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Stylish and loaded with all the most popular features including Zero Gravity, an S-Track, and full body air massage, the Cozzia CZ 388 is extremely easy to use, has a wealth of massage programs and customization options, and is an overall great chair for the money.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Quad roller robotic massage with S-Track
  • Back scan technology
  • Full body air massage system
  • Zero gravity position
  • Lower back heating
  • Power surge detector, thermal sensor, and auto shutdown


  • High-end price tag
  • No shoulder and neck air massage
  • No dual foot rollers
  • No built-in music system
  • No LED chromotherapy

The Cozzia CZ 388 is a high-end massage chair with a classy design and quality components. As one of the better-looking massage chairs on the market, it’s sure to complement a wide range of furniture and home decor.

But, does that mean it’s the right chair for you?

To help you decide whether the Cozzia CZ 388 will deliver the massage quality and functionality you desire, this article gives you an in-depth look at the chair’s features, massage programs, and customization options. Plus, we offer a side-by-side comparison with another popular massage chair with similar features that should be on your radar when making your buying decision — the Osaki OS 7200H.

Let’s get started…

A smaller image of Cozzia CZ 388 Massage chair Cozzia CZ 388A smaller image of Osaki OS 7200H Massage chair Osaki OS 7200H
Quad Rollers
Body Scan Technology
Air Massage
Number of Airbags5048
Shoulder Air Massage
Arm Air Massage
Neck Air Massage
Leg and Foot Air Massage
Dual Foot Rollers
Powered Backrest and Footrest140 Degrees190 Degrees
Automatic Leg Length Adjustment
Zero Gravity
Seat Vibration
Lower Back Heating
Handheld LCD Remote
Power Surge Detector
Auto Shutdown
Bottom Wheels
Built-in Music System
LED Chromotherapy
Color VariantsBlack & ChocolateBlack, Charcoal, Brown & Cream
Number of Massage Techniques66
Number of Automatic Massage Programs88

Features of the Cozzia Model CZ 388 Massage Chair

Quad Roller Robotic Massage with S-Track

The term “quad rollers” can seem a little ambiguous, especially considering that various massage chair companies use the term to describe vastly different roller systems. With  the Cozzia CZ 388, however, “quad rollers” means exactly what it implies — a total of four massage rollers with two on each side of the spine. Cozzia notes that the rollers are designed to imitate the feeling of a massage therapist’s thumbs.

Perhaps the best part of the Cozzia CZ 388’s quad roller system is the level of control you have over the rollers. Using the chair’s remote control, you can easily adjust the strength, speed, and width of the massage rollers to customize the feeling of the massage to suit your preferences.

Onto the S-Track…

The mechanism that carries the quad rollers up and down the back is called an S-Track. This special track design is aptly named for it’s ergonomic “S” shape which closely matches the natural curve of the human spine. This track shape provides a more effective massage as the rollers remain in direct contact with your back throughout the entire range of the massage.

Some lower-end massage chairs use linear or straight massage tracks. The problem with these tracks is that when the massage rollers move over the curved parts of your back (i.e. your lumbar and cervical spine), they often lose contact with the back, greatly reducing the pressure of the massage. But with an S-Track, this issue is almost entirely eliminated.

Back Scan Technology

Taking the efficiency of the Cozzia CZ 388’s massage rollers one step further is an integrated back scan system.

Here’s how it works:

When you activate a massage program, the chair quickly scans your back by moving the massage rollers up and down. The primary function of the scan is to measure your height in order to customize the maximum distance the massage rollers travel on your back. When the massage program starts, the chair’s microcomputer automatically adjusts the position of the massage rollers to contact the correct locations on your back.

Without this body scan program, all users would essentially receive the same massage, regardless of their size. But thanks to the body scan system, each individual user who climbs in the chair gets the benefit of customized roller massage.

Full Body Air Massage System

Chocolate Brown, Lumbar Heating, Cozzia CZ 388

Along with the chair’s robust roller system, the Cozzia CZ 388 also features a top-notch air massage system. 50 airbags located throughout the chair provide air massage for the lumbar back, seat, arms, legs, and feet.

The airbags in the backrest and seat add to the comfort of the chair while also providing a gentle kneading massage. The airbags in the armrest and leg rest, however, provide the primary massage method for the arms and legs.

Both the armrests and leg rests are lined with airbags that inflate and squeeze the limbs. This action is known as compression massage which helps reduce tension and pain while increasing blood flow.

When enjoying air massage during an automatic or manual program, the pressure of the airbags can be adjusted with five levels of intensity available. However, keep in mind that the pressure adjustment is applied to all of the chair’s airbags simultaneously — the airbags can’t be adjusted individually.

Powered Backrest and Footrest with Length Adjustment

One of the most important aspects of a quality massage experience is the ability to find a comfortable body position. And with the powered backrest and footrest of the Cozzia CZ 388, it’s extremely easy.

A set of buttons on the remote allows you to recline the backrest up to 160 degrees and raise the footrest up to 90 degrees. Both the backrest and footrest can be moved at the same time or individually, giving you maximum control to find the most comfortable position.

Zero Gravity Position

Chocolate Brown, Unique Custom Massage Options, Cozzia CZ 388  Recline - Consumer Files

Originally developed by NASA to help astronauts cope with the excessive G-force experience during takeoff, Zero Gravity has become exceedingly popular in recent times and is built into many of the best massage chairs. Being the high-end chair that it is, the Cozzia CZ 388 also offers Zero Gravity and does so with one-touch functionality.

Before starting a massage program, simply press the “Zero-G” button on the remote and the chair will automatically recline while simultaneously tilting the seat back and raising the footrest.

In this position, your body weight is evenly spread out across a horizontal plane allowing your spine to decompress and your muscles to deeply relax. It’s the perfect position to get the most out of your massage session.

Lower Back Heating

In the backrest of the Cozzia CZ 388, two heating pads are positioned to provide heat therapy to the lower back. Adding heat to any automatic or manual massage program is a great way to loosen the muscles and melt tension to receive the full benefits of roller and air massage.

Seat Vibration

In the center of the seat, a vibration motor is positioned to administer vibration massage to the thighs and buttocks. This gently buzzing is very soothing for the nerves and helps you get even more relaxed during your massage.

Handheld LCD Remote Control

Black, LCD Hand Held Remote Control, Cozzia CZ 388

All the massage features of the Cozzia CZ 388 we just covered are controlled using an elegant remote with an LCD color screen.

The screen displays all the programs and settings of the chair, allowing you to quickly see what’s active. The screen is back-lit and bright enabling you to easily see the remote in the dark.

The front panel of the remote features all the most commonly adjusted programs and settings including Zero Gravity, backrest and footrest angle, and the automatic massage programs. A flip-open cover conceals the manual massage controls which include the various roller techniques, massage strength adjustment, and other customization options.

Power Surge Detector, Thermal Sensor, and Auto Shutdown

As a safety precaution, the Cozzia CZ 388 features a built-in surge protector and thermal sensor. If the chair is subjected to dangerous electric currents or temperatures, an auto shutdown system will activate, instantly powering down the chair in order to preserve the electrical components.

Bottom Wheels

Since the Cozzia CZ 388 is quite heavy — over 250 pounds — it features a set of caster wheels on the bottom to make moving the chair easier. Still, it’s recommended that you enlist the help of a friend or family member to safely move the chair around the house.

Automatic Massage Programs of the Cozzia CZ 388

One of the benefits of investing in a higher-end massage chair such as the Cozzia CZ 388 is the additional selection of automatic massage programs. While most lower-end chairs have only three or four, the Cozzia CZ 388 has a whopping eight full body auto programs plus three extra specialized auto programs.

Let’s take a look…

8 Full Body Auto Programs

The automatic programs of the Cozzia CZ 388 combine the therapeutic action of the massage rollers with the relaxation-inducing qualities of air massage.

Each program offers a specific combination of the different roller techniques and some programs focus on specific areas of the body, giving you a great variety of options.

Best of all, to enjoy an automatic massage, all you have to do is press a single button and the chair does the rest.

They are:

  • Gentle
  • Relax
  • Therapy
  • Demo

3 Specialized Auto Programs

In addition to the full body automatic programs, the Cozzia CZ 388 also offers three specialized auto programs. These programs aren’t as comprehensive as the full body programs, and instead offer more specific massage actions similar to manual massage programs, but more hands-off.

They are:

  • Full Air — This program activates all the airbags simultaneously and runs through an air-only auto program. This program can be used in conjunction with the Neck and Lumbar programs.
  • Neck — This program performs automatic roller and air massage in the neck and upper back region.
  • Lumbar — This program performs automatic roller and air massage in the lower back region.

Manual Massage Controls and Customization Features of the Cozzia CZ 388

In addition to the wide selection of automatic programs, the Cozzia CZ 388 also offers a robust set of manual massage controls that allow you to customize nearly every aspect of your massage.

When using the manual controls, you can use as many or as few of the chair’s features as you’d like. You can also adjust the settings of the chair as often as needed during the session to customize the feel of the massage as you go.

To give you an idea of what’s possible, here are all the manual features over which you have complete control.

Roller Massage Techniques

The Cozzia CZ 388 features six roller massage techniques. Each technique moves the rollers in a unique way based on tradition human massage techniques. They are:

When you select a massage technique, the rollers immediately begin massaging the entire back at medium speed, strength, and width. While this is the default mode of operation, you have a few additional options…

Spot and Partial Massage Mode

Black, Cozzia Cz 388

You may find that full back massage is nice for general massage purposes, but for times when you need more precise control over the location of the massage rollers, you have two options: spot and partial mode.

In spot mode, the massage rollers remain in a single location on the back. Using the arrow buttons on the remote, the location of the rollers can be moved up and down your back to help you pinpoint and focus on the areas that need the most attention.

The partial mode is similar to spot mode, except instead of staying in a single location, the massage rollers operate within a small zone on the back. The zone can also be moved around the back using the arrow buttons.

But the roller customization of the Cozzia CZ 388 doesn’t stop there…

Roller Width, Speed, and Strength Adjustment

After you’ve selected a massage technique and mode, you can adjust the width, speed, and strength of the rollers. Each technique offers slightly different adjustments so here’s a quick rundown:

  • Width — Three levels available — narrow, medium, and wide. Available for tapping, clapping, Shiatsu, and rolling techniques.
  • Speed — Five levels of speed available from slow to fast. Available for tapping, clapping, Shiatsu, and Swedish techniques.
  • Strength — Five levels of strength available from weak to strong. Only available for the kneading technique.

Localized Air Pressure Programs

With all of the roller settings squared away, air massage can be added to your manual massage. There are four separate air massage programs available, each activating a different group of airbags.

They are:

  • Back and Seat
  • Hand Rest
  • Leg Rest
  • Foot Rest

All of the air massage programs can be activated simultaneously for full body air massage, or you can pick and choose which to activate. For example, you can run only Foot Rest air massage, or you can run Arm Rest and Leg Rest air massage — it’s up to you.

Air Intensity Adjustment

As previously mentioned, the pressure of the airbags can be adjusted with five levels of strength available. However, the intensity of the airbags must be adjusted simultaneously — you can’t have the Arm Rest airbags at level one while the Leg Rest airbags are on level four.

Chocolate Brown, 5 Levels of Air intensity, Cozzia CZ 388  Front - Consumer Files

Auto Timer

The Cozzia CZ 388 has a built-in auto timer that allows you to enjoy either an automatic or manual massage from five to 30 minutes. When the time is up, the chair automatically returns to the upright position, the rollers move to the starting position and the chair powers off.

How Does It Compare? Cozzia CZ 388 vs. Osaki OS 7200H

Although the Cozzia CZ is a fantastic chair that’s loaded with features, it’s not the only option out there. And as you go deeper into your search for a high-end massage chair, don’t be surprised if the Osaki OS 7200H comes up.


While it’s only one of the many other options available in the price range, we feel the Osaki OS 7200H gives the Cozzia CZ 388 the biggest run for its money. And in many ways, the two chairs are neck and neck.

Both chairs share many of the same features including S-Track roller massage with body scan technology, Zero Gravity, full body air massage, and heat therapy. They also both have the same number of massage techniques and auto programs along with similar customization options.

But they aren’t exactly the same. Here are the most important differences to consider when choosing between the Cozzia CZ 388 and the Osaki OS 7200H.

Head Roller Massage

The Osaki OS 7200H has something rarely found on massage chairs — head massage rollers. They’re located inside a special headrest pillow and are designed to imitate the feeling of human hands as they gently massage your scalp.

While the Cozzia CZ 388 does have a pillow that provides a comfortable place for the head, it doesn’t have head massage rollers.

Shoulder and Neck Air Massage

Both massage chairs have full body air massage, but the Osaki OS 7200H takes it one step further with dedicated airbags for the shoulders and neck.

Alongside the upper portion of the backrest, you’ll see a pair of airbags extending out from the chair. These airbags apply compression massage to the outsides of the shoulders, giving the OS 7200H a slight advantage over the Cozzia CZ 388.


One of the more significant differences between the two chairs comes down to foot rollers. While the Cozzia CZ 388 offers comprehensive air massage for the feet, the Osaki OS 7200H offers a more intense foot massage thanks to dual massage rollers under the soles of the feet.

Cream, Equipped with Overheating, Cozzia CZ 388 OS 7200H

If you work on your feet all day or simply love foot massages, the Osaki OS 7200H might be a better fit.

Built-In Music System

Located inside the shoulder massagers of the Osaki OS 7200H are two built-in speakers. You can connect your iPhone or MP3 player to the chair and enjoy your favorite music while you enjoy your massage.

This feature isn’t found on the Cozzia CZ 388, and while it doesn’t directly relate to the quality of the massage, it has the potential to enhance the overall experience.

LED Chromotherapy Lights

Another external feature you’ll find on the OS 7200H but not the Cozzia CZ 388 is LED chromotherapy lights. These lights are located on the outside panels of the chair and project a soft blue light onto surrounding walls. In a dimly lit room, the lights create a pleasant ambiance in which to enjoy your massage.

Cozzia CZ 388 vs. Osaki OS 7200H Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Osaki OS 7200H offers everything the Cozzia CZ 388 plus a few more features that might be attractive to some buyers. However, when you compare the chair’s based on core massage components, the two are remarkably similar and will both give you a great massage.

But beyond the massage features of the chairs, it’s important to consider other factors such as the chair’s appearances. In terms of style, the Cozzia CZ 388 is the clear winner as it has cleaner lines and an overall more sophisticated look that would go well with many different interior designs. The Osaki OS 7200H has more of a traditional robotic massage chair look and might not fit in as well in your living room.

The bottom line is:
  • If you want a few extra features like head massage rollers, foot rollers, and a built-in music system, go with the Osaki OS 7200H.
  • If you want a stylish chair that is built with high-quality components and has an excellent selection of massage programs and customization, go with the Cozzia CZ 388.

Cozzia CZ 388 Price

As mentioned, the Cozzia CZ 388 is a high-end chair, and accordingly, comes with a high-end price tag. Prices can fluctuate depending on where you shop but expect to pay around $4,300 for the Cozzia CZ 388.

Final thoughts on Cozzia CZ 388

If you’re searching for a full featured massage chair that looks great too, the Cozzia CZ 388 is hard to beat. While it isn’t the cheapest chair available, it’s high-quality build and an impressive variety of massage programs and customization options make it worth every penny.

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