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Best American Made Gun Safes Brands & Reviews

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Our Top Picks - Best American Made Gun Safes Brands in 2023

A smaller imagine of Heritage Safe Company Legacy Series LX3966

Heritage Safe Company

A smaller image of Fort Knox Vaults Defender Series D6026

Fort Knox Vaults

There's no argument about the quality of American made gun safes. You can be sure that no corners were cut to save costs and that only the highest quality materials were used in the construction. 

Plus, when you buy one of these gun safes made in the USA that money stays within our economy. To help you be as informed as possible when making your next American made gun safe purchase, we've put together this handy guide for you.

We'll give you an overview of the best American made gun safes brands in 2023, take an in-depth look at some of the best gun safes made in the USA, and wrap it up with an eye at some of the features you can expect from a high-quality American made gun safe.

List of American-Made Gun Safes / Brands in 2023

While there are some gun safe manufacturers that produce a few great US made safes (making their other gun safes overseas,) we're focusing just on brands that proudly manufacture their entire product lines in the USA.

The following list comprises the highest quality gun safe brands that are fully US-made so you can have an idea of what brands specifically to look into when you're in the market for a great American made gun safe. After you check out our choices for the best American made gun safes, be sure to refer back to this list of American made gun safes to see if you agree.

best american made gun safes - Amsec - Consumer Files

AMSEC: American Security

One of the leading gun safe manufacturers in the US, American Security makes a wide variety of safes, from fire safes to vault doors to safety deposit boxes to gun safes and cabinets.

Official website:

american made gun safes - Browning


Using the latest technology, Browning Gun Safes are designed to provide secure storage with fire protection and attack-resistant features being standard. Browning also gives back a portion of profits to help sustain wildlife to preserve our country's hunting heritage.

Official website:

gun safes made in the usa - Fort Knox

Fort Knox Vaults

Each of Fort Knox's gun safes are designed to surpass the standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratories. Their safes are made to withstand temperatures up to 1680 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes.

Official website:

gun safes made in usa - Heritage Safe Company

Heritage Safe Company

Proud to be entirely American made and based, Heritage gun safes all feature active lock bolts, reinforced doors, and fire protection to keep your firearms and valuables safe.

Official website:  

best gun safes made in usa - Liberty Safes

Liberty Safes

One of the most famous American-made gun safe manufacturers, Liberty Gun Safes, subjects their products to rigorous testing -including dropping them from 200 feet and crashing a car into them. In each of the tests, their safes remain intact and unopened.

Official website:

list of american made gun safes - Rhino Safes - Consumer Files

Rhino Metals Inc.

Making both Rhino Safes and Bighorn Safes, the Rhino Series is made in the US and the products are as beautiful and unique as they are rugged and built to last. If you want high-end performance with a gun safe that looks like art, then these are the gun safes for you.

Official website:

american made gun safes compare - TruckVault Safes - Consumer Files


This Company is a perfect example of American ingenuity and commitment to a quality product. Created and manufactured in Washington State, TruckVault produces one of a kind gun and storage safes for pickup trucks and SUV's for everyday people and law enforcement agencies.

Official website:

gun safes made in america - Vault Pro - Consumer Files

VaultPro USA

Proudly made in California, VaultPro has three series of gun safes available as well as providing custom gun safes and vault doors. Their gun safes provide up to 20 hours of fire protection, come with a lifetime warranty, and are built to exceed Department of Justice standards.

Official website:

american made gun safe - V-Line Gun Safes - Consumer Files


V-Line manufactures premium drawer safes for pistols that feature a push-button keyless entry -no batteries required. They also have ultra-thin gun cases meant to conceal your long gun or AR inside of a closet or behind a door to boost your home security measures.

Official website:

american-made-gun-safe-V-Line-Gun-Safes-Consumer-Files Rviews

Pendleton Safes

Pendleton Safes are one of the best American-custom-made gun safes, with quality as their main goal. Like all successful companies, they make a passion out of what they do, and any of their customers will attest to that right away. Their patented technologies, like their illuminated revolving storage, will provide not only safety but also comfort. Want fast and easy access to any item in your gun collection, in addition to the best security available? Then look no further. Customize your safe to your liking and become a lifetime fan.

Official website:

Winner - Liberty Safe's Magnum Series NS25

When looking at gun safes made in America, you cannot go wrong with a Liberty Safe. These safes are subjected to some pretty intense testing, where they're pitted against competitor safes to see which one will come out the strongest. After drop test from 200 feet, crashing a car into them, and subjecting the safes to a brutal attack, the Liberty safe continues to outperform other gun safes.

The Magnum Series is Liberty Safe's top line, with their Presidential Gun Safes coming in at a close second. We picked the 22 Gun NS25 National Security Magnum Safe as a great example of the quality you can expect with this line of gun safes and will be taking a look at it in detail.

It offers ten color options and comes standard with a black and chrome dial lock; electronic lock or bio-lock are available at an extra cost.

This safe has an impressive seven gauge steel body - that's nearly 5 mm of steel! The door itself is 6 inches thick with a 1.25-inch composite that provides serious protection against prying. Understand what we’re saying here: There’s nothing magical about the gauge of steel being used here. Only that it, in conjunction with the composites and other materials used in this model’s construction provide a robust and secure place to store your firearms.

On top of having the thickest body and door of any of the gun safes in this list, it also boasts the highest fire rating, too. With 131,000 BTU's standard, this safe can withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 2.5 hours. That fire protection is achieved through four layers of 5/8 inch thick fireboard in the walls and ceiling, two layers of 1/2 inch thick fireboard in the door, and two layers of 5/8 inch thick fireboard in the door. A Palusol seal in the door expands to provide further protection against heat.

Additional security features in this safe include a ball bearing steel hardplate in the door that protects against drill attack by effectively shattering drill bits. Active-locking bolts 1.25 inches thick on all four sides and a triple relocker ensure that you're the only one who has access to your firearms.

Rhino Safes Ironworks Series CIWD6030X

Inside and out, the Rhino Ironworks Series are the most beautiful gun safes made in the USA. The exterior is hand distressed, giving it a look of a weathered antique. The interior is fully lined with distressed faux suede, giving it the aspect of well-worn leather with rivets to hold it in place. Plush adjustable shelves provide additional storage space for handguns, accessories, and valuables. We'll be using the 35 Capacity CIWD6030X Gun Safe as an example of the quality you can expect. 

This gun safe can hold up to 35 long guns with the adjustable shelves removed. However, there is a door organizer with holsters for six handguns, also, to cut out holders in one of the shelves for additional handguns. Additional zipper pockets and Velcro pouches provide extra space on the door to hold extra mags, ammo, and accessories.

This gun safe provides up to 85 minutes of fire protection up to 1400°F. It features the patent pending F-4 locking system, with a tungsten carbide armor to protect against drill attacks. The steel body and door are made of 12 gauge steel -that's nearly 3mm thickness. Both body and door have multiple layers of 5/8 inch thick fireboard to protect against heat.

Thirteen locking bolts along all four sides of the recessed, pry resistant door paired with external and internal welds make this safe rugged and impenetrable. Available with either a dial or electronic lock, this gun safe has a few accessories available for convenience and additional protection to your firearms, such as LED lighting, three different types of dehumidifiers, a gun sock, and a handgun rack.

Heritage Safe Company Legacy Series LX3966

The Legacy Series is Heritage Safe Company's best-selling, and a look at the standard features make it easy to see why these are some of the best gun safes made in the USA. Available with a maximum long gun capacity of 30, 48, 56, or 72 we chose the LX3966 -the larger of the two 48 gun sizes- to represent them all.

Class 4 fire protection certified, the LX3966 Heritage Legacy Gun Safe provides 95 minutes of protection at temperatures up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is achieved through 2 1/4 inches of firewall, pyro-shield heat blanket in the ceiling, and a Palusol heat seal. The body is made of 1/8 inch of steel, which is equal to 11 gauge. Four-way active locking deadbolts at 1 1/4 inches diameter and that extend a full 2 inches into the safe body make this 3/4 inch thick solid edge door impenetrable.

A double hardplate with visible relocker and overcame design provide excellent protection against tampering. This American made gun safe is available in different colors and comes with a UL listed Group II dial combination lock that is keylocking. This provides further security because unless you have the key, the dial won't even turn.

The interior is lined with plush suede and has two fixed full-width shelves, adjustable shelving, and dedicated long gun slots. There is also a deluxe door organizer to provide additional storage space for handguns, extra magazines, and accessories.

Fort Knox Vaults Defender Series D6026 - American Made Gun Safes

The Defender Series is a solid looking line of safes that provide durable construction and top notch security. They come available with the widest range of upgrades of any of the gun safes made in the USA. Available also with a range of long gun capacity, we'll be taking a look at the 18 gun safe to give you a better idea of the features to expect in this line of quality American made gun safes.

The Fort Knox Defender D6026 Gun Safe provides fire protection for up to 90 minutes at temperatures up to 1680 degrees Fahrenheit. Designed to keep the interior under 350 degrees, this gun safe features C-rated fireboard on all of its six sides, as well as behind the hinges which are a weak spot for heat protection. 

There is an additional dead air space within the walls that acts as a thermal pocket and directly contributes to this line of safes' high fire rating. A thermally activated seal provides additional protection to keep that interior temperature down.

The body of this gun safe comes standard in 10 gauge steel, which is 3.57mm thick. With the Deluxe III package, the body thickness increases to 1/4 inch thick with the door going from 10 gauge steel to 1/2 inch thick steel plate. This package offers the highest security but does come at an additional cost.

This gun safe features a Quadrafold door frame behind which the 1 1/2 inches thick bolts lock to provide ultimate security. It also features a unique unibody design that folds the edge around the door. This provides extra security by making it impossible to pry open. Ball bearing hinges are available externally or internally.

American Made Gun Safes Compare - Elements to Consider

Here are some of the key features you should consider when comparing the brands and models mentioned above. It's important to keep in mind what the variances among them mean to you and your wallet.

  • Fire Protection
  • Reinforced Door & Body
  • Lock Type

The best gun safes made in America offer standard fire protection of at least 75 minutes. This far exceeds the typical 30 minutes as seen in lesser quality gun safes and does contribute to the thicker body and door, as well as the heavier weight. The best fire protection comes with multiple layers of fireboard in the walls, door, and ceiling, in addition to heat activated seal in the door that expands to keep smoke and heat out.

Final Thoughts on Best American Made Gun Safes Brands & Reviews 2023

Although it may not seem like it at first, there are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a durable and high performing gun safe that's made in the USA. If our choices for the best American made gun safes aren't quite what you're looking for, then be sure to give the brands listed above a closer inspection. However, it is important to note that the particular gun safes we look at are each available in different long gun capacities and do have adjustable shelves that allow for storage options. And you can always add additional handgun racks to increase the firearm capacity.

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