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Best Dehumidifier For Grow Room Review

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Are you an indoor gardening fanatic? If so, you’ve probably already seen what can happen when your grow room gets too humid. Your plants start to rot. Mold begins to grow, and it chokes the life out of your plants. It’s a common problem and easily fixed by the addition of a dehumidifier unit. The question, of course, is what is the best dehumidifier for grow room? In our opinion, it’s the Quest Dry RDS 10 Dehumidifier - 80 pints, and we’ll get into why in just a moment. To help you make an informed purchasing decision, we’ll take a look at all the top picks.

Top Pick: Best Dehumidifier for Grow Room

Quest Dry RDS 10 Dehumidifier


The Quest Dry RDS 10 grow room dehumidifier has it all, which is why we rated it as our top pick. From robust moisture extraction capabilities (80 pints per day), low-temperature operation, a built-in condensate pump, and of course, the onboard humidistat, this unit is quite simply the best in class.

There are cheaper models on the market, but you really do get what you pay for. If you’re looking for the very best grow room dehumidifier, then look no further. This is hands-free, “set and forget” technology that you’ll only need to check in on once in a great while.

The Quest name is well known in the industry, and the company makes some of the best dehumidifiers in the business. This model is an excellent example of the features and workmanship you can expect from a Quest dehumidifier. An outstanding machine all around.


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The Soleus Air HCT-D70 Grow Room Dehumidifier

The first thing to understand about a grow room dehumidifier, in general, is the fact that most people won’t need more than a 60-100 pint per day capacity. If you need more than that, you’re probably engaging in a commercial enterprise and have a lot more than just a single, modestly sized grow room to deal with.

They do make dehumidifiers at commercial scale, but even the least of those would be far too much machine for home use. There’s just nothing to be gained in buying more dehumidifying capability than you need.

With that in mind, the Soleus HCT-D70 70 pints dehumidifier is a solid pick that will serve you well. Its built-in humidistat allows for precise humidity control, and its 70-pint capacity is sufficient to the task, and will likely be all that you need.

best grow room dehumidifier

The device is well priced and energy efficient, carrying an Energy Star rating, but there’s a catch, and it might be a deal breaker for some. Its modest price is because the unit contains no condensate pump

That means you’ve either got to hook up a garden hose to the device and let gravity drain the water away, or you’ve got to manually empty the 17-pint fill bucket up to 4 times a day (if the machine is operating at maximum capacity).

Fortunately, the Soleus does come with an automatic shutoff when the bucket gets full, so you won’t come home to any nasty surprises on that front. All in all, it’s a solid unit, but the absence of the condensate pump means that we couldn’t select it as our top pick.

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The Ideal Air 70-pint - Best Dehumidifier Grow Room

This unit is similar in many ways to the Soleus we talked about above. Like the Soleus, the Ideal Air 70 Pint Dehumidifier has a 70-pint per day capacity, which should be fine for most users.

Also like the Soleus 70 pint dehumidifier, the price is kept low by virtue of the fact that there’s no condensate pump, although, in this case, Ideal Air does offer one as part of an upgrade kit.

Even though the pump isn’t included with the standard offering, the fact that it is available makes this model slightly superior to the Soleus. The other thing you’ll appreciate about the Ideal Air model is the impressive 5-year compressor warranty, which is the best in the industry, and makes Ideal Air’s offering a solid contender.


The Active Air model is an interesting one, and specifically included because we understand that one size definitely doesn’t fit all. While the market may be smaller for this level of moisture extraction capability, it’s definitely present, and we wanted to include an example of something a bit more robust.

Functionally,  the Active Air commercial 100 pint dehumidifier is similar to the Ideal Air model we mentioned above, but with greater extraction capabilities, which is reflected in this unit’s higher price.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t have a built-in condensate pump. That, plus the fact that it’s more dehumidifier than many home users will need are the only two things that kept it from being our top pick. This unit, as with all the ones we’ve talked about here, comes with a built-in humidistat.


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What Is The Best Dehumidifier For Grow Room?

And there you have it. If you're looking for the best dehumidifier for grow room, in our opinion, you want the Quest Dry RDS 10 Dehumidifier 80 pintsWhile the other models we looked at each had some compelling advantages, the Quest was simply best in class. If you check out its features and specifications further, you definitely won't go wrong with it!

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