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Wellness features like a negative ion generator and magnetic therapy set the Apex Lotus massage chair apart. Affordable, with a great selection of customization options and one of the longest S-Tracks on the market.

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Customization options
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  • Negative ion generator
  • Zero Gravity
  • Stretch function
  • Adjustable shoulder massage
  • Variety of massage techniques
  • Mechanical foot rollers with speed adjustment


  • No pivoting arm massagers
  • No built-in speakers
  • No massage rollers in the seat
Apex AP-Pro Lotus Faux Leather Massager Chair Beige

Affordable, with a great selection of customization options and one of the longest S-Tracks on the market.

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Equipped with high-quality massage technology and the addition of healing therapies like magnetic therapy, heat therapy, and a negative ion generator, the Apex Lotus offers a full suite of wellness features. In this Apex Lotus massage chair review, we’re taking an in-depth look at the features and benefits to see what makes this model one of the most therapeutic options available.

Features on the Apex Lotus Massage Chair

Body Scan Technology

On the Apex Lotus massage chair, before you begin a massage, the chair initiates its body scanning function. Using the massage head rollers, the chair maps the unique curvature of your back and determines your height.

The body scan technology has four main benefits:
  • It allows the chair to deliver a custom-fit massage.
  • It ensures the rollers are massaging the correct areas
  • It helps the rollers to maintain consistent pressure on your back, especially the curved areas of your neck and lower back.
  • It makes it easy for users of different shapes and sizes to enjoy the chair.

Spine-Contouring S-Track

The massage head rollers move along an “S” shaped track that contours to the natural shape of the spine. Rather than moving down a linear track, an S-Track allows the rollers to move outward and inward as they work their way across the back — perfectly complementing your unique curves.

This allows the rollers to stay in close contact with the body, especially in areas that can often lose contact and pressure like the neck and lower back.

With a 32-inch S-Track, the Apex Lotus has one of the longest on the market, providing massage coverage from the top of the neck to the tailbone.

Two-Stage Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a chair position determined to be the most therapeutic and effective for distributing the body’s weight to reduce vertical stress and pressure on the spine and lower body.

Inspired by NASA and used by astronauts to reduce stress on their body during lift off, Zero Gravity positions the body such that your the backrest of the chair holds your weight. At the same time, your feet are elevated slightly above your heart to increase circulation and aid in relaxation.

With your weight against the backrest, Zero Gravity also increases the intensity of your massage, allowing the rollers to have even greater contact with the body.

The Apex Lotus massage chair features two stages of Zero Gravity, one being more reclined than the other.

Spring-Loaded Ottoman

The Apex Lotus massage chair features a spring-loaded ottoman that makes adjustments quick and easy. Just press out with your feet to extend the ottoman until it fits your unique leg length.

Mechanical Dual Foot Rollers

On the Apex AP-Lotus, dual spinning rollers located in the foot portion of the ottoman deliver a reflexology massage that treats the acupoints on the bottoms of the feet. Acupoints are the points targeted through practices like acupuncture and acupressure to bring balance back to the body.

Bluetooth Connectivity and App

Equipped with Bluetooth technology as well as its own iOS and Android apps, the Apex AP-Lotus allows you to connect to and control the chair directly from your smartphone or tablet. Simply activate Bluetooth on your device, download the Apex Lotus app, and you’re ready to access all of the chair’s functions.

You can also use the Bluetooth feature to connect your music to the chair. Simply plug your headphones into the port on the chair, and you’re ready to sit back and relax to your favorite massage music. There are no built-in speakers on the Apex Lotus massage chair, so listening to music requires headphones.

Space-Saving Technology

The Apex AP-Lotus features space-saving technology that moves the chair forward as it reclines. This action allows the Apex Lotus to recline fully in much less space than traditional massage chairs.

In fact, the Apex Lotus only needs 4 inches behind it to fully recline whereas most massage chairs need 1 to 2 feet.

Memory System

If you enjoy picking and choosing from a variety of techniques, settings, and functions to create your own customized massage, you’re going to appreciate the memory settings on the Apex AP-Lotus.

Equipped with two memory settings, once you dial in your ideal massage on the Apex Lotus, you can save it to the chair’s memory. Once it’s saved, the next time you use the chair, you won’t have to reselect your massage settings manually. Just select the memory button, and the chair will automatically activate the saved settings.

Handheld LCD Remote

The Apex AP-Lotus includes a handheld remote with a vibrant LCD screen. In case you don’t want to use the Bluetooth connectivity feature or the app, you can still access all of the chair’s functions with the easy-to-use remote.

The LCD screen displays all of the currently active functions on the chair, so you always know what’s running. Lower on the remote, an open flip cover gives you access to all of the manual mode options allowing you to choose and adjust your massage settings easily.

Additional Therapeutic Features on the Apex AP-Lotus Massage Chair

Negative Ion Generator

One of the therapeutic features that sets the Apex Lotus apart from all other massage chairs is its negative ion generator.

So what are negative ions and why are they important?

“Negative ions are invisible, tasteless and odorless molecules that are found in abundance in certain environments like beaches, mountains and around waterfalls,” says Denise Mann in her article Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes on WebMD.

It’s no wonder going to the beach can help relieve stress. “Negative ions are believed to create biochemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin (the chemical responsible for mood balance), helping to alleviate depression, stress, and increase daytime energy,” says Mann.

In addition to having mood-enhancing benefits, negative ions are believed to enhance mental alertness by increasing oxygen flow to the brain. They are also thought to act as air purifiers helping to reduce the amount of irritants in the air.

According to the national infrared and industrial electronic product quality and inspection verification, the negative ion generator on the Apex Lotus massage chair produces ions in concentrations up to 240 thousand/cm3 — similar to the levels found in a forest or around a waterfall.

The negative ion generator on the Apex AP-Lotus is located next to the shoulder, directing ions toward the face.

Magnetic Therapy

On the Apex AP-Lotus, there are eight magnets fitted to airbags in the ottoman, offering magnetic therapy to the legs, calves, and feet.

Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries to treat various ailments, and while not a cure-all, studies have demonstrated magnetic therapy’s effectiveness in aiding circulation, pain relief, and inflammation.

In their description of the Lotus’ magnetic therapy function, Apex suggests that it can help lower cholesterol, eliminate free radicals in the body, and enhance human immunity among other benefits.

That said, there is no conclusive scientific evidence as to whether magnetic therapy is an effective treatment. More research is needed and variables like magnet strength and time of exposure play key roles in the results. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize magnets as having a medical purpose.

According to the national infrared and industrial electronic product quality and inspection verification, on the Apex Lotus massage chair, the magnetic strength is 73mT, following the national standard of 40-110mT.

Heat Therapy

The Apex Lotus massage chair features heating pads located in the lumbar area of the chair. These pads deliver warmth to the lower back and hips, increasing blood flow to the area and helping the muscles to relax. With the muscles relaxed, the massage rollers can deliver a more effective treatment.

If you happen to test the chair and it doesn’t get warm right away, give it a few minutes. The heating pads take about three minutes to warm up.

Air Massage on the Apex Lotus Massage Chair

Air Massage Locations

  • Shoulder air massage. The Apex AP-Lotus features adjustable shoulder massagers with three levels of customization. Simply push the shoulder airbags inward until they fit snug against your body. The shoulder airbags deliver compression massage to the sides and fronts of the shoulders as well as help to hold the body against the backrest.
  • Arm and hands air massage. On the Apex Lotus, air massagers squeeze and compress the tops and bottoms of the arms and hands.
  • Hips, waist, and buttocks air massage. Airbags located next to the hips and under the buttocks inflate and deflate to compress and twist the hips and waist, providing a deep stretch to the area.
  • Calves and feet air massage. Lined throughout the ottoman, airbags inflate to compress the calves and feet, providing a restorative massage, increasing circulation and helping to hold the legs in place.

Massage Techniques on the Apex Lotus Massage Chair

Massage Techniques

The Apex Lotus massage chair features seven massage techniques, including:

  • Shoulder grasp. This massage technique grabs and pulls the area behind the neck and top of the shoulders to relieve tension and stress.
  • Kneading. Using a circular motion, Kneading compresses and massages the soft tissues.
  • Tapping. Tapping delivers quick rhythmic movements to massage areas.
  • Kneading and tapping. A combination of circulation movements and quick tapping.
  • Shiatsu. Meaning “finger pressure,” Shiatsu massage applies focused pressure to specific areas on the back.
  • 3D. Providing more penetrating pressure, 3D delivers deep tissue massage.
  • Back stretch. Moving the rollers back and forth across the body, Back Stretch delivers an invigorating stretch massage. Choose from a variety of locations, including fixed point, partial point, upper body, upper back, or lower back.

Massage Programs

There are seven preset massage programs on the Apex AP-Lotus, including:

  • Demo. A quick program demonstrating all of the massage techniques.
  • Comfort. A gentle massage program intended to help relax the muscles and bones.
  • Fatigue Recovery. A revitalizing massage program combining various massage techniques, deep tissue, and stretching.
  • Ache Relief. A deep and in-depth full-body massage program intended to treat muscle ache — a beneficial post-workout treatment.
  • Relief Stress. A relaxing full-body massage program intended to help relieve fatigue and promote circulation.
  • Full Air. An invigorating massage program that uses the airbags to compress the body from the shoulders to the feet.
  • Waist Stretch. A great program for tension relief that stretches the hips, waist and upper body.

Manual Options on the Apex Lotus Massage Chair

The Apex Lotus massage chair has customization options galore. Let’s take a closer look at what’s available to you:

  • Up and down arrows. A set of arrows allows you to adjust the position of the massage head rollers manually.
  • Roller massage speed. Choose from five levels of speed.
  • Roller width. Choose from five width settings.
  • Roller massage intensity. Select from five levels of intensity.
  • Sole roller speed. Choose from three levels of speed.
  • Air massage location. Choose from three locations, including the lower body, back and waist, and calf.
  • Air massage intensity. Choose from three levels of intensity. There is a separate button for arm air massage intensity, also with three levels to choose from.
  • Chair adjustments. A set of chair adjustment buttons allows you to change the position of the ottoman and backrest easily.

Color Variants of Apex Lotus Massage Chair

A smaller image of Apex Lotus in Beige color
A smaller image of Apex Lotus in Black color
A smaller image of Apex Lotus in Brown color

Pros and Cons of Apex Lotus Massage Chair


  • Negative ion generator
  • Zero Gravity
  • 32-inch S-Track
  • Stretch function
  • Adjustable shoulder massage
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Apex Lotus app to control chair from smartphone
  • Good variety of massage techniques
  • Space-saving feature
  • Lots of customization options
  • Mechanical foot rollers with speed adjustment
  • Memory settings
  • Headphone jack


  • No pivoting arm massagers
  • No built-in speakers
  • No massage rollers in the seat

Apex Lotus Massage Chair Specifications

Chair dimensions (upright)50″ X 34″ X 54″
Chair dimensions (reclined)33″ x 34″ x 75″
Chair weight250
User height range5’0″ to 6’4″
Recommended maximum user weight285
Power Consumption120W
ColorsBlack, Brown, Beige

Apex Lotus Massage Chair Review Final Thoughts

The Apex Lotus massage chair is the perfect intersection of technology, customization, and massage quality. And with additional features like a negative ion generator and magnetic therapy, the Apex Lotus stands apart from all other massage chairs on the market. If you’re looking for a massage chair that delivers not only a high-quality massage, but also a full wellness experience, the Apex Lotus might be a good fit. We hope our Apex Lotus massage chair review helped make that decision process a little easier.

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