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Recommended For: Anyone looking for a durable multi-use monocular at an affordable cost.

Overall Rating



  • High Performance & Dependability
  • Rugged Gen 2 Night Vision Tubes
  • Versatile with Additional Accessories
  • Suitable for Law Enforcement & Security
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Limited to Night Vision
  • Potential Learning Curve
  • Battery Dependence
  • Weight & Bulkiness
  • Limited Range
Armasight Sirius GEN 2

Recommended For: Anyone looking for a durable multi-use monocular at an affordable cost.

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If you’re looking for a high-quality multipurpose night vision device, the Armasight Sirius Gen 2 is an excellent choice. Not only can you use this high-end night vision device mounted to your favorite AR, but you can also attach it to a helmet. You can even use it as a handheld monocular, and attach it to your photo or video camera.

This means that you don’t necessarily have to purchase a dedicated night vision devices for each specific piece of gear and use. You can merely detach the Armasight Sirius and put it to a different purpose by using a variety of attachments. In this Armasight Sirius review, we’ll go over the many features and benefits that this Gen 2 night vision has to offer, as well as some of its most useful accessories.

Armasight Sirius Gen 2

The Armasight Sirius Gen 2 provides significantly improved image quality compared to Generation 1 night vision tubes or even Armasight CORE devices.

It has a magnification of 1x, with the ability to increase that magnification via additional lenses (which we’ll look at below.) It has a field of view (FOV) of 40 degrees and a close focus of a quarter of a meter.


While it does have a built-in infrared illuminator, there are additional long range illuminators available.

Built in manual gain adjustment allows you to increase or decrease the electronic amplification of the image. This gives you the best quality image possible that is never under- or overexposed looking. Also, thanks to the generation 2 night vision tubes, you get a clear image with no fisheye, even at the edges of the FOV.

Powered by either one AA battery or one CR123A battery, it makes it easy to find a replacement. This is helpful in the event you’re using the Armasight Sirius Gen 2 in an emergency or survival situation. 

It’s water resistant which will get you through inclement weather. It can operate within a temperature range of -60°and 120°Fahrenheit (storage temperature range can withstand up to 158° Fahrenheit with the same cold temp rating.)

This is a standard resolution night vision scope, with a resolution of 47 to 54 line pairs per millimeter. It features an automatic shut off in the event of sudden bright light to prevent damage.

It weighs one pound, which some may find to be a bit heavier than they’d like, especially when mounted to a helmet or camera. It measures 6.2 inches long by 2.4 inches wide by 2.9 inches high.

Armasight Sirius Gen 2 Helmet Mounts

As part of its versatility, there are some attachments available that will allow you to mount your Armasight Sirius night vision monocular to a helmet. This provides you with easy hands-free use. The Armasight Sirius can be used with either your right or left eye and has diopter adjustments of plus or minus 5 DPT.

Also, thanks to the helmet mount, you can easily flip the Sirius up or down when you need. A simple press of a button turns on the infrared, giving you clear images in dark conditions in less than a second.

Armasight MICH Helmet Adaptor #107

This is one of a few different helmet adaptors that Armasight offers. This is specifically for use with the modular integrated communications helmet (MICH) series of helmets. These are common military helmets that the civilian can easily pick up, especially as they’re a favorite style for use in paintball.  


The MICH Tactical Helmet by OneTigris​ is an excellent example of the quality and price range to expect when picking up a nonmilitary version that still accommodates a night vision device and would fit this adaptor.

With this Armasight MICH Helmet Adaptor, you can easily mount your Sirius Gen 2 in just a matter of seconds. Adjusting it both vertically or horizontally is a piece of cake, allowing you to situate the Sirius exactly where you need it for optimum performance.

Armasight Sirius Monocular Rifle Mounts

The Armasight Sirius Gen 2 can also be easily mounted to your AR style rifle using one of the available rifle mounts, of which there is a number available. With the Armasight Quick Release Picatinny Adapter #26, you can easily attach your Sirius Gen 2 to your rifle for perfect co-witnessing with your red dot day scope.


Note that if you have a QD mount for your red dot, the co-witnessing may need a slight adjustment as part of the FOV will be obscured. Additional raisers or rings are available to compensate for this and align everything for optimum performance. This mount is solid and sturdy and has a quick release that grabs securely onto your rails.

Armasight Sirius Camera Mount

If your preferred method of shooting is behind a camera rather than a rifle, then a camera adapter is a must-have accessory. With the use of one of Armasight’s camera mounts, you can attach your Sirius Gen 2 to your photo or video camera. You can now begin taking high-quality night vision images, so this is perfect for doing nocturnal surveillance!

armasight sirius gen 2 camera mount Consumer Files review

The Armasight Camera Adaptor #47 is specifically designed to allow your Sirius to attach to the front of your 35mm photo camera or your 8mm video camera. The adaptor consists of two pieces that enable the Sirius to screw firmly into place in a matter of just seconds.

The adaptor weighs just less than 2 ½ ounces and also works for the Spark, Avenger, Discovery, and Ninox night vision devices.

Additional Accessories

While the previous accessories were primarily concerned with the use of the Armasight Sirius, there are also many accessories available specifically to increase the performance of your night vision scope and give you an edge. While these are in no way the extent of these accessories, these are a couple of our favorites.

Armasight Lens #17

Remember how we mentioned earlier that the Sirius only had a magnification of 1x? That may be okay for close-range viewing, as it gives you the ability to see several yards in front of you. However, if you’re using your Sirius outside you may want a bit more range of visibility. That’s where this lens comes in handy.


This Armasight 8x lens can significantly increase how far you can see. Like the Sirius, it features non-reflective optics to help you remain undetected. It quickly attaches to your Sirius night vision device and can be used as part of a helmet or rifle mount setup.

Of course, be advised that as part of a helmet mounted night vision assembly, this will add extra weight and some users may find it cumbersome or uncomfortable. However, given the significant increase in visibility, if you’re using your Sirius as part of a law enforcement or private security situation, that weight increase hardly matters in comparison to the improved performance.

Additional lenses are available at either 3x or 5x magnification power.

Armasight IR810W

Sometimes there just isn’t enough natural light available to see clearly even with an infrared night vision device. That’s where this Armasight IR810W infrared illuminator comes in handy. It provides near infrared illumination that is both safe and invisible to the human eye. It significantly improves the performance and usability of your Armasight Sirius night vision scope.


It features a wide-angle beam that is adjustable between 2 and 30 degrees. This illuminator also comes with a Dovetail to Weaver adaptor. It weighs just a third of an ounce.

Armasight Sirius Review – Conclusion

When it comes to multipurpose night vision devices, the Armasight Sirius Gen 2 provides high performance and dependability. Fortunately, at a cost that makes it considerably more affordable than some of their other models.


Generation 2 night vision tubes make this a rugged choice that will continue to perform for years to come. It also has a 2-year warranty that will keep you covered just in case.

And with such a wide range of additional accessories available, as we referred to in this Armasight Sirius review, there isn’t much you can’t do with this night vision device.

Whether you’re in law enforcement, private security, or just looking for a leg up over those varmints picking off your herd at night, the Sirius will get the job done.

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