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The Cozzia EC 670 is a feature-rich massage chair, but with one major problem: it’s discontinued. Unless you can locate a used one for a fair price, we recommend checking out the Cozzia EC 618, which is nearly identical to the EC 670.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • 3D quad massage rollers with s-track
  • 3D body scan technology
  • 64 strategically placed airbags
  • Roller foot massage (spinning rollers)
  • One-touch zero gravity recline
  • Chromotherapy lights


  • No space saving technology
  • Six manual massage techniques

Unfortunately, this product has been DISCONTINUED and REPLACED by the EC 618.  Click here for more information

Cozzia chair EC 670 major problem is that it's a discontinued model Cozzia EC 670Cozzia EC 618 provides the biggest bang for your buck Cozzia EC 618
3d Massage Rollers
Body Scan System
Full Body Air Massage
Number of Airbags6464
Shoulder Air Massage
Arm Air Massage
Calf and Foot Air Massage
Foot Rollers
Zero Gravity
Heat Therapy
Vibration Massage
Stretch Program
Twist Program
Space Saving Technology
Chromotherapy Lights
Built-in Speakers With MP3 Compatibility
Handheld Remote
Power Surge Detector
Number of Massage Techniques66
Number of Automatic Massage Programs88
Manual Massage Programs

If you’re interested in learning more about the Cozzia EC 670 massage chair, you’re in the right place. But a word of warning: the EC 670 is discontinued. So your best chance of securing this particular model is from a previous owner. However, Cozzia has replaced the EC 670 with a new and surprisingly more affordable model: the EC 618.

But what if you’re set on the Cozzia EC 670 because perhaps you found a used one at a great price?

Then read on to learn everything you need to know about the Cozzia EC 670 massage chair. Plus, see how it stacks up to the Cozzia EC 618 in our side-by-side comparison. After you do, you’ll know for sure if the Cozzia EC 670 is or isn’t the right massage chair for you.

Let’s get started!

Features and Components of the Cozzia EC 670 Massage Chair

3D Body Scan Technology

Body scan is a type of technology that uses sensors to detect your height, and on more advanced massage chairs, shape and shiatsu points. It’s a standard feature on any high-quality massage chair because, without it, the rollers are programmed according to a fixed height range but not your actual height. Body scan technology essentially “tells” the rollers how tall you are so that they don’t hit too high or too low relative to your shoulders.

On the Cozzia EC 670, before any massage program begins, the chair initiates its body scan. Once the scan is complete, the range of the rollers is automatically adjusted to fit your particular height and then your massage program begins.

Body scan is also a great feature to have on chairs with multiple users since it customizes the massage to each individual. So if you plan on having family members, friends, or clients use the massage chair, you’ll want to make sure it has body scan for the most effective treatment.

3D Quad Massage Rollers

The Cozzia EC 670 performs massage using 3D quad rollers.

There are two main types of rollers: dual and quad. Dual means that there are two rollers, while quad means that there are four. In general, quad rollers produce a more diffused-feeling massage that covers more surface area at a single time — similar to the difference between having two golf balls (dual) versus four golf balls (quad) on your back.

But with the 3D roller technology, you’re put in the driver’s seat when it comes to the overall intensity of your massage. This is because 3D rollers actually extend from the massage track to penetrate into the muscle tissues. On the Cozzia EC 670, the depth at which the rollers extend is controlled with the remote, allowing you to customize the feel of your massage from gentle to deep tissue.

If you’re particular about the intensity of your massage or simply want the option to control it, you want, at least, 3D rollers. This is because less sophisticated rollers like 2D only move up and down and side to side, which means there’s no way to control the depth, so you’re stuck with the out-of-box massage intensity.

S-Track Massage

The rollers on the Cozzia EC 670 move along an S-Track.

In general, there are three main types of massage tracks: straight tracks, S-Tracks, and L-Tracks.

A Straight track is linear from top to bottom and is usually only found on very affordable, entry-level massage chairs.

An S-Track is an “S” shaped massage track that contours to the natural shape of your spine — where your spine curves, the S-Track curves. The benefit of this design is that it allows the massage rollers to keep consistent contact and pressure in curvy areas like your neck and lower back.

An L-Track picks up where an S-Track ends, typically at the tailbone, and extends into the seat of the chair. Despite popular belief, an L-Track is not a standalone track type, it’s an extended track. This means it’s impossible for a massage chair to only have an L-Track, rather it has a combination of S-Track (in the backrest) and L-Track (in the seat). L-Tracks are a popular choice for users who want gluteal or hamstring massage or suffer from sciatic nerve pain.

To learn more about L-Track massage chairs, click here to read our review for the top picks.

Since the Cozzia EC 670 features an S-Track, you’ll get the spine-contouring benefits you’d expect from any mid- to high-end massage chair.

Air Massage

In addition to roller massage, the Cozzia EC 670 features shoulder-to-toe air massage.

Throughout the chair, there are 64 strategically placed airbags that treat the shoulders, forearms, hands, seat, hips, calves and feet with compression, which is a popular style of massage that performs a sequence of squeezing and releasing to increase circulation.

The airbags on the Cozzia EC 670 are considered “second generation” which means that while there aren’t an overwhelming number of them compared some high-end massage chairs, they are specifically designed to cover more surface area. The main benefits of second generation airbags are that they’re intended to produce a more quiet massage and have less components that could potentially break.

The air massage on the Cozzia EC 670 is customizable with five levels of intensity to choose from. Plus, in manual mode, you can select specific body areas you’d like the air massage to focus on, including shoulder, back and seat, hand, and foot.

Roller Foot Massage

Typically, if a massage chair offers foot support it does so in one of three ways: airbags, rubber acupressure nodes or spinning rollers. The Cozzia EC 670 features spinning rollers.

These rollers have protruding nodes that scrape under the feet to stimulate acupressure points. Additionally, the EC 670 has airbags around the feet that push them onto the rollers for a deeper massage. The foot massage can be added to any automatic or manual program or turned off.

Seat Vibration

The final type of massage offered on the Cozzia EC 670 is vibration.

Located in the seat of the EC 670 is a high-frequency vibration plate that vibrates to increase the microcirculation, which is the circulation through the smallest blood vessels. This is a great feature for those with circulation issues or who need additional dermal or muscular stimulation for the glutes or back of the thighs, particularly those who sit much of the day.

To learn more about healthy sitting, click here to read our review of the most healthy chairs.

Lower Back Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is the method of using heat to produce therapeutic benefits. In general, heat is known to:

  • Increase circulation, which then increases the flow of oxygen and damage-repairing nutrients to an area.
  • Provide natural pain relief by sending signals to the brain that reduce the perception of pain in the area in which it’s applied.
  • Relax the muscles, which allows the rollers to penetrate deeper into the tissues for a more therapeutic massage.

On the Cozzia EC 670, the heat therapy is located on the lower back — one of the most common areas for back pain. Unfortunately, the temperature is not customizable. So the fairly mild out-of-the-box heat is what you get.

One-Touch Zero Gravity Recline

Another therapeutic, and very popular, feature on the Cozzia EC 670 is Zero Gravity.

Zero Gravity is a chair position that was originally designed by NASA to offset the gravitational stress on an astronaut’s body during takeoff. It does this by positioning the body such that its weight is held by the backrest, not the muscles and spine. At the same time, it elevates the legs at or above the heart to increase circulation in the lower body.

Zero Gravity works particularly well for massage chairs for two reasons:

  • Since your body’s weight is held by the backrest, it allows your spine and back muscles to decompress and relax.
  • The weight of your body on the backrest allows the rollers to penetrate deeper for a more effective massage.

On the Cozzia EC 670 remote, there’s a Zero Gravity button that allows you to get into the position with a single press.

Built-in Speakers With MP3 Player

Moving toward more recreational massage features, the Cozzia EC 670 features built-in speakers with MP3 connection capabilities. This means you can plug in your phone or iPod into the chair and listen to your music through the speakers.

The speakers are located on either side of the headrest and point toward your face, giving you a surround sound experience. This is a great feature if you not only want your chair to massage, but want it to envelop you in a relaxing experience.

Chromotherapy Lights

Chromotherapy is a form of color therapy that uses specific hues to promote therapeutic benefits. For example, the color blue is associated with helping the muscles to relax and reducing inflammation.

On the Cozzia EC 670, the speakers are wrapped with LED chromotherapy lights that add to your spa-like experience.

If you use the massage chair in a dim or dark room, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having different colored lights projected around you. The color of the light is controlled with the remote and there are four settings to choose from: red, blue, green or automatic cycle. This is a customization option that’s rarely found on massage chairs with chromotherapy.

Handheld Remote With LCD Screen

All of the Cozzia EC 670’s features are controlled using a handheld remote. The remote has a bright LCD screen that displays all of the active functions, which makes it easy to keep track of your settings.

Nearly every function has its own button, so you won’t have to spend too much time navigating through an on-screen menu. For example, if you want to get into the Zero Gravity position, all you have to do is press the Zero Gravity button. Or, if you want to increase the 3D roller intensity, all you have to do is press the intensity button.

In addition to the buttons on the front of the remote, there’s also a flip-down cover that reveals buttons for the manual mode options like specific massage techniques and air massage locations.

Overall, the remote feels advanced but still simple to use.

Massage Programs and Techniques of the Cozzia Chair EC 670

Now that we’ve walked you through the massage components of the Cozzia EC 670, it’s time to see how they all come together to perform massage.

8 Automatic Programs

Automatic programs are the pre-programmed massages on the chair. Each program uses a combination of roller and air massage and has it’s own intended benefit.

If you like the idea of your massage chair doing all the work, the automatic programs are what you’ll want to pay attention to. Each program runs for up to 30 minutes and there are eight massages total. Each massage is categorized as either 2D or 3D which determines if you’re able to adjust the depth of the rollers during the program. The programs are:

  • Demo (3D)
  • Gentle (2D)
  • Vigorous (2D)
  • Japanese (3D)
  • Athletic (3D)
  • Swedish (3D)
  • Thai (3D stretching)
  • Chinese (3D)

One of the most notable massage programs is Thai. Based on traditional Thai massage, the Thai program performs a full body stretch by reclining the chair while airbags hold the shoulders and feet and rollers massage the back.

So we know we said there were only eight programs, but tucked away next to the manual mode options is actually a ninth type of massage called Zig Zag. Like Thai, Zig Zag is a stretch program but instead of performing an elongating stretch, it gently twists the body. It does this by using the airbags in the seat and back.

Six Manual Massage Techniques

There are six techniques performed by the Cozzia EC 670, including:

  • Swedish
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Clapping
  • Rolling
  • Kneading

These techniques can be individually selected during a manual massage. And each technique has its own set of customization options, including:

  • Width – Tapping, clapping, shiatsu, and rolling have three width adjustments from narrow to wide.
  • Speed – Tapping, clapping, Swedish, shiatsu have five speed adjustments.
  • Strength – Kneading has five strength adjustments.

Spot and Partial Mode

When using the manual massage techniques, you can program the rollers to treat your entire back, focus them on part of the back, or have them work a specific spot. This is called the Spot/Partial function. With Partial, the area is about 3 inches wide.

Once you select the Partial/Spot function, you can use the arrows on the remote to move the rollers to your desired spot.

Cozzia EC 670 Manual

To learn more about the Cozzia EC 670, click here to see the user manual.

Cozzia EC 670 Vs. Cozzia EC 618

So what if you want and massage chair that’s similar to the Cozzia EC 670 but is readily available and comes with a warranty? Then you’ll want to check out the Cozzia EC 618.

Side-by-side these massage chairs are nearly indistinguishable. But there is one sizable difference: the Cozzia EC 618’s retail price has been lowered to $4,999 — $1,000 less than it was last year and $1,000 less than the original Cozzia EC 670 price.

Other than that, there’s not much separating these two models. Let’s take a closer look at the similarities…

Similarities of the EC 670 vs eC 618

  • ​​​​S-Track
  • Body scan technology
  • 3D massage rollers
  • Air massage system (64 airbags)
  • Foot roller massage
  • Seat vibration
  • LED chromotherapy lights
  • Built-in speakers with MP3 connectivity
  • Handheld remote with LCD screen
  • One-Push Zero Gravity
  • Eight automatic programs
  • Six massage techniques
  • Heat therapy for lower back
  • Spot/partial function

Differences OF THE EC 670 VS EC 618

Automatic Massage Programs

While the EC 618 has the same number of automatic massage programs (eight), two of them are different types. Instead of having Japanese and Athletic automatic programs, it features Relax and Therapy programs.

Like the EC 670, the EC 618 features a full body Thai stretch program and Zig Zag twist.

Cozzia EC 618 Manual

To learn more about the Cozzia EC 618, click here to see the user manual or check out our full review.

Cozzia EC 670 Review Final Thoughts

In terms of massage technology and features, the Cozzia EC 670 is a solid option — if you can find one.

Luckily, Cozzia’s replacement model, the EC 618, checks all the same boxes, is readily available, and can be purchased with warranty support. Regardless of which you choose, we hope our Cozzia EC 670 review provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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