When it comes to finding the best AR sight for the money, you need something that will provide you with instant and accurate targeting. Great features are versatility and a variety of reticle patterns to make it easier to find the dot.

Rugged construction and high performance don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, though, so we’ve put together a list of the four best AR sights, keeping price as one of the key deciding factors, as well as basic usability.

Our choice for the best AR sight for the price came down to the combat ready UTG Instant Target Aiming Sight.

Our Pick: UTG SCP-DS3840W

This AR sight was designed for combat use and features a compact and rugged design. It has a 38mm diameter lens and is only 4 inches long. It has a red or green dot with variable brightness that can be easily adjusted with the rheostat knob on the side. This sight also comes with its own mount and a 10mm riser adapter.

With use of the riser adapter, this sight has the added flexibility of several settings. It has been meticulously designed using UTG’s signature True Strength Platform that is designed to provide long lasting performance despite heavy and intense use. The extra rugged construction and high performance are why we easily chose this as the best AR sight for the price.

Runner-Up: Ohuhu Red and Green Reflex Sight

This is a tubeless design sight with four different reticle patterns, each in either red or green, and four variable dot sizes. The 33mm lens aperture affords a wide field of view. If you do rapid firing or shooting of moving targets, this is a great and highly useful feature. This AR sight has a built-in base mount that eliminates the need to rezero the sight when mounting it to another gun.

It’s lightweight at just over 4 ounces and measures just over 3 inches long. The sight lens is made with extra-low dispersion (ED) glass, is parallax corrected, and provides an unlimited eye relief. It comes with a rubber lens cap cover, cleaning cloth, lithium battery, and Allen wrench for mounting the sight.

Also Great: Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical AR Reflex Sight

This tubeless reflex design sight is a red dot only sight, with four different reticle patterns available. It has seven different brightness settings, the brightest of which will work effectively in bright light such as a sunny afternoon. It features a black finish all metal construction, as well as a multi-coated lens. In addition to your favorite AR, this sight can attach to any gun with a Weaver-Picatinny rail, making it one of the best AR sights for the price.

The objective lens is 24mm by 34mm and provides a wide and crisp field of view with unlimited eye relief. It can be adjusted for windage and elevation, providing greater functionality and usability to this bargain priced AR sight. It comes with a thermoplastic lens cover, lithium battery, Allen wrench, cleaning cloth, and mounting tool.

Other Products to Consider

AIM Sports Red Dot AR Sight

This AR sight is a compact 3 inches long and weighs 4.2 ounces. It features an open red dot sight that has a 33mm aperture and objective lens that measures 24mm by 34mm. It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum that provides shock resistance. It’s water resistant and fogproof, while being able to take a beating from constant recoil. It features four different reticle patterns to choose from as well as seven different brightness settings that allow you to quickly and easily acquire your target. The brightness setting knob turns easily and with a discernible click.

Windage and elevation adjustments offer higher performance and usability. The rugged anodized aluminum construction is really its best feature as this sight can really take a beating and won’t lose zero. It comes with two Allen wrenches for adjustments and mounting, two batteries (one in the sight, the other a spare,) lens cloth, and lens cover.

What Is The Best AR Sight for the Money In 2024?

Not all AR sights are created equal, and we hope that this review gave you a good idea of the available features and what to look for in your hunt for the best AR sight for the money. Our number one choice was the UTG SCP-DS3840W ITA Red/Green Dot Sight. UTG really paid attention to the details when it came to this sight.

Special mention goes to the AIM Sports Red Dot Sight for its durable construction and performance that comes wholly unexpected for the price. Either of these bad boys could easily be your best AR sight for the price and should provide you with steady long term performance. And, should they bite the dust after just a few months, the price is so good you can just pick up another as a replacement.

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