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Best Clear Ice Maker Reviews

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So what’s the best clear ice maker on the market today? We reviewed a number of models to create our short list, then narrowed it down to one. Hands down, the best clear ice machine on the market is, in our opinion, the Scotsman Gourmet Ice Maker. Here are the full details:

Our Top Pick for Best Clear Ice Maker

Scotsman Gourmet Clear Ice Maker

best clear ice maker - Scotsman Gourmet


The Scotsman Gourmet Clear Ice Maker is a rugged, durable beast of a machine that produces a whopping sixty-five pounds of crystal clear ice per day, with a fifty-pound storage bin. It comes with al built-in drain pump (hoses are sold separately), and best of all, it fits right under your counter so that it won’t be in the way. It’s fairly quiet, too, so you won’t have to contend with a lot of noise, and if you want an added layer of protection, you can purchase a separate three or four year extended warranty. The odds are excellent, though, that you won’t need to.

Scotsman has a stellar reputation for reliability, and if and where there are problems, they’ve got world-class customer service. There’s a reason that so many of Scotsman’s customers have been with them for decades, and won’t even consider using anyone else. If you’re looking for best in class, this is it, no question. Having said that, there are a number of other perfectly good options to choose from, and we’ll take a look at some of the other clear ice makers that came close, but didn’t quite grab the top spot from the mighty Scotsman.

The EdgeStar 50-pound Undercounter Clear Ice Maker


EdgeStar produces a broad range of top quality equipment, and this one machine is no different. One of the best undercounter clear ice makers on the market today. All ice makers in this class have similar features. They make and store ice. They have an auto-defrost feature. Most have a built-in drain pump, and a sensor to keep your machine from overfilling.

The EdgeStar has all of these, but two things kept it from our top spot. First, daily production of the machine is fifty pounds. That should be plenty, but more productive capacity is generally better than less. Second, although it can produce fifty pounds a day, it can only store twenty-five. That’s somewhat inconvenient unless you’re pushing a lot of volume. Great machine, but there were a couple of small things that knocked it out of the top spot for us.

The Summit 32 Clear Ice Maker


Appointed with all the features you’d expect to find on a machine of this class, the Summit is a good machine that will serve you well. As a slight bonus, it comes with an ice scoop. Some machines make you buy these extra, so the Summit wins a few extra points for thoughtfully including one. Daily production is 32 pounds of crystal clear ice, with a 25-pound storage bin. It makes sense that there wouldn’t necessarily be as much storage as daily production because the thinking is that you’re going to be using the ice as it’s made, so that’s not unusual.

Like other models in this class, it has a built-in drain pump, auto-defrost feature, and an overspill protection system. In the Summit’s case, though, this overspill protection is what earns it a few point deduction. It has an audible alarm. It beeps at you when the ice is ready, and it beeps at you when the storage bin is full.

With so many things beeping and bleeping at you all day, who needs one more? Our preference would be that when the bin is full, the machine would simply stop making ice. We don’t need a beep. We’ll also hear the ice fall into the container when it’s ready, so we don’t need a sound for that either. Beeps are annoying, and for this reason, it got knocked out of the top spot.

The Magic Chef Portable Clear Ice Maker for Home


We absolutely wanted to include a portable clear ice maker in this listing of reviews, since there’s a segment of the market looking for a clear ice maker for home, and the Magic Chef meats that criteria and is a well-known brand, both for its quality and top notch customer service. Because it’s portable, and thus, only appeals to a segment of the consumers, it couldn’t be listed as our top pick, but it’s just too attractive (and too good) a machine not to give an honorable mention to.

Capable of making ice in as little as seven minutes, you can set this machine up and have ice when and where you need it in no time flat. And you can select from three different cube sizes. Even better? Although portable, it can make up to 27 pounds of ice per day – this is an extremely productive little machine! It only weighs twenty-six pounds empty, and with dimensions of 14.5”x11.7”x14.9” it’s small enough to fit almost anywhere, so it won’t be an eyesore or in the way. As we said, it’s definitely not for everyone, but if you need ice on the go, and want a productive, top quality machine, this is an excellent choice.

What Is The Best Clear Ice Maker?

In reviewing the best clear ice makers on the market today, there was one standout. A clear winner. That’s not always the case, but in this instance, there’s just no contest. If you’re looking to buy best-in-class, then the Scotsman Gourmet Ice Maker is the one you want.

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