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Best Tactical Gun Case Review

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Best Tactical Gun Case


Voodoo Padded

Allen Tactical

Flambeau Tactical

There are a lot of tactical gun cases on the market right now, but a quick look readily shows that not all of them are created equally. If you're serious about your tactical firearm, then you need something that can take a beating and yet continue to perform time after time, keeping your baby safe and sound in transport.

To help you find the best tactical gun case, we've put together a list of the top tactical gun case brands on the market, with an in-depth look at each of their best-selling products to help you find just the right case for your needs. It was a struggle to choose favorite but, in the end, we had to go with the VooDoo Tactical Soft Gun Case. We'll explain why below.

Top Pick: Voodoo Padded Tactical Gun Case 2023

The Voodoo Padded Tactical Gun Case is one of the best soft tactical gun cases for rifles. This is due to its rugged construction and ability to hold extra ammo, optics, accessories, and two pistols; on top of protecting your two favorite AR rifles. That's right; this tactical gun case can carry up to four guns, being the only gun case you need for a day at the firing range working on your accuracy and speed.

This case has thick padding along all six sides, as well as extra padding on all sides of every pocket. Three zippered and lockable pockets along the exterior are designed to hold up to six 30 round rifle magazines and eight pistol magazines. Two Velcro straps hold each rifle securely in place, while a thick padding (attached at the inside fold) keeps your rifles from touching each other -keeping them safe from scratches and dings.

This case is available in black, olive drab, woodland camo, ACU camo, and coyote tan. It can hold up to a 36-inch long rifle. It comes with adjustable and removable padded shoulder straps (back-pack style) as well as padlocks to provide extra safety to your firearms. There is additional room on the front to mount a MOLLE compatible med kit and even your trusty bowie knife.

Allen Tactical Gun Case

Black Color, Smith and Wesson M&P Tactical Rifle Case, Side View

Smith and Wesson M&P Tactical Rifle Case

This is the Smith and Wesson M&P Tactical Rifle Case, specially designed to take a beating by through the roughest and toughest use possible. This gun case is made of 1200D endure fabric for extra rugged performance. Allen Company repeatedly looks to the input of their customers when designing new gun cases, ensuring that each new style has the features that you need in a tactical gun case. This is one of the best soft tactical gun cases available, with five external adjustable pockets for holding extra magazines and a large external zipper pouch for holding necessary accessories. This soft tactical gun case is only available in black and holds up to a 38-inch long firearm.

The value in this gun case is found in the details. The seams are tight and strong and the main zipper has an internal padding to ensure that your rifle never comes into contact with it. This is just another example of the quality and attention to detail as found in this product. Two Velcro straps hold your rifle securely in place and further ensure that your rifle is protected from scratches and dings. It comes with a padded shoulder pad for easier transport.

Plano AW 42 Tactical Gun Case

Unfortunately, this product has been DISCONTINUED.  Click Here for More Information.

Black Color, Plano AW 42 Tactical Gun Case, Open Box

Plano AW 42 Tactical Gun Case

The Plano AW 42 Tactical Gun Case is one of Plano's All Weather line of tactical gun cases. These hard gun cases are specially designed to withstand whatever the elements throw at you with Dri-Loc weather resistant seals and extra thick walls. This case also features rugged spring assisted dual stage latches and has a pressure release valve that ensures a solid and tight seal.

This durable construction continues with the interior lid fully lined in thick egg carton style foam. Thick foam inserts allow you to customize the interior of this gun case to ensure the perfect fit for your favorite tactical firearm, even with that impressive scope mounted on.

An over-molded handle provides a sure grip that makes transporting your firearm all the easier. To give you extra peace of mind while carrying or storing your weapon, the latches on this hard tactical gun case can also each be locked to provide additional security. This is a solid tactical gun case that is perfect for storing your gun at home or for transporting your weapon to and from the firing range.

Flambeau Tactical Gun Case

The Flambeau Tactical Gun Case is a rugged hard case that maintains a cool presentation without being too bulky. This tactical gun case has thick egg carton style foam on the top and the bottom of the interior. It comes with customizable dividers and Velcro straps that allow you to choose how to position your AR, while also storing accessories and extra mags that won't be in contact with your firearm. Once you've figured out the perfect placement for your rifle within the case, you can even cut the foam where you will placing the dividers to create larger unpadded storage areas. The Velcro straps are permanently secured via grommets and, once in place, serve to hold the foam padding securely in place.

This hard tactical gun case comes in black and features a one-piece molded handle. Externally, it measures 41.5 by 15 by 5 inches. The Flambeau latches tight and has a strong seal, so while this helps to provide extra protection to your firearm, it pays to keep your fingers free from the handle while closing and latching it. In addition to allowing for additional storage inside, the dividers also serve to protect your firearm from corrosion. This is a great feature that adds one more level of protection for your firearm.

What is the Best Tactical Gun Case?

The best tactical gun case doesn't have to cost you and arm and leg. Many of the gun cases we took a look at provided all the protection you need for storing and transporting your AR rifle while leaving you with plenty of money to purchase more ammunition. When it came to choosing our favorite of these amazing gun cases, we had to choose the VooDoo Tactical Soft Gun Case. The backpack style shoulder straps are terribly convenient, as are the lockable pockets. We also love the range of color choices available and MOLLE compatibility.

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