When it comes to birding, you need a sturdy tripod that’s durable yet lightweight. Anything too heavy can easily become cumbersome and tire you out on those long hikes through the forest to catch a glimpse of that last bird on your list.

In our search for the best tripod for birding, we put together a review of the four best tripods for bird watching in the market today. Our top pick is the Zomei Portable Carbon Tripod/Monopod, but you’ll have to read through to the end to find out why.

Our Pick: Zomei Portable Carbon Tripod/Monopod

This is a professional grade tripod made of high-density carbon fiber tubing and extends to a maximum height of nearly 61.5 inches. Its minimum operating height is just under 14 inches. This wide range gives a lot of flexibility in performance and allows for comfortable use sitting or standing -even for tall individuals. It weighs just over 3 pounds and folds up to a compact 15.75 inches.


Sturdy construction provides shock absorption to reduce vibrations. Quick release leg locks allow for easy setup and the ball head allows for fluid movement. The five section center column affords the extra low minimum operating height.

Magnesium alloy fork proved extra durability while precision lock knobs allow for fine adjustments. As this is a professional tripod, it is a bit pricier and some may feel intimidated by the price and higher end features. However, this is a bargain as far as professional tripod pricing goes.


‚ÄčOut of the total buyers, 92% gave this birding tripod a rating of four or more stars, with 77% rating it five stars. Professional photographers loved how sturdy this tripod was yet still being lightweight. The sturdy joints and push-pull locking mechanisms for the legs were high points, with the fact that the legs hardly flex when the legs are fully extendable also cited as a great feature. What few complaints there were focused on how it was a bit more complicated to set up than they were used to.

Runner-Up: Ravelli APLT4 Aluminum Birding Tripods

This anodized aluminum tripod, considered by many to be the best birding tripod, extends to an impressive 61 inches allowing for comfortable use for even tall individuals.

Yet, it collapses down to 24 inches and weighs about 2 pounds. This sturdy birding tripod can support up to 10 pounds of weight, allowing you to use it for your camera or spotting scope.

Ravelli APLT4 Aluminum Birding Tripods


The lightweight and compact collapsing size make this a great tripod to take out in the field. It can easily support heavier cameras, even with telephoto or zoom lenses. Bubble levels on one leg and the camera plate allow you to easily get this tripod level on uneven ground.

Rubber feet won’t slip indoors but might not provide enough traction outdoors. The head rotates a full 360 degrees to allow you to get just the right angle for your shot. It comes with a carrying bag and has a built-in handle. The price makes this affordable on any budget, but with that price comes slightly less durability.


Out of all purchases, this tripod was rated four or more stars by 87% of buyers. The amazing amount of value for a very affordable price was the most appreciated feature while the lightweight and surprising durability were also frequently mentioned. A few buyers felt that the tripod wasn’t sturdy enough for heavier cameras or with large telephoto lenses, however, other buyers stated that they did not have these problems.

Also Great: QZSD Q-555 Aluminium Tripod

This tripod easily converts down to a monopod offering the same 55.9 inches maximum height. It’s made of a rugged magnesium aluminum alloy and folds down to a convenient 12.59 inches.


The quick release leg lock allow you to quickly get this tripod into position. It offers a lot of versatility as it is a full-size tripod yet folds up very compactly and can be used as a monopod and macropod.

XCSOURCE Travelers LF393 Best Tripod

Heavy duty construction ensures years of use. It weighs less than two and a half pounds yet can support nearly 18 pounds, however, the light weight can make heavier cameras and spotting scopes feel a bit tipsy. The ball head allows for smooth 360-degree positioning.


Of all the buyers, 88% gave this tripod a rating of four or more stars. The easy setup and smooth movement of the ball head were frequently mentioned, as was how light it was. That it functions easily as both a tripod and monopod were also applauded. There were some comments about how, though sturdy, it wasn’t sturdy enough for professional equipment but was a great portable tripod.

Honorable Mention: Dolica Proline AX680P104 Tripod

This tripod for birding is made of heavy duty professional aluminum alloy that allows it to support nearly fifteen and a half pounds. It extends to a maximum height of 69.7 inches with a minimum operating height of 18.5 inches. It folds down to a compact 20.6 inches and weighs only 3.6 pounds.

It features a pan head and flip leg locks to allow you to easily adjust each leg individually. Additional features are a quick release plate, foam grips on the legs, two bubble levels, a threaded weight hook, and the ability to change out the pan head should you so desire.

Dolica Proline AX680P104 Tripod


The rubber feet have retractable spikes that allow you to firmly position this tripod outside on rough terrain. It’s lightweight enough to be comfortable to carry when twitching, yet sturdy enough to perform well in windy conditions.

The leg locks are plastic, so they feel less sturdy than they could be. This tripod offers more flexibility and ease of setup that surpasses professional grade tripods, yet rivals the performance. This tripod comes with a 5-year warranty.


83% of all buyers gave this tripod four stars or more, citing the easy setup and flexibility as strong points. A few buyers were surprised by the quality of the carrying case, as it has padded interior compartments. The only complaints were on how the plastic leg locks could be better and that the light weight makes this tripod not as sturdy as a professional tripod of over twice the cost. However, all of those buyers also stated that this tripod performed well and was a great buy for the price.

What Is the Best Tripod for Birding 2024?

After comparing numerous tripods, we narrowed down these four in search for the best tripod for birding. They offer the light weight and durability that birding demands. Our top pick for the best tripod for bird watching was the Zomei Portable Carbon Tripod/Monopod Kit.

It’s super rugged yet remarkably lightweight and holds up under windy conditions to provide you a clear view when digiscoping. Special mention goes to the Dolica Proline, whose durable construction and retractable spikes in the rubber feet make it a great tripod for uneven or rough terrain.

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