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Recommended For: Those looking for a night vision scope that is easy to use and provides excellent visual clarity.

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  • High-quality construction and performance
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Excellent visibility and image quality
  • Suitable for serious shooters
  • Provides dependability for years to come


  • Limited 2-year warranty
  • Glass is very far forward
Armasight CO-MR Night Vision Scope

Recommended For: Those looking for a night vision scope that is easy to use and provides excellent visual clarity.

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In this Armasight CO-MR review, we’ll take a look at the many reasons why you should consider investing this. It has the performance and reliability of these high-end night vision scopes.

Those who are in law enforcement or private security will quickly come to appreciate the quick target acquisition and versatility. These qualities are found in the Armasight CO-MR line of night vision scopes. It is perfect for those looking for this kind that is easy to use and will provide excellent visual clarity.

Also, for knocking down a few pesky varmints and predators, the performance and value of these infrared night vision scopes just can’t be beaten.

Winner – Armasight CO-MR Gen 2, High Definition

The Armasight CO-MR Gen 2 in HD provides many of the same benefits that you get with the SD version. Generation 2 infrared technology tubes make this a durable scope that will continue to perform regardless of what abuse you put it through and it has the same great quick release and easy mounting.

Black Color, Armasight CO-MR Gen 2, Right View

Both of these scopes also come with some accessories, such as four different light suppressors -including one that is specifically for your day scope. They also include a Picatinny adapter for the wireless remote control, battery, soft carrying case, instruction manual, and a lens cloth.

These scopes also have a number of optional accessories that can be purchased separately to increase the performance of the Armasight CO-MR Gen 2. Some of these are mounting systems, extended rail adapter, and a 3x magnifier.

There are some differences between the SD and the HD versions, of course, the primary being resolution. While the SD has a resolution of 47 to 54 lp/mm, the HD has a resolution of 55-72 lp/mm.

That’s a considerable difference in the quality of the image which also contributes to the significant difference in pricing between these two models. The HD also has an additional feature of having an automatic brightness control, which helps to maintain image integrity and quality.

Armasight Clip On Systems Mid-Range Night Vision Scopes

The Armasight clip-on systems provide a simple alternative to dual function scopes. Or, the hassle of having to remove your daytime rifle scope and replace it with a night vision scope. These scopes can be attached in a matter of seconds and don’t require you to re-zero at all.


We’ll be specifically looking at the features of the mid-range line. Currently, it is available in two different generations (gen 2 and gen 3) and with a few variable features to choose from. In addition to the mid-range line of night visions scopes, the clip-on system also features mini and long-range lines.

The mid-range clip-on system provides you with an innovative and highly functional option for instantly converting your day scope into an infrared night vision scope. These scopes quickly but firmly “clip on” to your rifle in front of your day scope using a standard Weaver or Picatinny rail.

This has a lot of benefits as you won’t have to adjust your eye relief, adjust your position as you would if you had entirely replaced the scope or re-zero. In a matter of seconds, this allows you to attach your Armasight CO-MR and resume shooting without missing a beat.

Armasight CO-MR Gen 2 and Gen 3

At the time of this writing, there is an Armasight CO-MR Gen 2 and an Armasight CO-MR Gen 3 available. Each of these gives excellent performance. It has a noticeable price difference, availability, and difference in combination of features.


For example, some models feature manual gain adjustment (the ability to manually control the electronic amplification of the video signal). Too much gain can make the image appear grainy.

Meanwhile, others have automatic gain adjustment; some models offer standard definition. Others provide high definition (with greater image resolution), and some models have optional attachments that allow you to mount the night vision scope directly to particular day scopes.

Deciding on the right combination of features for the performance you desire can be a bit tricky. With that, we’ll share some impressive standard features that you can expect of any of the Armasight CO-MR night vision scopes.

To give you a better idea of what to expect from the Armasight CO-MR, let’s take a look at some of the models available.

Standard Armasight CO-MR Features

Clip on system that allows to attach quickly and detach from a standard Weaver or Picatinny rail

Powered by either 1 AA alkaline battery or 1 CR123A lithium battery

Infrared imaging

60 hours of battery life with 1 AA or 30 hours of battery life with 1 CR123A

1x magnification

Low battery indicator

Field of view of 13°

Wireless remote control

Close focus of 10 meters

Bright light indicator

Exit pupil of 21mm

MIL-STD 810 compliant

Designed for use with day scopes up to 6-7x magnification

Storage temperature range between -58° and 122°F; -40°and 122°F for operation

Auto bright light shut off (to prevent permanent damage to the scope)

Limited 2-year warranty

Waterproof construction


Armasight CO-MR Gen 2 SD with Manual Gain

If you’re not sure which of the Armasight CO-MR scopes to get, then you really can’t go wrong with the Armasight CO-MR Gen 2. This is, by far, the most affordable of this line of night visions scopes.

However, it still provides you with the same great standard features and high performance that are found in even the best of these scopes. Examples are the Armasight CO-MR Gen 3 Alpha, which we’ll look at below. So, you still get that quick release and easy mounting, clear infrared imaging, robust construction, and great battery life.


As it is a standard definition scope, this Armasight CO-MR Gen 2 has a resolution of 47 to 54 line pairs per millimeter. The generation 2 infrared run standard with a photocathode type of multi-alkali, compared to the generation 3 which have filmless GaAs.

There is a standard difference as it has to do with the overall infrared technology than the particular design or model of the night vision scope. When making your purchase, there is a tradeoff to both generations which should be taken into consideration.

For example, generation 2 infrared tubes are more economical to manufacture, which makes them more affordable. However, generation 3 feature increased sensitivity and reduced noise, providing you with greater clarity. But, the generation 2 tubes are also more stable and thus have slightly increased durability.

Amrasight CO-MR Gen 2 night vision scope also features manual gain adjustment. The feature allows you to manually increase or decrease the electronic amplification of the image. Automatic gain can sometimes provide you with an image that seems overexposed or underexposed, but a manual gain is a way to get around that.

Armasight CO-MR Gen 3, Alpha

The Armasight CO-M3 Gen 3 Alpha is the latest in the latest in the Armasight CO-MR family. It provides the same great standard features that these night vision scopes are known for – but with some additional high-performance features. This adds up to give you one badass scope that can withstand the harshest conditions imaginable. Also, it still provides you with excellent image clarity when you need it most.


At the basis is the generation 3 infrared technology, which provides greater clarity than the previous generation 2 tubes due to the use of filmless GaAs for the photocathode. From there, Armasight has boosted this scope’s performance with high definition resolution of 64 to 72 lp/mm and included automatic brightness control.

Of course, with this level of technology and sheer unbeatable performance, you can expect to pay more for this scope than you would for even the Armasight CO-MR Gen 2 HD. But, if you’re looking for the best in infrared night vision technology to help you get the job done then this is the scope you want.

Armasight CO-MR Review – Conclusion

The Armasight line of mid-range clip on system night vision scopes are for the serious shooter who demands only the best in construction and performance. This entire line will provide you with a rugged scope and excellent visibility.

In this Armasight CO-MR review, we took into consideration the features, durability, performance, available additional accessories, and price. In conclusion, our top pick is the Armasight CO-MR Gen 2 with high definition. This scope provides plenty of dependability for years to come, still has excellent image quality, and leaves us with some extra cash to pick up some more needed accessories for our favorite AR.

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