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The BodyFriend Rex-L not only looks like a sport’s car but packs lots of advanced technology under the hood, too. With all the latest and most popular features, including biometric sensor scan and customized treatment suggestions, the Rex-L is an excellent option for those seeking a cutting-edge massage chair.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Quad rollers with SL-Track
  • Body scan technology and biometric stress test
  • Foot roller massage
  • 98 airbags for Air massage
  • Auto programs on the bodyfriend rex-l massage chair
  • Robust heat therapy system


  • No chromotherapy lights
  • No remote control app
BodyFriend Rex-L Massage Chair

Recommended For: Those seeking a cutting-edge massage chair that not only looks like a sport’s car but packs lots of advanced technology under the hood, too.

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BodyFriend Rex-L

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Infinity Iyashi

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3D Massage Technology

Air Massage

✓ (98 airbags)

✓ (38 airbags)

Arm Air Massage

Bluetooth Connectivity

Body Scan Technology

✓ (With Biometric Sensors)

Built-In Speakers

Calf and Foot Air Massage

Chromotherapy Lights

Quad Rollers

Extendable Ottoman

Foot Rollers

Handheld Remote

Heat therapy

(Back and Seat)


Hip Air Massage


Manual Massage Controls

Massage Programs

✓ (12)

✓ (6)

Neck Air Massage

Remote Control App

Seat Air Massage


Stretch Programs

Waist Twist Technology

If you’re the sort of person who wants the best of the best and is willing to spend your hard-earned money to get it, the BodyFriend Rex-L massage chair should be high on your list. It’s advanced technology and sports-car-like design have caught the attention of many an expo attendee and have even earned the company a Red Dot Award for product design.

But with so many new and innovative massage chairs on the market, does the BodyFriend Rex-L really stand out?

We did the research to find out.

In this BodyFriend Rex-L massage chair review, we give you an in-depth look at all of the features. By the end, you’ll know if this is or isn’t a worthy investment. Let’s get started!

Who is Bodyfriend?

BodyFriend is a relative newcomer to the U.S. massage chair market. Based in South Korea, they design high-end massage chairs targeted toward millennials. Their chairs feature state-of-the-art technology and modern, luxury design aesthetics. They also produce a line of superhero-themed massage chairs, including Captain America and Ironman models.

As of now, BodyFriend massage chairs are only available through expos and conferences. However, the company is reportedly planning to open four showrooms on the West Coast in 2017.

Today, we’re focusing on the BodyFriend Rex-L massage chair that retails for around $7,000 dollars.

But, is the Rex-L massage chair really worth the money?

Let’s dig into the features to find out.

Features of the BodyFriend Rex-L Massage Chair

Quad Rollers with SL-Track

One of the most notable features on the BodyFriend Rex-L massage chair is its SL-track, which combines the contoured consistency of an S-Track and the extended roller range of an L-Track.

But let’s take a step back…


A massage track is the mechanism the rollers move along as they massage. The track type determines how well the rollers contact the back as well as the areas of your body the rollers treat.


An S-Track is the most common track type. It’s “S” shaped to replicate the natural curve of your spine. Since an S-track works with your natural shape, it keeps consistent contact and pressure across curved areas like your neck and lower back.


An L-Track is a newer track type, but has been growing in popularity since its introduction. An L-Track is an extended track that picks up where an S-Track ends, typically at the tailbone, and extends into the seat of the chair, adding an additional 15 inches or more to the massage range. So an L-Track reaches the areas an S-Track can’t alone, including the glutes and tops of the hamstrings.

A common misconception is that you either have an S-Track or an L-Track, but any time you see that a chair features an L-Track, it also features an S-Track. The only time the two are separate is when you have an S-Track-only chair.

The SL-Track on the Rex-L extends from the top of the neck to the top of the thighs on most users. It has four rollers — called quad — that massage along the track. The four rollers feel like to thumbs and two hands and tend to perform a more diffused massage with more coverage as opposed to two rollers (dual) that typically perform a more pointed and pressured massage.

Body Scan Technology and Biometric Stress Test

Most users find the BodyFriend Rex-L to be a comfortable fit thanks to its advanced body scan technology. The body scan detects the height of your shoulders and your shape before automatically adjusting the rollers to fit it.

The scan initiates before any massage begins and takes about 30 seconds to perform. For the most accurate results, lay still with your head as far back on the headrest as possible.

If the chair doesn’t locate your correct shoulder position during the scan or you want to refine the location, you can manually adjust the position with the remote.

The Rex-L massage chair also features biometric sensors that detect your tension level, letting you know when you’re overworked and need a massage. The sensors are located inside handles that you grab before you initiate your massage. The only other chair that gives biometric feedback in a similar way is the Cozza Qi, which is perhaps the most technologically advanced massage chair currently available.

Extendable Ottoman

In addition to measuring your height and shape, the ottoman on the BodyFriend Rex-L also adjusts to match your unique leg length — up to an additional 19 cm. This is a great feature for tall and short users alike as well as multi-user homes.

Foot Roller Massage

Inside the foot portion of the ottoman are rollers that spin under your feet to deliver a comprehensive acupressure massage. There are two rollers under each foot, and the massage can be added to any program or turned off altogether.

Tip:If you find the intensity of the foot massage is too rough, a thick pair of socks is a quick and easy way to reduce the pressure.

Air Massage

Airbags are the go-to massage component for any full-body chair because they can treat where rollers can’t — the outer shoulders, hands, etc. The BodyFriend Rex-L has 98 airbags, which makes it the second most air-equipped massage chair after the Inada DreamWave, which has 100. The 98 airbags are spread out across the chair and treat the head, the outer shoulders, forearms, hands, hips, calves, and feet.

For the most part, the airbags perform compression massage which squeezes the muscles to stimulate the tissues and increase local circulation. However, the airbags on the BodyFriend Rex-L also perform advanced techniques like pelvic twists during which the hip airbags and rollers work together to gently mobilize the area.

Auto Programs on the BodyFriend Rex-L Massage Chair

Once your body scan is finished, the ottoman length fitted to your legs, and your stress level detected, you’re ready to begin your massage.

Based on the results of the biometric test, the BodyFriend Rex-L will suggest a treatment, which you can choose to or not to follow, but if you’d rather go straight to one of the pre-programmed massages, there are 12 to choose from. The massage times can be adjusted between 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes.

Automatic programs are pre-programmed massages that come on the chair. Each has their own focus and intended benefit, for example, lymphatic.

The 12 automatic programs are:

  • Relax
  • Stretch
  • Rest
  • Refresh
  • Auto Upper
  • Auto Lower
  • Office
  • Hip-Up
  • Athlete
  • Lymphatic
  • Digestive
  • Waist Focused

Heat Therapy

The Rex-L has a robust heat therapy system that extends through the outer portion of the backrest in the seat of the chair. Heat therapy is an ideal complement to massage because it helps to relax the muscles which allows the rollers to penetrate deeper. Heat also offer additional therapeutic benefits such as increased local circulation and natural pain relief.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a bit of a buzzword in the chair industry.

So what is it exactly?

Zero Gravity a chair position that was originally designed by NASA to help astronauts cope with the gravitational stress of launching into space. In the position, the body’s weight is shifted to and held by the backrest, taking pressure off of the muscles and spine, allowing them to completely decompress and relax. At the same time, the legs are elevated at or above the heart to increase circulation in the lower body.

Zero Gravity is a hugely popular massage chair feature not only for its therapeutic benefits — spinal decompression and increased circulation — but because it holds your body on top of the rollers for a deeper, more effective massage.

Built-In Speakers with Bluetooth Connectivity

Like many other massage chairs, the BodyFriend Rex-L features built-in speakers. But unlike many other massage chairs — and keeping in line with their millennial audience — the speakers on the Rex-L produce superior audio quality.

The speakers are located above the headrest and point toward your face to create a surround sound experience. And the speakers are connected to your music device through Bluetooth for easy wireless operation.

A note for entertainment lovers and gamers: For a step up in terms of entertainment technology, the Aventar model from BodyFriend, which hits the market in 2018, is slated to offer Virtual Reality (VR) integration that allows the chair’s speakers and vibration to sync with your game.

Zero Wall Space Saving Technology

While the Rex-L is a very large massage chair, it has a surprisingly small footprint thanks to its space saving technology. With the technology, rather than reclining straight back, the Rex-L moves forward as it goes back. This forward movement drastically decreases the amount of space required behind the chair for it fully recline — from 12 inches needed to one. This feature is great if you’re tight on space or simply don’t want to have to dedicate an overwhelming amount of floor and wall real estate to your massage chair.

Handheld Color Remote

All of the functions of the Rex-L are controlled with its sleek remote, which is as advanced as the chair, but not overly complicated. It has a big, color touchscreen for easy selections as well as graphics that provide an easy-to-understand representation of the chair’s functions. However, if you need any help understanding the chair’s function, there’s audio guidance to walk you through the settings and programs. Additionally, the left armrest has buttons for the most used settings, putting them at your fingertips for easy adjustments.

Removable Seat Cover

The BodyFriend Rex-L makes keeping the chair looking fresh easy with a removable seat cover. If it gets dirty or damaged from extended use, switching out the cover is simple with a replacement available for purchase from the company.

BodyFriend Rex-L vs. Infinity Iyashi

If you were searching for massage chair that looks futuristic (like the Rex-L), has lots of advanced technology and features (like the Rex-L), but without the high-end price tag (unlike the Rex-L), you’d probably stumble across the Infinity Iyashi.

Side-by-side there’s no denying BodyFriend took a few cues from the Iyashi in terms of design. But how do they compare in other areas?

First, the Infinity Iyashi is available for purchase from nearly every major massage chair retailer, including Amazon, Overstock, and Brookstone. You’re also likely to find it in your local massage chair showroom, which means you can try it before you buy it.

Secondly, the Iyashi is less expensive and can be purchased for around $5,500 at the writing of this review.

But let’s take a closer look at the features these two chairs have in common and what sets them apart…

Common Features

  • SL-Track – Like the BodyFriend Rex-L, the Infinity Iyashi has an SL-Track that treats from the neck to the tops of the hamstrings.
  • Foot Rollers – Both massage chairs feature mechanical foot rollers that perform acupressure.
  • Zero Gravity – Both massage chairs feature Zero Gravity recline.
  • Built-In Speakers with Bluetooth – Both massage chairs feature built-in high-quality speakers with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Space Saving Technology – Both massage chairs only need about an inch to fully recline thanks to their space saving technology.

Unique Features

  • Air Massage – The BodyFriend Rex-L outperforms the Infinity Iyashi in air massage with 98 airbags compared to 38. Although, the Iyashi does offer some advanced air massage techniques, including Posture Correction and Waist Twist.
  • Heat Therapy – The BodyFriend Rex-L has a more comprehensive heating system that covers the outer back and the seat, while the Infinity Iyashi offers heat for the lower back only.
  • Chromotherapy – Unlike the Rex-L, the Infinity Iyashi features chromotherapy lights that cast soft hues onto the walls surrounding the chair in a dim room.
  • iOS and Android Remote Apps – The Iyashi offers remote control apps that transform your iPad or smart device into a remote control.
  • Automatic Massage Programs – The BodyFriend Rex-L offers twice the number of automatic massage programs, 12 compared to the Iyashi’s six.

Which is Better?

Both massage chairs — the BodyFriend Rex-L and Infinity Iyashi — produce a quality massage. However, the Rex-L is a bit more advanced and customizable, which is reflected in its price. But, if you’re simply interested in getting a beautifully designed massage chair that has an SL-Track and other compelling features, the Infinity Iyashi delivers all that without the “new to market” price.

To learn more about the Infinity Iyashi, check out our full review.

Specifications & Dimensions

Infinity Iyashi

BodyFriend Rex-L

Chair dimensions (upright)45″H X 33″W X 60″L59.1 in x 32.7 in x 49.2 in
Chair dimensions (reclined)34″H X 33″W X 72″L68.9 in x 32.7 in x 37 in

White & Berry, Black & White, Black & Black, Black & Red

White and Red, Black and White

Chair weight285 lbs276 lbs

Final Thoughts on BodyFriend Rex-L Review

Sure, the futuristic sports-car-like design of the BodyFriend Rex-L peaks people’s interest, but it’s the quality of the massage that keeps them coming back. So if you want a high-quality massage chair and a statement piece for your home or office, the BodyFriend Rex-L delivers on all accounts. We hope our BodyFriend Rex-L review helped make your buying process a little easier.

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