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Best Shooting Rest Reviews

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In these best shooting rest reviews, we're going to take a look at the best of the best, with shooting rests that have proven themselves with extra durable construction and high versatility in use. There's a lot of variation out there, which can make it hard to find the best rest for shooting.

This is especially true if you like to shoot different types of guns but don't want to make multiple purchases -or drag extra equipment with you to the shooting range just to pound out a few rounds. Our pick for the number one shooting rest is the MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest, which we'll explain right away.

Top Pick for Best Shooting Rest

MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest KSR-30


This rugged shooting rest is adjustable so that it can be used with a rifle or with a pistol. The handgun pad is also adjustable to accommodate different sized pistols. For use with and AR-15 style rifle, the handgun pad is also removable. The low slung center provides plenty of room for tactical magazine wells, while the four foot stance provides stability. For extra stability with heavy caliber rifles, there is even a compartment to add weights or sandbags if desired.

The forearm level is easily and quickly adjusted via a precision dialed screw pedestal to provide a solid hold. The front and rear shooting pads are both made of rubber that won't mar the finish of your gun. One of the reasons why we chose this as a best shooting rest is the versatility it brings in being able to be adjusted to accommodate full size and youth size rifles. This shooting rest weighs 4 pounds and can be adjusted to 7.5 inches.

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Caldwell Lead Sled Plus Rifle Rest 820300

best shooting rest

This is easily a best rest for shooting thanks to its ability to reduce recoil by 95%. This makes this rest ideal for high-powered shooters. It has a uniquely designed tray that is adjustable to hold different weight types, such as sand bags, lead shot bags, and even 25 pound bar bell weights. The durable steel construction allows it to hold up to 100 pounds, providing you with very stable support.

The precision elevation ram has been redesigned from the previous model, to eliminate wobble and play and allow you to remain on target while being adjustable by 2.5 inches. It has non-marring rubber feet, of which the rear feet are adjustable. The dual frame alignment adjusts by 22 inches to accommodate virtually any size gun. It measures 30 inches long and 12 inches wide; it weighs approximately 24 pounds.

For its amazing portability, this shooting rest was an easy choice for a best shooting rest. It has a tripod design that folds up for easier transport and a patented quick height adjustment. Due to its fold up design, set up takes less than a second, with height adjustments taking just a few more seconds to complete with the one-handed locking and unlocking mechanism.

It can be adjusted from between 8.88 inches to 12.63 inches and is constructed of durable aluminum. The aluminum tubing also contributes to this shooting rest's light weight and portability, as it weighs a meager 1.76 pounds.

The pillow rest is a sand bag design and can swivel a full 360 degrees. It's also detachable which allows for even easier transport as it can be stored in a range bag.


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Blackhawk Sportster Titan FX Rifle Rest


This rugged rifle rest is made of durable cast aluminum and steel to provide you a sturdy and level platform to shoot from. It has four rubber feet, of which the front two are adjustable. The forearm level has a precision adjustment wheel that allows for rapid adjustments up to 2.25 inches. The center is low slung to provide plenty of clearance for use with magazine fed rifles.

The center bar can accommodate sand bag weights to provide an even more stable shooting rest. This shooting rest weighs about a pound and a half and, thus, makes a comfortable shooting rest to take down to the shooting range. It is important to note that this rest does not have a windage and elevation adjuster and only provides support for the barrel of the gun, not the rear also, as some similarly designed shooting rests do.

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Best Shooting Rest Reviews Conclusion

When it comes to finding the best rest for shooting, there are a lot of options available to you. Some rests can only accommodate rifles that aren't magazine fed, while others can handle all rifles and even pistols. There are some rifles that are bulky and heavy to provide you with an extra sturdy platform to shoot from that can really take a pounding, while other shooting rests are lightweight and even designed specifically with portability in mind.

Keeping this all in mind, we chose the MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest for our top pick. The versatility really stood out, with this shooting rest able to be used for any rifle and even your favorite handgun. But, a special mention goes out to the Caldwell Lead Sled Plus for the heavy duty construction that can really withstand abuse.

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