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The Cozzia EC 363 Cozzia EC 363 massage chair offers all the massage features you need including an S-Track, full body air massage, two stage zero gravity, and foot and calf massage. The large LCD remote makes it easy to use and its robust manual massage controls allow for exceptional customization. For under $3,000, it’s one of the better massage chairs on the market.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • S-Track roller massage
  • Auto back scan with two stage Zero Gravity
  • Manual roller height adjustment
  • Full body air massage
  • Stretching functions
  • Powered recline with automatic footrest extension


  • Not the most exciting or innovative design
  • Lacks flashy or fancy features
Cozzia EC 363 Massage Chair

Offers S-Track, full-body air massage, two-stage zero gravity, and foot and calf massage. For under $3,000, it’s one of the better massage chairs on the market.

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The Cozzia EC 363 is like the Honda Accord of massage chairs. It’s a nice, rational massage chair in every way — comfortable, moderately stylish, has all the most popular features, and is smack-dab in the middle of the massage chair price range.

So… Is there anything special about it?

Truth be told, if you’re looking for a chair that’s decked out with all the bells-and-whistle features, you best look elsewhere. But if high-quality, reliable massage therapy is what you seek, the Cozzia EC 363 could be the ticket.

In this Cozzia 363 massage chair review, we walk you through everything you need to know about the chair, including all of its features and massage programs. Plus, we pose a side-by-side comparison with another Cozzia massage chair model to see how it stacks up.

Let’s dig in!


Cozzia EC 363


Cozzia EC 363 Comparison - Consumer Files
Cozzia 16027


Cozzia 16027 Comparison - Consumer Files

S-Track roller massage

Massage track length


Body scan

Air massage

Shoulder air massage

Arm air massage

Neck air massage

Lumbar air massage

Seat air massage

Leg and foot air massage

Powered recline

Zero Gravity


Heat therapy

Number of massage techniques


Number of massage programs


Localized auto program

Manual massage controls

 Cozzia EC 363

Cozzia 16027

Features of the Cozzia EC363E Zero Gravity Massage Chair

S-Track Roller Massage

When shopping for a massage chair, the most critical components to pay close attention to are the massage track and the massage rollers. After all, you’ll likely spend more time enjoying back massage than using any other feature on the chair. So if you want to love your chair, its massage track better be good and it better be equipped with high-quality rollers.

And the Cozzia EC 363 offers just that — dual massage roller heads mounted an S-Track which is designed to match the curvature of the human spine. Two rollers on each side of the track (hence the term “dual rollers”) roll up and down your back with impeccable efficiency, performing the chair’s specialized massage techniques. We’ll cover those later.

Auto Back Scan

Adding to the efficiency of the chair’s massage roller system, the EC 363 uses an auto back scan system that maps the unique shape and size of your body.

It works like this:

When you start a massage program, the massage rollers move up and down your back, measuring the dimensions of your figure, specifically your height. Then, once the chair determines the height of your shoulders, it sets the maximum height the rollers will travel up the chair during the massage program to optimize the massage coverage on your back. Further, it adjusts the areas of focus in which the massage rollers operate during the program to contact precise locations on your back for therapeutic effect.

Manual Roller Height Adjustment

While the auto back scan system of the Cozzia EC 363 massage chair does most of the work for you, the chair also allows you to make manual roller height adjustments. This gives you the option to fine tune the range and position of the massage rollers with precision for a more customized experience.

The chair’s manual roller height adjustment also allows you to move the massage rollers during the course of an automatic massage program. As you press the “Height Adjust” button on the remote, the massage rollers will move in a cycle to eight different preset locations up and down the back. Once the massage rollers settle into the preset location, the up and down arrows on the remote can be used to further refine the location of the rollers.

This feature gives you some of the real-time control a manual massage program affords while taking advantage of the convenience of an automatic massage program.

Cozzia EC 363 Recline - Consumer Files


Bringing additional therapeutic benefits and comfort to the chair, the Cozzia EC 363 is equipped with a full body air massage.

There are 35 airbags throughout the chair providing air massage for the back, neck, seat, arms, calves, and feet. As the airbags inflate and deflate, these body areas of firmly squeezed, compressed, and released, stimulating blood flow throughout the body and easing tension in the muscles.

The air massage functions of the chair are performed in harmony with the roller massage techniques in the various auto programs.

Shoulder Air Massage

On a special note, the Cozzia EC 363 has dedicated shoulder airbags that massage both the backs and sides of the shoulders and upper arms.

Many times, massage chairs that advertise shoulder massage typically use airbags that simply press onto the backs of the shoulders. But with EC 363’s dedicated shoulder airbags, you get much more massage coverage on the shoulders, an area notorious for becoming tight and tense.

Arm Air Massage

Also noteworthy about the Cozzia EC 363, the armrests of the chair are lined with airbags that massage the forearms, wrists, and top and bottom of the hands. You simply slide your arms in, and when activated, the airbags inflate in various rhythms and patterns to thoroughly massage the arms.

Calf and Foot Leg Massage

Like the chair’s armrests, the leg ottoman is lined with airbags that provide compression massage for the calves, ankles, and feet. This is where airbag compression really shines as it can greatly increase the blood flow throughout the lower extremities while also reducing any swelling that occurs from spending long hours standing.

Stretching Functions

The airbags of the Cozzia EC 363 are also used as an integral part of the chair’s stretching functions.

Here’s how:
Cozzia EC 363 Airbag - Consumer Files

When the stretching program is activated, the airbags in the leg ottoman inflate, firmly but gently gripping and holding the legs and feet. Then, the leg ottoman extends and elevates to stretch the muscles throughout the legs and hips.

While this feature is minor compared to the chair’s main massage modalities, it’s a great way to warm up before a massage program or wind down after.

Seat Vibration

Another minor feature but one with significant relaxation-inducing qualities is vibration massage in the seat. Special vibration motors send a soothing buzz throughout your legs and hips, calming the nerves and promoting proper blood flow.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

In the lower portion of the backrest, a pair of built-in heating pads warm the lumbar muscles. The heating pads can be turned on during any automatic or manual massage program.

Powered Recline with Automatic Footrest Extension

As you would expect from any massage chair costing more than $2,000, the backrest and footrest of the Cozzai EC 363 are fully powered, allowing for quick and easy body position adjustments.

Increasing the convenience and comfort of the chair, the footrest of the Cozzia EC 363 automatically extends and retracts to fit users of various heights and leg lengths. The footrest can be adjusted automatically with the press of a button or can be manually controlled using a set of buttons on the remote.

Two Stage Zero Gravity

These days, a massage chair almost isn’t taken seriously if it doesn’t have Zero Gravity. Thankfully, the Cozzia EC 363 does. In fact, it does one better than most massage chairs out there by offering two stages of Zero Gravity.

Here’s what it looks like:

When Zero Gravity is activated, the chair’s backrest reclines while the footrest simultaneously elevates, shifting the body weight to the backrest where it is fully supported. In stage one Zero Gravity, a moderate reclined position is maintained, whereas in stage two, a more severe recline angle is achieved, shifting even more weight to the backrest.

This reclined position is known as a neutral posture position, and simply laying in it has tremendous therapeutic benefit. First, the muscles and spine can decompress as the vertical, gravity-induced strain the body is constantly under is temporarily alleviated. Second, since there is less strain and tension on the body, blood can increase and vital nutrients can travel with more ease. Third, with more body weight shifted to the backrest, more massage pressure from the rollers can be achieved for a deeper massage.

Ergonomic Comfort Headrest

As an added touch of comfort, the Cozzia EC 363 features an ergonomically designed headrest. The head is cradled in the plush pillow to fully support the neck, helping you get even more relaxed for your massage.

As an added touch of comfort, the Cozzia EC 363 features an ergonomically designed headrest. The head is cradled in the plush pillow to fully support the neck, helping you get even more relaxed for your massage.

LCD Control Panel Remote with Wireless Mini Controller

The remote of the Cozzia 363E is larger than most and sits perched on a pedestal stand mounted to the side of the chair.

In the center of the remote, a large LCD screen provides a graphic display of all the chair’s active programs and settings. A body diagram shows you which areas of the body are being massaged, and there are visual representations of the strength, speed, and intensity of the massage rollers.

All of the automatic massage programs have dedicated buttons and a flip up panel on the bottom of the remote gives you access to the manual massage controls.

Since the remote is quite large and potentially cumbersome to use when removed from its stand — especially in the reclined position — a mini handheld wireless remote is included. This small remote features buttons for the most commonly adjusted settings and can be easily removed for use in the reclined position — very convenient.

Cozzia EC 363 Controller - Consumer Files

Auto Shutoff with Power Surge Detector

As a safety measure, the Cozzia EC 363 is equipped with an automatic shutoff feature that will immediately disable the chair in the event of a sudden increase in electrical current, or raise in temperature or pressure. That way, if you’re enjoying a massage during a thunderstorm and your home has a power surge, the chair’s electrical components will be protected.

Castor Wheels

Being the full-size, full-featured chair that it is, the Cozzia EC 363 is quite heavy — nearly 200 pounds. As such, it can be difficult to move around the house. Luckily, however, the chair has a pair of castor wheels installed on the bottom that makes it a little easier to maneuver. Still, two people are recommended to move the chair.

Automatic Massage Programs of the Cozzia EC363

Aside from the nice array of components on the Cozzia EC 363 , the chair has an excellent variety of automatic massage programs. These programs are divided into two categories — full body and localized.

Full Body Auto Programs

The full body auto programs of the Cozzia EC 363 do exactly as their title suggests — they automatically massage the entire body. Both roller massage and air massage methods are utilized in these programs with each program offering a different combination and sequence for a unique therapeutic effect. They are:

  • Healthcare
  • Relax
  • Therapy
  • Circulation
  • Stretch
  • Demo

To use an automatic program, simply climb in the chair and press the button of the program you’d like to activate. The chair will first perform an auto back scan and then will recline into the Zero Gravity position at which point the program will begin.

As we touched on earlier, the manual roller height adjustment feature can be used throughout any of the automatic massage programs to gain control over the position of the massage rollers. Heat therapy and vibration massage can also be added to any automatic massage program to enhance the experience.

Localized Auto Programs

The localized automatic programs of the Cozzia EC 363 are similar to the full body programs as you simply turn on the program and relax, but instead of full body, the massage is focused on specific areas of your choosing.

There are three localized auto program options:

  • Neck & Shoulder — This program performs roller massage and air massage that focuses on the upper back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Back & Seat — This program performs roller massage on the back and air massage in the seat.
  • Full Air — This program activates all of the chair’s airbags simultaneously for a full body air massage including the shoulders, arms, legs, and feet.

Manual Massage Programs of the Cozzia EC 363

While the automatic massage programs of the Cozzia EC 363 offer a convenient way to enjoy the chair’s massage functions, sometimes you need more control. That’s where the manual massage programs come into play…

Now, there aren’t really any preset “programs” when using the chair’s manual controls. Instead, the chair has a series of controls that allow you to effectively create your own custom massage program and adjust it as frequently as you’d like.

Here’s a basic outline of the manual massage controls available:

Choose a Roller Massage Technique

The Cozzia EC 363 features six roller massage techniques. Each technique moves the rollers in a unique way to achieve a distinct therapeutic effect, several of which are based on time-tested massage techniques used by real massage therapists.

They are:

To begin a manual massage, select the technique you’d like to use and the rollers will immediately start massaging the back.

Choose Full Back, Spot, or Partial Massage

Cozzia EC 363 Brown - Consumer Files

By default, the massage rollers will begin by massaging the entire back. Most of the time, this comprehensive massage action will suffice, but if you want more precise control over the massage you have two options:

Spot Mode

This function holds the massage rollers in a single location on the back. The arrow buttons on the remote are used to move the rollers up and down to the back to focus on the areas on your back you’d like massaged.

Partial Mode

This function is similar to Spot Mode, but instead of holding the massage rollers in a single spot, it operates them in a small zone on the back approximately 3 inches wide. The arrow buttons are used to move the massage zone up and down the back.

If at any time you wish to go back to full back roller massage, simply press either the spot or partial buttons — whichever mode you were using — and the rollers will resume the default full back massage.

Adjust Roller Speed, Width, and Strength

One your chosen massage technique is under way, you can adjust the speed, width, and strength of the massage rollers as follows:

  • Speed — Five levels of speed available when using tapping, clapping, Swedish, and shiatsu techniques.
  • Width — Three roller widths available (narrow, medium, wide) when using tapping, clapping, shiatsu, and rolling techniques.
  • Strength — Five levels of strength available only when using the kneading technique.

Activate Air Massage

With the roller massage functions squared away, it’s time to add in some air massage. The air massage functions are divided by zones, allowing you to select which areas of the body you’d like massaged.

The air massage zones are:

  • Neck and Shoulder
  • Back and Seat
  • Calves
  • Feet
  • Arms

All of the air massage zones can operate simultaneously or you can pick and choose as you’d like. Also, the intensity of the airbags can be adjusted with 5 levels available.

Turn on Vibration and Heat

As the final touch to your manual massage program, you can turn on the seat vibration and lumbar heat functions.

Cozzia EC 363 -16027 Front - Consumer Files

Set the Timer

With all of your desired manual massage functions active, all you have to do is set the timer which ranges from 5 to 30 minutes. After that, simply lay back and enjoy your massage!

How Does it Compare? Cozzia EC 363 vs. Cozzia 16027

To further help you decide if the Cozzia EC 363 is right for you, let’s look at how it compares to one of Cozzia’s more popular models, the Cozzia 16027.

Similarities Between Cozzia ec 363 and Cozzia 16027

When comparing spec sheets, the two chairs have many identical features, including:

  • S-Track
  • Auto back scan
  • Roller height adjustment
  • Full body air massage
  • Two stage zero gravity
  • Automatic footrest extension
  • Seat vibration
  • Auto shut off with power surge detector
  • LCD remote with mini remote
  • 6 full body auto programs
  • 3 localized auto programs
  • Manual massage programs

However, a closer look reveals that the Cozzia EC 363 has a few more features than the Cozzia 16027, all of which have a big impact on the overall massage experience.

Differences between Cozzia EC 363 and Cozzia 16027

Shoulder Air Massage vs. No Shoulder Air Massage

When looking at the Cozzia 16027, you’ll notice that it lacks the extra shoulder airbags that extend out from the top of the backrest found on the Cozzia EC 363. Without these shoulder airbags, the Cozzia 16027 doesn’t offer the same degree of relief for the shoulder muscles.

Arm Massage vs. No Arm Massage

At first glance, it would be easy to assume that the Cozzia 16027 is equipped with arm massage — but it’s not. While the design of the chair’s armrests is very similar to that of the Cozzia EC 363, you won’t find any airbags inside the armrests. Another advantage for the Cozzia EC 363…

Heat Therapy vs. No Heat Therapy

The final difference between these two chairs is that the Cozzia 16027 lacks the built-in heating pads found on the Cozzia EC 363.

Cozzia EC 363 vs. Cozzia 16027 Price Difference

When you boil it down, these two chairs are identical except for the three key features mentioned above. The Cozzia EC 363 is essentially an upgraded version of the Cozzia 16027, so accordingly, it costs more… but only by about $200.

A note About the Cozzia EC 363 Model Number

There appears to be some confusion around the exact model number of this chair. You might come across this chair labeled as the “Cozzia EC 363C,” and “Cozzia EC363E.” So which one is it?

It seems that the only model currently available is the Cozzia EC363E. Don’t worry if you see it labeled as such.

Cozzia 363 Review Conclusion

While the Cozzia EC 363 isn’t the most exciting or innovative massage chair on the market, it is built with sound components, has all the massage features necessary for therapeutic massage, and has a great selection of auto and manual massage programs. So if you could care less about flashy, fancy features and simply want a chair that will get the job done, the Cozzia EC 363 will serve you well.

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