Most people think of hot, damp, high-humidity spaces when they think about dehumidifiers. Cold and wet climates, though, also suffer from too much moisture in the air. Low-temperature dehumidifiers are specially engineered to deal with and operate effectively in cooler climates. In our search for the best low-temperature dehumidifier, we’ve selected a number of excellent low temp dehumidifiers, ultimately settling on the Whynter 951 dehumidifier as the best of the best because it strikes the perfect feature balance of a machine in this class.

Specifically, what you’re looking for is (obviously) the ability to operate in cooler climates, proper sizing to get the job done, and energy efficiency, so you’re not paying an arm and a leg. More below.

Our Pick: Whynter 951 Low Temperature Dehumidifier

We begin our best low-temperature dehumidifier review with our winner, the Whynter Energy Star Elite D Series 951, and it stands to reason that the only thing that could beat out the Whynter DPD-711 would be another machine made by the same company.

This is a larger, even more, robust machine than the Whynter 711, capable of handling an impressive 95 pints of moisture per day, which gives it one of the largest capacities in its size class.

As with all of their products, this one is specifically engineered for use and operation in cooler climates, and with a feature set to match every other entrant on our list, it moves to the top of the chart. It is, quite simply, the best cold-weather dehumidifier for home use you can buy today.

Runner-Up: Frigidaire FAD954DWD Cold Temperature Dehumidifier

Frigidaire is a well-known brand the world over, and if you’re brand conscious, then the FAD954DWD Cold Temperature Dehumidifier will probably be the one you gravitate to. It’s certainly a good entry with a lot to offer. It’s as well designed as any of Frigidaire’s other excellent products and is Energy Star rated, so it only sips power. Capacity-wise, it can handle up to 95 pints of moisture per day

Bear in mind that when we are looking at machines of this size class, you’re just not going to find them with onboard condensate pumps, so it’s no surprise that this one doesn’t have one either. It DOES have a drain port for continuous operation, assuming you’ve got a place to direct the water. Otherwise, you’re going to have to periodically empty the bucket as it fills up.

With an operating temperature as low as 41 degrees, it’s one of the best home dehumidifiers for cold weather on the market. Ultimately it did not get top billing because it is slightly larger and louder than the other models we investigated. It’s a good machine, but the noise factor matters, as does a certain amount of portability.

This unit is on casters, so it is portable, it’s just not quite as easy to move as some of the other models we looked it, so it gets beat out narrowly. Nonetheless, if you’re a brand name shopper, this would be an excellent pick.

Also Great: Delonghi DD70PE Cold Weather Dehumidifier

Delonghi is a hugely popular European brand, somewhat less well known in the United States, but they make a whole range of excellent household appliances, and this is no exception.

At the time of this writing, the Delonghi DD70PE Cold Weather Dehumidifier was offered as part of a kit, including a microfiber cleaner to help keep the unit in top working order. It’s a small thing, but in a contest as tight as this one is, details matter and the Delonghi got a few extra points in our book for offering something extra with their unit.

Delonghi DD70PE Cold Weather Dehumidifier

The only fault we can find with the device is that it can only extract 70 pints of moisture from the air per day. Depending on how big a space you’re dealing with, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker, and won’t be an issue unless you live in extremely cold and humid climates, which admittedly describes a minuscule segment of the market.

Nonetheless, because it does not meet the needs of as wide a swath of the target market as some of the other entrants here, we couldn’t give it top billing. Even so, this is an excellent, high-quality machine that will serve you well. Its European design and styling are also quite attractive, if a dehumidifier can ever be considered attractive, and that might be the deciding factor for some.

Honorable Mention: Whynter RPD-711DWD Dehumidifier for Cold Weather

Whynter units are specifically designed for two things. Home use, and cold weather operation. That automatically gives the company an advantage any time the topic of cooler climates comes up, even if the brand name isn’t as well-known as some of the devices it competes against. 

The Whynter RPD-711DWP Unit is a rugged, well-designed product, with the full range of features found in a dehumidifier in its size class. It is considered by many to be the best cold weather dehumidifier. You’ll find a built-in humidistat, digital display, and a drain tube for continuous operation if you’d rather not empty the bucket now and again.

It does lose a few points for its 70-pint capacity, however. This is fine for a large segment of the market, but some people who are looking for a low-temperature dehumidifier will need more capacity than this, and if they were to buy this one, it would struggle with the load. Because it has certain limitations, we could not name it as our top pick.

What Is The Best Low Temperature Dehumidifier?

In our quest to find the best low-temperature dehumidifier, we looked at a number of great machines. The one that performed the best in all our major areas of concern (capacity, cool weather operation, noise level and energy efficiency) was the Whynter 951 Dehumidifier, what, in our eyes, makes it the Best Low-Temperature Dehumidifier we’ve reviewed.

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