, uses an exclusive Body Pain Sensor that takes body scanning and custom massage to a whole new level.

Here’s how it works: The Body Pain Sensor is a joystick-like device located on the left armrest of the chair. During the Chair Doctor Diagnosis, you grip the Body Pain Sensor while relaxing into the chair.

The diagnosis takes approximately three minutes to run, during which time the Body Pain Sensor assess your biometric data including pulse and body temperature while the massage rollers simultaneously scan your back. When the diagnosis is complete, a “tension score” is generated along with a custom full body massage program designed to treat your tension.

After the scan, you simply press “Begin Treatment” on the app screen, and your custom massage will begin.

With Chair Doctor, you get the most personalized massage treatment of any massage chair available today. You don’t have to spend time choosing programs and techniques or adjusting settings. You can simply lay back, activate the scan, and the chair takes care of the rest.

In terms of massage chair technology, Cozzia has raised the bar very high, leaving the rest of the industry playing catch up.

Automatic Preset Massage Programs of the Cozzia Qi

Even though the Chair Doctor customized massage treatments could easily accommodate all of your massage needs, with 13 automatic programs, you have many more options.

These automatic programs offer a diverse range of massage styles, intensities, and areas of focus. And thanks to the Cozzia Qi App, once you’ve selected an automatic massage program, you have full control over the intensity of the 4D massage rollers as well as air massage pressure.

Here’s a quick look at each automatic massage program:

RelaxA medium intensity upper back and neck massage combining shiatsu and kneading techniques.
GentleA slower full back massage using gentle tapping and finishing with a kneading massage for the shoulders.
AthleticA powerful massage focusing on the legs and mid-back with fast and vigorous tapping and ultra kneading techniques.
VigorousAn intense massage combining shiatsu and kneading on the lower back along with air massage for the arms, thighs, and legs.
StretchUses the chair’s air massage system to thoroughly stretch the legs and back while performing gentle tapping and kneading across the mid and lower back.
Upper BackA low-intensity massage focusing on the upper back, neck, and shoulders with tapping, ultra kneading, and air compression massage plus heat therapy.
Lower BackA medium-high intensity massage performing deep tissue shiatsu and kneading on the lower back along with air compression massage for the shoulders, arms, and thighs.
Neck and ShoulderA medium intensity massage focusing on the neck and shoulders with tapping and kneading techniques plus air compression massage.
Feet and CalvesProvides a full body massage with an extra focus on the feet and calves using high-intensity air compression massage plus foot roller massage.
JapaneseA medium intensity massage focusing on the mid back and upper shoulders with shiatsu and kneading techniques to create an acupressure-like effect.
ThaiProvides a full back massage with medium intensity using tapping and kneading techniques with particular focus on the upper back plus air massage for the thighs.
ChineseA low-intensity full back massage using tapping and ultra kneading techniques along with air massage for the legs and feet.
BalineseA medium intensity full back massage using fast-paced kneading and shiatsu techniques.

Custom Massage Program Options of the Cozzia Qi

Although the Cozzia Qi is completely loaded with features, its streamlined iPad app makes operating the chair extremely easy. This is especially so when it comes to the chair’s custom massage options.

On the home screen of the app, you’ll see two main icons: “Chair Doctor” and “Massage.” To get to the custom massage options, select “Massage” and then “Custom.” The next screen you’ll see is the custom massage dashboard where you can control practically every aspect of the chair.

Here’s a breakdown of the custom massage options and settings available on the Cozzia Qi:

Massage Techniques

The Cozzia Qi features six massage techniques performed by the chair’s 4D Vario Motion Robot rollers. You’ll recognize some of them from the descriptions of the automatic massage programs, but there are a few more available when using the chair in custom mode.

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Reviews Manual Mode - Consumer Files

They are:

When you select a massage technique, the rollers will perform the technique across the entire back by default.

  • Ultra Knead — Performs a kneading action focused on small points.
  • Shiatsu — Compresses muscles knots vertically.
  • Knead — Performs deep kneading action.
  • Swedish — Rubs gently across a wide area.
  • Roll — Massage rollers move up and down the back stretching and massaging the muscles.
  • Tap — A tapping action alternating between the right and left side of the spine.

Roller Massage Area

On the custom massage dashboard within the app, a body diagram in the center of the screen allows you to choose the area in which you’d like the massage rollers to perform the selected technique.

So instead of the default full back massage, you can opt to have the rollers focus on just the upper back if you’d like. You can move the roller location as often as needed and can resume full back massage at any time.

Air Compression Massage Zone

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Reviews Massage Screen - Consumer Files

The “Compression” icon on the custom massage dashboard allows you to activate specific air massage zones. Choose from shoulders, pelvis, hands, and feet.

Of course, if you want to enjoy full body air massage, simply select all zones.

Roller Strength

One of the key features of the Cozzia Qi is its 4D Vario Motion Robot rollers, which provides a great degree of control over the massage strength.

Using either the on-screen plus and minus controls or the quick access dial on the armrest, you can tune the massage roller strength with an exceptional level of control. The higher the level of strength selected, the deeper the massage rollers will press into your back muscles.

Air Intensity

As with roller strength, the intensity and pressure of the airbags can be adjusted with a great degree of control. The plus and minus icons in the app are used to adjust the air pressure used during the air massage.

However, like most massage chairs, the intensity of the Cozzia Qi can only be adjusted for all air massage zones simultaneously. For example, you can’t have light air massage in the hands and strong air massage for the feet — all the airbags operate with the same level of intensity.

Heat, Vibration, and Chromotherapy Lights

At any time during a custom massage, you can activate the heat function of the massage rollers. You can also turn on seat vibration and the chromotherapy lights to help you get completely relaxed.

All that’s left to do is turn on some music through the Bluetooth speakers, and you’re all set!

Final Thoughts on the Cozzia Qi

It’s difficult to imagine a more advanced or user-friendly massage chair than the Cozzia Qi. The designers at Cozzia thought of just about everything when creating the Qi, incorporating all the most popular massage chair features and bringing new technologies to light that didn’t previously exist.

The bottom line is: If you have the extra cash to spend, we highly recommend investing in the Cozzia Qi massage chair — it truly is in a class of its own.

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