Attic spaces are notorious for their ability to collect heat and moisture. They’re also some of the most cramped, hard to get to spaces in your home. In most cases, the noise that an attic dehumidifier makes isn’t that big a deal since you don’t spend much time around it.

What you want, though, is something really compact. It doesn’t have to draw a huge amount of moisture from the air, so most attic dehumidifiers measure their extraction capacity in ounces rather than pints, but it’s got to be small and preferably energy efficient.

Those are the primary things we’re looking for in terms of the best. With that in mind, our top pick for best dehumidifier for attic use has got to be the Comforday Portable Dehumidifier. We’ll outline why in just a moment, but before we do, let’s take a look at some other top contenders.

Our Pick: Comforday Electric Portable Compact Dehumidifier

The Comforday Portable Dehumidifier is, in our opinion, the best in class. It has all the standard features, from an auto shutoff sensor to an easy access seventeen-ounce reservoir, is quiet enough that it won’t be an issue for most customers, and comes with a washable filter.

In addition, customer sentiment is overwhelmingly positive among purchasers and users of the device. In a field where the functional specifications are all so very close, customer analysis really matters. Where satisfaction is concerned, Comforday wins handily, which is ultimately what landed it in the top position.

Runner-Up: Savicare Compact Attic Dehumidifier

A small, quiet, basic compact dehumidifier that’s ideally suited for attic use. The Savicare Compact Attic Dehumidifier features an auto shutoff sensor so there’s no risk of an overflow if you forget to check the unit. It’s relatively quiet and unobtrusive, and its small size makes it perfect for fitting into those tight, humid spaces in your home attic.

With compact devices like this, it’s important to remember that there is no drainage port for continuous operation, and there’s certainly no built-in condensate pump, so once put in place, you’ll need to regularly check your unit and empty the reservoir when it’s full.

However, this is true of all dehumidifiers in this class and can’t really be counted as a strike against this machine in particular. The only downside to this unit is that the company has a spotty record for customer service. If you don’t use or need it, then it’s not a deal-breaker, and it’s a good unit for the money, but for this reason, we could not give it top billing.

Value Pick: Ivation IVADM10 Small Attic Dehumidifier

Another great compact attic dehumidifier, the Ivation IVADM10 Compact Dehumidifier has all the features you’d expect to see in a unit of this class, including a washable filter, which saves you money because you’re not stuck buying replacement filters nearly as often. It’s fairly quiet, comes with an auto-shutoff sensor, and an easy access reservoir tank with a seventeen-ounce capacity.

This one isn’t our top pick because the prevailing customer reviews didn’t rate it quite as highly as the one we selected as the best, and overall, customer sentiment matters, especially when the devices are functionally similar. Still, there’s nothing in the world wrong with the Ivation.

Also Great: Basicwu Mini Attic Dehumidifier

Basicwu Mini Attic Dehumidifier

Make no mistake, the BasicWu Mini Dihumidifier is a great little unit. Its major drawback is that it’s too clever for its own good. What we mean by that is the addition of “Peltier Technology” really is innovative in this context. You normally see that kind of thing in stove fans, and it does help keep the noise to a bare minimum. Unfortunately, most people don’t live in their attics, so there’s no sense in paying extra for a feature you don’t really need. Even the noisiest of attic dehumidifiers on the market today don’t make so much of a racket that they’ll drive you mad with the sound.

If you use your attic space as living space, then this will probably be the one you want, but that isn’t true for the vast majority of people in the market for an attic dehumidifier, so while this is a great machine with a lot to recommend it, we can’t name it as our top pick, as it is designed to appeal to a fairly narrow segment of the market. This machine has all the standard features you’d expect to see in a compact dehumidifier, from automatic shutoff to easily removable water reservoir, so again, a good pick, but just not for everyone.

What Is The Best Dehumidifier for Attic Use 2024?

When looking for the best dehumidifier for attic use, the two biggest considerations are small size and relatively quiet operation. All of the units in the class offer more or less the same features and functionality, so any of the above will serve you well. Still, there can be only one winner, and the Comforday Attic Dehumidifier’s higher overall customer satisfaction tipped the scales for us.

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